187018 – Locktober 2022 – Day 4

3, 2, 1, MINE … And by that I mean your horniness. It belongs to me. A fact you can not deny or even want to. With your horniness, wich is mine, I can do and let whatever I want. I can nip it in the bud, or drive you in no time into the needy lust and the latter I will do. The Locktober will be a chaste and horny month for you. Every day you will seek my six-sex-minute teasing to melt in your ever-increasing horniness and to cling to the hope to be allowed to experience an orgasm again after this Locktober, or to be kept permanently chaste and horny by me. An uncertain fate. Locktober Day 4 and I show you how easy it is to drive you into horniness mania with a stupid hand movement, which is currently not granted to you.
Locktober 2022 - Day 4
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187043 – My Cane Collection – Lady Iveta

we are very glad to present a new wonderful lady here with us! lets welcome beautiful lady iveta! some may know her already from our friends from so we are very glad that she worked now for the first time with us. in this first clip her slave is already tied on a cage bench as the lady appears. after she spanks his ass a lil bit with her hand she shows him her collection of canes and that she wants to test them all on his ass.to increase the cruely she place the canes on his legs, one by one and the poor slave has to decide which cane she uses next on his ass.the number of strokes he has to recieved is set spontanously and varies from 5 to x . in the end the ass of the slave is moaning very loud under the hard strokes and his ass is nicely striped. there is something special about dark skinned slaves as their skin dont show red stripes, but white nice lines. very beautiful.wonderful hard caning clip with a gorgeous goddess!
My Cane Collection - Lady Iveta
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187042 – Sadistic Nipple Torture – Lady Iveta

one of the most favourite things new lady iveta likes is to torture nipples of a slave. and when you watched this clip you surely know why we are saying this. she uses several devices first on the nipples before she has the idea to use the snatch pulley and a chain to stretch the nipples of the slave really. and she loves it when the nipples are stretched out and she can use a riding crop to inflict even more pain to the slave! and the best and most painful moment comes always when the clips come off the nipples of the slave!really wonderful and unusual clip!
Sadistic Nipple Torture - Lady Iveta
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185298 – Goddess Louise – Merciless Hands Trampling (720p MP4)

Goddess Louise is looking stunning as always. Today she will have some fun mercilessly trampling, walk over and stomping the slave’s pathetic hands and fingers absolutely full weight.So wearing her white Converse she just walk back and forth very carelessly treading on the slave’s hands. The Goddess is definitely having a lot of fun laughing and smiling while stomping them (just to let you know guys that the floor is absolutely hard, it’s basically concrete floor). Imagine the pain the slave has to endure. He told us after the filming that he was in a lot of pain straight from the beginning and he was really suffering in silence. He is still making some noises, but he is not loud in general. You can see very well that he is really struggling to take the enormous amount of pain. Goddess Louise doesn’t have mercy. High and beautiful stomps land on the slave’s hands very nicely. I am sure you will enjoy that. Some of them we have included into the preview. Goddess Louise give him some attention a few times, but mainly looking or laughing at him. She doesn’t talk almost the entire clip. You can hear her calling the slave ‘So pathetic’ a few times, but that’s pretty more or less. Also towards the end of the clip the slave asks the Goddess to kiss her shoes, but she is not finished with his hands yet. A few more stomps take place again while the slave’s hands are absolutely destroyed. You can tell that by end of the clip. He just can’t take anymore, squirming helplessly on the floor. The Goddess just leave him there at the end.
Goddess Louise - Merciless Hands Trampling (720p MP4)
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187025 – Lady Scarlet – Foot-addicted

