182612 – Dirty Slave Crush

Two of our sexiest and most experienced girls for an original custom video, Maud and Feriel don’t disappoint in this great video as they are in an amazing form as usual, Trampling, crushing and dirty feet and socks footworship are some of the main actions of this movie. A real mess for the dirty feet and dirty socks fans !
Dirty Slave Crush
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182192 – AURORA and NICOLE – This punishment will do you good, slut (4K)

Aurora and Nicole seemed to slave suzanne too lethargic and they decided to punish her. They deliberately soiled their feet on the common balcony and used the slave as a rug. The girls wiped their dirty soles on the slave’s face. "I almost wiped all the dirt on her.. Let’s get our feet dirty again!" – Offered Aurora and Nicole agreed. The girls went to get their feet dirty again on the balcony. When they returned they sat on the sofa and ordered the slave to lick all the dirt off their feet. They know that suzanne really doesn’t like dirty feet, but it just made them laugh. The pathetic suzanne began to worship the dirty feet of the girls .. despite her pitiful appearance, Aurora and Nicole did not pity her, but only spat in her face and mouth from time to time. They wiped their dirty soles on her face and ordered her to grunt. The loser, almost crying, grunted and licked the dirt from the girls’ feet while they laughed at her. Sorry sight.
AURORA and NICOLE - This punishment will do you good, slut (4K)
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181819 – NICOLE and SARAH – Very dirty feet for an ugly whore (4K)

Nicole and Sarah despise this whore larisa.. They consider her the ugliest slave of all, so they always treat her like a pig. The girls deliberately stained their feet in the mud and ordered the pathetic larisa to lick off all this mess. The loser tries to lick all the dirt off Nicole and Sarah’s feet, but it’s very difficult.. The dirt is smeared and the girls often spit in her face. They humiliate her morally and make fun of her by wiping their dirty feet on her face and body.
NICOLE and SARAH - Very dirty feet for an ugly whore (4K)

181608 – AURORA and RADA – Grunt for us, pig (4K)

Today the challenge for avril is to be a pig. Aurora and Rada get their feet dirty and order the pathetic avril to grunt and beg to lick off the dirt. avril doesn’t like dirt but she has no choice and obediently grunts like a pig and begs the dirty feet of the girls while they laugh at her. They dip the face of the slave in the mud and soil her body with dirt. "Now you look like a real pig hahaha" – Aurora and Rada continue to have fun. They order avril to lick all the dirt off their feet, but this is a very difficult task. The slave swallows a lot of dirt, but the girls get their feet dirty again and again. They spit in her dirty face .. she makes them disgusted and fun at the same time. Grunt louder pig!
AURORA and RADA - Grunt for us, pig (4K)
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181937 – Exclusive Annabelle Footworship 5

At the end of some hours of gardening, the wonderful Annabelle, comes back home with dirty soiled feet. She rubs her disgusting feet on Cucciolo’s face and she asks him to clean them with his tongue. Cucciolo obeys and he licks every inch of dirt from her soles, he sucks all her toes one by one, and he even tries to swallow her whole foot inside his mouth. This is our very first dirty footworship clip fully barefoot in our Pay per View. A very humiliating and filthy footworship clip with a splendid Annabelle for all the many fans !
Exclusive Annabelle Footworship 5
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181935 – Dirty Feet Rage

Do you want to see trampling and footworship with dirty feet to the absolute extreme ? In this movie you have two examples of real,inhuman, disgusting dirty foot action. Wonderful girls that enjoy humiliating men with their sexy, dirty feet. An absolute must for all dirty foot fans, also includes the usual incredibly hard action you can only find in our videos. Starring : Anna, Annabelle and a newbie.
Dirty Feet Rage
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181920 – Exclusive Alexia Margo Footworship 1

The gorgeous Alexia and Margo are together yet again for their first footworship clip ! They put some Nutella under the soles of their shoes so when they walk in the room leave footprints all over the floor. Cucciolo must lick it all clean with his tongue and do the same job directly on their soles. Then they take off their shoes and add Nutella to every single inch of their feet before Cucciolo to lick them clean. They even spread some on his face and hair with their feet before him to swallow them. This clip is a real feet and food orgy!
Exclusive Alexia Margo Footworship 1
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181163 – ALSU – Unfair treatment of a slave girl (4K)

Alsu does not like that kiana is a beautiful slave .. Because of this, Alsu despises her and constantly humiliates her morally. "Do you think you’re better than the rest of the slaves, slut? No.. You’re just as worthless as they are! See how dusty my soles are? That means you’re not cleaning well.. Now you’re licking this muck with your tongue!" – Alsu got her feet dirty on purpose, but not in the apartment .. kiana cleaned the apartment well, but Alsu just wanted to humiliate her. The slave carefully licked the dust from Alsu’s feet, listening to many humiliations against her. This is unfair to the slave, but Alsou doesn’t care.. she likes to watch kiana humiliate herself in front of her.
ALSU - Unfair treatment of a slave girl (4K)
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181058 – PAMELA and SOFIA – Now you will be our pig (HD)

