191417 – 3 layers of foot smell

For the next session, I’ve put the slave in the bondage bag – making sure he’s completely unable to move, before I tell him what awaits him. I just finished a tough workout and to make my feet even more stinky than usual, I put on nylon socks under my workout socks! I take off my jogging shoes and immediately press them on the loser’s nose, making him inhale the first level of foot smell … then it’s time to smell my workout socks, still covering the drenched nylon socks I’m wearing underneath! Then I take off these as well and press them on his mouth hard before it’s time for level three – the nylon socks that have direct skin contact and are completely soaked in my foot sweat. They’ve been sealed perfectly by the socks and shoes – and therefore carry a truly pungent foot smell. Finally I take off those nylon socks as well, put my socks on the slave’s nose and mouth and bind them in place using the nylon socks – putting one of my running shoes on top to make sure he gets all 3 layers to smell them properly over the next couple of hours!
3 layers of foot smell
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191383 – Sveta – White Stockings Red Shoes Foot Gagging [retro]

This is old video with Alex. Sexy mature blonde Sveta in white stockings and red high-heeled sandals sits on sofa and pushes her cute feet deep inside the slave’s mouth. She loves to penetrate with her foot as deep as possible. Sveta changes her poses and even gags Alex with her feet while she stands on sofa. She also makes the slave kiss and lick her feet and legs during small breaks.Duration: 5min 37sec
Sveta - White Stockings Red Shoes Foot Gagging [retro]
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191336 – I crush a slave’s face under my feet!

Miss Anastasia S.: I crush a slave’s face under my feet!Here are the moving pictures from a day when I kicked my slave victim twice. I love to press my foot hard on his face and hear it crack under my feet. The nose is squashed flat and as a thank you the slave is allowed to lick my feet and toes. Experience how I kick my victim flat and also experience it from his point of view. This will really turn you on!
I crush a slave's face under my feet!
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191046 – AVRIL – How does it feel to be humiliated by a slave, an ex-mistress? (4K)

Avril enters the apartment and sees how iren dutifully cleans up .. Avril really liked it and she decided to make fun of her ex-mistress. "Why don’t you meet me, whore? I don’t get it.. kneel in front of me!" Avril said. iren at first did not understand such impudence .. but remembered the previous humiliations and decided that it was useless to argue .. she knelt down. Avril approached her and gave her some slaps. She ordered iren to bow to her, apologize and worship her dirty sneakers. iren felt like the lowest creature on this earth .. she bowed to her former slave and licked her dirty sneakers. This amused Avril even more. "Ugh.. your nasty tongue turned black from my sneakers! LOL! I love it! Now smell my socks. I haven’t changed them especially for you, ex-mistress!" – Avril continued to taunt and shoved her sweaty socks in iren’s face. She used the phrase "ex-mistress" to make iren even more ashamed and humiliating. After that, Avril’s smelly socks ended up in iren’s mouth. "Delicious socks? Now it’s time for my bare feet.. No, no, no.. not so fast! You think you deserve my clean feet even if they’re sweaty! I don’t think so! LOL!" – Avril had fun. She liked to humiliate iren. Avril thoroughly soiled her feet and returned to iren. "Now you can start, my ex-mistress!" – Avril grinned .. Her feet were black and soon iren’s tongue too .. iren felt a strong shame licking dirty feet of her former slave .. just a couple of days ago everything was reversed, but now nothing can be returned back!
AVRIL - How does it feel to be humiliated by a slave, an ex-mistress? (4K)
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191296 – Lady Scarlet – Hard and smelly training

* Six beautiful women dominate two slaves with their sweaty feet *Me and my beautiful friends have decided to treat ourselves to a vacation in a splendid villa, bringing with us two slaves who will be at our service full-time. Today we decide to work out a little in the gym and after sweating hard we can’t wait to let our two servants smell our scents. Lots of smelly feet for these two slaves who immediately rush to adore and smell their Goddesses. Terry socks, sneakers and a lot of sweat that they avidly adore? In the meantime, we take the opportunity to have our feet washed, pushing down their throats and dilating their mouths with several feet at the same time until our extremities become clean again and the smell disappears.
Lady Scarlet - Hard and smelly training
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191302 – I want a slave face under my sports socks!

