191375 – Extreme Sadistic Girls Part 2 – Lady Chanel & Miss Lori

The cruel action continues and it seems that the mean girls can’t get enough. The longer they beat him the harder they get. Especially the beautiful Lady Chanel is in such a sadistic mood she was never seen before.Again and again she breaks the whipping, walks around the slave, spits at him and starts new salvos of hard face slaps. Unbelievable how long her victim can edure that. His whole face is already red.The mean Lady Lory assists her. She grabs his hair and pulls his head back so his face is better presented to the Lady Chanel’s cruel hands. She orders him to kneel down then and he starts kissing her feet. But that does not keep Lori from beating him like crazy with the riding crop…
Extreme Sadistic Girls Part 2 - Lady Chanel & Miss Lori
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191247 – Lady Scarlet – No entreaty

This slave that I just buggered with my big strapon is still tied up and bent over the cage, the poor guy thought I was done with him but now it’s time for the whip. I place him on his knees and get ready while I look at the wall full of whips to choose from. I start with a nice 9 tails and hit his white back repeatedly and mercilessly. When he begs me to stop then I stop for a moment, but it’s only to change the whip and after a while I resume with a sharp snake whip that leaves ever more marked marks on his now red back. He asks for mercy for the second time but it’s not enough, I want to hear him again and so I start off with yet another whip until he begs me trembling and almost in tears.
Lady Scarlet - No entreaty
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGToday I have two slaves to deal with. I am going to punish both of them, because I enjoy it. One of them I have put in the pet house where he has to remain, and can only look on while I get started with the other bitch. I have put her over the bench, and I?m going to give her a good whipping. I?m using my favourite riding crop along with a leather flogger. It?s not too long before I have her squealing, as I whip her sorry ass. As you can see her skin tome changes somewhat as she receives my autograph and begs for more pain?
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190992 – Never Answer Back Part 2 – Lady Pascal

Never ever answer back if a Mistress gives you an order. Just obey and do what she says! This seems to be a simple rule but hard to follow for a man from time to time.So finally it ends up in a hard whipping by the Mistress. The second (and last) part contains hard whipping secenes! Lady Pascal wants to make sure that the slave will learn his lesson and so she makes use of her terrible short bullwhip, called the black lady. It’s so funny for her to see him jumping everytime the black lady bits into his ass…
Never Answer Back Part 2 - Lady Pascal
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190978 – Never Answer Back Part 1 – Lady Pascal

Never ever answer back if a Mistress gives you an order. Just obey and do what she says! This seems to be a simple rule but hard to follow for a man from time to time.So finally it ends up in a hard whipping by the Mistress. Lady Pascal wears such an amazing leather outfit for the punishment, all leather lovers and admirers of classic domme style will love that clip. Her skin tight leather trousers and hot leather top are completet by lace up, high heeled leather boots. All in black of course.After a short warm up with the paddle, Lady Pascal leaves no doubt for what the slave is chained to the rack. She gets her black single tail whip and the correction punishment will start…
Never Answer Back Part 1 - Lady Pascal
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190821 – Venus In Furs – Bullwhip And Singletails – Mistress Cloe

today we have the final (and best) part of our venus-series with gorgeous german lady mistress cloe. after all the hard and serious punishment in the last part she still is not through with the slave. she has new toys and she wants to test them of course on the slaves body. so she starts with a brown snakewhip. very swishy, made of leather and already very painful of course. to have a better swing venus cloe takes off the fur this time and still looks superphantastic with a red blouse and a golden corset.our slave moans out loud under the strokes with this whip but its just the first whip to be tested of three.next is another single tail whip made of tight leather. she applies stroke after stroke again with this whip and this whip is even more painful than the first. mistress cloe uses a very special personal technique here with thee whips.at least she uses a classic bullwhip again with this special technique but then she uses also a classic backhand technique.but to be honest – with these hard whips any technique is a really hard and extremely painful treatment for a slave body and our slave moans out loud from the hard strokes of his goddess!
Venus In Furs - Bullwhip And Singletails - Mistress Cloe
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190723 – Sadistic Whipping – Mademoiselle De S.

