21900 – CLIP – ff – mwlslk – 3 GIRLS SLEEPING FEET IN FACES – SD 960×540

SD 960×540, time 7:19. REQUEST:\ this scene, it would start out with a far away shot of you, Krysia and Sylwia \ on the couch/sofa. You would be barefoot and sort of facing the camera while you\’re \ with each girl\’s head on one end of the couch/sofa and your feet would be near next other one face. It would then cut to a close-up on one end of the couch of other girl face as you\’re rubbing your feet on them. Then thru the clip it would cut to the other end of the couch as Sylwia rubs her feet in your face. Then Krysia.\ clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario on mistressweronika@gmail.com

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23484 – CLIP – Eat her dirty Toenails

Eat her toenails and lick the dirt Did you ever eat the toenails of sweaty female feet? Tina D. , a Metal Fan with sweaty Feet , forces this guy to eaht her toenail. This guy is unable to move and is caught under her office table. Tina puts a foot on his face to fix him and open his mouth. She s using a care instrument to take out the dirt from under her toenail and forces this guy to lick and suck the dirt off the instrument. This is a real footslave. He hast to swallow everything from her feet. Salty cut off toenails. HD CLIP

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23478 – CLIP – Do You Have The Guts To Let Me Crush Your Nuts ?

Well do you??? Do you think you have the guts to me meet for a session & sit there & display your nuts out for me? getting all excited & worked up while watching me put on my sexy stilettos? ONLY to have your ability to even be able to get it up anymore completely taken away from you? when I stomp down HARD? Full Weight & CRUSH your Nuts????? I can?t help it? I LOVE Crushing Nuts!!!!! * giggles * I will show you in this clip what a Private Session with me is all about? watch & realize that these precious little peanuts will be your own tender little nuggets instead that I would be crushing? if you ever have the guts to show up & lay them out for me? Watch as CRUSH them into Mush!!! Watch as I walk all over them & stomp them? break them apart with my sharp metal heels? jump up & down on them? grind them into them floor & twist around on them using my full weight & with both feet?. So now I ask you again? Do you REALLY have the guts? to let me CRUSH your nuts???

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21034 – CLIP – fk – mw – FORCED KISSING – SD 960×540

SD 960×540, time 8:12. Request:\ would like to see a movie called \’forced kissing\’, with  Mistress Weronika and a male slave. He is tied down, and she forcing kisses on him, each time being deeper and more extreme. i like to see lot of tongue action, licking of the gums and deep inside the mouth, spitting and drooling into the mouth, sucking on tongue, blowing into the mouth, licking of the face, sucking on the nose, and whatever else you can think of!\ This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario to mistressweronika@gmail.com &iid=21034 &iid=21034