Lady Nicole: I want a slave face under my sports socks!Today I will play with the slave for the first time. Immediately after going to the gym, I want him to lie under me like a carpet and I will take off my sports sneakers over him. The scent of sweaty socks and sports shoes wafts towards him. Then I want to press my damp, white socks in his face. But there are 3 phases for me, how I treat a foot slave under my feet: 1) He can only look at my feet. He is allowed to see how my soles and my toes play over his face and slowly approach. 2) My foot and toes touch his face and he is allowed to inhale and enjoy the scent. 3) The slave may taste my feet. He may lick and kiss my feet. All senses are then served at once: He can see, feel, smell and taste my feet… What a pleasure! I press my feet on his face with passion and my damp socks press against his face. He then gratefully kisses my feet.
I want a slave face under my sports socks!
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191044 – RADA – Ex-mistress gets used to the slave life (4K)

Now, when Rada returns home, two slaves are already waiting for her. avril and iren rushed to lick the dusty boots of their Mistress as soon as she entered the room. Rada wrote idiots Bitch1 and Bitch2 on their foreheads. Bitch1 – avril. Bitch2 – iren. "Mmm bitch2.. you make me happy! You remember your place well! Now you will always worship me!" – Rada scoffed and watched both bitches lick the dust from her heavy boots. Rada took them off and ordered the slaves to sniff them inside. Idiots buried their noses in Rada’s boots while she humiliated them morally. After that, Rada decided to trample her slaves. She walked up and down their backs and jumped.. "Don’t forget about my feet.. I didn’t wear socks today. Do you have any idea how much my feet are sweating?" Rada asked. Bitch 1 and 2 started greedily and carefully licking Rada’s sweaty feet.. they tried to suck all the sweat between her toes and lick it off her soles. Rada stood and arrogantly watched the slaves. She likes how they humiliate themselves in front of her.. she especially liked that iren became even more submissive. She then sat down on the couch and both of her bitches put their heads under her feet. Rada used their heads and faces as a footstool. "Keep worshiping my feet, idiots.. until I tell you to stop! Well, ex-mistress! How do you like my sweaty feet? hahaha" – Rada said and continued to enjoy the humiliation of bitches 1 and 2.
RADA - Ex-mistress gets used to the slave life (4K)
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191069 – PAMELA and RADA – Worship us together with this bitch (HD)

Do you feel your insignificance, loser? You are kneeling in front of us with this bitch.. Watch how she worships us.. are you sure you can do better? We will humiliate you and her! Worship our beautiful feet and catch our spit in your mug! You are so pathetic that you will crawl before us on your knees for the rest of your miserable life!..Pamela and Rada..
PAMELA and RADA - Worship us together with this bitch (HD)

191042 – ALISA, EMILY, JUDY and NELLY – Meeting of two step-families (4K)

Alisa and her step-mother Emily sat and chatted on various topics.. they put their feet on their slave misha for comfort.. "I have a surprise for you, step-mother." – Alisa said and called her friend Nelly. After some time, Nelly came to visit Alisa and Emily, but not alone, but with her step-mother Judy and their slave avril. "Oh, we took a slave to you to have fun together but I see you already have a toy, LOL!" – Nelly laughed .. She and her step-mother sat down near the table and ordered avril to worship their feet. At the same time, misha worshiped the feet of Alisa and her step-mother. "I think our slave is smarter than yours haha! I used avril before and she’s a complete idiot. Look what our slave can do." – Alisa laughed and began to train misha as a pet. Nelly and Judy began to train their slave avril. As a result, the girls decided to exchange slaves for a while and check which one of them worships the feet better. The girls chatted and laughed while their slaves licked their feet.
ALISA, EMILY, JUDY and NELLY - Meeting of two step-families (4K)
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191270 – The slave licks our socks clean

