205024 – TOUCH MY ASS

Custom video:I am wondering if you can do another teasing custom video, this time the guy on the bed and you being as sensual as you can be on the video. Things like grinding him, doing the splits on him, booty bouncing on him, facesitting and grabbing his balls with your hands sensually.Outfit: a red leggings and then in a thong
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204885 – BUTT CRUSH

Custom video:Mysteria is super massive. She is far bigger than anything else. Recently, all these stadiums have been built near her. She has found out, and wants to cause an uproar. Using plastic coffee cups, pretend they are different stadiums. Pace around them, hands on your hips, cursing/swearing at them. Also humiliate them. Point at them, stating they are nothing but waste. Threaten to smash them with yoga ass. When you are ready, squat over them, sit on them, and smash them with your ass. After each smash, say how bad each stadium smells, just like how bad your bum smells. Compare how big your butt is compared to the stadiums. Save 2 stadiums for the end. Smash them with your boobs. Get into push-up position, and smash them, one with each boob, at the same time. Outfit: blue yoga pants – sports bra – thong
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204892 – Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane – Sexy nylon asses drive your mini dick crazy – small version

On returning from an event, Mistress Jane notices Queen Hanna’s new nylon tights. She thinks they are so hot that she really wants to see how they look on her sexy ass. Queen Hanna pulls up her skirt and shows her girlfriend her hot nylon ass. She thinks Queen Hanna’s nylon ass is amazing and so do you! That doesn’t go unnoticed, but you can’t impress them with your mini dick! No matter whether you get to see Queen Hanna’s sexy nylon ass or Mistress Jane’s, your little cock is anatomically incapable of reaching an acceptable size!
Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane - Sexy nylon asses drive your mini dick crazy - small version
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204367 – Model houses destroyed under 2 jeans asses (small version)

Lady Nora and I are now going to take care of the model train houses you built. How strong did you built them?! Do you think we can sit down on them and they can endure our full body weight? I don’t think so! One after another is placed on the table and we take turns sitting down on them with our sexy jeans asses – flattening them more and more! And if we can’t flatten one completely, we’ll just sit down on the other one’s lap – and our combined weight will surely crush your house flat as a pancake! It’s such a great feeling to feel the houses slowly getting crushed, with our ass first just breaking the roof, then feeling the walls collapse slowly until the final resistance gives in and the building is completely flattened! I know, you spent so many hours to build these houses and they’re literally destroyed in seconds under our butts … but it’s still a lot of fun to watch us, isn’t it?! And you’ll be allowed to take the remains home with you – maybe you can re-build them a little stronger?! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Model houses destroyed under 2 jeans asses (small version)
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203913 – Lady Luciana – Crushed under her vinyl ass!

The next time Lady Luciana meets you, she’ll position you just like her little victim here and just sit on top of you! She loves to sit little useless victims, like YOU, flat under her ass with her vinyl pants. Her every move cracks and creaks, as is typical with vinyl pants. Without giving you a chance to breathe, she then sits down in the middle of your face and plays with your stamina, that sexy sound in your ears all the time… Keep watching Lady Luciana to see what else will happen to you the next time you meet!
Lady Luciana - Crushed under her vinyl ass!
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202070 – Crushing his laptop under my ass as a punishment (small version)

The loser once again didn’t do his tasks properly – and on top of that I caught him with his laptop on the couch … I can’t let him get away with that obviously! I shut the laptop with his hands in between and then sit down on top of it – letting my full body weight squish his hands between the keyboard and the screen! Oh, that’s cracking nicely already, but I want more – so next, I step on his laptop with my boots and now it’s bending really hard! But it’s not completely destroyed yet … to do that, I put it on the bench over 2 stones and then make the loser watch how I completely destroy his beloved laptop under my ass!
Crushing his laptop under my ass as a punishment (small version)
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200914 – Mistress Natasha – Special Jumps [remastered]

I jump on my roommate Alex, trample him without pity. I stomp him with black high-heeled shoes and in stockings. I feel pleasure to see Alex suffers under my pressure.[remastered] It’s been 14 years since this clips were filmed, and 13 since first time published. Is this enough to call My clips [retro]? (= Okay, let’s mark them [remastered] instead. Because now they are COMPLETELY REMASTERED using modern software and hardware to re-edit master files as well as AI technology to improve picture quality. We remastered it from miniDV tape (720×576 | interlaced video | 25 fps) to Full HD (1920×1080 | progressive video | 50 fps) without cropping or resizing as well as kept the old price.Duration: 13min 58sec
Mistress Natasha - Special Jumps [remastered]
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200219 – Giantess destroys the city with her ass (small version)

