ITALIAN SPEAKINGI am in the company of two of my Mistress friends and we enjoy inflicting a harsh punishment on our slave. We have locked him to the wheel and enjoy whipping him. We have no mercy from the beginning, one of my friends even breaks the whip, while the other whips the slave’s cock too. The slut wriggles more and more, exhausted by our blows, so we finish him off with the last few lethal blows, and then leave him to reflect on how lucky he was to get this treatment.
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196328 – The Punished Butler – Lady Iveta

to be in service of a mistress means one thing: work. more work. endless work. and more work. so its nearly impossible to satisfy all the orders in a specific time. this time the butler failed (again) as he did not done the garden work as ordered.lady iveta loves to have a nice garden that is in perfect condition as everything she owns have to be in perfect condition. so the poor butler needs some motivation it seems. he has to bend over the punishment bench and lady iveta is armed with a huge slapper. soon she gets into action with this instrument thrashing his backside with all the power of her right arm. next she uses a big paddle but still she thrashes the living daylights out of him. you may think that its not too hard, cuz the butler wears leather trousers, but listen to the moaning of him and watch how hard iveta thrashes and you know that he is in serious trouble now! and we can be very sure that his ass is NOW in the perfect condition as the lady wants it to be! 🙂
The Punished Butler - Lady Iveta
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196281 – If you are not useful to me, I whip you

Once again this pig wants to be under my control, under my power… and he is willing to be punished for being clumsy. I want useful, competitive slaves that are effective in carrying-out my orders, therefore I’m going to train this useless man so that he is up to the task. I will whip him now. Maybe this is the only language he understands! Be useful or I will have to whip you harder and harder until you are! (Clip language: English & Spanish)
If you are not useful to me, I whip you
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196265 – Bullwhip Punishment Part 1 ? Lady Johanna

We always like to report on local customs from interesting countries. This not only educates us but also our dear viewers and customers. This is really important to us.Broadening your horizons may not replace a slap on the buttocks, but it does make you understand it at times.This time we tell you about famous cattle in Japan, which are cherished, cared for, kneaded and milled before slaughter. That makes the meat nice and tender and younot only can see the good treatment, but you can taste it too. Now our dominatrixes do not eat their slaves, but somehow there are certain parallels when we lookat what our Johanna is doing with her newest slave. First there is scratching, beating and fingernails rammed into the flesh. And in order to really pound the slavesoftly, she still works extensively with the bullwhip. But one of them doesn’t like it at all. We think he would prefer a steak after all that talking about it.In an emergency, he simply puts it on the wounds to cool.
Bullwhip Punishment Part 1 ? Lady Johanna
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196199 – Punished For Blasphemy 2 – Lady Pascal

today we have the continuation from punished for blasphemy 1 starring beautiful experienced german pro dom lady pascal. just to remember the story of this: the stupid slave was talking about lady pascals girlfriend in an absolute unacceptable manner and he already gets his back whipped without mercy in part 1.now in the second part she takes down his pants and goes on with the whipping on his bare ass. she also pulls his nipples and ordering to stand straight and to recieve the punishment without moaning. she whips him really hart with a tight short whip and she really wants to get sure, that the slave never talks in that way. he recieves also hard strokes with the do… whip and now he really struggles under the hard strokes while his ass gets redder and redder. in the end end he gets 20 very hard lashes and we all can be very sure he will never talk bad about any friend of lady pascal in the future!
Punished For Blasphemy 2 - Lady Pascal
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196183 – Punished For Blasphemy 1 – Lady Pascal

today we start with a clip devided in 2 parts cuz it is too long. story: clip starts with an older slave of german pro dom lady pascal. he telephones with his friend stephan talking about the girlfriend of lady pascal and blaspheme about her all the time, how she is dressed, how she talks, about her manners and and and.well, this is not a good idea, when his mistress is already in the room as he is going to find out soon. lady pascal appears and she catched everything he said on the telepone. she pulls him by the ears and orders him to take his shirt off. i am going to put a better behaviour now into you i promise she says. you will suffer for this. his arms raised high in the air by a pulley lady pascal gets a short bullwhip out and starts to whip his back while he is helpless and stretched out. while she whips him she teaches him also a lesson with words. first the slave tries to talk back, but this is also definately not allowed. so on and on the whip goes down and he doesnt talk back any more. he also recieves a hard front whipping so all of his body parts are covered with welts from all over. part 1 of 2.
Punished For Blasphemy 1 - Lady Pascal
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGThe time has come for the final surrender for my slave. He had to be punished with a hundred lashes for not throwing out the garbage and since he couldn’t take all the lashes at once, I allowed him to receive the remaining fifty lashes at a later time. This nerd also begged me to change the punishment and get kicked in the balls, but I was adamant, and I didn’t change the punishment. Indeed, for the second part I also chose heavier whips. So the fool will think it over next time before begging me to be punished twice. The choice of whips turned out to be right, in fact, the non-masochistic slave that he is suffered a lot at every stroke. Especially when I hit him with the cane. I really think I have found the right whips to train him!
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Patient record / message prior to consultation: "After the harsh judgment of the mistresses on Monday, I can no longer rest, an oppressive feeling of fear increasingly builds up… my testicles feel swollen and hurt… my aching shoulder is back and since yesterday noon I have a gout attack in my left foot… I notice how my body and mind slowly go into panic mode… I’M SIMPLY AFRAID"…Don’t despair, ask Lady Stefanie and Reell! We are pain specialists and have extensive knowledge through numerous pain studies. Feet represent a map for our entire organism. If you are able to read the map, you can influence individual organs, tissues and muscles through the targeted stimulation of individual points, thus releasing tension, alleviating pain and revitalizing them. The old (imaginary) complaints were quickly cured, but with some side effects.
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195990 – A Cruel Whipping – Ezada Sinn

