169178 – INGORE – Pay for Disregard!

It turns you on to be ignored by me. And when my bare feet are also right in front of you, you know that you are only one thing, namely a small staring victim whose mouth threatens to drool! And even if I ignore you, I use you! Of course you have to pay if you want to enjoy my ignorance! For losers, not even my disinterest is for free. So buy the clip and stare – meanwhile I have better things to do, browse my phone and take hot selfies. Why should I concern myself with you, you don’t have a quality that appeals to me. Only your money is relevant to me! So it’s best to leave a tribute right away, paypig – you can never send enough!
INGORE - Pay for Disregard!
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169091 – Total torture for every pussy Licker

Then the slave thought seriously in all that he could just lick my divine pussy. And we all know that slave losers are only allowed to touch the godess of their pussy when it is full of Alfa sperm from their lover. So I made a little example to show him and other slaves who think they would just be allowed to lick my pussy that they don’t have it …
Total torture for every pussy Licker
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168093 – Barefoot Igno

It has been a long time, sorely missed by you, but you have to earn yourself to be ignored by me! A new Ignoclip with my perfect feet. Nothing that could distract you from your loneliness and your sad existence. I pay no heed to you, not a single word, why should you? In my eyes you deserve to be treated like that. That I even give you the attention on the basis of this clip is sufficient for you!
Barefoot Igno
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I am so glad I split up with you and your stupid foot fetish! I get a call from my friend and I humiliate you with my feet in your face as I complete ignore you as if you don’t exist. It is all you deserve for being such a pathetic loser and I never wanted you anyway.A life of fucking your hand is all that is left for you. Hating how much you still want me, even whilst I am busy working from home and taking a call. You deserve to use your tears as lube as you goon to my perfect feet and humiliation.
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161410 – Dolores’s Quiet Reading – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Dolores is just relaxing in the room after walking all day in her boots, and she was reading her book while you waited to serve, right on your knees! She is not really in the mood to pay attention to you, so you will work a little harder to please your Mistress this time. She is actually giving you permission to take her boots off, but only on the condition that you take care of her feet, and rub your nose in her sweaty white socks! They smell like hell, but she wants you to smell them, and just enjoy the strong smell of her socks, as she relaxes on the bed, and reads her book! She makes you take deep breaths in her socks, and makes you lick the sweaty bottom of her socks too! Dolores also wants you to take her socks off, so she can make you sniff her sweaty bare soles! She loves to see you down on your knees, with your nose in her feet! She makes you breathe deeply into her feet, and she wants you to sniff her toes too! Dolores also wants you to cool off the bottoms of her sweaty soles with your tongue, as she relaxes and reads her book! Make sure your do your job right, and make sure you do not disturb this cute little princess while she reads her book!
Dolores's Quiet Reading - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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165303 – Straddling, Tease and Denial Femdom With Mistress Sofi In Nylon and High Heels

Horny Sofi in sexy black nylons and high-heeled shoes interrupted the submissive guy’s exercise to tease him. Sofi embarrassed the slave when she sat on his stomach, or rather on his dick. The guy really thought that he was waiting for sex, but he was wrong. Because the Mistress lit herself a cigarette and began to saddle the slave’s cock through the shorts. Thus, the lustful Princess began to excite the slave while ignoring his excitement. All that the slave received in the end was just teasing but with the denial of sex, as if the Mistress did not care about his excited cock and moans.
Straddling, Tease and Denial Femdom With Mistress Sofi In Nylon and High Heels
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165109 – Smoking Brats ignore YOU #2 feat MoneyPrincess Isabella

Your favorite ignor-clip goes into the 2nd round! Get on your knees, mouth wide open, ready to swallow any ashes! Your thoughts only revolve around the feeling of being used and giving everything to be in our real life presence. HAHA watching two goddesses while smoking on a clip shooting break , fucks your mind so hard. What a really pathetic life at the end of the food chain! Just keep languish at us … haha ​​there is nothing more for addict cunts like you! Gawk and no attention!You will of course buy this clip twice – as it should be for a good human ashtray, in MoneyPrincess Isabella’s store!
Smoking Brats ignore YOU #2 feat MoneyPrincess Isabella
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162436 – Girls’ Night Out – Hotline Stories

Embarrassing, embarrassing, what some people do. How far would you go to please a goddess? Are you particularly pathetic, embarrassing or perverted? One of the best lady meet ups and we filmed it. Authentic, funny, plus entertaining real talk about the hotline slaves and losers who have been on our minds the most lately, for whatever reason. Imagine you are sitting at the table next to us, Money Princess Isabella, Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie, you have to listen very carefully to understand everything. Maybe we’re talking about you right now!
Girls' Night Out - Hotline Stories
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162454 – Ignored when smoking in nylons

After I had a hot session with my property, and he had pressed my nylons on his lips, which were made up red for me, I left him alone in the next room and went to have a smoke.And because I’m too kind, I made a video of it. However, don’t get excited too soon. Because it takes a lot more for me to deal with failure with you. So I just ignored you while smoking.I will tease you anyway by holding the red soiled nylons in the camera. This sight and the sight of me pulling on my cigarette with relish makes you and your slave dick weak again.
Ignored when smoking in nylons
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160544 – Kira and Sofi Uses Human Furniture Slave in Kitchen

Two young Mistresses Sofi and Kira got hungry so they came to the kitchen to eat. Of course, having a slave at their disposal, both Mistresses decided that they would now use him instead of a chair. The slave was ordered to stand in a knee-elbow position so that the slave’s back served as a chair for the girls for two. Dominant Princesses eat and watch their favorite show, completely oblivious to the slave – because now he is just a chair-slave (human furniture femdom) for them. This clip is a continuation of the story from the video: "Kira and Sofi Take Turns Facesitting in White and Black Jeans (Double FullWeight Jeanssitting)".
Kira and Sofi Uses Human Furniture Slave in Kitchen
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158665 – Outdoor Igno

01:29 Ice cold Igno – kneel in the dirt and worship my boots. Outdoor and in the middle of the city park!I don’t care if any strollers could see you! You concentrate completely on my boots.Memorize every single spot and every single stone in my sole: I will check whether you have paid close attention!There is also a species-appropriate farewell at the end …
Outdoor Igno
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This clip is wonderful for such lowly foot sucking creatures like you. While you drooling and drooling kneel before me and stare at my wonderfully divine feet, I do not dignify you a single glance. I do not care whether your heart beats straight to the neck at this sight. I’d rather devote myself to my incredible beauty than to deal with such a foot worm like you. So foot addict, worship and shut up, I do not want to be disturbed in my beauty program!
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Miss Deviant is about to put you in the club – The Pussy Free Club!The Pussy Free Club is for boys who have tiny, worthless, useless dicks. Boys like these are undeserving of pussy, and so must live without it for the rest of their miserable lives.In this clip, Miss Deviant teases and humiliates you about your short-comings and spells out exactly what will happen to you once you’re in The Pussy Free Club. No licking pussy. No touching pussy. No fucking pussy. Devoid of pussy for the rest of your days!
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