372 – CLIP – A cursed day – and as a crowning finale… a sprained ankle (WMV)

It was a exhausting day in the office… and know i come home and i notice that I forgot the key on the desktop :o( I knock and ring at the door… but nobody open the door. So i will go to the door in the garden.. go down the stairs between my house… and sprain my right ankle :o(( The pain races like a lightning through my body… i snatch for air… groan up. Its a hellish pain.. and i slip out of the rigt pump… limping slowly and carefully the stairs down… bounce and hobble me carefully further in one pump. I knock at the window… and the door… call loud.. but nobody listens to me. So i bounce back and forth… hobble to the stairs and set me down for a moment… and bounce back to there door. Finally someone open – and i think its better i go in my bed and delete the day from the calendar. Total length of this first quality clip is 5:28

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