182270 – My bare feet kick his balls and he swallows my spit.

19 yo Miss Kinga: My bare feet kick his balls and he swallows my spit.The loser now gets his treatment with my bare feet. I get my socks off and my sweet bare feet slap and kick his balls. I notice how he enjoys a little ball massage with my feet in between, especially because he has my worn socks in his mouth. As a reward he gets my spit in his mouth to complete the mix. My socks tasted along with my spit. But there’s still something missing: He should also lick the sweat off my feet and suck my toes. Then the mix is perfect. It turns me on that the loser licks the feet that just kicked his balls.
My bare feet kick his balls and he swallows my spit.
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(CUSTOM CLIP) It’s time to separate the real men from the wimps. But which will you be? Your challenge is to bust those balls of yours to my instructions. And when I say bust, I mean to cause them to be in agony for days! If you can still come while you’re nursing your painful nuts, then you’re a real man. If you can’t, then you’re a wimp who has to do the challenge all over again until you do manage to prove yourself to be a real man!
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181974 – Lady Scarlet – Ballbusting exercise

You know, kicking a man in the balls is already very funny in itself but for Me, who love to make men suffer, it has a very special taste. Today I summoned a slave to fine-tune the various soccer techniques, perfect them and above all have fun seeing him suffer. For this workout I decided to warm up with some classic frontal ball kicks and then… frontal kick, scissor kick, sole kick, two steps kick, behind kick, knee, double kick.
Lady Scarlet - Ballbusting exercise
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178861 – Lady Dark Angel – Little Toy for My Pleasure (1080p MP4)

The sadistic and gorgeous Lady Dark Angel has a little toy for her pleasure today. A pathetic slave who will suffer.He is already lying down on the cold wooden floor absolutely naked not knowing what the Goddess has in mind for him. Lady Dark Angel knows very well that his balls are his weakness and she will be focusing on them most of the time, but in between there will be some heels digging, some nice scratching as you can see very well from the preview. The slave’s stomach will be covered in scratches. The Goddess has really sharp nails. She also plays Notes and Crosses game using his red stomach.After 7 minutes Lady Dark Angel takes her expensive shoes off, so she can use her beautiful feet tormenting the balls of the slave. Using her hand as well squeezing his balls while the slave is in a lot of pain is such a joy for the Mistress. Watching him squirming is an absolute fun for her. He has to be very quiet as Lady Dark Angel is not in a mood for him being noisy. He makes some noises but not a lot. You can also enjoy some ignore domination and very nice camera angles. You can see it very well by watching the preview.Towards the end of the clip Lady Dark Angel has noticed that her heel is about double the size of the slave’s pathetic little cock. And what the Goddess usually do with tiny cocks ? She makes them disappear between the balls of the slave. And that’s what exactly has happened to his useless cock. So you can also enjoy some small penis humiliation at the end of the clip.
Lady Dark Angel - Little Toy for My Pleasure (1080p MP4)
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181697 – Cocktortured On The Cross – Empress Victoria

today we have a new hot clip with gorgeous mistress empress victoria. she is in the dungeon with one of her personal slaves that is already bound to a cross. on his cock empress victoria attached a leash so she is in total control of her victim.she starts to torture him a lil bit with a riding crop that has a big slapper on the end, so its ideal to slap his nipples, his face and his cock. next she uses a cat o nine tail to whip the inner parts of his legs and his full body all over. she also whips his balls of course.next its time for some clothespins that are attached all on his legs and his prick. a wonderful game is ahead for the mistress cuz she wants to beat them all off with her crop. one of the pins is very tight and our mistress tries to beat it off as hard as she can, but it wont go off. poor slave. he is really in pain now, but empress victoria shows some mercy in the end and take it of with her gloved hands.
Cocktortured On The Cross - Empress Victoria
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181599 – Balls Destroyed By The Masked

Suzy is back in action! dressed in black with a black face mask studded with metal spikes, Suzy looks sexily dangerous!But her poor victim is in for a painful ride here. Shoving her sweaty sock into his mouth to absorb the sound of his screams, she knees him a good few times into his lower abdomen and balls. He is in so much pain he just wants to collapse into a heap on the floor, but Suzy makes sure she keeps him on his feet.Then, covering his mouth with one hand, she squeezes his balls real hard with her other. The pain is just sickening.Then giving him the final blows with her knee, the poor guy collapses to the floor convulsing badly….Suzy watches her victim convulsing, and once convinced he will slowly drift away, she walks off leaving her victim in brutal pain.Disclaimer: Please do not recreate any of the actions you see. Such actions are performed under strict monitoring to make sure nobody is hurt or injured. Failure to comply with such guidelines can result in injury or worse.
Balls Destroyed By The Masked
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178853 – Miss Kitty Bliss – Your Cock and Balls, my Footstool (1080p MP4)

