160856 – First Time Ballbusting

It’s the first time my long term slave got ballbusted. He was so scared and afraid of it. He begged me not to do it and not to film it. But I didn’t care at all. I do whatever I want and he has to suffer. But to be honest, he did pretty well and now he loves ballbusting and begs all the time to do it again. You can follow his journey in the next clips. See you soon
First Time Ballbusting
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160658 – Goddess Kiffa’s Cruel CBT barefoot on poor fat slave until he cums – CBT – GLASS CBT TABLE – CUMSHOT

Goddess Kiffa is with her fat slave, and she wants to crush balls, little dicks, and want to step on itGoddess Kiffa crush the poor dick and balls of the fat slave, and do it while humiliating him. He feels pain, but he surrender to her power and .Goddess Kiffa steps on his cock in a perfect way, with her beautiful bare feet , while she puts some oil on it. She crushed the cock, stroked it, stepped on it, and didn’t matter the pain the slave felt.Goddess Kiffa strokes the cokc until the slave cum for her goddess. But after he cums, Goddess Kiffa continues to him, because he dont deserve to cum without felling pain, even after cum!
Goddess Kiffa's Cruel CBT barefoot on poor fat slave until he cums - CBT - GLASS CBT TABLE - CUMSHOT
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Miss Deviant is not happy. In fact, she’s very disappointed in you. You’re supposed to be giving up your cock for Lent, but word has reached Miss Deviant’s ear that some of you are still indulging in acts of self-pleasure.This won’t do at all.Miss Deviant means to cure you of this nasty little habit with something called "aversion." This is a tried and tested method involving visual stimulation and pain. The result will be that even looking at your cock will be painful for you!
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160725 – PANTY-THIEF!

Well, what do you think I’ll do with you little panty sniffer when I catch you red-handed? What do you think I’ll do to a little pervert like you? I know it’s not your fault. You’re a dickhead and as such your too-small "big" brain takes complete control of you in situations like this! Therefore, I will take the complete punishment out on the main culprit. The lesson will be burned into your brain.
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Slave beat down clip with ruthless, extreme beat down. You methodically break down your slave through physical torment. You punch, slap, knee, kick your slave into complete submission and leave him a mess on the floor. You really target his manhood, and use different combos of torment while you’ve got a firm grip on his balls. You trash talk him, and challenge him to be a man as he has to suffer more for Mistress Gaia…
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159852 – Kicked in the balls by two ladies – small version

Now it becomes uncomfortable for the slave! Mistress Jane and Mistress Zora have evil plans for him. On a leash, he is pushed down onto the floor with his legs apart. Mistress Zora kicks the slave in the balls from behind and then again and again with increasing power. The two mistresses take turns kicking the slave’s useless cock and balls until he just cowers, whimpering on the floor.
Kicked in the balls by two ladies - small version
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress Gaia has decided to have fun to celebrate a new year coming and to immediately make it clear with her slave that, in her very personal calendar, next is the year of ballbusting. The slave was left alone for the whole New Year, Mistress Gaia went to celebrate with her friends, but now she is back and she can’t wait to put into action everything that goes through her head. She enters dressed up with black shoes and finds her slave waiting for her, she goes towards him and says Happy New Year and at the same time gives him a couple of kicks in the balls.Then she takes off the black shoes and her dress, to reveal sexy black underwear. She asks her slave to massage her feet with his tongue, because after a long evening with shoes on she feels the need for a massage and xpressly telling him to pass his tongue between the toes of her feet and all along the sole. The slave will lick her feet so well that she will decide to pay him back with a footjob. In reality she is just preparing to make him suffer. She will tell him that she wants to give him a nice gift and make a close-up video. So she will take one of the two cameras and position it to frame her splendid feet in action and the splash, make sure not to impale the shot from the wide range camera to have a double view of the footjob. She does a 10-toed footjob or with the cock on the back of one foot and the toes of the other jerking it off. Once he has cum, continue for about ten seconds to masturbate him. hen standing him up give him a good ballbusting. After a long series of kicks from front, back and double kick.Then taking him with his hands behind his shoulders and taking aim, you pulverize his balls as much as possible. With the slave standing and exhausted, you decide to make a toast with him to celebrate the new year and announce your intentions to kick him in the balls every day. At the end of the toast the slave make a terrible mistake, he drops his glass to the floor. Mistress will look at him, and say See, it’s destiny, you make me want to kick you in the balls too much whatever you do, come on get ready, I want to really decide if I can rely on you for the year of ballbusting, so try to resist as much as possible . You deliver very strong frontal kicks, if the slave falls you will urge him to get up. When the slave is truly exausted she will ask him for one last effort. It’s crucial to help her make her make a decision.That’s when she’ll give him the strongest series of kicks she’s ever given, no matter if he resists 1, 5 or 10 kicks, it must bedevastating, charging herself thinking about what bothers her most in the world. I want to hear her squeal as she gives them. The slave is now on the ground helpless. She looks at him and tells him … rest a few minutes then she comes back and shoves his cock into the cock table and jerks him again. With his cock stretched out on the table this time filming from her POV with the camera. She will end with one of her wonderful victory poses of her with one foot arched pressing on the slave’s cock and saying 2021, the year of the ball kicks…
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160496 – Kicking Your Useless Balls

