117746 – Train my sexy body – gym voyeur

I know what you are thinking, how your mind gets fucked by me, if you see me in real at the gym. You could not work out and would be staring at me all the time, wouldn’t you?! Watch me working out at different fitness studios and varying sport outfits. You are allowed to adore me out of voyeur perspective while I am doing my workout. How sexy can a sweaty mistress look like?!
Train my sexy body - gym voyeur

116907 – Pay attention slave! – Part 3

Includes – female domination – interracial domination – triple domination – sensual domination – femdom – latex fetish – rubber fetish – oiling latex – slave tasks – slave training His senses are heightened.His arms are aching from the constant circular motions he must make.But slave must still oil up Lady Bellatrix’s latex catsuit and corset. There are so many opportunities to get this wrong as he has discovered during his earlier attempt to oil up Miss Tiffany Naylor’s catsuit. So he must stay focused and work slowly or he might miss a spot and earn a punishment.
Pay attention slave! - Part 3
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117345 – Scarf-Bondage

A passion which is especially popular among British fans is the scarf fetish. I too find the combination of soft and silky scarfs with the strictness of well performed slave bondage intriguing. And so I “raided” my closet. With a total of 35 silk towels I tied my slave from head to toe into an almost immobile “scarf-mummy”. Completely wrapped he was my victim, ready to be tortured for my pleasure with E-shocks, trampling and candle wax. I’m interested to hear your opinion: What do you think about the scarf fetish? Just send me a message and let me know.
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116426 – Brushing unstyled two toned shiny red hair HD 1080p

My sexy long red hair is dyed the color of brass on the outside and the color of copper on the inside / underside. I have not straightened or curled it, this is how it looks with no styling. I brush my hair from the outside and inside. I toss it around and brush it towards you so you can see the strands. It has a couple small snags but mostly smooth. Enjoy great views of my shiny hairs going through the brush.
Brushing unstyled two toned shiny red hair HD 1080p
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116145 – Man Addict

Includes – adult role play – taboo – vore – executrix -  femdom pov – ebony   You’ve popped round to see your next door neighbour Ava since you haven’t seen her for nearly a fortnight. When you find her she is in the house looking seriously bloated and her belly more than twice the size you remember it. When you ask her what happened to her she tells you the most fantastic story!She’s got a serious over-eating problem. But she can’t tell you what she ate. All she tells you is she’s addicted and has been trying to get a handle on it. That’s the reason she has been at home for the last fortnight. She doesn’t want to go out and be tempted anymore. You try and be empathetic, but the more she goes on  you find your cock getting rock hard. She is giving you a hint about some of her dirty dirty overeating habits, telling you about some strange encounter with some guy where he was just too delicious for her to resist…You beg her to tell you more, you are so turned on thinking about her fucking all these different guys and you can’t help but be desperate for details. You know it’s wrong since you’re just friends but just seeing her licking her lips reminiscing is giving you major wood. She is saying something about – and you would never believe her she tells you – gobbling guys right up! That they taste so good on her tongue and she just can’t stop… How wet they make her when she has them in her clutches!It’s too much for you!You whip your clothes off and wait there eagerly for her to see just how much she turns you on. Ava is midway through telling you when she realises that you are naked!The shock on her face is clear, and she starts to tell you off. Your cock is throbbing in anticipation and she can’t help but look down at it. Her expression changes suddenly, an evil glint appearing in her eyes… She slides off the chair and over to where you are sitting.”Who knows you’re here?”‘Nobody’She sniffs the side of your face hungrily, repeating on the other side…”You look pretty good to me…”She looks like she is struggling with herself, but then she changes her mind and unhinges her jaw, swallowing you whole!Then she regurgitates you!Regret and anger are on her face, and seeing the stunned expression on  your face she yells at you!”I tried to tell you over and over!…. Fuck! There’s no going back now…”Before you have a chance to react she swallows you whole again!It all happens so fast all you see is pink as her mouth wraps around you, silky, warm, and wet…Then hot darkness as you go hurtling down towards her stomach, the whooshing sound of her endless pipe pushing you further and further down.You are now in her stomach and can feel the incredible heat of her acids as they swirl around you! You try desperately to clutch onto something or find a foothold but it is roomier in there than you ever thought possible. Through the darkness you hear Ava again, she is telling you off for not having listened and just thought with your cock instead. She is angry at you for having got her hooked on man meat again, especially as she was now 10 days sober.It didn’t sound like she was planning on letting you out anytime soon….What would happen to you?
Man Addict
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