ITALIAN SPEAKINGI have my slave bound on the cross, and I?m going to enjoy making him suffer. I?m using a selection of my whips. The cat is always a good opener, and then my leather tawse is just right for close up whipping. This is a painful session for my bitch. His squeals for mercy will of course be ignored, as my stinging lashes make sure he is nicely SKINNED!!
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169492 – Lady Scarlet – Whip lashes & scratches

Dressed in black, high leather boots, I sit on the throne like a true queen while the naked slave begins to sigh tied to the cross: he has not yet tasted my whip and is already trembling. I get up and start hitting him with the many tails of my whip, despite his tan the redness of the skin becomes visibile and it?s getting hotter. I take very short breaks but only to sink my nails into his flesh and feel the warmth of his inflamed skin. I scratch him like a cat and then start hitting him again until he begs for mercy. I allow him to count the last 5 blows but they will be with the sharp snake whip. In the end I show mercy, untie him and let him fall to the ground to kiss my boots.
Lady Scarlet - Whip lashes & scratches
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI always think there?s a sexual connotation connected to certain types of pain. Whipping is one of these, it?s a great aphrodisiac. I have my bitch balanced on the angle bench, and it?s a painful prop. As it digs into his ass and balls as he tries to balance on it. I also have his arms and ankles tightly bound, there?s no escape for him. I?m going to enjoy giving him a good whipping, and have chosen my leather tawse whip, and my short stiff one that has a painful sting to it. I begin with my tawse, and get right into it and my bitch begins to squeal for mercy as he wriggles and squirms in pain. I enjoy seeing his skin begin to change colour and the welts appear. Then it?s time to change whips, the shorter one brings more screams for mercy. Not today? I?m having too much fun making my bitch suffer from my relentless Seductive Lashing?
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I have my slave tightly bound on top of the cage where he has been for most of the day. With his arms outstretched, and his knees and feet tightly bound. I also made sure his balls were jammed between his legs that are secured at the knees with a very tight leather strap. It?s a painful position for my bitch, and I?m going to enjoy making him suffer. His punishment will be simple, I have selected one of my favourite canes, and his squeals for mercy will of course be ignored as I?m going to give him a painful Thrashing?
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168974 – Stop To Sip, Start To Whip!

Femdom-Hangover 2021 in Hannover… What do we ladies do when we meet for a real feel-good weekend? Right – first of all, we need an XXL champagne bottle! With ******, all the stories of wannabe slaves, paypigs without money and mommy panty sniffers are even funnier… But as soon as the bottle is empty, these nobodies are already forgotten and the urge to move flares up! Convenient that next to a forgotten sub also the new bullwhip is lying around. Slightly tipsy, the hesitations of Madame Svea, Lady Stefanie, Miss Catdeluxe, Gabriela Syren and Reell are very limited…
Stop To Sip, Start To Whip!
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGIt?s been a long day, and I want to relax a little before I retire for the evening. What better way than to give my bitch a good whipping. I have her on the bed with her ankles and wrists tightly bound. It?s a good position that gives great access to her ass. I chose my leather tawse whip as its stinging lashes bring out some nice welts, with squeals along the way. I?m sure you?ll agree it?s a good bit of painful foreplay at Bedtime?
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168943 – Lady Scarlet – Red back by our will

He is waiting for us on his knees, naked and with a chastity cage around his cock. When my friends Gea Domina, Cleo Domina and I arrive, he throws himself at our feet to kiss our shoes in greeting. We cut the pleasantries short and immediately tie him to the X-cross with his back turned towards us. A few slaps and then we move immediately to whips, paddles, sticks and various tools to hit him and color his skin red. The blows are repeated non-stop until his skin becomes red and hot: we feel it, touch it and see the sign of our fingers with pleasure. To conclude the session he will count 10 single shots from each of us, obviously thanking us after each blow.
Lady Scarlet - Red back by our will
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I?m going to enjoy making my slave suffer. With his cock and balls tightly bound with twine, I also have him in suspended using the suspension cable. As he dances in pain, there?s no escape. To add to his misery, I?m going to use a nice selection of whips to see if I can stimulate his tiny cock. Using one after another, I whip him and I have to laugh as my bitch dances to try to escape my painful stinging lashes. Then it?s time to really make him suffer. I bring out a pair of very strong nipple clamps and attach them to his nipples. He has to hold them with his teeth, while I whip his cock and balls. What a great way for me to relax as I whip my bitch into CBT BLISS?
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CUSTOM REQUEST – Hello Mistress Gaia,I was hoping you could do a custom clip for me. I’d like one that’s around 12 minutes long, and just involves you, no other slaves or Mistresses. I’d like you to wear a revealing black bra and panties, and sexy red high heels. Basically, you’d have your long, black whip and tease with it and crack it nice and hard. Posing infront of the camera, pacing with your heels clicking back and forth, dragging the whip on the floor suggestively as you walk, and then slowly, seductively raising your arm holding the whip to then crack it hard.Basically be a sexy, cruel whip goddess. Just want to see you pose with your whip, crack it and see your body flex and move with the motions, seeing your armpit before you crack the whip.Tell me to work hard for your whip obey your whip that I’m a slave to your whip and that you’re my cruel whip goddessThats it! I hope you’d like to do this for me.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I have my slave against the wall, she bound with her arms above her head. She?s been a bit of a little bitch lately, and I have decided to punish her. Using my favourite bullwhip, there is no escape for her as I take pleasure in giving her the autograph of Mistress Gaia. I?m certain that after today, my bitch won?t want another Wall Lashing?
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167987 – Lady Scarlet – Tied and whipped

