95220 – CLIP – perverse Miniwurst-Sammlung

Dieser Clip ist total krank aber geil! Meine Miniwürstchen-Sammlung… unter anderem ist da wohl auch dein kleiner, mikriger Sklavenschwanz dabei, lach! Ich habe daraus eine Kette gebastelt! Jetzt zerstöre ich diese Sammlung kleiner, hässlicher Schwänzchen. Lass uns ein bisschen damit spielen und sieh zu was ich mit deinem kleinen Würstchen mache! Wirklich pervers und geil bis zum Abwinken!
perverse Miniwurst-Sammlung
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94908 – CLIP – Minischwanz – Action

Du bist schon echt eine arme Wurst, lach! Hast einen minimal, kleinen Penis! Also ich, und ich denke auch der Rest der Damenwelt sieht das so! Wenn du schon zu doof bist es einer Frau ordentlich zu besorgen, muss ich wenigstens ein bisschen Action mit deinem Minischwänchen machen! Zudem steh ich auch noch drauf dich fertig zu machen, dich zu erniedrigen, zu demütigen, du Opfer deiner Lust. Und deine Lust mach ich zu meiner!!
Minischwanz - Action
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Custom clip request : My idea is a height humiliation clip because you’re a tall girl who loves high heels. You are about 175 cm without high heels, aren’t you?Make a longer fashion show for us. Try out your whole collection of high heels. Show us every high heels by starting with the lower pairs to the highest ones. Try out platform high heels, as well. Walk around for about a minute in each high heels. Walk on hard floor to let us hear the heels knocking on the floor. Do the catwalk as models with much confidence. Compare your actual height to the door on every high heels. On the highest pairs you’ll be almost as tall as the door. Humiliate all men who are shorter than you on high heels.

72716 – CLIP – Does That Little Cock Get to Cum

Let’s play a game. Get naked for me while I light a cigarette, stroke that little dicklet and trrryyy to impress me with it. That’s what I thought, no matter how much you stroke it it’s still so tiny. Here’s the game, if you can make that cock larger than my smallest toy I’ll let you cum, but of course I’ll start off comparing you to some large toys just to humiliate you. Will you get to cum, or will that little dicklet stay hard all night. Let’s find out….
Does That Little Cock Get to Cum
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71190 – CLIP – My dildo is better than your cock

All women like a big fat 9 incher?the kind that makes us sigh with delight when our eyes glance upon it. Your tiny 2 incher would never please. My finger has more satisfying dimensions, not to mention my dildo! Its thick, long and last all night. You might as well get busy wanking that repulsive, tiny, loser prick, seeing as thats the only sex youll be having for the rest of your life.
My dildo is better than your cock
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56342 – CLIP – Small wager

Custom: Scenario: Looking for a hybrid SPH, premature ejaculation, leg and foot fetish video. You are sitting down (legs crossed) and you know I want to sleep with you. The problem is, you know I have a small cock and am a minute man. You suggest we make a bet. If I can last 3 min of your jerk off instructions than I can sleep with you. If I can?t last, then I have to pay a bill for you (rent, car payment etc.). The bet is that I have to jerk it while you cross your legs and I have to keep pace with your leg and foot. When the bet starts you are crossing your legs and moving your foot around (slowly at first) and very cocky-like. Constant use of the small penis signs (inch sign, beat off the pinky sign etc.) and references to how I can?t last long enough, going to bust my load, how you need a bigger cock. etc. As time progresses you pick up the pace with crossing , letting me know I can?t handle it and finally tell me that you?re going to count down and when I cum to put my small cock inbetween the sole of your shoe and your foot. As you hit the final number on the countdown you mock me for cumming so quickly and that I have to pay the bill. You also let me know that if I ever want to try another round, you?re more than happy to bust my little cock up again. A nice cocky attitude is appreciated. Attire: Would prefer Open toe wedges or open toed flat sandals (leather or gladiator) Perspective: See attached Jpeg. Would prefer to see seated full body & face with legs crossed (at knee).
Small wager
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54454 – CLIP – Too small to please

With all that sex talk tonight you have gotten me so worked up! You open the door and there I am in sexy see-thru lingerie, im ready and waiting to take it to the next level. Since Im barely clothed it is now your turn to undress and show me what you got. To my surprise when you drop your boxers a tiny little dick sprouts upward. What the hell is this??? A girl like me deserves a massive huge cock, not a baby dick that could barely be felt. I go on and mock you, demonstrate how your whole dick could be swallowed and leave you with a broken, clogged up dick!
Too small to please
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51159 – CLIP – Big Cock vs Tiny Dick

Mistress Lucy addresses all you pin dicked, cuckold wannabe, losers who all wish you were a REAL man. Lucy seems to be a magnet to tiny dicks and there are hundreds of you who worship her but know you will NEVER, EVER get to satisfy her as she would never ever lower her self to your level, as a scurrying little rat licking the S.H.I.T off her shoes, feet, floor, and licking the toilet clean with your tongue.

She shows you exactly what she does with little dicklets.. and how she treats a REAL COCK!!! Never again will you be able to interact with another woman, not when Mistress Lucy has finished TOTALLY EMASCULATING you and your inferior cock! You\’re life is over sexually as all you can do is pull away at that tiny pin dick , imagining what it would be like to be touched by a GODDESS like Lucy Zara…

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38454 – CLIP – Bigger dick pills!

I am the psychiatrist you\’ve come to with your little \problem\, and once I find out, I tell you about some special pills I\’ve developed to cure your little \issue\. you jump at the chance to buy them at a ripoff rate and take them as instructed. Then you come back to My office once they\’re gone so I can measure your…..progress. Of course, there was no progress because I sold you useless \pills\, and I proceed to laugh at how desperate and stupid you are, and even blackmail you into returning weekly to pay double My normal rates. Humiliation, small penis humiliation, financial domination, blackmail fantasy, findomme, SPH, laughing and insults This is .MP4 and plays in or . I recommend VLC Player because it plays everything! 960×540 quality

38418 – CLIP – your pecker is too small!

Verbal assault on your tiny pathetic excuse for a penis. you think you\’re fooling people, pretending to be a real man, but you\’re not fooling ANYONE, especially not Me. That thing will never please a Woman and I\’m telling you all about it. Then I see how it makes your stupid d1ck hard so I make you wank it in front of Me while I laugh at you. Ewww! Get the video NOW, loser! Small penis humiliation, SPH, verbal abuse, insults, tiny pecker insults This is .MP4 and plays in or . I recommend VLC Player because it plays everything! 960×540 quality

37603 – CLIP – Useless 3 incher

What the fuck do you want? Yes I got your gift, that 3 inch dildo is as useless as your dick so I throw it in the garbage. I bet you are SMALLER THAN A 3 INCHER AREN\’T YOU? You are lucky you pay the bills or I would so throw you out too! Let me show you what I need to get off, a nice 8 inch dildo. OMG YOU LOOK SO TINY next to it! ROFL. Anyhow my new boyfriend will be here any minutes and I don\’t want him to see you, so go back to the basement. Here is a little something you can take with you… pick it up loser! And you can always jerk off, listening at me yelling from pleasure, noises I never ever make with you. You didn\’t really though I was dress up that way for you did you? LOL

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