73988 – CLIP – Joss and Jenny 9

Another guest model and a new great surprise for all of us. Joss has bring her girlfriend who is really curious what we do on the site. Her name is also Jenny like our latest guest model. This one is smaller, cute face and very pretty body. The victeem of them is our professor who is mad about her, no doubt 🙂 High heels trample on professor’s belly.
Joss and Jenny 9
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74687 – CLIP – Clip 5: Slave’s free will Part

This was one of our first play sessions.Lili visited me and told me, what she wants me to do with her and her beautiful bottom!She had to take a very hard spanking with my hand, a flogger, cane, the cooking spoon and some other implements.You will see and hear her moaning, screaming and crying, thanks to the implemented face-cam.Also this video comes with subtitles, explaining the hot scenery.Have much, much fun with this gorgeous video!! :-)The clip comes with english subtitles!
Clip 5: Slave's free will Part
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74456 – CLIP – Tough jerk-off instruction for my wanking doggy!!

Now it will become tough for your slave dick, loser! Today I will give you a really tough jerk-off instruction – and you will give your best to be successful! You will exactly have to do what I tell you – until I allow you to release your sperm! I’m sure your first glance is going to my black overknee boots, isn’t it? Sooo arrogant you haven’t seen me for a while… that’s your chance to enjoy every second! But I’ll also humiliate you each second more and more… until I’ll allow you to jerk-off your dick! Are you ready? But don’t forget: You are only allowed to cum on my countdown!
Tough jerk-off instruction for my wanking doggy!!
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74698 – CLIP – Denise tells you a secret! (SD Video)

Hello, bastard! Get down on your knees and kiss my feet! … Yeah, that’s nice! … Come on, give me your money! Veeery good! I will tell you a secret about your stupid wife! Do you know what she is going to do now…? I do so…! But I’m really surprised that you let her go with it…!? Pathetic loser!!! But it seems that it is the only thing you are capable of – being abused! And you can give me all your money… Now you are my pay pig! But your wife already does so, right…!?
Denise tells you a secret! (SD Video)
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74700 – CLIP – Jamie-Kate collects her spit for you (SD Video)

I heard that you really like spit!? I already collected lot of my spit just for you! And I also heard that you like to lick the spit away… Here… hmmm… tasty, isn’t it!? Wow, I can see how much you like it…! It’s sooo dirty and wet! Yes! My spit tastes wonderful…! Do you know that you look like my small doggy…? He also licks everything – especially my feet…! Haha 😀
Jamie-Kate collects her spit for you (SD Video)
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74729 – CLIP – CPL-TV-0096 Bitches Throwdown! Part 1

Tatiana and Mia meet for their last encounter, and it was quite the show. Both girls will stop at nothing to win, and have this love hate relationship going on. Tatian is tough, but so is Mia, with breastsmothers, facesits, and scissors, who could ask for more with these drop beauties. One girl will reign supreme, buy this clip to find out who. With back and fourth action, it’s gonna be a close one. With an ending that has one girl tapping out alot before she is even released, or aloud to breathe!
CPL-TV-0096 Bitches Throwdown! Part 1
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74815 – CLIP – Brazil friends

Brazilian double power on a poor pony. The hot friends make the pony feel his limits! They would chase him around the room with a lot of temperament while one is always on his back. And when they both ride him, the pony is fully out of breath – for sure only because of the awesome nearness of the long legged bikini beauties, isn’t he 🙂
Brazil friends
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74813 – CLIP – Jana H tortures him with jeanssitting

Well slave … you know what I’m going to do to you, don’t you, little bitch?! I’m going to sit down on your face – with my jeans ass! Come here and lay down! Are you ready, bitch? Smell my ass … yeah, just like this! It’s really a lot of fun to mock and torture you. Let’s see how long you can endure it … I know how much you like that!
Jana H tortures him with jeanssitting
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