Pamela and Sofia continue to humiliate the pathetic zoe. Pamela wanted to show Sofia that her slave is a complete nonentity. She thoroughly soiled her feet and ordered zoe to lick off all the dirt. "Will she really lick dirty feet? Ugh, that’s disgusting! I couldn’t even imagine that she was such a loser." Sofia was surprised. Pamela assured her that everything was in order and began to wipe her dirty soles on the slave’s face. "Go get your feet dirty too.. Let’s have some fun!" – Said Pamela and Sofia went to get her feet dirty. When she returned, the slave had to lick the dirt off four feet. The girls ordered zoe to grunt like a pig and laughed at her. They wiped dirt on zoe’s face and spat on her. Now Sofia is convinced that zoe is really a loser with whom they can do anything.
PAMELA and SOFIA - Now you will be our pig (HD)
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180817 – The slave licks the basement dirt off my bare feet!

Goddess Sheila: The slave licks the basement dirt off my bare feet!My basement dungeon has a really dirty floor. But from time to time I like to check on the slaves who are being held captive. One of my foot slaves is then allowed to lick the dirt off my feet. He is allowed to use his slave tongue to remove all the dirt from my soles and my toes. Today you can watch how the slave licks the basement dirt off my feet. You would have to do the same as my foot slave.
The slave licks the basement dirt off my bare feet!
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180754 – Cleaning her dirty bare feet as a punishment

Ester’s husband was supposed to get her new nice shoes but he didn’t and so she has to clean the house in her socks and later on barefoot. But the floors are so dirty and dusty that her socks and feet get dirty too. Mad on her husband about those shoes, she waits for him to come home and she wants to punish him with her dirty socks and feet.When the husband comes, he finds those dirty socks in the hallway, he wonders why they are so dirty and just lying there in the middle of the room and as soon as he comes to the kitchen where his wife is, he confronts her about those dirty socks and he’s pretty swiftly in defense apologizing about those shoes and he’s given two options – he can either lick her feet clean or wash them right now. He chooses the latter and in the bathtub he starts to wash those dirty dirty feet of his wife. Rather do this in a bit of humility then lick them, right?
Cleaning her dirty bare feet as a punishment
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180767 – BIANCA – My bitch step-cousin cleans my dirty feet, lol (HD)

After Bianca found out that her step-cousin zoe was still only a slave, she stopped feeling anything for her except disgust. Bianca decided to humiliate zoe even more and thoroughly soiled her bare feet. Bianca has put her dirty feet on a stand and is holding her new slave step-cousin on a leash. zoe waits for orders with her head down and feels great shame. She understands that now she will lick the dirt from the soles of her step-cousin.. "Do you see that my feet are black with dirt? I want this dirt in your mouth!" – Said Bianca and pulled zoe for the leash to her feet. Bianca did not feel a drop of compassion for her step-cousin .. she deliberately smeared dirt on zoe’s face and tongue, while humiliating her morally. Bianca even began to amuse zoe’s insignificance .. she understood that zoe was in her power and would fulfill all her orders and whims.
BIANCA - My bitch step-cousin cleans my dirty feet, lol (HD)
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180481 – Public Pov Dirty Foot Worship

There’s a special place for you my foot bitch! Under my dirty barefeet while I enjoy a coffee break after shopping. Go ahead foot slave and crawl under this table and watch my feet tease you as I dangle my sandals off my feet and greet you with my middle finger. Reminding you that your place is on all fours crawling to my perfect princess feet. Lick my nasty feet clean, I’ve left lots of dirt gathered from walking around. As a reward I brought a snack for you to munch on, just to remind you that you’re a subhuman, you’re my pet foot bitch. Under this table you will be ignored except when I give you the middle finger and remind you what you truly are. Becoming weak while I spread & wiggle my toes exposing deep sole wrinkles and filth. It’s an honor to be in public under this table serving my princess feet.
Public Pov Dirty Foot Worship
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180187 – Domme On Dugout 2

Locked up and kneeling in front of the mistress in a hole in the ground, the slave can serve as a boot licker and dirt eater for his dominatrix. Lady Vampira still wears untouched white sneaker socks on her feet, over exciting shiny pantyhose. Her servant is supposed to lace his boots, but fails miserably! As punishment, he will eat the dirt from her soles and gnash the earthy remains of the crushed biscuits between his teeth! Spit on with milk by the mistress, he will also lick this gift off his high heels and swallow it, which the merciless diva gives him to eat!
Domme On Dugout 2
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