CUSTOM REQUEST – I would love to see you and two of your female friends tie a guy up and tickle torture him with long, manicured nails. Stiletto or coffin style nails are my favorite, but as long as they are long I am okay with any style. I really enjoy clips where there are two or more women doing the tickling. As for the guy I would like him to be EXTREMELY ticklish. My favorite position is tied to a stretching table or rack. I am a fan of those clips where the guy is not able to move too much and cannot escape the long fingernails of the female ticklers…
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110942 – Sweaty Tickling Time

This clip is from the back of an old hard drive, shot one and a half years ago. It was an incredibly hot summer day, we were out looking for a place to shoot an outdoors tickle scene, something new, as all our previous foot tickling clips where done indoors. When we found the perfect spot, tied Rosie up and took off her chucks for the scene, we found her socks soaked with her sweat and unbearably stinky. So, to make her torture even more kinky, we put her shoes right under her face! She had no chance but to take huge lungfuls of her footstink, of course, just when her whole body was not twitching from the tickling. She had no time to complain, Clarissa made sure she’ll laugh the whole session through!
Sweaty Tickling Time
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110776 – Cursed with Too Ticklish Soles

Okay, I admit, we just love to torture this lovely emo girl 🙂 Her soles are so incredibly sensitive, that she must be tickled all the time! She arrived to our studio with her friend Elsa to take some pics, but soon she found herself bound and tickle tortured! Clarissa gave her soles a merciless treat with her fingers and various tools while Elsa helped to hold her down. Anna, as always made awesome screams of laughter and quivered all over.
Cursed with Too Ticklish Soles
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111009 – Unlucky Shoe Sniffer Boy – Tickiling! 720p WMV

When the parents are not at home their little son always pampers himself. His new habit to sniff his step sis’ shoes. This time he has not got luck because his step sis catches him when he sniffs her high heel shoes….She laugh at him and threatens him to tells it to mom and dad if he does not do that she wants. She keeps lecture him about this is a fetish and she will make from him a very obedient foot slave. She immediately starts the teaching with a very beautiful big banana. She feeds with it his little bro from the floor and her sole and heel. He proves to be very adroit and quickly excites his sis who loves it when a devoted slave worships her foot…The next game is tickling. The cruel step sis ties his body to the massage bed and starts tickling his foot testicle and armpit. This time she laughs at him and enjoys the situation very much. So much so that she will be very thrilled and she really wants him. Come back tomorrow and check out what does the cruel step sis with her poor little bro.
Unlucky Shoe Sniffer Boy - Tickiling! 720p WMV
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