167396 – Goddess Kiffa in Hot axillism and body worship with orgasm EP 2

Goddess Kiffa Calls one of her slaves to do a body worship on her. She is tired of so many sessions and shootings, spanking and dominating her slaves!This slave worshiped her body with his tongue, worshipping her sweat, worshipping her armpits. Goddess Kiffa likes axillism and having her armpit licked and worshipped. She even orgasm sometimes with it.Goddess Kiffa had orgams on this video, only by having her armpit and body worshipped. It is real orgasms, not staged.After one big orgams, Goddess Kiffa puts her fingers on her wet and cummed pussy, and makes the slave worship her hand full of pussy juices! Very hot and sexy scene!
Goddess Kiffa in Hot axillism and body worship with orgasm EP 2
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Jerk off to my sexy, soft, hot armpits as I stroke and tease you with them. Starting gently with a slow set of demands from you and your cock, then building up nicely to an explosive, fulfilling orgasm as I drag the seed from your balls expertly. Can you remember a time when someone got you this hard for their hot, fuckable pits? I bet you rarely find a goddess who can make you weak at the knees and willing to ejaculate at her sensual skin in all of its vulnerability. i don’t just want you to look at them, I want you to fuck my tight little creases as I squeeze my arms down and I want to feel your tip pounding against my heated heaven- can you do that for me little one?
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167262 – Armpits Worship and Smell Fetish Femdom With Mistress Sofi

The obedient white-haired guy prepared his mouth and tongue to lick the sweat from Mistress Sofie’s armpits and feet. Rough and merciless Domme Sofi, sitting in a chair, ordered a slave to sniff her sweaty armpits. When the slave had sufficiently enjoyed the smell of her dirty armpits, the red-haired dominant girl ordered him to lick them to a shine. Then the Mistress ordered the slave to kneel in front of her and begin to smell her feet, which are wearing sweaty black socks. The slave obediently worships the divine feet of the Goddess Sofi, sniffing and kissing them. Sofi took off her dirty sock and stuffed it into the slave’s mouth instead of a gag. But the Mistress’s armpits were not yet sufficiently serviced, so the slave had to go back to licking the sweat from Princess Sofie’s armpits. Lastly, the Mistress in black leggings ordered the slave to lie on the floor, and she sat down over his face and began rubbing her ass on his nose. And lastly, to complement the palette of smells for the slave, Sofi farted in his nose.
Armpits Worship and Smell Fetish Femdom With Mistress Sofi
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