we are in the interrogation room today with classic mistress mademoiselle de s. her slave is already bound tight as she appears and she -dressed in beautiful leather- is already armed with a single tail whip.this whip is a heavy single tail that is very effective when raised down on a naked ass. the pain is very hard as we can soon hear from the moanings of the pathetic slave. but the cruel goddess doesnt care if he moans or beg for mercy or to stop. she whips him as long as she likes to. but to give him a rest he is maybe sometimes allowed to kiss the whip of his cruel lady.when the mistress is ready with him his ass is covered with welts all over!
Sadistic Whipping - Mademoiselle De S.
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190681 – Proud Of Your Ass? – Lady Iveta

Can you handle this? Are you prepared for the strict and merciless hand of Lady Iveta? Bow down, when she will punish you with her extraordinary assortment of her tools of choice. She is a master on her flogger and she knows how to treat her overbend and begging servant. With every single hit his skin becomes more sensitive for the upcoming excitement and treatment. Her steely spiky roll brings his nerves to burst and cry for mercy. The deserved finish of strong lashing and flogging will divide the good from the bad servants.
Proud Of Your Ass? - Lady Iveta
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190644 – 2 Slaves Whipped – Domina Charlize

domina charlize has some new whips. time to check them on their slaves. quite simple story, lots of pain for the slaves ahead.already armed with a vicious stock whip she first wants to look for the right distance starting to whip the back of the slave where bright red welts already spring off.time to beat the other slave who gets this painful whip on his ass.she looks for another whip now, a short big single tail and continue with the whipping on the ass. then the slave has to turn around and gets vicious strokes on his nipples. not so hard it is slave or?no mistress, its really hard and painfuland to proove it she really swings the whip through smiling at her victim by thrashing his nipples hard.next both slaves has to present their asses. tight together and now both slaves are whipped hard at the same time.to make it more painful she takes out another single tail, but this one is more heavy and more painful.at least a brown snake whip is applied without any mercy, but the mistress isnt satisfied. she wants to inflict more pain so she uses her cruel nails and fingers to twist the nipples of their slaves until they cry.
2 Slaves Whipped - Domina Charlize
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190561 – Lady Scarlet – Latex whiplashes

I selected the heaviest whips for my slave today, and placed him on his knees, bound with chains in the center of the room. It is an object for my sadistic desires… And while I hit him, the sound of my heels and the scent of my latex dress envelop him in this abandonment to his Mistress. Being on his back, bound in that position of constraint and submission, he never knows when the next hit will come and what whip I will use to strike him. I feel his fear, even when I place my gloved hand on his face and he kisses it in thanks.
Lady Scarlet - Latex whiplashes
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy slave must be punished for a series of mistakes he has made, and although he has brought me a Christmas present, a beautiful pair of boots, I will not give him any discount on the punishment. I whip him mercilessly, inflicting so much pain on him and marking his back with my lashes. He must thank me for this gift I gave him, my punishment will make him a better person!
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189888 – Mistress Scarlet – Taste My Whip (1080p MP4)

We would like to introduce you to Little Princess Bella today. She is the slave girl of Mistress Scarlet you all already know. But The Mistress wants to have some fun with two slaves. So there is also a male slave at her mercy.Dressed in black from head to toe wearing her expensive Casadei Boots, leather trousers, very nice satin shirt and her leather gloves Mistress Scarlet looks absolutely gorgeous. She’s got her whip in her hands ready to be used and you can see which one of the slaves is going to be weaker. Both of them are going to taste the whip of The Mistress.It takes only 3 whips and the bare skin of the male slave turns red. Can you believe that ? And the whips are not even hard. This is just at the beginning. Obviously he is the weaker one as you can see and after only a few whips on his back he is already on his knees. The slave girl is really taking it very well. She doesn’t even move or make a sound. The male slave is on the floor squirming like a worm, moaning in pain, but the whipping is not stopping. Mistress Scarlet is just so sadistic.Towards the end of the clip the male slave is absolutely broken. The Little Princess Bella on the other hand is very obedient and obviously the stronger slave when it comes to whipping.
Mistress Scarlet - Taste My Whip (1080p MP4)
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190462 – The Caning Therapy – Countess Stella & Mistress Nemesis

