155097 – Armpit Licking Post Sweaty Smother

It’s been a dream of yours to be under my sweaty and now you finally get to stick your nose up my dirty ass crack. If I angle myself a little you might even be able to sniff my pussy too. I haven’t taken a shower in days and I know that’s what you like. All this working out has made my shirt really wet and now my armpits are dripping with sweat. See anything you like slave? No looking at my tits but you can lick my armpit….if you’re a good boy maybe I’ll let you lick both of them next time.
Armpit Licking Post Sweaty Smother
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154950 – Sweaty Armpit Love Addiction

Your mouth is available for whatever I want and I have two sweaty armpits here for you to clean up. Hurry up slave and start licking them, long strokes. You love the salty taste of my armpits don’t you? This is a dream for you….to be kneeling down before me, cleaning my smelly armpits after a long workout. You would even love to be my full toilet slave, licking these armpits is just a warm up for you. Now don’t even think about looking at my tits, only my boyfriend gets to see those. You can make love to my armpits while viewing my sweaty chest. Be thankful I’m wearing a little top that shows off my hard nipples…they are hard to hide when I get so sweaty. These strong armpits need a good sweat licking and if I could lick them I wouldn’t need you. Now kiss my armpit like its your girlfriend, make love to them. Does your girlfriend ever wonder why your breath stinks? Doesn’t she ask why you never want to brush your teeth?
Sweaty Armpit Love Addiction
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Remember those long, hot days of summer? Those humid days? Those days when the heat was so stifling that you’d break out in a sweat just standing still. Well, this clip takes you back to those days. The days when my armpits were so sweaty, so smelly, so wet, you’d be hard the moment you got within of a whiff of them! Come surrender to my sweaty armpits. You know you can’t resist them!
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147913 – Rina – Armpit Worship

Rina decides to test Alex’s breath and smothers him with her sweaty armpit. She also makes him smell this divine mix of her sweat and deodorant. After that Rina tells the slave to lick her stinky armpit. Do you know how it tastes? Try to imagine extra salt plus a little bit sour taste that mixes with pungent and viscous deodorant… And Alex should licks and swallows it all.
Rina - Armpit Worship
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147909 – Your Pathetic Place in the Hierarchy (Loserporn May)

New month, new loserporn! This time you can admire me, your goddess, in a tight leather body. Of course from the position you know: from the very bottom! Your gaze is always directed upwards – to me. Here my beautiful ass is clearly in the foreground, these curves fuck your slave brain and make you forget everything around you.And this time I’ll show you exactly where your place is! At my feet, of course! Once close to your mistress, kissing her boots … These thoughts are going through your head. But have you already deserved it? Pay the loser tax by watching this awesome clip!
Your Pathetic Place in the Hierarchy (Loserporn May)
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143761 – Armpits & Jerk off Instruction

Video Request! I’m gonna tease you and present you my Tits and Armpits, my little Armpitslover! Don’t wank your dick before I allow it! Stop and Go – Stop and Go, that’s what you need my little sissy. When I made you extremely horny, you have to stop to wank your little dick! Don’t cum today, no happy end today! Fall into sleep with a very horny dick! You’re my property, i control your life! Follow my order, my little Armpitwanker!
Armpits & Jerk off Instruction
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142414 – Shaving My Armpits For My Husband Part 2

Apparently, the last time I didn’t shave my armpits really well and my husband was very unhappy. He held my arm up and started looking at my armpit. He was inspecting it to make sure every hair was gone. If he knew that this hair was this long right now — can you imagine? So, he made me buy some shaving cream and he said I have to do it twice on both sides. I’ll be so smooth! And when I’m done, I’m going to cake on the deodorant.
Shaving My Armpits For My Husband Part 2
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140319 – My Husband Likes Smooth Armpits

I’m taking a hot bath. I really like hot baths. I’m getting ready to shave my underarms. The first thing I have to do is wash off the deodorant. I like to cake it on, you know. Once I’ve washed it off my razor will glide over the skin, cutting off the hairs. Chop. Chop. Chop. It’s something I have to do because my husband likes my armpits smooth. He insists I shave them every single day, although sometimes I skip a day or two and he never knows. It will be our little secret.
My Husband Likes Smooth Armpits
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137782 – Smell and lick my armpit

So rare and so sought after, the armpit of a woman. The scent that hits you when a woman walks past you.No, not about the perfume, from HER scent!The one who makes you weak and willing.Then comes the moment when I lift my arm and meet your gaze on my armpit, barely able to bear, hard to believe that the goddess fulfills your wish.It gets even hotter, you allowed to smell it you allowed to lick it, you allowed to cum and bring stamina, nothing for quick splashes, hahaha!
Smell and lick my armpit
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