182494 – Caned Hard On The Rack – Ezada Sinn

i will show you that i can destroy a butt with my cane slave famous mistress ezada says in the beginning of this clip. i heard that you talked to another slave and say that i am a merciful lady. i will show you that i am not and from the beginning she starts to bring the vicious rattan cane down on the ass of the slave with all power of her right arm with very very hard strokes.we are pretty sure, that ezada keep her words from the beginning and make it real today cuz we all know how hard this lady punishes and how much she enjoys to dish the living daylights out of any slave and when a slave is disrespectful like this idiot she feels even better when she prooves her cruelty. our slave cries out under the merciful hard strokes but to hear a slave crying is just pure music to this sadist and she brings down her cane even harder and harder and harder. one of the best and hardest canings we ever taped!
Caned Hard On The Rack - Ezada Sinn
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182251 – Flogged On The Pillar – Empress Victoria

Let’s start today with a wonderful new clip starring empress victoria. she looks absolutely superstunning with a leather skirt, a wonderful corset, leather gloves and leather boots.on the pillar her personal toy is already bound to. she is just in the mood to dish out some punishment today with floggers. she using different floggers and whip him all over his body. no part is beeing spared. beeing a natural sadist she loves to whip his cock also ghrough his wide open legs. but she is also very sensual with the slave. empress victoria always loves the mixture of pain and pleasure so she enjoys to dish out pain but she also enjoys it to tease her slave with her body and her gloved hands.
Flogged On The Pillar - Empress Victoria
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182239 – Cruel Waxing And Caning – Madita Pain & Mistress Cloe

here we have the next clip starring gorgeous dominant bitches mistress madita and mistress cloe! they look superstunning in their outfits as they order their 2 houseslaves to crawl in.they are ordered to bend over and present their bare naked asses for some hard slaps with their cruel hands on it. next the ladies take turns using real candles and decorating the butts of the slaves. both slaves are already in pure agony here as we dont use fake wax, we use real wax that is hurting a lot, even if the candle is far away from the skin! but the ladies have not finished of course here as they get out some canes and caning the wax of the asses. now the poor slaves are really in trouble…
Cruel Waxing And Caning - Madita Pain & Mistress Cloe
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI have my slave tied up to subject him to a harsh whiplash treatment, even though he hasn’t made any mistakes lately to deserve punishment. I don’t do in time to tell him and he says a bad word. How stupid, I had no particular reason to whip him and he gives me one himself. In his position he cannot allow himself such a mistake, in fact, I also tied his balls that I hold firmly in my hands with a leash. The slave must be careful of how he moves because if he falls to the ground his useless balls will stick to the hook where I tied them. I keep whipping him hard, until he does begs for mercy. The torment does not end there, because I stop the whipping, but I leave him with his balls tied in the shot.
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182187 – Testing Floggers And Whips – Domina Charlize

domina charlize is very pleased today. she has new floggers in her collection and new whips. so her 2 houseslaves are already ordered to present their bodies in the hall of the mansion.out gets the first flogger and the first slave gets the first strokes. as beeing a pro dom, domina charlize started with some not to hard strokes just to figure out the distance to the body, but as soon as she gets more confident with the whip she swings it with grace and all power of her right arm. and this means that even with some not so hard floggers nice welts spring on the naked bodies of the slaves from the beginning. but this is just a warm up, cuz the instruments of pain gets more and more severe now. a more heavy flogger comes out with a wooden grip that seems to be more effective. next we have a red flogger with firm strings and the slaves have to turn so their breasts are also whipped, but her back is not to be spared for sure. the intensity is more increased with a very painful cat o nine tail now and here the strokes sting like hell. well, and this is exactly what pleases the mistress a lot. but she is not through with a slave cuz she takes out a special do-g whip. one slave is now really in trouble cuz she uses this hard whip to whip the erected prick of the slave. the other slave is more lucky to recieve this whip on his ass, but talking about luck in the presence of a sadist like domina charlize? hmmmm…
Testing Floggers And Whips - Domina Charlize
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182121 – Flogged And Belted By The Bikerlady – Mistress Cloe