ITALIAN LANGUAGEMy feet are your reason for living. I keep you segregated, in chastity, with a promise to make you worship them sooner or later. Starting with shoes, moving on to my sheer stockings and then to my bare feet. I own your balls, your desire, and the keys I keep in my panties. Look, why can’t you reach them. The only thing that is allowed to you is to adore my feet, drool for them, make my pet ??sole licker of both new and very used shoes. You are obedient because your balls explode and you can’t jerk off. You are mine. And by my will now I make you cum and empty you. Jerk off and enjoy on my feet! Now I can take you back to the cage waiting for another squeezing…
Lady Scarlet - Foot-addicted
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183805 – Felicia’s Phone Conversation – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Felicia is enjoying summer on the other side of the world, and she wanted to update us after a long workout at the gym on a Monday morning! It was a really hot day, so she was sweating a lot, so she thought you might like to worship her smelly socks and feet while she plans her night out with her friends on the phone! She sits on the sofa, and take her sneakers off to completely cover your face with her sweaty white socks! She wants you to smell them, and just enjoy that strong smell of her socks while she calls her friends! She wants you to sniff her socks, and lick them without disturbing her phone call! They are a bit stinky! Felicia also takes her socks off, to let you sniff her stinky bare feet, and she also wants you to lick the bottom of her soles, from heel to toe! She wants you to taste her precious sweat, and she wants you to suck her toes like a good, devoted loser slave! It looks like you have a lots of work to do! Just bow down on your knees and obey her instructions! This clip was shot with an iPhone 11.
Felicia's Phone Conversation - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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187028 – Cock trample 26 WMV

Trampling on cock and balls by two Dominatrices. First a few strokes with a swatter and then the main part. Hardcore fetish shoes, black and red. Thanks to the handle under the ceiling, the girls can stand with their full weight, even two at a time. The film is recorded from four angles. Three cameras were attached to the board and the fourth was handheld. Thanks to this, I was able to choose the most interesting shots so that nothing would get lost. Time: 25.52 min.
Cock trample 26 WMV
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187009 – You’ll suck the dirt off my damp socks!

Madame Moraigh: You’ll suck the dirt off my damp socks!First you will greet me. You will kneel in front of me and kiss my boots. Cover my boots with kisses and show me that you are my slave.If you’re good, I’ll take off my boots and you’ll lick the dirt off my damp socks. Under my socks and on my socks sticks the dust and hair and little crumbs that mix with my foot sweat. So much sticks under my wet soles that you can nibble off now. Take your tongue and clean my socks. Your mouth is just a washing machine for my old socks. Open your mouth and swallow!!
You'll suck the dirt off my damp socks!
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186767 – Here we learn and do not play! – small version

You have to be diligent and do your homework properly with Mistress Anfisa! She is a strict teacher and notices when students like YOU don’t do their homework. She checks to see what’s keeping you from being a good student and spots some little toy cars. She doesn’t tolerate such childishness. This is a place for learning, not playing! So now your teacher is teaching you something for life and crushing your toy cars with her sexy boots right in front of your eyes!
Here we learn and do not play! - small version
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI don’t often allow my slave to lick my feet, it’s a privilege he doesn’t deserve. Today that I will allow him to do this, my feet are obviously not clean. In fact, I just got back from the sea with my feet still dirty with sand. If he wants to lick my feet, he’ll have to wipe them off the sand. To be able to lick my feet you have to be ready for anything, and today my slave proved that he is, even eating the sand.
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187024 – Lady Scarlet – The insolent is trampled on

I’m heading to a party with my friends Cleo and Gabriella when suddenly we hear a whistle. We turn around and see this loser on the sidewalk in front of us looking at us and trying to make compliments but unfortunately he is messing with the wrong people. We get closer because we want to understand what his intentions are, he thought he was paying compliments and having fun with us but we will be the only ones to have fun today? We immediately drag him to the ground and start giving him a good lesson: stick out his tongue to clean our dirty soles and then in turns we step on him for a nice trampling. He begins to regret his gesture and when he can’t take it anymore we make him crawl to a corner of the street where we leave him like a garbage bag.
Lady Scarlet - The insolent is trampled on
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Watch me tease you and your locked cock, while I talk about how wet I get from seeing your frustration. The fact is, the only chance you might possibly get to fuck my tits, my ass, or even feel a few millimeters of my pussy is when you’re in chastity. And even then, you won’t feel anything at all, apart from the harsh reality of your cage. And it is during your time in chastity that I might be so inclined to tease your caged cock with my mouth, lips, and tongue, just so that you can experience seeing my mouth around your cock, but not actually feeling it! This is why I adore Locktober!
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