95067 – CLIP – Daniella f292016

I bet as soon as I said the word cock your tiny little clitty got hardFlipped right up didn’t it?COCK COCK COCKYou like that don’t you?Your such a little sissy bittch Maybe we should go shopping at a stripper storeYou don’t watch female stripper do you?No, you just want to be oneGet you all girl slutted out and then find you some big black cockfor that ass
Daniella f292016
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95058 – CLIP – FOREIGN IMPREGNATING EXTREME – My alpha male, your wife, YOU & I !

Here is nothing left to chance … We plan everything carefully without your silly woman even minimally something will notice or notices … You come with her ​​to Hanover … they invite for a weekend in a nice hotel ! In the evening, you go with her to the bar where I and my alpha male also . You can be quite “accidentally” know . After an intense evening at the hotel bar we go 4 then to your hotel room. Here it is hard and brutal lowered from me … Yes , and here’s the coolest ! The part where the pussy is strange pregnant . Look and listen to how it goes ! As of Alpha cock impregnate the bitch in the eyes of this marriage idiot and she never finds out ! Of course, the loser acknowledges paternity ! Pathetic piece of shit ! I call that pure humiliation !
FOREIGN IMPREGNATING EXTREME - My alpha male, your wife, YOU & I !
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95057 – CLIP – Horny mastrubation instructions – Cum into my nylons DELUXE

You are horny again ? You want to jerk off ?Now make yourself in your car , office chair , secretly comfortably at home or on a public toilet … You can wixxen , Yes . Put on your a Eggs and jerk with me in time ! I have an extremely horny Which instructions for you … I think that you will not see the end , because you will early cumshot at the sight of my feet . Embark and your pathetic mini – slave cock in my hands . I will show you how and where you cum . All you need for it is your cock ! I’m happy for you!
Horny mastrubation instructions - Cum into my nylons DELUXE
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95065 – CLIP – Sissy Workout Series: 1 All About the Booty

I know exactly what kind of grueling workout your fat faggot ass needs! Watch me guide you through a quick but EFFECTIVE workout in my posh home gym designed to leave your booty and legs burning! I’ll tell you exactly how each exercise will make your sissy ass prettier, curvier, and better able to take the cocks you want, while toning you up to be a better bimbo girl. If you REALLY want to be a hot slutty bimbo you are inside, you need to work on being FIT and FEMME. This workout video will teach you both!
Sissy Workout Series: 1 All About the Booty
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95056 – CLIP – Cuckold-Bitch Lady Di has something for you!!!

I was a lot partying with your money and after i meet my lover. He has fucked me so hard and deep and you little shit stayed in this time on your computer and watched my videos. I will tell you little loser how he has fucked me. I will tell you little wimp what you have to do if your little penis get hard. I have something for you, you will lick my slip clean. And now watch my video loser!!!
Cuckold-Bitch Lady Di has something for you!!!
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95055 – CLIP – Girl Deliberatly Steps On The Slaves Hands & Fingers In The Casino

This was filmed in 1997 & is the best public hand crush clip we have produced in fact we are convinced the girl knew all along what she was doing, this girl steps on the slaves hands & fingers many times & she deliberately uses her full weight just watch the clip, the way she stands on it you can tell she deliberately tramples it using all of her weight lifting her other leg in the air, she is stepping on all of his fingers & parts of his hand & thumb there is no way she doesn’t know she is standing on something, now the slave was in that casino & got lots of girls to step on his hands maybe she twigged what was going on, you have to watch the video i am sure she knew what she was doing & to convince me even more the guy she was with seemed to step back & to the side a lot as if he was watching his hands being crushed under her block heels, this girl just steps all over his hands & even has both her heels close together both heels on the same hand all the fingers & thumb is crushed at that point, i am 99.9% sure she was deliberately crushing his hands & fingers and she knew what was going on, what do you think?
Girl Deliberatly Steps On The Slaves Hands & Fingers In The Casino
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95045 – CLIP – CUCKOLD – Nylon-brainfuck EXTREME

You want me by your side, and wish you deep in the innermost with a perfect woman like me to be together … Am sweetheart you want to fuck me … feel My sweaty feet in nylons to you … You dream that I my divine feet rub on your tail …You can ram your cock in my hot pussy until I shall drop and scream with lust and cramp! You dream every day in the morning from the fact that I bring to squirt …. And you feel my divine pussy juice on your hard cock and it dries there …Hahaha then träum good times continue loser, because that will never happen!Never! … You watch these 7 letters!You’re too pathetic and with your little mini-dong … Tell me, please just what to do with such a paltry piece?You will always be the servant of my husband and me to stay … You’ll manage to satisfy me … Since the 7 letters are again never! Haha! NO WAY! But you’ve long recognized … and want to keep me still as a woman …. Supe! Then paid for me!Yes, I fuck anyway with my gorgeous man.Considerably younger and also visually much more appealing than you rag. You only pay …I wear in bed exactly the clothes you bought me. And you send them photos. You’re still a loser! Now you have me again bought new stockings and candy and sending me a package … fine!Elegant, extremely thin, dark, shiny and extremely sexy on my feet and to my distinctive foot smell … What would you now do not give anything to be at the point of my husband ?! Dran smell … kiss my feet and massage … And snacking towards the end the sweets from my toe webs …I love it … Yes the whole you may take on knees view before my sofa … Possibly you have nylon Bitch also times lucky and you must be my husband ….. Haha forget it! Dreams just continue and let me continue to have expensive gifts and your hard earned money! A woman must also be entertained financially halt!Now you freak allowed to fantasize further front of the screen.
CUCKOLD - Nylon-brainfuck EXTREME
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94971 – CLIP – Seeing you suffer makes me happy! – SD

Pure humiliation and degradation! Be patient, slave, you are only allowed to watch this clip if you can handle the truth! I’m going to humiliate you very bad! I won’t hesitate to tell you every nasty detail. I will make fun of you and I will show you your place! You will howl. And you have to accept that “this” is your fate and the only reason why you live! Today I will hurt your soul and your body! And your dick will remember this day a long time…! Are you ready to suffer, slave…!?
Seeing you suffer makes me happy! - SD
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95004 – CLIP – Cashmachine Part 4

My brilliant cash-machine series has a lot of adoring fans who still buy and obey the previous 3 parts I know you have all been desperately waiting to buy, watch and obey part 4 ! Well, here it is… I am back again to take your exploitation to a whole new level. Nothing is better for a weak financial loser of your kind than being used by a smart and greedy woman. You need my greed, you need to serve my perfection. You have been born this way, for you it is the most natural thing in the world: You pay, I Play. Since the beging of time, it has always been the same story: Even back in ancient times Cleopatra seduced Caesar to be her little puppet. Nature wants us to act in the way Charles Darwin has already described in his theory of evolution. Nature wants the alphas, especially us Alphawoman to be in power, while a army of weak betas are meant to serve us whenever needed. Why you may ask ? Because me and all the other alpha women are better than you. We are superior while you are inferior. For someone like you, the best sexual stimulance is being seduced to pay for someone far better than yourself. Its simply the best. You need this. Nature wants you to be this way. Why don`t you get ready to pay me ?
Cashmachine Part 4
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