174596 – Foot slave humiliated and tormented with high heels

The pathetic slave is crawling to my feet and I order him to kiss my sexy high heels. But I not only want him to worship me – I want to have some fun as well and start to kick his face with my shoes! Next, he has to lie his head flat on the ground, so I can press my shoes onto his face, digging my sharp heels into his cheeks – before I order him to kiss my shoes again, but this time the dirty soles! I also try to gag him with my shoes, but his mouth is too small – so instead he has to suck my heels. In between I always kick his stupid face again and in the end he also has to clean my shoe soles with his tongue – as my foot slave he not only needs to worship me, but also needs to suffer for my entertainment!
Foot slave humiliated and tormented with high heels
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174092 – Carrots get the slave pony moving – no matter how!

For the hungry slave pony Mistress Anfisa has the best motivational aid to drive him steadily forward. Like a stupid donkey, he now runs after a bunch of carrots, because he is so incredibly hungry. The slave concentrates hard on balancing his riding mistress on his back without swinging and following his treat at the same time. But does he actually manage to satisfy Mistress Anfisa with his pathetic performance?
Carrots get the slave pony moving - no matter how!
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166989 – Punishment in WInter for my Slave Slut D.

A 15 min. clip that somehow got stuck in my cloud! Here you get an insight into how I have fun with my longtime slave D. & dominate him! Locked in the chastity cage, at about minus 10 degrees outside temperature, kneeling in rice, the hands fixed with cable ties, he may be with ME… 😀 After I finally free him he must crawl with aching knees & a little taken by the cold to ME. And waiting for him: His sexy goddess in tight catsuit with her strap-on that wants to be blown properly!
Punishment in WInter for my Slave Slut D.
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174594 – Attika Az and Bagira – Double Heels Licking (Full HD)

Attika Az and Bagira makes the slave lick and clean their dirty street shoes. First Bagira tells Alex to lick her white platform ankle straps high-heeled sandals and it’s dirty soles. Then Attika Az orders the slave to lick her beige open toe pumps as well as it’s dirty soles. Both girls also says Alex to suck their really long heels and clean every part of their shoes. While the slave licks their shoes, Attika Az and Bagira chats and jokes with each other. They also controls Alex and humiliates him in different ways.
Attika Az and Bagira - Double Heels Licking (Full HD)
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173472 – Full Clip: Facesittingbox-Session

Today my new facesitting box will be inaugurated! That’s why I invited my nylon slave. As soon as he is locked in, there is no stopping him: my bare feet, feet and legs in stockings, land on his face, light and with full body weight, breathing reduction with the thighs and my butt … He will be gasping hard for breath, I promise! It’s only half as bad under my pussy- and nylon- scent;)
Full Clip: Facesittingbox-Session
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It’s Christmas, the end of the year is near and it is the right time to take stock.How did this slave behave over the course of the year?You know, negative things are always the ones that remain most impressed and I begin to list them to the slave who immediately understands that today there will be no escape for him … he will have to pay his sins ahahahahI don’t want him to have any kind of pleasure, so I blindfold him in such a way that he doesn’t even have the consolation of being able to admire myself in my sexy outfit.I start kicking him in the balls while continuing to scold him, he falls to the ground and asks to be able to kiss my feet … not even for a dream, today only many and powerful kicks in the balls.I challenge the slave to resist until he begs me for mercy … but this slave is very proud and I know that rather than asking me for mercy he will go beyond his limit.When he finally decides to say the magic word I have a nice surprise for him: another 20 kicks in the balls, powerful and from behind until the complete demolition.His balls got so red … hahahaha … what better color this time of year hahahahah
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174549 – Satin Goddess – Igno Clip 3

Once again you get the chance to worship me, your satin goddess. You satin addicted loser can not resist and you have to buy this clip. Your satin fetish, your horniness and your little shrimp dick make you do it. You’re a gooner. Non stop you got your pin dick in your fingers and you are edging until absolute brain meltdown. Dumb fucks like you are not worth my attention, for that reason I ignore you, as I often do.
Satin Goddess - Igno Clip 3
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174540 – Exclusive Bilyana Crush 1

