Custom clip request \’\’ **You have just married a short wealthy old man for his money (we see things through his eyes) and it is your wedding night ? you promised him sex.. You begin to strip out of your clothes and get him excited. But you also know that he has a heart condition ? you know if he blows his load he will almost certainly have a heart attack! And you will have all his money!! The more turned on he gets the weaker he gets and wants his pills. ?What? These pills?? You hold them up out of reach and then put them up somewhere high making fun of how short he is. You spread your legs and tease him by almost removing your tiny thong.. You lean in close to the camera licking your lips. ?What?s the matter? Don?t you want to fuck me? Is the thought of fucking me going to make you cum?? He cannot control himself and you laugh as his little cock spurts everywhere. You rush up to him pretending to be concerned and hold his face (the camera) You lie his body on the floor so we are looking up at your sexy body. You stand over his body your hands on your hips in victory. ?Poor poor husband.. I guess I will have to spend your millions!!? You laugh at how easy it was to seduce him and become rich! ** (1280×720)

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Custom clip request \’\’You are an ex girlfriend who wants revenge on his boyfriend. You have knocked him out and as he wakes up (we see everything through his eyes POV) you tell him you have tied up his new girlfriend in the room (we can?t see her) and plan to seduce him in front of her. You are so sexy it makes him want to touch his cock and start stroking to you. You make his cock rock hard and tease him and his new girlfriend ?You see ? look what I can do to your boyfriend.. Look how I turn him on!? He can?t resist you and you force him to squirt a worship puddle at your feet in front of his horrified girlfriend. Now she will dump him and he will have nobody but his hand to make him cum!? You leave having humiliated them both.\’\'(1280X720)

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32276 – CLIP – Become Blessed (Part II)

MPEG Version

Supreme Goddess No has some sweat&dirt-stained Goddess heels to auction off so become blessed & obtain these…

This Miami Goddess abused a lot of guys in these & is now giving a lucky slave the privilege of owning them. Email address provided for those who want to win these or any other throw-away morsels from this Goddess…

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32274 – CLIP – Facesitting during the workout

For Katharina the slave is only a cushion during her workout – more precisely his face will be her seating cushion on the workout bench! She\’s wearing sexy sweat pants and presses her butt on his nose and face. She surely doesn\’t care if he\’s able to breathe – as long as he doesn\’t interrupt her workout. Katharina\’s getting warmer and warmer – so she decides to take off her pants. Now the slave not only has a problem to breathe in general – he also has to smell Katharina\’s sweaty ass.

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28942 – PICTURES – the slave

Aemilie s Besuch- SklaveSie hat Besuch von einem kleinen Fussliebhaber und Aemilie spielt mit ihm ;o)Schau ihr dabei zu, wie sie ihn fesselt, die Socken, Füsse ins Gesicht drückt und er die Füsse schön sauber lecken muss.Aemilies rent a slave Aemilies house slave dropped by and shell give him the right treatment. Watch her as she tight him up real hard, pushes her very worn socks in his face and as he has to clean her messy feet.

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32269 – CLIP – Viele Geschenke für die Lady

Ja der Postbote hatte die letzten Tage viel zu tun! Ich habe jede Menge Geschenke zu meinem Geburtstag bekommen. Dieses Mal habe ich gefilmt, wie ich meine Geschenke aufgerissen und auch anprobiert habe. Man war das eine Arbeit und ein Haufen Papiermüll danach. Ich habe unter anderem auch ein paar Kreditkarten bekommen! Die vielen Amazon-Gutscheine habe ich auch schon eingelöst! Geschenke kann man ja nie zu viel bekommen! 😀

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