ITALIAN LANGUAGEI prepared him well and tied him to the wall by his wrists, now it’s time for serious fun: fun for me of course. I whip him, he squirms but he can’t untie or run away. He is my pet, he belongs to me and I punish him as I want. I continue stronger and stronger and paint his back as if it were a blank canvas that gradually turns red. He begs me to stop but instead I change the whip, take a stronger one and start again because only I can decide when it’s time to stop. The nine tails of this whip are merciless, I hit until he kneels at my feet but he gets up too soon without my permission: the last barrage of blows is punitive and he will never forget it.
Lady Scarlet - Tied and whipped
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI have my slave bound on the cross and it?s extremely uncomfortable for him. However, that?s exactly the way I like it, and I?m going to take great pleasure in making my bitch suffer. Using my favourite I bullwhip, I begin with some warm up strokes. Once I have my range, it?s not too long before I have him squealing for mercy, as my stinging lashes begin to show some purple welts on his back. After a while it?s time for a pain changer. I bring out my short cat of tails whip. It?s great for close range pain infliction, and extremely effective. He struggles and squirms, as I continue giving him a good lashing. I?m so enjoying myself making sure he receives the autograph of Mistress Gaia as he endures his Pain On The Cross?
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167646 – NICOLE and ALSU – This old bitch has been annoying us for a long time (HD)

When I went home this old bitch was waiting for me in the hallway on her knees as expected. Kisses my sneakers as a sign of cheer, but that’s not enough. Anyway, I’m in a bad mood and she really annoys me. I want to whip her flabby ass! Perhaps I will even invite my friend Alsu to visit in order to punish this old slut together. When Alsu came, this slave girl met her as expected. I began to tell Alsu how this old woman annoyed me and my friend fully supported me. "I don’t understand why you keep this useless creature with you? She’s old and worthless!" Alsu asked me. And indeed … she’s right. Okay, this old slut is worthy of punishment. We’ll whip her thoroughly today. And I hope next time she won’t annoy me…Nicole..
NICOLE and ALSU - This old bitch has been annoying us for a long time (HD)

167553 – Lady Scarlet – Punishment under duress

ITALIAN LANGUAGEThis new tool has finally arrived and I want to inaugurate it with the slave who has my brand tattooed on his back. I immobilize him at the ankles, slightly upside down, leaving him only his hands free to be able to support himself against the structure. In this position he will perceive the pain differently. I have prepared several cane to use on him, and so I begin to give vent to the sadism. One stroke after another, one tool after another, I hit him on the ass and on the back marking him more and more. His prayer of mercy never comes, he says I’m dealing with a strong man not a weak one. I reply that for me this can be an advantage, an incentive to hit harder and longer. And so I do. When I get tired of trying to protect himself with his hands even though I left them free for him not for that purpose, I take the latch off and put it upside down, leaving him begging to straighten it …
Lady Scarlet - Punishment under duress
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167346 – Lady Scarlet – X-cross of crying

ITALIAN LANGUAGEI’m going to retrieve the slave I left waiting for me on his knees in front of the throne with clips on nipples for two hours. I pull him from the chain connected to the small tits and he suffers but at the same time thanks me for the attention I give him and for the vision of my body.I bind him to the cross. He always talks too much and that bothers me. I scratch his back and in the meantime I think about which whip to use. I take the baddest one I have, in pure leather. And I start whipping him, on both sides. I hit him harder and harder, I make him dance. His moans mingle with thanks. I insist. His prayer of mercy arrives with what little breath he has left since the intensity of the blows sent him into trouble. Despite the hard skin and the tan, the marks are there and so are the bruises. They won’t go away for quite a while…
Lady Scarlet - X-cross of crying
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI?m in Milan with my beautiful mistress friend, and we have our slave bound to the bench. He?s going to receive a good whipping. We have a variety of whips that will be used to change the appearance of his body. Of course the cane is a vital part of any discipline, and our bitch is going to feel it?s stinging penetration on his ass. As we change our whips, so too does the pain sensation. Our slave wriggles and squirms as he squeals for mercy. Not today? He will suffer and we will enjoy it. For him there is No Escape?
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