Wearing just bra and her beautiful red fishnets Miss Kitty Bliss looks so hot having a slave beneath her gorgeous feet today. She just needs someone to be her human footstool and what’s the best option. Of course a male slave. And especially his cock and balls.Not paying him much attention Miss Kitty Bliss is just using them to rest her feet while looking and playing with her phone. The Mistress really like to have something very soft beneath her feet and the slave’s genitals are perfect for that. The slave is obviously struggling with the pain as he is very sensitive down there, but Miss Kitty Bliss doesn’t really care. Towards the end of the clip he even asks for permission to cum, but this is not going to happen today because Miss Kitty doesn’t feel like it. She just left him there helpless on the floor while she decides what she wants to do with him later. Maybe she will come back, maybe not.
Miss Kitty Bliss - Your Cock and Balls, my Footstool (1080p MP4)
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You’re back again, desperate to stroke your cock. Except it’s not really a cock, is it? It’s way too tiny to be called a cock. Instead, it’s a "nubbin." And now you must stroke your nubbin for Mistress. You will stroke it to my commands exactly. And don’t think those little acorns your call "balls" are going to escape. You’ll be making sure those are good and sore before I even consider letting your little nubbin cum!
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180903 – Inner Thigh And Cock Torture – Madita Pain

Like a barrage the strokes of the cane hit the puny cock like a drum fire. Mistress Madita is back and she looks awesome. We would like to be able to say that about her slave, but that would be a lie.With a huge selection of canes and whips she maltreats this little worm which makes it look more and more miserable. But what are we talking so much about this worthless slave that Madita brought us there? An absolute waste of time. Much more important is our mistress. Dressed in gorgeous red underwear and equipped with a stamina that makes the skin burst. That’s how we know and love her.
Inner Thigh And Cock Torture - Madita Pain
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179341 – Goddess Kiffa – Kiffa had an orgasm while squeezing his cock and making him worship her feet – Sexy CBT 17 – FOOT WORSHIP – FLIP FLOPS – AMATEUR – COCK TRAMPLE – FOOTJOB –

Goddess Kiffa is wearing Sexy flip flops and has a big cock to step on. She teases the cock and squeezes it between her feet and the flip flops. It is very sexy to watch.This cbt is a little more sexy than the others, She squeezes the cock, and also rubs the feet on the cock , almost like a footjob. And Goddess Kiffaalso makes the foot slave worship her feet. While Goddess Kiffa squeezed his cock, and got her feet worshipped, she had a REAL orgams! And she even showed the camera her pussy juices!
Goddess Kiffa - Kiffa had an orgasm while squeezing his cock and making him worship her feet - Sexy CBT 17 - FOOT WORSHIP - FLIP FLOPS - AMATEUR - COCK TRAMPLE - FOOTJOB - SHOEJOB  - DOMINATION - HUMILIATION - COCK SQUEEZE - FEMALE ORGAM MATURBATION -
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180899 – Energized Cock Part 1 – Eva-Liliel Black

There he now hangs the defenseless little dog. Tied and blindfolded. As befits a good slave and a hopefully successful working day for a dominatrix. Once again, we are proud to present you a two-parter with the great Madame Eva-Liliel Black. It was just too busy to be squeezed into a single video.And while we’re squeezing on the subject. Here is choked and squeezed until the screams echo through the basement. But this is about more, in fact, much more. Madame Eva-Liliel is known to have an electrifying effect on her subjects. And so, her slave is tied, wired and charged until it sizzles on dick and nipple. We were seriously surprised that with these enormous electric charges, no sparks sprayed from the tortured man’s tail. In general, despite the enormous processing of his piece of fuck meat, nothing sprayed. It is always better not to cum in the presence of the Madame. The retribution would be terrible. In any case, we are excited about the electricity bill after this session. Allegedly the light flickered in the neighboring village.
Energized Cock Part 1 - Eva-Liliel Black
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181101 – Milked Under Boots – Nikki Whiplash & Jessica Wood