Miss Anastasia and Lady Jojo: The slave licks our socks clean. Me, Anastasia S. and my friend Lady JoJo now let us lick our fragrant, dusty socks clean. We now use the foot slave together and have fun with it. He can now lick our socks clean. I’ve been wearing my socks in the UGGs boots for 2 days now and Lady JoJo walked around in these socks all day yesterday at home and at her friend’s house. I think there is enough foot sweat in our socks for the slave to have a taste and smell experience. Come on, slave, lick our socks clean and massage our feet through the socks. Suck on our feet in socks and put them deep down your throat.
The slave licks our socks clean
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191246 – Lady Scarlet – Foot fetish girl

ENGLISH LANGUAGEMy slave has a real veneration for me and is always ready to worship my feet and be my footrest. Here she is lying in front of my sofa waiting for my feet with desire: I let her see them from very close until they are in contact with her face. She loves my feet on her face, she opens her mouth immediately to kiss and lick them, she sucks my toes and she does whatever I tell her. Her tongue creeps between my toes, I rub them on her mouth, stuff them in her mouth and finally use them to crush her chest as well and dominate her even more. Finally when I get up she follows me on all fours and licks the sole of my foot as I lift it to walk, she is a really good pet.
Lady Scarlet - Foot fetish girl
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191040 – DORI and NICOLE – Reach harder for our feet, you idiot! (4K)

Dori and Nicole decided to tease their slave with their beautiful feet. Before that, they tied her leash. "Look at our beautiful feet whore! Do you want to worship them? So lick them! At least try! LOL!" – The girls had fun and teased olivia with their feet. olivia stuck out her tongue, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t reach Dori and Nicole’s feet. The girls laughed at her and came up with a better idea. They got their feet dirty and continued to tease the slave. "And now you want to lick our feet too, even when they’re dirty?" – Nicole asked. After a while, they decided to untie her.. because now someone has to lick the dirt off their feet!
DORI and NICOLE - Reach harder for our feet, you idiot! (4K)
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191151 – Pathetic slave licks dirty feet (small version)

My sexy feet got completely dirty while walking without shoes. I show them to the pathetic slave and of course he immediately knows what his task is going to be – to lick them clean! His pathetic tongue will slide over my divine foot soles over and over again until there’s not the tiniest spot of dirt left on them. The dirt is sticking to my feet pretty good and the slave needs to put some effort into it before he gets any results, but I’ll make sure his doesn’t miss anything. Of course, he has to clean my toes and in between them as well!
Pathetic slave licks dirty feet (small version)
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191039 – JANE – Dirty feet for my most despicable slave (HD)

Of all her slaves, Jane despises her slave monica the most. How many times does Jane order monica to lick the dirt off her feet? "Do you understand what you’re going to do now? See my feet? You have to earn them! Beg me!" Jane taunted the old woman. "Please Mistress.. may I lick the dirt off your feet? I beg you!" monica pleaded humiliatingly. Jane enjoys watching monica beg her… especially her dirty feet. What could be more humiliating? In the end, Jane and a mockery allows the slave to lick the dirt from her feet. monica licks and swallows the dirt off Jane’s feet. "Thank you my Mistress!" – The slave mumbles with a mouth full of dust and dirt. "Shut up and keep worshiping my feet until I order you to stop! Old loser!"
JANE - Dirty feet for my most despicable slave (HD)
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191062 – ISABELE – Nasty feet for a slave after a walk (4K)

I walked with my slave for more than 5 hours.. We visited many places and my feet were very sweaty in my sandals. I order my bitch worship my feet. How do you like my feet? Salty? Excellent! LOL! She sticks her tongue between my sandals and my bare soles and heels. From the look on her face, my feet are smelly and salty! LOL! Bring the stand, slave .. now you will lick the sweat from my bare soles!..Isabele..
ISABELE - Nasty feet for a slave after a walk (4K)

190890 – Foot slave is put to the test

Goddess Yasemin wears her favorite high heels and the slave can only guess how much her feet have sweated in them as he kisses her shoe soles. He may then take off one of her high heels and put his nose between her wet toes. Now he feels how wet her feet are and clearly smells her foot scent. Then he has to prove himself – is he able to spoil Goddess Yasemin with a pleasant foot massage?
Foot slave is put to the test
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