"i am going to whip you" mistress ezada says as this new clip starts. and while she saying this she caresses his face with a brown painful looking snake whip and she looks the slave deeply into his eyes.she doesnt say it loud, more with a soft quite voice, but we all know: when a real sadist gets quite and soft, the more pain is ahead!"will you take the pain for me slave?" she asks while pulling his nipples. then he has to kiss the whip. then she starts to whip him. first a lil soft to find the right distance, but soon she gets into severe and accurate strokes. mistress ezada is absolutely perfect in punishment. the strokes land always in the desired area, so no accidental strokes. beeing a real sadist she enoys every second of this and she knows – the more accurate she whips a slave, the more he suffers and the more she has fun and the longer it will go. in the end our slave is totally broken and as a reward he gets more nipple pulling. if you are into whipping and punishment you will love this one.
A Cruel Whipping - Ezada Sinn
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196007 – Punishment In The Purple Room – Miss Yuna

They say she has the power to change things. We cannot say whether this is in a positive sense. Of course, we are not talking about things like nature, the environment or world peace here. No seriously.What we are talking about is almost essential to the life of a slave. Our Miss Yuna can turn white into purple. She is a true magician, a witch or a succubus. It is a pleasure to watch her doing her tricks. All she needs for the transformation is her magic wand. Made from fine bamboo. It is important that it is unpeeled. Otherwise, the magic will only work half as well. And that would be the last thing we would want. You don’t just saw a slave up a bit but completely in a magic show. Miss Yuna’s slave can count here and experience the great miracle blow by blow when his ass turns from white to purple. Simply magical.
Punishment In The Purple Room - Miss Yuna
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A straight back can also delight. Oh, we still smile at how funny we are sometimes. But at least that’s how someone laughs during the sessions with Lady Iveta.On the other hand, she also enjoys every blow she hits the bare bottom of her slaves. Only one of them doesn’t laugh. Strange. He had such a striking sense of humor. The only important thing is that you appear in a good mood and well-dressed at work. Our amazing Lady Iveta threw herself in her best dress again and put on leather gloves to celebrate the day. Maybe she was just afraid to get her hands dirty on that dirty piece? Either way, it looks really stimulating when her gloved hands whirl through the air. Black goes with everything. Blue asses, red asses. It just fits perfectly.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy friend and I have a slave to train the hard way. In fact, he’s a chatterbox who always interrupts our conversations, and since he doesn’t understand how he should behave in front of us, we’ll teach him with a whip. We’ve immobilized him so he can’t escape our punishment. He keeps talking even while we whip him, so my friend and I have to increase the intensity of our whips. We only stop when his body is full of marks, and he finally holds his tongue.
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195950 – No Mercy Thrashing – Lady Iveta

here we have another phantastic bonus clip with newest goddess lady iveta. the poor slave is stretched out over a bench on a cage, so he is perfectly exposed to the whips of his goddess. she presents two instruments of pain to him. a vicious red cat o nin tails and a short single tail whip.just for her personal amusement she starts to whip the exposed back of the slave with the cat o nine tail. as it is made of firm leather the strokes are very painful for the slave and he moans out loud from the beginning. but the more he moan the more she thrashes him. so next the single tail gets into action and the slave moans more and more and even the dark skin of the slave shows some red marks from the whip soon. wonderful whipping clip in top quality as you are used to know from us!
No Mercy Thrashing - Lady Iveta
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGI have a female slave to train, so I chained her so that she has no escape while I whip her. I enjoy tormenting her whole body, belly, back and pussy. I am very satisfied with the marks I left on her body, a little less with her behavior. After so many whippings, this bitch doesn’t understand that she has to say thank you Mistress, so next time I’ll be even stricter with her.
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGMy slave is lucky today. In fact, I allow him to worship my feet, after wearing transparent pvc shoes for several hours. My feet are very sweaty, so he will be able to savor them well. I also allow him to lick them, but all this pleasure will have to be repaid by suffering for me. This slave is not a masochist and I whip him, enjoying hearing his moans. The right price to worship my feet.
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195281 – A Special Flogger ? Lady Iveta

Trust can be something wonderful. You give trust and you get trust. What happens if Lady Iveta can no longer trust you? Well, our little idiot here tried it out once. You could say he lost trust with his behavior. Not a good idea because with something like that, Lady Iveta comes up with really great ideas.We’ll just stick to the issue of trust. You can always trust one thing at Iveta. Hard blows, no mercy, a lot of pain and wicked torture tools. What she is holding in her hands to regain her trust is a real splendor in red. You have never seen or felt a flogger like this. This hissing sound is unique and the effect is fatal. Trust us.
A Special Flogger ? Lady Iveta
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