194640 – Introducing to You Domina Jemma – Ignored CBT Bootrest with Cumshot (720p MP4)

Let me introduce you to Domina Jemma today. Dressed in leather from head to toe she’s sitting comfortably on the chair while having a slave at her mercy.The Goddess doesn’t pay attention to him, just using his cock and balls as a boot rest for almost the entire clip. The slave is so weak and pathetic as he just did a cumshot after approximately two minutes of Goddess Jemma resting her boots on his penis. He didn’t even ask for permission, but he thought after that The Goddess would stop, but nope. She continues doing some stuff on her phone while resting and crushing his small penis and empty balls.The slave is very quiet the entire clip, but you can see that he’s definitely struggling and in pain. Goddess Jemma also doesn’t talk the entire clip. She just says a few things to the slave only, but ignores him almost the whole time.You can enjoy full body angles and nice close ups.
Introducing to You Domina Jemma - Ignored CBT Bootrest with Cumshot (720p MP4)
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194382 – Lady Phoenix – Merciless Ignore Leather Smothering (720p MP4)

Lady Phoenix always has slaves in hands and today it won’t be any different.She comes back to her room to have a short break while reading a magazine. There is a slave already on the bed with his hands taped behind his back, so he is pretty much helpless. The Goddess doesn’t want to sit on the bed, but on the slave’s face instead as she feels more comfortable this way. Not saying a word the entire clip and completely ignoring the slave the whole time Lady Phoenix makes herself comfortable by trying different positions while the slave really struggles to breathe beneath her leather ass. But as you can see during the clip The Goddess doesn’t really care. She is absolutely sadistic and focused on her magazine. The slave is just human furniture for her, something to sit on. Also at some point you can see that the face sitting is absolutely full weight and the slave told us after we finish the clip that he was really struggling to breathe and he didn’t feel his head and nose lolYou can hear the slave moaning a little bit at some point and begging Lady Phoenix, but she didn’t even hear what he said and she just sat on his face again. How sadistic is that ?By the way earlier on that day Lady Phoenix purposely uses a tape for the slave’s hands, so he won’t be able to touch her leather ass while being smothered gasping for air. That’s how she left him at the end of the clip as well. Just lying on the bed with his hands not being able to move.There is a moment of slow motion by the way.
Lady Phoenix - Merciless Ignore Leather Smothering (720p MP4)
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192558 – Ignored For Football

Usually you see my super girly side… but I’m giving you a little insight into my tomboy side today. You can sit and watch in awe as I completely ignore you to enjoy the football. I get so fucking excited when Liverpool score, it’s like you don’t even exist. I even get a call on webcam while you’re there and don’t even think twice about answering. Flirting and chatting with another man right before your eyes.
Ignored For Football
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190408 – Miss Anna Elite – The Peeping Tom (1080p MP4)

The blond bombshell Miss Anna Elite is here today, but this time there is no slave in her presence.This is a Femdom POV clip. So Miss Anna Elite is reading a magazine the whole time and you can enjoy watching her while she’s doing this.She looks at you a few times, but most of the clip The Goddess is just enjoying her magazine.That’s pretty much what’s going on in the clip. You can see some nice close ups and full body angles.
Miss Anna Elite - The Peeping Tom (1080p MP4)
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