94489 – CLIP – PART 4 – My living writing pad & incredibly painful crop bats – REAL EXTRADITION

Crop blows are wonderful ! See for yourself how the gagged pig tried in vain to scream ! That must be a great pain hahaha … To relax between blows , he can enjoy it from me with a permanent marker to be labeled … The Fatty has no way to defend themselves in any way , because the handcuffs already “click ” have made! Well, you would have to really think before!
PART 4 - My living writing pad & incredibly painful crop bats - REAL EXTRADITION
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92327 – CLIP – Slave humiliation with included instruction!!!

Your mistress is in bad mood and YOU little slave-prick will pay for it! YOU are responsible for pushing my mood up, so you’ll amuse me now! I give you different humiliating tasks today – one more humiliating than the other – and you watch my mood getting better slowly. Every single task that makes you suffer enjoys me! You do everything for me, my slave, even this! You put up with everything for me slave, so I won’t accept any refusal because I make the rules! Come on slave, it’s time for you to suffer for me *laugh*
Slave humiliation with included instruction!!!
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92598 – CLIP – Ans Andreaskreuz gekettet!

Damit das Jahr noch mit einem neuen Film endet 🙂 Was habe ich wohl mit meinem Sub vor? Er darf sich vor mich knien und dann bekommt er Handfesseln um. Danach kette ich ihn ans Kreuz. Erstmal stören mich die Haare am Rücken, diese entferne ich dann erst mal liebevoll mit Kaltwachsstreifen. Danach fange ich an ihn mit diversen Peitschen und Gerten zu schlagen – aber ich merke recht schnell, dass ich eine einzige Peitsche bevorzuge! Mit dieser geht es dann weiter. Dann kratze ich ihn mit meinen langen Krallen und spiele auch noch mit ein wenig Kerzenwachs, welches ich ihm dann noch vom Rücken herunter schlage. Irgendwann mache ich ihn dann wieder los und trete ihm noch ein wenig den rücken mit meinen Absätzen blutig …
Ans Andreaskreuz gekettet!
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91132 – CLIP – Mona 6

Teodora has a many pretty girlfriends. She always gladden us. With her comes a new girl, beautiful and interested in domination. Her name is Mona. You will like her. As you know, every first recording is better with one old girl. To shows her how to treats the men. Mona scratches his back. Great sound of her fingernails.
Mona 6
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90845 – CLIP – Extreme slave ball torture for jerk-off losers!

Are you scared, slave…? *laughing* You better should be because you will suffer for your mistress today! I am in a very bad mood and you have to deal with it! You will amuse me and you will endure this torture just for me! You have no other choice! But you’ll also need some things so I can crush your tiny balls like eggs! *laughing* What you’ll exactly need I will tell you in the clip! You will beg me to stop – but I won’t! 😀 I will torture you until I’m happy again and my bad mood is gone… so… 3… 2… 1… let’s start, slave!!!
Extreme slave ball torture for jerk-off losers!
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pantyhose.You welcome me into your lesson, and say that only good boys do well in your class. You expect total obedience, and devotion. You sit on a desk posing with your legs folded over the top of each other, perfectly showing off your impressive shins, calves and ankles. You dangle your high heel shoes, knowing that it makes your students comply.It is the end of the lesson now, but you tell me to stay behind as you want to have a word with me. You say that you caught me staring at you. Did you have lustful urges for your teacher?! You sound cross. You instruct your student to kneel in the corner of the room, facing the wall, hands behind back, whilst you think about what to do with them, as you want to give me a suitable punishment.You tell me to keep kneeling, and turn around, head down. I can just see your feet and ankles. “Kiss my feet” you bark. Then as I do so you say that you are going to teach me an extra special lesson. You tell me to remain on my knees, but look up at you, as I do so, I see that you are wearing a big, black, strap-on cock. “Take it in your mouth, and suck it bitch!” you exclaim. You are laughing at your student, the power that you have over them, but then you talk more gentle the more he sucks, saying that he is a good boy, and you are pleased with him. You then take it further, saying that you are going to take your student’s anal virginity! Telling your student to drop his trousers and to bend over the desk. “Take it up the ass like a good slut! You need to please me so that I will give you an ‘A’! Good Bitch, I’m going to fuck you so hard, you will feel me inside you for days until the next lesson! You will learn to crave my cock”.When you are finished, you tell the student that when he is alone, awake in bed at night, he should think about you inside of him. Be a good boy, and look forward to our next lesson.”

90252 – CLIP – CBT Games

I like to look how you torture your little Microdick that would anyway not touch women. You are anyway only excited when I give you instructions on how exactly you must take your little tail through the wringer. I’m sitting here in my sexy dress, successfully command you, and bring to meet with the fullest pleasure my painful tasks. Until you’re of pain and yet almost go crazy with passion.
CBT Games
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