This stupid slave was caught by Mistress Whiplash and Mistress Jesicca watching the riding ladies and wanking his dick. Needless to say that this is a big mistake that has to be punished. This slave has to learn that his dick is owned by his Mistresses Nikki and Jessica.He even is not allowed to touch it without permission. He is now laying on the cold ground, Jessica pushes her high heels into his mouth and him to lick them. Nikki starts to stroke his member under her overknee leather boots. Both women make clear that they are in control. He will cum if, and only if, the Mistresses gave him permission or better the order to come. Nikki strokes his cock harder and harder under her boots. She then gives the comand to cum but Jessica starts to squeeze his nipples at the same time to make it harder and painful for him to cum. He reaches an orgasm but it really is no pleasure for him. He will learn this lesson!
Milked Under Boots - Nikki Whiplash & Jessica Wood
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181033 – Two Cruel Bitches – Nikki Whiplash & Jessica Wood

here we have the next clip with cruel british ladies mistress whiplash and miss jessica. the clip already starts with pain from the beginning, cuz the balls of the slave are already encaged in a special ball prison, his arms are behind and also he gets some nipple clamps on his nipples at once from mistress whiplash.he has to bend over and has to worship the pumps of mistress jessica while miss jessica treats his exposed balls by kicking into it with her boots or snapping with her fingers into it which is for sure very painful. to make it even more painful mistress jessica puts a colour to the nipple clamps so with just a short movement of her cruel hands his nipples are hurting even more. this painful treatment goes on and on and on until the ladies are satisfied with the poor slave.
Two Cruel Bitches - Nikki Whiplash & Jessica Wood
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180876 – Tortured With Spiked Heels – Empress Victoria

time for torture today! here we have adorable goddess empress victoria sitting on a throne. the masked slave is ordered to take off his shirt and come closer to the goddess, where she starts to torture his nipples by some harsh pulling.but this is just the beginning… she also presses his encolared prick tight with her special heels… and wowowow… what cool heels are these? high heel pumps with shiny spikes at the top, so these ones are the ideal heels for torturing… next the slave has to lie down flat on the ground, while his goddess continue to stomp on his pathetic cock. she goes on further by scratching the cock with the spikes of her heels… as we talk about heels… good idea to perform some more nipple torture – this time with her heels. still not through with the torture she takes out some nipple clamps. well our slave really has to suffer today for his mistress!
Tortured With Spiked Heels - Empress Victoria
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180774 – Chastity – Screwed shut and spiked

This slave candidate is living temporary chaste since a short time. That means, he is wearing his cock cage uninterruptedly and is only allowed to cum once a month or to run out with a ruined orgasm. However, he is only allowed to do that in my presence, within our real play time. Here you can see the closure in the cock cage and how I annoy this part-time chastity submissive and thereby excite at the same time. Joy and sorrow at the same time, because the sub is masochistically inclined. He wears a cock cage with various threads, in which excellent nasty screws and spikes can be screwed. Screwed shut and spiked, he may experience painfully horny pleasure pain for me…
Chastity - Screwed shut and spiked
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178835 – Introducing to You Mistress Vixen (1080p MP4)

Let me introduce you to another gorgeous and sadistic bombshell today. This is our first clip starring the notorious Mistress Vixen. Dressed in leather from head to toe she’s having a slave at her mercy.Sitting on her throne the Mistress is enjoying teasing the small cock of the slave, stroking him from time to time with her leather boots while the slave is definitely in pain. You can see very clearly that Mistress Vixen is enjoying that. Ignoring him a couple of times while checking on her phone this doesn’t mean the slave will have a break. She’s basically using his cock and balls to rest her boots. The slave seems to be very excited as his cock is hard the entire clip. He’s even trying to protect his cock by using his hands and touching the boots of the Mistress, but this doesn’t help him at all.You can enjoy some boot job towards the end of the clip where the slave is asking for permission to cum, but Mistress Vixen will only allow him to do that because she wants to have her soles licked clean afterwards. So the slave must eat his own cum. That’s the only option to him. Not having a choice he’s licking the soles of the boots covered in his own cum. You can see the smile on the face of the Mistress while the slave is licking every single bit of his cum. She’s pretty sadistic, isn’t she ?At the end of the clip the Mistress continues with her online shopping while the slave still licking her soles making sure the boots are clean.You can enjoy very nice camera angles, full body and close ups as always.
Introducing to You Mistress Vixen (1080p MP4)
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