ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Gaia is wearing a very sexy karate outfit and sunglasses. She wants to do a self-defense tutorial and show what karate style kicks in the balls as they are more effective. In front of her is a slave with his legs spread. Gaia starts the tutorial by talking to the camera and explaining what self-defense methods there are and that she will be demonstrating various kicking techniques. She starts kicking the slave with more or less strong kicks, jump kicks and every time she explains the kick technique. Every time the slave falls to the ground she does a sexy victory pose and places her foot on the slave and also verbally humiliates him. But she doesn’t get angry; on the contrary, she humiliates him almost sensually. The training continues, and kicks him when he’s on his knees in front of her, from behind and with jump kicks etc. explaining the self-defense technique to the camera. After about 4 minutes of video and strong kicks the slave is on the ground and Gaia changes her outfit wearing shiny leatherette leggings and short top. She displays a truly stunning physique. When the slave falls to the ground, finally Mistress Gaia doesn’t get angry, and she doesn’t tell the slave to get up immediately. Instead she takes the opportunity to humiliate him, and to do the victory pose?
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You’re a student at a very strict adult school and you have been called into Headmistress’ study. Your dirty perversions have reached her ear and now she has decided the only way to cure you of your naughty erections is for you to be circumcised. You will be in so much pain that your cock won’t be able to get hard until it has fully healed. But Headmistress knows that sooner or later, you’ll be back to having perverted erections again, so issues you with a stark warning. Next time, your cock will be completely removed!
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190321 – Introducing to You Goddess Slavena – Flip Flops and Bare Feet Trampling with Cumshot (1080p MP4)

Let me introduce you to the beautiful blond bombshell Goddess Slavena today.She’s at home and would love to have some fun with one of her slaves who is already on the floor as he’s been instructed to do so. The Goddess is dressed very casually. Wearing just her gorgeous fluffy white flip flops, black leather pants and black top she feels very comfortable and ready for some cock trampling.As soon as the slave takes his trousers off, from the beginning Goddess Slavena realises how small his penis is and of course she will make fun of that during the clip. Using her bare feet and her flip flops the small penis of the slave is trampled on pretty much the entire clip. Some head standing is also taking place, but not a lot. The slave is so pathetic as he did a cumshot in the middle of the clip while the Goddess was trampling his cock with her flip flops. But this doesn’t stop her from trampling. She continues to crush his pathetic small penis using her bare feet as well. Of course the slave has to eat his own cum otherwise Goddess Slavena is not going to be happy, so does he have a choice. Don’t think so. HahahaAt the end of the clip The Goddess spits her chewing gum to the slave, so he can have it inside his mouth and just leaves him there lying down on the floor. You can also enjoy some spitting during the clip.
Introducing to You Goddess Slavena - Flip Flops and Bare Feet Trampling with Cumshot (1080p MP4)
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190804 – Lady Scarlet – Different moods for ballbusting

The slave awaits me naked and crouched on the floor, ready to kiss my shoes as a sign of greeting. But today I feel a little psycho with sudden mood swings that he will experience on his skin while I will kick his balls. I start joyfully and hit him smiling as he feels the blow and falls to the ground. I let him take off my shoes but at this point I get annoyed and hit him more viciously while he is still kneeling in front of me. I’m really hurting him and then, worried and compassionate, I make him get up, check that he’s okay and continue to hit him harder and harder. In the end I am simply amused and I enjoy the last strokes until he collapses to the ground and he has only the strength left to ask for mercy and worship the feet that have massacred him.
Lady Scarlet - Different moods for ballbusting
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190314 – Mistress Scarlett Morgan – CBT Boundaries with Cumshot (1080p MP4)

Mistress Scarlett Morgan has a slave at her mercy today and she wants to test his CBT boundaries using her gorgeous bare feet.The slave is lying down on the floor of course presenting his vulnerable and weak cock and balls to the Mistress, so she can play with them. He is suffering a lot during the clip, but Mistress Scarlett is having so much fun. Being beneath her is where he exactly belongs.She is stroking his cock from time to time while giving him a bit of pleasure but suddenly just trampling his balls, so he can be in pain again. This is such a fun game for the Mistress by the way. Watching him squirming in pain on the floor is such a delightful feeling for her. She doesn’t even put a lot of pressure on his balls, but he is in so much pain guys. Apparently he can’t take as much as he thought he would. Sometimes fantasy is better than reality, we suppose.Towards the end of the clip the slave asks for permission to cum and Mistress Scarlett allows him to do that, because she can be nice sometimes.You can enjoy really beautiful camera angles, full body and close ups. Have a look at the GIF.
Mistress Scarlett Morgan - CBT Boundaries with Cumshot (1080p MP4)
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189892 – Ebony Goddess Nyx – Ignored Balls Footrest (1080p MP4)

Ebony Goddess Nyx comes back home to do some work on her iPad where she’s got a slave at her mercy. He is on the floor of course as he’s been instructed earlier.The Goddess sits on the couch and placing her flat leather boots straight onto the small balls of the pathetic slave. Using them as a footrest the entire clip, ignoring the slave, crossing her legs from time to time the balls of the slave means absolutely nothing for Ebony Goddess Nyx. Just a piece of flesh to rest her leather boots.She doesn’t talk the entire clip and the slave is also very quiet, just squirming on the floor like a worm from time to time.You can enjoy very nice camera angles, full body and close ups.
Ebony Goddess Nyx - Ignored Balls Footrest (1080p MP4)
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190496 – Lady Scarlet – Pierced dick

After trying in vain to resurrect this little prick, I inform the patient that the only solution is to operate. Dressed as a surgeon, with meticulous precision, I begin to insert needles starting from the balls up to the base of the cock. I pass that apparatus that shows no signs of life, hoping that the intervention can stimulate it and bring it back to life. The operation succeeds, and the needles are arranged in a perfect and even artistic way. The patient will have to keep them for three days after which we will meet again to remove them and evaluate his condition?
Lady Scarlet - Pierced dick
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190424 – Lady Scarlet – Deflated balls

Sitting on a chair, I look satisfied at My work: the balls of this loser tied and divided. I made him even more pooch than he already is! And he’s lucky he can use his tongue to worship My feet? Poor deluded, he doesn’t know that everything has a price. I start kicking his balls. He greedy does not let go of My feet despite the punishment, and I continue with the ballbusting. I want to deflate them, until I destroy his virility forever. And I will succeed?
Lady Scarlet - Deflated balls
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What can be more arousing than a handjob from Me? NO handjob from Me! 😀 Inbetween, dxxth wishes could also flare up… This is not a normal handjob – what use would that be for Me?! This is a handjob that will fuck your mind… This is a handjob that will demand everything from you… This is a handjob where you will have My full respect when you actually cum 😀 I will try My best!
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189335 – Fixed and fucked until confession

This traitor has cheated on his wife and denies his crime. Missy Van Licks and Miss Gioia will torture the slave until he comes out with his confession. He is fixed to the chair and can’t even move his fingers. He continues to protest his innocence but a gag fills hs mouth nicely. The fucking machine works his ass cunt and the ladies put his cock in the milking machine. Have you cheated on your wife? No? Then both are turned on full! Confess!
Fixed and fucked until confession
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy Mistress friend and I have a slave in front of us. Just seeing us is enough for him to get turned on, in fact, his ridiculous little cock is hard and wet. So my friend and I make an extreme decision: destroy his cock! We trample it with our beautiful shoes, having fun sticking it with our heels. Hearing his screams of pain is a lot of fun for us, but we’ll be really satisfied when we verify that his useless cock doesn’t work anymore!
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