171954 – Suck my sneakers clean inside and outside

Miss Mari Galore: Suck my sneakers clean inside and out.The foot slave has to crawl to me and I give him the order that he has to lick my sneakers clean. The soles of the sneakers are dirty and he has to lick the soles clean. My sneakers have to be licked on all sides. I said yes that the sneakers also have to be licked clean from the inside, so I let him take off my sneakers and enjoy the scent of my shoes at the beginning. Then he must take out the insoles and before my licking and sucking. I know exactly that he is licking my foot sweat from the insoles. That thought absolutely turns me on. Foot slaves are awesome.
Suck my sneakers clean inside and outside
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171962 – Let’s play a cruel facesitting game!

As you see, I brought along my phone – and I installed a wheel of fortune app on it! Today I won’t decide, how long you’ll be smothered under my divine ass – but it will be a complete matter of luck – or bad luck – depending on what the app decides! Will it be manageable 40 seconds?! Or will you be lucky, and it will only be 10 seconds?! Or will you be unfortunate, and it will be 90 seconds?! How ever it will come out, I’ll keep sitting on your face as long as the app decides – no matter how much you’ll suffer under my ass in the meantime. And obviously, you’ll only get a short recovery while the wheel spins again and decides how long you’ll suffer next! Are you ready, slave?
Let's play a cruel facesitting game!
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169423 – Introducing to You Gingerale aka Miss Tress Roux (1080p MP4)

We would like to introduce you to Gingerale also known as Miss Tress Roux. Strict, beautiful and sadistic Italian lady who loves having men beneath her feet. So today it won’t be any different.She basically came back from outside and no one knows what she was treading on while walking on the street, but her boots are dirty. Fortunately she has a slave beneath the chair and his face will be used as a human rest and human furniture. Only his head and face the entire clip. Gingerale is doing some stuff on her phone, calling her Italian friend (you can hear some beautiful Italian language speaking and some English). The slave doesn’t move the entire clip as being a perfect footstool for his Mistress.So after approximately 2 minutes Gingerale takes her boots off, so the slave has the opportunity to smell her sweaty feet, socks and inside her boots. She gives him some attention but only with instructions and also humiliating him verbally as well. After another 4 minutes the gorgeous Gingerale takes her socks off so you can enjoy her absolutely amazing bare feet. The slave is really lucky as he is allowed to lick the bare soles of her incredible feet. They are very hot and you can enjoy them in the the last 4 minutes of the clip. Of course at the end of the clip the Mistress just leave while the slave is left behind under the chair.There are very nice camera angles, full body and close ups. The clip is filmed in normal speed, only the GIF is in fast motion.
Introducing to You Gingerale aka Miss Tress Roux (1080p MP4)
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171936 – Amazing! Clip 009-010 Princess Ava “The slave’s face needs a slap in the face!”

Amazing! Clip 009-010 Princess Ava "The slave’s face needs a slap in the face!" 009 The narrow and graceful legs of the girl were very tired all day. She rode a bicycle with her friends, walked around the mall. Her legs are sweating and want affection. The slave wanted to help his mistress and offered his wet tongue! He licks her legs, cleans between his toes. At the same time, the girl humiliates him with her spit and laughs at him.010 "The slave’s face needs a slap in the face!" – says the girl, running into the room and … him to lie on the bed. She pushed him onto the bed and knelt on his chest. The hand is swinging and … slap-slap-slap! The girl ruthlessly hits the face of a slave and laughs. But this is not the end. It dilutes slaps in the face with saliva. Ava spits and … a blow flies right there! Yes, this is funny. It brings pleasure to Ava.
 Amazing! Clip 009-010 Princess Ava

171949 – Hot And Enraged

The gorgeous icons Elodie and Sandrine, two of our most , uninhibited and dominant girls that are used to be the leaders in any of the preview video they have made, are for the very first time together. They two have such a strong personalities and presence in a video in which they overcome destroy and crush Cucciolo both physically and mentally. A fantastic femdom video with loads of sexy facesitting actions!
Hot And Enraged
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166615 – Liu’s Post Workout Feet – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Liu is coming back from a long workout at the gym, so she thought it would be fun to take advantage of her slave, and make him sniff her sweaty socks and feet! She teases her slave with her sneakers, before asking him to take them off to cover his face with her sweaty black socks! They were super sweaty and stinky, but she makes him sniff them, and rubs them all over his face! She also takes pleasure in making him lick the bottom of her sweaty black socks, and makes him suck on her toes too! Liu also makes him remove her socks off with his teeth, to make him sniff the moist bottom of her soles! She takes pleasure again rubbing her stinky feet all over his face, and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She loves to humiliate him with her stinky feet, but especially after a long workout! She loves to feel his wet and juicy tongue all the way to the bottom fo her soles!
Liu's Post Workout Feet - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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171846 – Locked up at my feet’s mercy (small version)

I’ve locked the slave in the smother box and bound his hands to the box with cable ties – this way he’s totally at my mercy – or more precisely – at my feet’s mercy! I show him my beautiful nylon feet and make him sniff them shortly – then proceed to smother him under my nylon feet. Locked up as he is and with my feet pressing down on his mouth and nose hard, there’s no chance for him to breathe – as long as I don’t allow it! Again and again he’s smothered under my merciless feet – and I even stand up on the box to increase the pressure even further. In the end, I take off my pantyhose and just put it on his face – this way, he can smell them for the hours to come, while I leave him behind!
Locked up at my feet's mercy (small version)
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171438 – Stinky surprise for YOU! – small version

You are quite curious as to what Mistress Anfisa has in mind for you. She knows you and your preferences very well and has told you she’s giving you a surprise. But will you like it as much as you might hope? Mistress Anfisa promises you that it will be extreme… She takes off her sneakers and the scent that flows out of them drives you crazy. Her socks stink so beastily that you’re not sure if the smell is too intense for you or if it just makes you incredibly horny. Those dirty and smelly socks are definitely a big surprise – and what you must to smell today!
Stinky surprise for YOU! - small version
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171929 – Lady Scarlet – Worship me in front of him

This lousy worm lies on the floor naked, face covered in a closed mask and the ridiculous little dick in a chastity cage. Across the room the opposite of him, my bull in all his splendor and physical power. I want my partner to watch as this submissive worm is humiliated and bend to my will, to my total control. I open some slits on his mask, the first thing he sees are they key to his chastity cage: he won’t have it! Then I make him lick my shoes: he immediately throws himself at my feet almost hungry to adore me. He licks my shoes, heels and ankles as I comment smugly to my partner who is enjoying the show. Now he takes off my shoes and begins to adore and lick my bare feet well, which at times I insert into his mouth all the way down while at the same time I crush his head with the other foot as a sign of domination. I ask my partner if after what he has seen he agrees to take him with us, he nods yes and then I put my shoes back on, I take the leash and we go out for a walk together.
Lady Scarlet - Worship me in front of him
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI?m having a relaxing cigarette and my shoe fetish bitch is lying at my feet where he belongs. He?s got such a tiny cock he has to hold it himself. I allow him to lick my beautiful shoes, while I also dig my stiletto heels into his flabby body. I try to ignore him as I read my magazine. However, he?s such a wimp I have to use him as my ashtray to shut him up. And get him to focus on getting his tongue going and licking my beautiful Juicy Shoes?
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