48103 – CLIP – Vicious Cycle

You pay, you wank, you pay some more, you wank some more, you cum, you feel BAD, you swear to yourself it will never happen again? So you go for a run, you try viewing some regular porn AND THEN it happens again? You see Goddess Danielle appear on your computer screen and you can?t resist? You feel the throbbing in your pants and reach down and then before you have had time to think straight YOU REACH FOR YOUR WALLET. Even when she is not around you have set backs and send money into her paypal. It feels SO GOOD knowing she is getting richer and richer, more out of your (and everyone else?s) league. Moving into ridiculously large houses and laughing with all her friends how her luxurious lifestyle is funded by COMPLETE LOSERS and FREAKS!!!

?Well here we are again? You just can?t keep away? And I know each time I rinse you dry and take all of your money off you, you feel SOOO bad afterwards.. But you cant help it can you freak? Its called an addiction.?

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48102 – CLIP – Sweaty Bitch

Goddess Danielle has been away, getting new breasts (paid for by her clip buying losers!) and just generally making herself even more perfect. She has been working out a lot and has just come in from a long, hard session with her personal trainer. Danielle is dripping in sweat and she stinks? But Danielle knows her soaking wet, sweat-stained panties and smelly gym socks are another way of raising thousands of dollars from desperately addicted freaks. Her scent is completely intoxicating and has turned many a submissive into a brainwashed, money sending pervert!!! So Danielle, teases her addicts, and describes the STRONG SMELL coming from her armpits?.?I know exactly how to get all of that hard earned cash of yours directly into my bank account? Ha look at you looking at my sweaty arse ? Ewww.. Its disgusting down there! It?s absolutely soaking wet, right between my arse cheeks, my sweaty arse cheeks, smelling nice and musky after my workout. Who wants to buy worn, sweaty, smelly panties then??

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