206455 – Severe Inner Thigh Punishment – Paulina Rouge

It’s always exciting to watch when our great Lady Paulina Rouge prepares for a barbecue with slaves. Of course, these little gnomes are not invited to dinner. How would she do that? But preparation is always extremely important at such festivities. The salads have to be prepared and the meat has to be headed tenderly. And this is exactly where the slave comes into play. Of course he doesn’t pound the schnitzel. In this case, he serves purely as a training object.So, get the bacon and the runt beaten really soft. Of course, this works best with the right tools. And what belongs in such a dominatrix kitchen? Wooden and leather paddles as well as one or two small leather whips. After all, everything has to be soft and pink afterwards, in the case of the slave probably brighter red. Of course, sausages should not be missing. This specimen has a particularly juicy snag and of course this is also beaten hard. Of course, the question of drinks has also been clarified. Spit! That you still have to think about it?! At the end the loins glow blue-red and the slave only stands upright thanks to the St. Andrew’s cross. But it’s important that we’re all sated in the end, isn’t it?
Severe Inner Thigh Punishment - Paulina Rouge
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207609 – Let It Out – Lady Iveta

Prepare yourself when Lady Iveta is back for her next Sunday stroll. Could you stand her, dressed in her awesome shiny couture and armed with boots, that could break stones apart?She is willing to push the limits hard and it?s just a matter of time, when her servant will ask for absolution. We are sure that this video is breathtaking and exhausting, just like the Lady herself in this new video for her breathless servant. So better lay back and take a deep breath before watching the show.
Let It Out - Lady Iveta
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I?m joined by my beautiful mistress friend, and we are going to pleasure ourselves making our slave suffer. We have hooded and bound him in the trapeze, and he is completely helpless. We have decided to give him a good whipping, and we will make sure he bears the marks of enjoyment. I have chosen a short tail whip, and my friend has a stiff riding crop. We waste no time putting him to the test, and give him a little warm up. His squeals make us both laugh, as we apply our stinging lashes to his skin. We spin him around so he feels the pain on both sides of his body. Then I lower him to the floor in a standing position. We continue to whip him, until he begs for mercy. Not today? We are having too much fun as we continue with our slave?s painful Trapeze Torment?
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206339 – Punishment In The Purple Room – Miss Yuna

They say she has the power to change things. We cannot say whether this is in a positive sense. Of course, we are not talking about things like nature, the environment or world peace here. No seriously.What we are talking about is almost essential to the life of a slave. Our Miss Yuna can turn white into purple. She is a true magician, a witch or a succubus. It is a pleasure to watch her doing her tricks. All she needs for the transformation is her magic wand. Made from fine bamboo. It is important that it is unpeeled. Otherwise, the magic will only work half as well. And that would be the last thing we would want. You don’t just saw a slave up a bit but completely in a magic show. Miss Yuna’s slave can count here and experience the great miracle blow by blow when his ass turns from white to purple. Simply magical.
Punishment In The Purple Room - Miss Yuna
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206950 – Caning With Leather Gloves – Lady Iveta

A straight back can also delight. Oh, we still smile at how funny we are sometimes. But at least that’s how someone laughs during the sessions with Lady Iveta.On the other hand, she also enjoys every blow she hits the bare bottom of her slaves. Only one of them doesn’t laugh. Strange. He had such a striking sense of humor. The only important thing is that you appear in a good mood and well-dressed at work. Our amazing Lady Iveta threw herself in her best dress again and put on leather gloves to celebrate the day. Maybe she was just afraid to get her hands dirty on that dirty piece? Either way, it looks really stimulating when her gloved hands whirl through the air. Black goes with everything. Blue asses, red asses. It just fits perfectly.
Caning With Leather Gloves - Lady Iveta
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206337 – Paddle Play – Domina Liane

Our butcher always says that a good schnitzel has to be beaten for hours. Only then will it be nice and soft and tender. Now of course nobody wants to cut a slice of our slave.We already know that. There isn’t really much to it either. But Lady Liane recognized the spirit. She is unbeaten on the paddle; she constantly reports when she sits with her colleagues and enjoys one or the other tasty glass. We have absolutely no doubt otherwise we wouldn’t offer the lady a platform here either. We know exactly what we get from her. And her slave? Of course, he feels it on his own body. The poor guy almost flies over when the blows hit his bum, his back and between his legs. And what do you do once the paddle has overheated? Right, you just switch to one or two other instruments of ************. After all, God gave us a stick and a crop!
Paddle Play - Domina Liane
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206801 – Whipping Without Deal – Mistress Madita Pain