slaves, you know its sunday this clip starts with these words from cruel goddess countess stella. sunday, our caning therapy is indicated mistress nemesis goes on as they place one of the slaves on the caning bench.we do this just to help you with your problems you have. this is why we have to cane you to make it easier for you to get better slaves. so count the strokes out loud, did you understand slave? no reaction. you have to say yes doctor slave well, it seems, these slaves really needs some strokes to show out better behaviour. we do this also for science reason slaves and its good that you are there here so the science caning continues with vicious strokes on the bare ass of the slaves from both ladies. in the end both slaves have a nice muster on their asses from the cane strokes and the therapy is finished for today – til next time! superhot caning clip with a great story!
The Caning Therapy - Countess Stella & Mistress Nemesis
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGToday I?m joined by my mistress friend, and we are going to take great pleasure making our slave suffer. He?s on top of the table cage and is tightly bound, there?s no escape for our bitch. We have chosen a selection of whips, and want to make sure he feels the different stinging sensations from our painful lashes. We are having great fun, and his squeals for mercy are ignored as we continue to make him suffer. It?s not long before the purple welts begin to appear on his back and legs from the lashes of our Seductive Pain?
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190422 – Inverted And Punished – Aurora Nia Noxx

Aurora Nia Noxxnext clip with newest mistress aurora nia knoxx is here and again its a masterpiece. as usual we filmed it in a wonderful location, a studio in germany.lady aurora looks absolutely superstunning wearing a green army style tight latex robe and high heels. the slave is already prepared and first she ties him up in an inverted position so his head is near to the ground – a wonderful position for him to show his devotion by kissing the hot feet of the lady.our slave is already covered with marks all over from other punishments but lady aurora thinks there is even more space left for more pain and punishment. so she takes out a doubled tawse to whip is ass with. and she really enjoys herself by lashing it down harder and harder. usually the tawse is not too hard to take and our slave can take a lot but as seen in other features with this new lady – she knows how to bring any slave to howl!
Inverted And Punished - Aurora Nia Noxx
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190324 – Pure Suffering – Aurora Nia Noxx

time for another wonderful classic femdom action clip with new lady aurora nia noxx! this one was the last we filmed on our date and although the victim was already in serious trouble and recieved a lot of painful treatments that day lady aurora still was not satisfied. lets talk a lil bit about lady aurora: she is not only a beautiful woman with incredible beautiful crystal clear blue eyes and a wonderful body, we can assure you that she really enjoys to inflict pain. she is for sure natural dominant!for this clip the slave has to bend over a punishment block as lady aurora starts to use her hairbrush first. usually this is not too harsh but when in the right hands of a cuel lady and when a body is already covered with welts all over even this ?warm up? is very painful. lady aurora announcing a simple game now. she has a sandhour that runs for 8 minutes and the slave have to endure 8 mins of pure pain. well..warm up is done, so lady aurora goes over to a small carpetbeater, nice to handle and nice to inflict serious pain. the punishment goes on with a small, but painful singletail. stroke after stroke rains down on the slaves body. still not satisfied a flogger goes into action. this one is made of thick leather so its not an easy task to take the pain for the slave. have a look at the sadistic grin aurora shows us for a moment as she smiles into the cam. at least a paddle goes into action. lady aurora loves this one cuz she really can swing through and have good control over it. a good dose of 10 slaps are applied and BINGO – the 8 mins are over and the slave is totally broken!
Pure Suffering - Aurora Nia Noxx
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190298 – A Serious Full Body Whipping – Lady Iveta

here is another phantastic clip with lady iveta! dressed in a wonderful outfit with a golden corset, a leather skirt, leather gloves and superexpensive designer heels her victim is already tied up and ready for a good dose of whipping.so iveta uses a broad collection of punishment instruments, including a riding crop, a flogger and some cat o nine tails with sharp leather ends. she even uses two cats at one time.she whipped the full body of the slave including his ass, his rear, his legs but also she applied some strokes that reached his nipples or even his arms. wonderful new whipping clip!
A Serious Full Body Whipping - Lady Iveta
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