Princess Nikki so tired of ineffective and stupid slaves! She don?t know why do they have to be so fxxking stupid! Well Nikki have a cure for such frustration. Zazie is still here with her, and she tell her that the best way to get rid of bad temper is to ?kick? it out of the system!Her slave is ordered to get on his knees, and they start kicking him just because they can! The Princesses keep kicking until he falls to the ground, and then order him back in position again. Nikki thinks his balls are completely useless, so she take her best shots kicking his nuts as hard as she can. You can really hear the nutcrack! Zazie is really eager to try this as well. And with a couple of tries she really get the hang of it! READ LESS
Kicking Your Useless Balls
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159851 – Kicked in the balls by two ladies

Now it becomes uncomfortable for the slave! Mistress Jane and Mistress Zora have evil plans for him. On a leash, he is pushed down onto the floor with his legs apart. Mistress Zora kicks the slave in the balls from behind and then again and again with increasing power. The two mistresses take turns kicking the slave’s useless cock and balls until he just cowers, whimpering on the floor.
Kicked in the balls by two ladies
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGAfter fucking our slave with the strap-on, my friend and I decide to take care of his balls. We put him on all fours and start with weak kicks. Ballbusting is certainly not his specialty: as soon as we start with slightly harder hits, he falls to the ground and begs for mercy; resistance capacity: zero. Let’s move on to something less demanding. My friend sits on his face and I start stimulating his little cock with my foot. Then we switch roles. Apparently, even facesitting is ot one of his favorite practices and his little prick (its dimensions are equal to those of my big toe) does not show signs of awakening. I decide to try the vibro, hoping to have more luck. When I’m about to give up, finally, a trickle of sperm seeps out of his little cock. No spurting, but it is already something!!!
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160175 – Mini and Nikki mercyless ballbusters

After having whipped the slave to the ground, Princess Mini and Princess Nikki still wants to punish the slave even more. It is time for ballbusting! Princess Nikki takes charge and kick his balls really hard with her stilettos, while Mini is watching. Princess Mini does not say no to an invitation to damage his family jewels as well. There is no mercy from these Princesses. Pain is just the beginning. Get back on your knees again slave! And spread your legs wide!
Mini and Nikki mercyless ballbusters
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160091 – CBT with purple high heels and sandals – POV HARD table Cock crush with cum shot

Goddess Kiffa shows us one more time how cruel she can be, crushing this poor guy cock, with her perfect new purple high heels.After crushing and causing a lot of pain in the poor slave, she changes the shoes, and puts one beautiful sandal, to crush and cause more pain to the slave.And you can hear the poor slave cries in pain, and see it all in an almost POV view, with one nice angle of the Goddess feet crushing the cock.Finally, the poor guy is allowed to cum, and have his feet crushed a little more, after he cums.
CBT with purple high heels and sandals - POV HARD table Cock crush with cum shot
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159869 – Crushing ballons – on his crotch! (small version)

I’ll now torture the slave in a very special way … I’ve brought along a bunch of balloons and now place them on the slave’s crotch one after another. I sit down on top of the balloons with my full weight and then bounce a little and wait for them to pop – and when they pop, I fall into the slave’s crotch with my full weight as well – giving him a sharp blow to the balls! Of course, he has to keep his legs spread – so I don’t lang on his legs … 😀 After a few balloons the slave’s already in fear when I grab another balloon – fully aware of the pain that will follow soon after! Let’s see how long it takes to crush all of them – and what’s going to be left of the slave’s balls in the end! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Crushing ballons - on his crotch! (small version)
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy Santa Claus slave has a beautiful gift for Christmas. The gift he has for me is not in the classic Santa’s sack, but is in between his legs. In fact, I have decided that he will have to offer me his useless balls as a sacrifice. Since with his tiny prick he can never please a woman, I will destroy his balls forever. I tied him in the center of my dungeon and started hitting his balls with my boots; my kicks are so hard that the sound you hear when I hit him is fantastic. Despite being tied up, the slave moves too much, so I hold him still and hit him with my knees. After having tormented him for good, I want to check if his balls still work. So I make him lie on the ground and while he masturbates I keep tormenting his nuts. After a while a little sperm comes out of his ridiculous cock. Obviously I ruin his orgasm but, judging by the modest amount of sperm that came out, I think I have almost reached my goal of castrating him once and for all. Who knows, next time could be the good one!!!
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGThe Christmas atmosphere gives me the inspiration to play more and more sadistic games. Today I’m having fun breaking the Christmas tree balls, but why limit yourself to breaking simple plastic balls, when you have the real ones of a slave? So I call him and let him watch my game, announcing that the next balls to be broken will be his. Once all the plastic balls have been broken I make him stand up and start hitting him with my severe kicks. This slave nothingness falls to the ground in pain, but today I will have no mercy towards him. I want to have fun with his balls, so he absolutely cannot afford to deny this Christmas present to his Mistress. The sound you hear when I kick my kicks is even more beautiful than the sound of plastic balls. After delivering the final blows, the slave falls to the ground exhausted. I can be satisfied, in fact, even if the balls are still attached to the slave’s body, inside they will be crushed like plastic ones. Only a few more kicks will be needed to reach total impotence!
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