At first, we thought it would kick off, but then we realized that there is no football at all. Just that unworthy little worm. But Mistress Madita always finds something to kick.What agony and what an incredible assortment of whips and sticks. The poor slave kept waking up from fainting and faced new instruments of ************! Covered in sweat and full of fear of the next impact, he knows that he cannot escape. This becomes impossible when both hands, neck and feet are handcuffed. What shall we say? The last loins that were pounded so soft were afterwards on our plate.
Whipping Without Deal - Mistress Madita Pain
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206561 – Broken Paddle – Mistress Cloe

It?s just a matter of color. Some people are happy when we paint a smile in their face, but we are sure you want your ass painted in red or maybe blue. In this whip swinging masterpiece we are proud to bring you Mistress Cloe back to action. Trust us, she is a luminary on whips, canes, paddles and nerve wheels. And she is willing to use her tools of destruction on servants? pain longing backside. She is dutiful, precise and persistent and will not stop until her work is done.
Broken Paddle - Mistress Cloe
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206333 – Caning The Plugged Ass – Madame Eva Liliel Black

As so often in life, everything starts with a smile and a healthy laugh. Less often we start the day with a stuffed ass. But everyone is different. It feels like our dear slave is carrying half his household effects around with him when Madame Eva-Liliel takes him for a walk with a chain at his nipples. This feeling can certainly be intensified a little on the buttocks. Here will be whipped and beaten until the bars, sorry, legs bend. Our poor little friend here has already had a lot of hardship behind him. It’s not for nothing that the legs, thighs and ass look like the map of the Nile Delta. And so, it ends as it began. With a courageous smile and a loud laugh. Unfortunately, only one laughs here!
Caning The Plugged Ass - Madame Eva Liliel Black
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206449 – The Meathammer And Other Nasties – Selina Morgan

At some point we’ll get to the point where we can sell schnitzel. As you know, we always have enough tenderized meat on offer. Our fantastic ladies alone take care of that. In this case, it’s Lady Selina Morgen who gives the buttocks of this slave the last rites.It is always wonderful to see the simple household remedies you can use to elicit the loudest scream from a slave. For sure you have to tie him up well beforehand. The common slave is sometimes a flight animal. Once separated from the herd and stretched forward over the bench, this reflex wears off very quickly. (Provided, he is fixed firmly enough)Then you can even beat his buttocks from soft pink to crimson with a meat mallet. No escape reflex. Only screams of ecstasy or pain. We don’t want to make a big difference. The main thing is that he screams.
The Meathammer And Other Nasties - Selina Morgan
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204463 – Extreme punishment with the whip

I know no mercy. My slave knows this and he will feel it now with an extremely hard and merciless whipping! Again and again the whip cracks on the slave pig. That’s just what I like and I’ll do it over and over. It becomes more and more ****** that not only the slave comes to his limits but also the whip, which can’t stand the strain anymore and breaks! Do you want to try it? I will break you!
Extreme punishment with the whip
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205790 – Cruel whippings of two mistress to a slave

Italian clipI took my friend to my dungeon to show her who I had tied up there and to use it with her.This slave will suffer the pains of ‘hell thanks to us and the various whips we will use on his backside.We will start slow and lightly, then get to making him scream every time we touch him.It will be fun to see how we annihilate, make his legs fall off and even cry this slave.If you don’t want to see how extreme we can be, don’t watch this video.
Cruel whippings of two mistress to a slave
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205727 – Venus In Furs – Superhard Flogging – Mistress Cloe

today we have another part of our venus in furs series starring beautiful german dom mistress cloe. some already saw the final part where she whips her victim with snake whips and bullwhips without any mercy and hesitation.this part here contains again very severe punishment for the slave that is bound with his naked body exposed to his cruel goddess, arms raised in the air.mistress cloe works his body all over with floggers and cat o nine tails leaving no part of his body untouched.and as beeing a real natural sadist she really loves it to make her slave scream and he will in this clip. although he can take a lot of punishment and although floggers and cats are not as hard as bullwhips he sings the melody of pure pain and agony!classic punishment clip with a gorgeous german goddess!
Venus In Furs - Superhard Flogging - Mistress Cloe
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGMy friend and I tied a slave to the stand, with his ass well exposed towards us. We want to have fun whipping him until he turns red. At first we take turns hitting him one at a time, but then we increase the intensity and hit him at the same time and with more and more power, with his ass getting redder and redder. Only when we are satisfied with our work of art imprinted on his ass do we stop and leave him suffering to reflect on his condition.
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I have a slave in a cage, I don’t even remember the reason why I punished him but he certainly deserved it. However, isolation is not enough, today I will open the cage not to free him but to give him the chance to redeem himself through exemplary corporal punishment. I tie him to the bench and explain to him that this beautiful white and immaculate back will soon be red and sore. Yes because above the cage where he was locked up I keep my collection of whips and today I intend to use them all on him! Flogger, dragon tongue, snake, I have all kinds and I throw use them on him mercilessly until his skin burns and starts to crack. He endures until he trembles in pain, this slave has truly given his best and in the end he will deserve to kiss my boots.
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