Bilyana is one of our most beautiful current models, and she particularly enjoys crushing, destroying toys with her boots in a sadistic way. Today there is a toy bus full of small plastic figurines. The action really looks like a giantess destruction scene when she starts stomping the plastic bus with her boots. The way she crushes the toy, and the way her boots penetrate into it seem very realistic. Stomps become more now, and the windows literally explode, while some little figurines are ejected. The gorgeous giantess cannot wait to crush them under her boots. She continue the until there are no more little people in the bus, just a lot pieces spread other the floor. If you are into giantess crushing you won ‘t want to miss this clip !
Exclusive Bilyana Crush 1
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174519 – Stinky Socks Level #2 for advanced sock sniffers. are you suitable?

Princess Serena: Stinky Socks Level #2 for advanced sock sniffers. are you suitable?There are 3 levels of stinky socks sessions. Level #1 for beginners, Level #2 for advanced sock sniffers and Level #3 for real sock lickers who can stand extreme stench and like foot sweat.Here comes Level #2 for advanced sock sniffers.I take off my dirty and filthy sneakers and you can enjoy the aroma of my level #2 socks.I only wear these socks once in a while. I wear these socks for several days for walking the pet, for long walks and for long shopping. These socks only get washed every 3 weeks because I know full well that these level #2 socks will attract the foot slaves used to the good, cheesy, and stinky.Are you ready to press your nose to those Level #2 socks? Will you lick the cheesy and stinky stuff out of my socks?Or are you even a contender for level #3 socks? I can’t believe that at all…
Stinky Socks Level #2 for advanced sock sniffers. are you suitable?
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174476 – My new high heels destroy your inflatables easily (small version)

Look what I found – your inflatable mattresses – aren’t they perfect to try out these sexy new high heels? The metal heels will surely make quick work of them! When I start to walk over your mattresses even the tiniest amount of weight onto these sharp heels is enough to pierce right through – and your precious inflatables get flattened quickly! Does it hurt you to see your inflatables getting destroyed so easily? Or does the sight of my sexy shoes excite you so much that you don’t care? I think it will be something in between … and who knows, maybe you’ll be allowed to repair some of them afterwards!
My new high heels destroy your inflatables easily (small version)
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174078 – Disregarded the ban so punished hard! – small version

Unbelievable! The slave didn’t adhere to the ban that prevents him from looking at Goddess Yasemin’s feet! She had to do it because she knows exactly how much her feet turn him on, so he should suffer now. Her feet have been in these tight sneakers for a long time and now carry a very special scent. There is no way out for the slave anymore – he now has to suffer the consequences of his behavior! Goddess Yasemin punishes him to the edge with hard strokes of the crop strokes while he counts each of them!
Disregarded the ban so punished hard! - small version
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174119 – Love Spell Love Addiction Curse

You just can’t help falling for me harder and harder. The truth is I’ve put a love spell on you, and it doesn’t matter how mean I am, how cruel I am, you will always crawl back to me, because it feels so good to look at my goddess body and worship me, it’s better than sex. You feel the compulsion to return to me over and over again, and there is no way to break my spell.
Love Spell Love Addiction Curse
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174578 – Lady Scarlet – Walking on face

My friend Gabriella and I are really irresistible today, miniskirt and black stockings and a great desire to dominate. For the occasion, we have a double mat in front of us and we don’t waste time, we climb on them, keeping our balance with a bar hanging from the ceiling. We walk on their soft flesh and pause several times on their faces, with all our weight until the shape of their face is deformed. But this is not enough, we kick them, almost slapping them with our feet and then we walk in place on their heads while they keep moaning with no result: they just have to thank us if they want to hope that we stop…
Lady Scarlet - Walking on face
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