today we have here a new part of our bikerlady-series starring again gorgeous mistress cloe. her slave is already bound to a lifting block and mistress cloe brings his arms up first. he is really affraid today cuz he knows when she puts him into this position serious pain is ahead.hmm?with which toy a i start today mistress cloe says while looking at her collection of punishment tools. so she takes out a leather strap giving some first sharp strokes with the strap to his ass. next its up to a flogger that goes into action. this flogger looks soft at first sight, but in the right hands its also very painful. but we are still in the warm up now.well, we are getting some colour here. i like that mistress cloe says as the back of the slave gets red. after more hard strokes with the flogger mistress cloe takes off her leather belt in front of the slave smiling with pure sadism at him. and then the belting begins with really hard strokes from the beginning. well, the biker lady is today in a really vicious mode and wants to make the slave really suffer today. in the end she uses a harder cat o nine tails of red thicker leather and she also whips his front now so he is marked all over in the end from this cruel whipping!
Flogged And Belted By The Bikerlady - Mistress Cloe
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182064 – 6 Canings In 24 Hours – Domina Charlize

we are very very glad to present a new stunning mistress here! lets welcome german pro dom from hamburg domina charlize! as we got in contact with her she told us that she was sadistic as long as she knows, now beeing active as a professional mistress for a few years.and her words will be clearly proofed in this first clip we present with her. the story is quite simple, the effect is enormous. just for her amusement she decides that her slave gets a lot of canings today. to be exact he gets 6 canings in the period of 24 hours. with every caning he will recieve 24 sharp strokes. in between the canings he have to remain on the punishment bench, not to allowed for an inch.domina charlize applies the canings from the beginning with sharp and very accourate strongs on his ass.to due celebrate the canings over a full day she appears with different outfits, staring with a casual outfit, then a superhot catsuit, next a shiny pvc robe, a wonderful riding outfit, another leather look and at least with corset and a fisnet body.all canings are very hard, but in the end she brings her slave over his limits! the last sequence is ultra severe and the slave cries and moans out loud. and he doesnt get away with 24 this time.NOTE: this is a loooooooong clip, a lil unusual for us, but trust us: this is one of the best, if not the best caning clip we ever taped! and it contains also a FREE bonus of warming up! if you are into strong caning, this one is a MUSTSEE
6 Canings In 24 Hours - Domina Charlize
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182005 – Double Frustration Cropping – Mistress Nemesis & Lady Sofia

the house slaves of the mansion are relaxing on the couches of the smoking room in the mansion. they talk about their ladies in a matter where they should be VERY safe, that no one hears it.what they dont know is that the mistresses hear everything cuz they are already in the hall of the mansion.they are very very angry about this talking but they are already angry of the slaves cuz they didnt prepare their horses for a riding!ohoho..a bad time is ahead for the slaves for sure. they are ordered to bend over a punishment bench in the hall and it needs just a second until their riding crop go into action! and they really go into action. really hard whipping from the first stroke. welt after welt appears on the asses of their slaves. they moan out under the treatment but are ordered to stay quite while they proceed their merciless whipping. even after half length of this clip the asses are deeply red and black and blue all over.but the slaves really have earned this punishment! mistress nemesis thrashes the back of the slaves so hard that she even breaks the handle of the crop!very hard punishment clip!
Double Frustration Cropping - Mistress Nemesis & Lady Sofia
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181767 – Proud Of Your Ass? – Lady Iveta

Can you handle this? Are you prepared for the strict and merciless hand of Lady Iveta? Bow down, when she will punish you with her extraordinary assortment of her choice.She is a master on her flogger and she knows how to treat her overbend and begging servant. With every single hit his skin becomes more sensitive for the upcoming excitement and treatment. Her steely spiky roll brings his nerves to burst and cry for mercy. The deserved finish of strong lashing and flogging will divide the good from the bad servants.
Proud Of Your Ass? - Lady Iveta
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181763 – A Cruel Whipping – Ezada Sinn

"i am going to whip you" mistress ezada says as this new clip starts. and while she saying this she caresses his face with a brown painful looking snake whip and she looks the slave deeply into his eyes.she doesnt say it loud, more with a soft quite voice, but we all know: when a real sadist gets quite and soft, the more pain is ahead!"will you take the pain for me slave?" she asks while pulling his nipples. then he has to kiss the whip. then she starts to whip him. first a lil soft to find the right distance, but soon she gets into severe and accurate strokes. mistress ezada is absolutely perfect in punishment. the strokes land always in the desired area, so no accidental strokes. beeing a real sadist she enoys every second of this and she knows – the more accurate she whips a slave, the more he suffers and the more she has fun and the longer it will go. in the end our slave is totally broken and as a reward he gets more nipple pulling. if you are into whipping and punishment you will love this one.
A Cruel Whipping - Ezada Sinn
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181738 – Red Ass Needed – Mistress Akella

