95313 – CLIP – My horny nylon slave – Part 2

My horny submissive secretary loses all self-control in the scent of my beguiling nylon feet. She asks for permission to sniff at my feet and smell, since it makes the strong smell so unspeakably cool. I allow you to massage my feet, to smell and to deliver them to the delicious aroma.*** MY ORIGINAL TIGHTS FOR THIS CLIP CAN YOU IN MY SHOP EARN ***
My horny nylon slave - Part 2
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95185 – CLIP – My horny nylonbitch

As a successful businesswoman, I have today a busy day behind me. All day today I had sweaty business appointments and was then also shopping at Louis Vuitton in the Vienna City! It was a very hot day and I had to go for days no time my luxury tights. Accordingly, sweaty and fragrant smell my horny nylon pantyhose. My submissive secretary was no longer tenable, when she perceived the fragrant scent of my nylon feet ….
My horny nylonbitch
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94589 – CLIP – Carolina & Mandy’s Feet in Your Face – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Carolina and Mandy already knows about your foot fetish and it seems like they just want to take advantage about it in this clip! That was a very long day with their feet inside their boots and sneakers before trying our sweaty socks challenge so it is now your turn to deal with their sweaty feet in your face! For feet is even better than two! Carolina is the first one to take her sneakers off and rub her sweaty socks all over your face. They are very dirty and smelly. Mandy also does the same, by taking her boots off and totally rubs her dirty grey socks all over your face! Dont you like that strong smell? Dont you feel like a real loser now with four sweaty socks in your face? They make you sniff and lick their dirty socks before they take them off to completely smother your face with their sweaty naked feet! Mandy seems to really make fun at you, but Carolina also likes to laugh at your face! You are now under their commands and you will have to obey every single instructions! They will make you take some really deep breaths in their smelly feet, and youll have to work your tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of their soles! Make sure you are doing it right! They want them cleaned!
Carolina & Mandy's Feet in Your Face - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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94209 – CLIP – My Stinkiest Shoes

My new favorite from Candy’s shoe collection is definitely this white one. Why? The answer is simple: they’re as stinky as a worn sneaker can possibly be, or maybe even more! Their strong, deep and saturate smell is really one of a kind! Last summer, she wore them every day, almost exclusively without socks! It’s like as a pair of socks worn months straight in the hottest weather ought to smell! And of course, they’re still in use since then! Anyone would throw them straight into the laundry, but not this girl, not our beloved Candy! Instead, she uses them to tease you, to do do what you will never be able to: to enjoy the strong, sour, divine aroma of her sweaty feet! She gets in ‘The Pose’, takes off a shoe and starts smelling it with utmost joy! Not a word of complaint, not a face of disgust, she obviuosly enjoyed smelling a shoe so stinky, that I could clearly smell it from behind the camera! After a whole lot of lung-filling breaths, she took out the insole and inhaled it’s stink. When I saw the once soft linen stiff and rigid from her dried sweat I almost dropped the camera! And she even licked that! When she took off the other shoe and continued her tease, I was completely lost. For the whole time, she kept a cheeky eye contact with the camera and wiggled her sweaty feet in the background. There she was, perfect and untouchable, getting naughty by the stink of her own feet! Wow! Later she changed posture the expose her divine soles right in your face, but did not stopped smelling those shoes, not for a second!
My Stinkiest Shoes
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93507 – CLIP – Zuckerbrot & Peitsche

Hier seht ihr mich in der Badewanne (ultra heiß) und meinen Universalsklaven,den Namen hat er sich verdient, da er wirklich alles für mich tut, dass werdet ihr auch in den kommenden clips zu sehen kriegen,kommt noch einiges auf euch und ihn zu. Übrigens suche ich auch andere Clipsklaven. Den Ärmsten habe ich die letzten Monate durch die Hölle geschickt, Ein sehr junger und robuster Typ,hart im nehmen und einer der vielen Großmäuler gewesen,die es hart,härter und gnadenlos wollten,aber einer der wenigen der es ernst meinte,die große Fresse habe ich ihm gestopft,gefällt ihm zwar nicht aber nun ist er auch mein Clipsklave,werdet in dem kommenden Videos noch mehr erfahren und zu sehen kriegen.Hat seit kurzem wieder ein Job also holte ich mir die EC-karte wieder! Der Spasti bettelte seit Ewigkeiten mich nur einmal in seiner Badewanne zu sehen,dachte mir,dass würde ein gutes Debüt Video werden und ihn ordentlich anspornen. das tat es auch ..am nächsten Tag waren immerhin wieder ein paar Schuhe da, obwohl ich ihn leer räumte. Alles nur ne Frage der Motivation, mein Motto : Mehr geht immer !!
Zuckerbrot & Peitsche
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93296 – CLIP – Zero Degrees Celsius (FULL HD MP4 version)

When the season’s first snowfall was finally upon us, I called for all the girls, and asked who wanna prove being a tough girl. Dorothy signed on first, so next morning we hit the forests nearby looking for a nice spot. Once it was found, Dorothy had nothing to do but to remove her sneakers and step into the freezing snow! And once she was out there barefoot in the chilling cold, there was no turning back! There was exactly 0 degrees celsius (32F) that day, she had a thermometer with her to prove that. Surprisingly for me, and even herself – she had never done this before – she coped with the frost pretty well. Her frostbitten soles first turned deep red, then a bit purpleish, but she kept on walking slow, allowing the snow to thoroughly freeze her feet. After a while walking around, she started to show off a little. The sight of the frozen, young toes rubbing a huge thermometer in the snow…no words can describe! Later, on our way back to town, we spotter an other nice location and I could not resist to send the poor girl out of the car again, to get her soles freezed one more time!Other available formatsHD WMV
Zero Degrees Celsius (FULL HD MP4 version)
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