See this little town here on the hill?! Isn’t it beautiful?! But it won’t be any more because I’ve decided to crush everything under my ass! I know no mercy. Whether the little people in it get crushed is not my problem! I laugh mercilessly as I flatten and destroy everything. Would you also like to be crushed like that? Then watch closely now!
Giantess destroys the city with her ass (small version)
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200089 – AfterAUA Therapie – XXL Dildos in your Ass! – part1

The two gorgeous Ass Destroying Queens are back! In the first part, we tormented this little bitch fuckhole with XXL dildos! We tied her tight onto the gynecologist chair. She moans and screams because we take turns and gave her the FUCK of her lifetime. After a few orgasms and a lot of cum, we decided that little bitch had enough and toke a break, because we needed to prepare for round two. We were far from finished…
AfterAUA Therapie - XXL Dildos in your Ass! - part1
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199554 – Degrading and sitting flat!

Queen Hanna brings her friend Mistress Jane a small stuffed animal. After mocking its appearance the girlfriends put the ugly critter on a stool and sit it flat with their sexy jeans asses. Their fantastic asses in jeans look huge above him and crush his little body beneath them. Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna completely finish off their little victim while giving him non-stop insults!
Degrading and sitting flat!
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198814 – Punishing the little guy under my ass

I’ve bound this little guy to my bar stool for a punishment and he will now suffers under my divine ass while I work on my laptop for a while. My giantess ass slowly comes down on his tiny body – sometimes I sit mostly on his body and flatten his body under my weight, sometimes I burry him under my jeans ass completely, so he’s also smothered. I really don’t care what happens to the little one under my butt – he’s completely at my mercy, needs to endure his punishment and serve me as a seat pad! Let’s see if and how long he will survive this punishment!
Punishing the little guy under my ass
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197916 – Precious model houses crushed under our asses (small version)

Look what we got here – all of your model houses that you build with so much care! How many hours did you spend assembling them? Nora and I will put them through a special load test now … we’ll test how long they can endure under our asses! One after another will be flattened and destroyed beyond repair under our sexy asses! Countless hours of your work destroyed in literally seconds … it must be painful to watch for you, isn’t it? For us, it’s just a lot of fun! Some of them are flattened under my ass, some under Nora’s and some under both of us … and we simply dump the crushed houses onto the floor … where our high heels will take care of the rest! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Precious model houses crushed under our asses (small version)
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197181 – Imagination 7

Summer is here and the girls started wearing skimpy clothes. And we all like that, of course. And we respect that very much. Bare feet, sandals, slippers, tight shorts, long hair and skin color. Every girl we see, we desire and fantasize about what she’s going to do to us, Ooh, she’s so good…That’s why, while we’re daydreaming, our girls are here to entertain us. Lola Megan Tracy Summer hit with ass bouncing on lazy bag.
Imagination 7
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197184 – Your laptop is crushed under my hot ass (small version)

Really brave of you … not only letting your laptop sit on the table, but also keeping it unlocked … let’s see what you’ve on it! It seems like you’re into sexy asses … especially in jeans … well, I got a great idea for you! Sit down over there and take a close look … your laptop is not on the table anymore, but on a bench on 2 big stones. The only ass that you should care about is mine! And therefore you’ll now watch my sexy ass making quick work of your laptop! Oh, it’s cracking when I sit down on it slowly – music to my ears! And how it bends when I bounce a little bit … does it hurt you to see your laptop being crushed under my ass? Or are you so ass fixated that you don’t even care?! Either way … when I’m done with your laptop, you won’t be able to watch asses on it anymore and it will be ready for the trashcan!
Your laptop is crushed under my hot ass (small version)
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196745 – Slave forever 4

Once upon a time there was an unfortunate man. He loved a beautiful but poor girl. Such persons had nothing but a good imagination. He had three female friends who adored him. But in a very strange way. They loved to bully and humiliate him. Each of their strokes was his kiss. He never married and was forever their slave. Lola Megan Anabel The girls frantically bounce with their asses on poor slave.
Slave forever 4
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196855 – Buttcrush Brainfuck

With its ugly snout and those special ears, this critter reminded Mistress Anfisa of you so much that she just had to buy it. She now enjoys the opportunity to show you what she does with you! Touching your Mistress is strictly forbidden. You are left alone with the idea of how it feels to be sat on like this stuffed animal, under her huge ass in vinyl pants, really small, flat and crushed! It’s an absolute brainfuck that drives you and your cock crazy!
Buttcrush Brainfuck
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