as this new clip starts sadistic bitch mistress akella is on the phone talking to her friend. the friend brought her slave to mistress akella to deal with him. and to deal means that she wants to see him with a really red ass when he is sent back.that sounds wonderful to akella. she surely is the right lady to do this. armed with a swishy cane she starts first with some fast taps on his arms but soon the action gets more serious with hard strokes.the slave moans a lot under the treatment but akella doesnst care about his crying and moaning. he gets a red ass today. that is the goal and she wont stop until the ass is pretty nicely red.she takes also some snapshots with her smartphone and loves what she sees. and in the end she is really satisfied with it!
Red Ass Needed - Mistress Akella
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181734 – Kassi Canes – Mistress Kassi

today we have another phantastic clip with superbeautiful lady mistress kassi. she is dressed in an expensive lilac leather robe, black leather gloves and high heels as she orders her slave to crawl over to her. as he forgot her cigarettes he recieves some sharp slaps with her leathergloves as a reward, but this is just the warm up for him, cuz she gets out a cane soon and he has to stretch out his hands to receive some sharp strokes with cane on his hands.as mistress is still not happy the slave will be stored into a pillory so his ass is perfectly exposed to the cruelty of mistress kassi. as she walks around him he gets severe cane strokes from all over. whenever he gets his ass away he gets some taps on his belly to get the ass more out and be better presented to the mistresses treatment. but still mistress kassi is not satisfied so she gets a thick black cane out and now the poor slave really suffers under her cruel strokes. we can be pretty sure, that this lousy subject will never forget the cigarettes again!
Kassi Canes - Mistress Kassi
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181733 – Whipped Without Mercy – Lady Pascal

lady pascal rolls hin her slave in a cage as this new clip starts. he have been in there for a few hours. maybe he is happy now that his mistress releases him of the cage, but he dont know his new goddess lady pascal yet.he has to position himself and gets his arms tied up in the air. next she takes a brown painful mid lenght bullwhip. "well, then have a look what i bought here from the slave market and lets see if you are worth the money i invested into you." lady pascal says. next her whip goes into action. as beeing an experienced lady she uses a good backhand tecnique with this whip enable her to swing through with all power of her right arm. stroke after stroke cutting into the ass of the slave who soon starts to moan out loud under the merciless hard whipping of his new mistress.
Whipped Without Mercy - Lady Pascal
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGToday I have my bitch of a slave ready to receive a punishing and painful whipping. He hasn?t really done anything wrong, I just enjoy the pleasure of giving him pain. He is bound to the cage, and I have attached a heavy weight to his balls to make it more comfortable for him. I have chosen a selection of whips, and I?m sure you will enjoy hearing my bitch squeal as I change the intensity and pain from the different whips. I?m having great fun, and there?s no escape for my bitch as I make him suffer his Cage Lashing?
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181731 – Caned On The Bench – Mistress Cloe

Here we have another clip starring beautiful mistress cloe. she enters the playroom with her slave on a leash and place him on a punishment bench. she is dressed now in a supergorgeous looking corset, a leather skirt, long leather gloves and expensive leather boots.she was very unhappy with the slave in the last week who was ordered to clean the house and her car but he didnt do it well, so its time for a severe punishment today. she starts to cane him with a classic rattan cane with hard swishy strokes on his ass from the beginning. next she uses a riding crop whipping now also his back and his shoulders. she plays a game with him: he has to count the strokes and has to thank her after any 5 strokes. but as stupid as our slave is he forget it. of course this leads to extra strokes. mistress cloe decide to use now a multicane next, but only after a few strokes the cane breaks. the slave has to count meanwhile continously and we are already way over 50 now. to make the pain complete mistress cloe uses at least a very painful rubber cane. when she is through with him he has a nice pattern all over his body from all the strokes and our mistress applied surely more than 100 cruel strokes. and you know us – when we say cruel, it was! no tippy tappy stuff here as usual, just hard punishment from start to end!
Caned On The Bench - Mistress Cloe
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGThe last time my slave was in the dungeon he forgot to take out the trash. Therefore, I decided to punish him with a hundred lashes. This type of punishment is not accidental, because he is not a masochist and suffers so much from being whipped. So this is just punishment for his mistake. From the first lashes he receives he begins to complain and cry, but despite this I continue without any mercy. After a while, given his constant complaining, I allow him to be punished twice. So this time I stop at fifty lashes. Obviously, when we continue, I will make him pay my kind concession with interest!
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181726 – Punished For Blasphemy 2 – Lady Pascal

