95471 – CLIP – Old trashed sneakers worship and socks smelling (HD)

Goddess Pio allowed her slave for that he can now worship her old trashed sneakers. She just comfortable sitting and watching TV and at other way enjoying this service from her slave. He licking soles of her very used sneakers and She commanding him to kissing her sneakers and She kicking him to his body. Then She take off her sneakers and put her socked feet on his nose that he must sniffing her hot stinky feet. And She is playing with his nose by her awesome feet!
Old trashed sneakers worship and socks smelling (HD)
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95070 – CLIP – Woman 1

This movie was filmed at an amphitheater. The camera was placed under a bench. The benches are arranged in such a way that that one can only sit on the floor of the back bench. At the bottom left corner of the screen you can see the bolting of my bench. The woman moves her feet around a lot since there was a lot of sand everywhere. The whole film was about 25 min. long but I chose the most interesting parts. Time: 5.54 min. REMASTERED – movie from 2005
Woman 1

95000 – CLIP – Bench 5

A woman wearing a red overcoat and red high heels with wide straps on her feet. Those kinds of shoes were popular in the 80s and were very nice looking. I remember seeing them in a ZZ Top video. They have very thin heels. I managed to film them from three different angles: the back, side and front. Time: 6.05 min. REMASTERED – movie from 2005
Bench 5

94305 – CLIP – Sweaty gym sock cleaner

I’m back home from the gym and even though it was really cold walking back in the fresh winter breeze, I still managed to work up a good sweat all over my body. The sweat from my workout doesn’t help, and I’m sure that my socks are just soaked through. EwwwWell thank goodness I have you. My dirty little sock sniffer, my sweat drinker. I want you to see to my stinky socks now. Squeeze the sweat and the gunk off my crusty socks with your tongue. See how sweaty my feet have become? Suck on those li’l toes like lollipops…Good boi…
Sweaty gym sock cleaner
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94484 – CLIP – Lick my sneaker soles nice clean my big doggie!

, Lick , lick lick yeah , always nice to continue licking everything is clean , my little dog ! You’re doing really very well-behaved . Take an example ! He has it as far managed down that it is received by me only in sweatpants … My Nikes must flash namely daily … Even with rain and mud must always who will be there to me to lick my sneakers housebroken . Can promote you like , but if you’re worth it … the ultimate F still ME!
Lick my sneaker soles nice clean my big doggie!
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94210 – CLIP – My Stinkiest Shoes (FULL HD MP4 version)

My new favorite from Candy’s shoe collection is definitely this white one. Why? The answer is simple: they’re as stinky as a worn sneaker can possibly be, or maybe even more! Their strong, deep and saturate smell is really one of a kind! Last summer, she wore them every day, almost exclusively without socks! It’s like as a pair of socks worn months straight in the hottest weather ought to smell! And of course, they’re still in use since then! Anyone would throw them straight into the laundry, but not this girl, not our beloved Candy! Instead, she uses them to tease you, to do do what you will never be able to: to enjoy the strong, sour, divine aroma of her sweaty feet! She gets in ‘The Pose’, takes off a shoe and starts smelling it with utmost joy! Not a word of complaint, not a face of disgust, she obviuosly enjoyed smelling a shoe so stinky, that I could clearly smell it from behind the camera! After a whole lot of lung-filling breaths, she took out the insole and inhaled it’s stink. When I saw the once soft linen stiff and rigid from her dried sweat I almost dropped the camera! And she even licked that! When she took off the other shoe and continued her tease, I was completely lost. For the whole time, she kept a cheeky eye contact with the camera and wiggled her sweaty feet in the background. There she was, perfect and untouchable, getting naughty by the stink of her own feet! Wow! Later she changed posture the expose her divine soles right in your face, but did not stopped smelling those shoes, not for a second!Other available formatsHD WMV
My Stinkiest Shoes (FULL HD MP4 version)
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