93452 – CLIP – Melina tramples after a party (WMV – 1280×720 – HD)

This slave already lies on the floor with naked body from the waist up, when Melina returns from the Oktoberfest. She immediately steps with her shoes on his chest and tramples on him. Thereby she affronts and insults him. Blonde Melina doesn’t let herself get kept from continuing by his cant. She would give him some of her beer, but he doesn’t seem to be kinda real man, having only weak and small muscles. So he doesn’t get anything. Melina takes off her shoes and tramples over his face with her sweaty feet. She likes to see him suffer that way.
Melina tramples after a party (WMV - 1280x720 - HD)
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93478 – CLIP – Your old lady will work for me (SD VIDEO)

You know what – I want more money. But if you can’t offer it to me, we will handle that differently.. It’ll come down to accomplish your old lady to do some extra work. How you want to prepare her for that is not my problem, but yours. She’ll earn money for ME – that’s it. No time to debating about that, I don’t even care if she might walk the streets for it. In that case she’ll get fucked by her wooer and all the money gets transferred directly to me!
Your old lady will work for me (SD VIDEO)
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93483 – CLIP – HypnoSub – Chastity Reinforcement

You’ve tried chastity and want to take it to the next level. You experienced the effect it has on your submissive side. Keeping you in a constant state of arousal, keeps you in a constant state of servitude. Chastity is not only my tool, it can be your pleasure. Today I am going to reinforce and deepen your longing to be in chastity. Your caged cock will be wanting nothing more. Over and over again you will reap the rewards of the pleasure of serving. Nothing compares. No thrill will ever have the same effect. Today you are going to give me your mind, as I invade it, weaken it, reprogram it to accept FULLY that there is only ONE true pleasure in life. Caged servitude. Listen, learn and obey. Warning: Contains hypn0tic imagery and subliminal implantation. Do not drive or operate machinery after watching this clip. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: MIND FUCK, CHASITY, FEMDOM POV, MENTAL DOMINATION, GODDESS WORSHIP, SLAVE TRAINING, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, FEMDOM.
HypnoSub - Chastity Reinforcement
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93482 – CLIP – Shoe collection 4 Aga

Aga presents 9 pairs of shoes. They are new, so they have sharp treads, so sharp, in fact, that they are even difficult for such a seasoned trampling enthusiast as myself to endure. Why 9, and not 10. Because while trying on the tenth pair, Aga slipped off my head and stepped right on the lens. Everything was caught on camera. So this film also features crushing. Time: 13.39 min.
Shoe collection 4 Aga
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93481 – CLIP – Felisha & Nicola Foot Domination

Felisha sits & rocks in the chair with her feet on Mark’s face, she pushes back on his face with her feet to rocks her chair as she talks to the other girls in the room, Felisha rubs her feet all over his face pokes his eyes & does not care if she hurts his face or not, half way into the clip Felisha gets off him & Nicola now sits in the chair & does exactly the same to her victim as Felisha has just done to him she also rocks back in her chair using her feet to push down on his face hard to obtain this, the girls ignore their victim & have fun & even take selfies whilst he is smothered under Nicola’s feet, near the end of the video Nicola then stands full weight on his face & throat with her beautiful bare feet.
Felisha & Nicola Foot Domination
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93480 – CLIP – True Stories of Domination Before I Was A Domme

I know you guys love hearing stories about how I was the girl who bullied you for your lunch money, or how I used to date, use, and abuse the poor guys who thought they were going to get to fuck me. Well here is a collection of some true stories that made me SURE I was a dominatrix, before I ever dipped my toes into the world of being a Professional Dominatrix.
True Stories of Domination Before I Was A Domme
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93476 – CLIP – Flittchen ! Zu dumm für den Strich !Du sollst Kohle ranschaffen !

Du Schlampe, sollst Kohle ranschaffen !Da du geiles Flittchen zu dumm bist für den Strich , habe ich mir etwas ganz besonderes – geldeinbringendes für dich , überlegt .Ich werde dich als willige Anal – WEBCAM – Schlampe vermieten . Als erstes wirst du Mösenpussy ein Skype Profil eröffnen…
Flittchen ! Zu dumm für den Strich !Du sollst Kohle ranschaffen !
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93474 – CLIP – Nylon-Brainfuck

Na Kriecher… gefallen dir meine sexy, geilen Nylons? Selbstverständlich gefallen sie dir und genau deswegen werde ich dir mit meinen sündhaft geilen Nylons dein Hirn so richtig durch ficken! Träumst du Vollversager noch oder kriecht du schon zu meinen geil duftenden Nylonfüßen?! Na los Loser, stell dir mal vor wie du meinen Luxusduft einatmest während du vor mir kriechst! Los, ab auf den Boden, denn du Versager darfst meinen heißen Nylonduft einatmen während ich dich fertig mache! *lach*
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93451 – CLIP – He wants it that way! (WMV – 1920×1080 – FULL HD)

Sue is wearing her new pumps with sharp heels only for this little lame duck. He likes it to get trampled by sexy Sue, isn’t it! The pain that Sue’s weight and her hot shoes cause to him turns him on. She squeezes his nipples with her heels which hurts him even more. She shifts her weight to one leg and stands on his stomach while she twists her heels sticking in his flesh. The striae and marks are already visible, but Sue’s just about to continue. She puts off her shoes and places them on his face. This loser shall smell them! Then Sue starts jumping on him and steps with tiptoes on his chest. She even climps his head with both feet, so that he is obliged to put up with her full weight on his face.
He wants it that way! (WMV - 1920x1080 - FULL HD)
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