today we have the continuation from punished for blasphemy 1 starring beautiful experienced german pro dom lady pascal. just to remember the story of this: the stupid slave was talking about lady pascals girlfriend in an absolute unacceptable manner and he already gets his back whipped without mercy in part 1.now in the second part she takes down his pants and goes on with the whipping on his bare ass. she also pulls his nipples and ordering to stand straight and to recieve the punishment without moaning. she whips him really hart with a tight short whip and she really wants to get sure, that the slave never talks in that way. he recieves also hard strokes with the do… whip and now he really struggles under the hard strokes while his ass gets redder and redder. in the end end he gets 20 very hard lashes and we all can be very sure he will never talk bad about any friend of lady pascal in the future!
Punished For Blasphemy 2 - Lady Pascal
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181725 – Punished For Blasphemy 1 – Lady Pascal

today we start with a clip devided in 2 parts cuz it is too long. story: clip starts with an older slave of german pro dom lady pascal. he telephones with his friend stephan talking about the girlfriend of lady pascal and blaspheme about her all the time, how she is dressed, how she talks, about her manners and and and.well, this is not a good idea, when his mistress is already in the room as he is going to find out soon. lady pascal appears and she catched everything he said on the telepone. she pulls him by the ears and orders him to take his shirt off. "i am going to put a better behaviour now into you i promise" she says. "you will suffer for this." his arms raised high in the air by a pulley lady pascal gets a short bullwhip out and starts to whip his back while he is helpless and stretched out. while she whips him she teaches him also a lesson with words. first the slave tries to talk back, but this is also definately not allowed. so on and on the whip goes down and he doesnt talk back any more. he also recieves a hard front whipping so all of his body parts are covered with welts from all over. part 1 of 2.
Punished For Blasphemy 1 - Lady Pascal
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181632 – Caning Without Mercy – Lady Iveta

we are very pleased to present brand new clips with gorgeous lady iveta starting here in our store from today on. she is very popular on other sites (check hundreds of clips in femdom pov clips store!) due to good reasons. its very easy to see that she does domination from her heart. usually lady iveta is very popular for a sensitive domination but in this clip we were surprised how hard she can as she wants to cane this lousy sub black and blue.as lady iveta do not want to see mans stupid balls she allowed her victim to wear pants. luckily for him these pants are made of leather cuz iveta wants to cane him really hard this time and the leather for sure prevents the skin of the ass to get ripped away. in fact you can see in the end how hard she caned as one stroke was missing the trouser leaving a thick red line on the skin. and as you can hear in all the moanings (real feedback!) of the slave he was really into pain this time! for sure the hardest caning clip we ever taped with this lady! Femdom at it’s best!
Caning Without Mercy - Lady Iveta
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181631 – Sadistic Guards – Mistress Cloe & Lady Faye

Its time for a hard double domination feature today starring cruel bitches lady faye and mistress cloe. the sadistic guards are just in the mood today to punish some of their pathetic slaves. so they lead in their victim into the torture room and order him down on all fours, head down.mistress cloe takes of her firm leather belt and starts to beat his ass with the belt. after some serious good strokes from her she asks lady faye to take over who is of course happy to continue. soon his ass geds red and nice welts spring onto it. lady faye really whips him hard with the belt while mistress cloe pressing him down with the heels from her expensive leather boots. but this is just the start of this clip. the whipping goes on and on and on and on and the cruel guards stop just when his ass is really raw!
Sadistic Guards - Mistress Cloe & Lady Faye
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181573 – Caning is Fun – Madita Pain

Mistress Madita is back and ready for some air cutting adventures. With canes and whips she wrought his hips. Protect your ears, because the screams are cruel and filled with fear when Mistress Madita mercilessly shakes the bare flesh.Every impact shows merciless brutality and recklessness. She threshes this poor bottom until unconsciousness like the miller once threshed the grain! And so the bottom glows red like the poppy seeds in the wheat fields.
Caning is Fun - Madita Pain
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181629 – A Merciless Whipping – Lady Chanel

time for a next clip with beautiful german mistress lady chanel. she is dressed in tight shiny brown leggings, a black skirt, leather gloves and high heels. holding a vicious cat o nine tails in her cruel hands she awaits her new slave for a further test.she fixes him with arms raised in the air so his already well decorated body is presented to her whip. then she starts to whip him from all over. no part of his body is spared. she whips his back, his rear, hiss ass and even his breast. more and more welts spring off and the mistress beats him harder and harder. he asks for mercy but of course he dont get mercy here. he just get pain, pain and more pain. lady chanel even starts to sweat from this whipping… superhot whipping clip!
A Merciless Whipping - Lady Chanel
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