165585 – Mix 02 WMV

Girl in flip-flops who sits almost completely still. The flip-flops were filmed outdoors under a bench. The girl was sitting with her two friends. There is also a girl in green shoes stepping on napkins. At the end, there is a girl in black suede shoes with thick heels. The shoes were a little worn, but this gave them a certain charm. Time: 18,57 min. Remastered – movie from 2007.
Mix 02 WMV


(video on request) Giulio is my suckling calf and to milk him well and extract a lot of SPERM I have to excite him well, you too want to be my calf …. then you have to look carefully, my thighs veiled by my nylon tights I was, my high heels drive you crazy, I know you would like to rub your cock on my leather skirt and smell between my legs real …. (SPEAKING ITALIAN)
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164796 – Wanking Into Mums Knickers

What are you doing in there? You thought you’d go creeping through step-mommy’s bedroom, did you? What have you got there? Show me what’s in your hand. Have you got my knickers in your hand? Give them back to me! Why are you laughing? What exactly is so funny? You know, young man, you are not too old to go over my knee! Oh, you think that’s funny? Give me back my knickers! What? You’re wanking into my knickers, aren’t you? You are! Stop that immediately! You are such a pervert, fancying your step-mom. There’s only one way to stop this, isn’t there? Well, let’s make a deal and let’s make it quickly. I’ll strip, do dirty talking and encourage you. And when you finish, you’ll leave my knickers drawer alone. I’m only doing this one time. Do you understand? Okay. Go ahead, then. Stroke your cock while I undress for you.
Wanking Into Mums Knickers
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164701 – Blue Shirt Girl Encourages and Teases

Guess who’s back with a lovely blue shirt! It’s going to take some time to get it buttoned up. I like to start near the top and work my way down, and then do the cuffs last. This shirt has two buttons on the cuffs. Which shall I choose? Hmmm… so fiddly, even for a shirt professional like myself. I’ll bet you’d love to help me right now, wouldn’t you? Don’t get too excited yet. I still have the collar to do. Such a luxurious, 100% cotton shirt. Do you want to touch it? Do you want to touch it on your dick? You do, you dirty pervert! You’re touching that dick right now, aren’t you? And you want to cum all over my new shirt! How dare you have these wicked thoughts? You’d better not cum yet. I still have my tie to do, and my skirt, too. I’m not wearing panties, though. How do I look? Wank for me now. make it really hard. Do you want to make my outfit a cummy mess? Shall I slap your balls with my tie? I’ll bet they’re really full for me, and you’ll be the first to explode all over my beautiful blue shirt.
Blue Shirt Girl Encourages and Teases
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164570 – A Dancing Apology

I come stumbling in after a wild night with the girls expecting you to be asleep, but there you are, wide awake and waiting for me. Are you mad at me for being noisy? Oh, I’m sorry! I was just listening to some music and having a little dance. Why don’t I carry on dancing? You love me dancing. I think that sounds like a plan, don’t you? Let me pick out a good song and I’ll dance and strip my apology to you. What do you say?
A Dancing Apology
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164316 – VALERIA, SARAH and ANGELINA – Will you be able to entertain us? – PART1 (HD)

Today Valeria, Sarah and Angelina got together to have fun .. mostly their slaves help them in this. For humiliation, they chose the slave girl christina. "Slut, can you see our sneakers are dusty?" – The girls began to mock their slave girl. christina won’t be easy today. In front of her are 6 dusty sneakers that she needs to clean. christina begins to worship girls’ sneakers and often catches spits in her mouth and face. But she also shouldn’t forget about the girls’ sweaty socks. The slave girl sniffs them and pushes them into her mouth while the girls communicate on various funny topics and humiliate her morally. As soon as chrisitina finished with sneakers and socks, she proceeded to the girls’ bare feet. She thoroughly licked the girls’ feet, listening to many insults from them. "Let’s spit on this scum a little more? I think she wants it! lol" – offered Valeria. Sarah and Angelina happily supported her idea. christina got a lot of spitting and her face quickly became covered with girls’ saliva .. she couldn’t even open her eyes. Nasty slave girl .. Do you think the girls have fun today?
VALERIA, SARAH and ANGELINA - Will you be able to entertain us? - PART1 (HD)
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163768 – ANAL PLAY 101

Curious about anal play? Want to play with your ass but not sure how to get started? I’m here to give you the lowdown on anal play, including how to begin, what toys you can use, and how to do it safely! Once you watch this, you’ll be able to enjoy anal play as a couple or even anal masturbation as you explore your fetish further.
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163119 – Battle Bang With Keni Styles

Welcome to Battle Bang, real cage fighting for poontang. Tonight’s contestants are fighting either for the prize, Lexi Belle, or the punishment, Kelly Devine. Our fighters tonight are Keni Styles and Ryan Blaze. After getting introduced to the fighters and learning the rules of the match, the fighting begins with Suicide Jimmy providing the commentary. Keni wins round 1 with a score of 7 to 2. Round 2 begins with Keni delivering some quick blows for quick points. It’s not looking good for Ryan. He gets knocked down twice and gets back up, but the third knockdown proves to be too much. Fight over! And now, Keni happily takes his prize for winning. Lexi looks pretty happy about it, too.
Battle Bang With Keni Styles
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163117 – Pussy Play For My ******

Loula has a new job. She’s mainly working nights with lots of girls. Can you guess what she does? She takes her clothes off on a stage! It’s not just taking her clothes off, though. She has to flirt with men and be a bit naughty, and when she bends over, her pussy gets right in her customers’ faces. They could easily lick her pussy, but they’re not allowed to touch. It looks like you’re interested in her new job. You’re a naughty ******! What? You want to see more of her now? Would you like to see Loula play with her vibe? You’re such a naughty ******!
Pussy Play For My ******
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