182739 – Dominant Rubber Chucks Ladies – The Complete Movie!

Missy Van Licks and I, Lady Blackdiamoond, totally train our 2 slaves today! We wear sexy rubber outfits and our Chucks and start by putting the first loser in the vacuum bed while the other is locked in the cage below. After that, the caged slave gets into the straitjacket and switches to the standing cage, from where he may worship the divine ass of the mistress. We take the latex slut from the vacuum bed and hang him up by the hands. We attach a leg spreader and examine his cock before putting some electricity through his loser cock and balls! We give the loser one electric shock after the other. We want to use both slaves now so pull both on the rope and have some fun controlling their breathing before making one of them suck the other’s cock while we humiliate him further! As a reward, one of them gets to lick Missy Van Licks’ pussy, but the other must lick our Chucks and is milked by the milking machine!
Dominant Rubber Chucks Ladies - The Complete Movie!
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182709 – After shopping, my dusty, bare feet are also licked

MILF Mistress Lena C.: After shopping, my dusty, bare feet are also licked.After the foot slave has licked my shoes clean, he now has to take my shoes off and lick the light dust off my bare feet as well. Of course, dirt got on my bare feet while walking and shopping. He now has to lick and swallow the light dirt. First he can sniff my bare soles and my toes, then I want him to use his tongue cloth and clean my bare soles. He can also suck my toes clean.
After shopping, my dusty, bare feet are also licked
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182371 – Princess Serena’s Stinky Feet Program

Princess Serena initiates you into her stinky feet program with really mean methods. When she’s done with you, you’ll love stinky nylon feet and stinky socks and never get tired of them. Anything that can take on an intense foot scent will attract your attention from now on! How does she do it? Princess Serena makes you first inhale her cheesy sweaty feet in these nylon tights, then she manages to make you swig a freshly brewed sock tea and, finally, eat another delicious meal of her stinky feet! Her intense foot smell will haunt you for a long time, because you’ll go to bed today with one of her most disgusting stinky shoes, which she’ll tie on your nose just beforehand!
Princess Serena's Stinky Feet Program
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This is a very powerful audio file. Not only will it make you constantly horny, but you will feel the urge to have bareback sex with men. However, you will only have bareback sex with clean men, since every single man you approach, you will always enquire about their STI status. If they are not clean or you are in any doubt, then you will not proceed. But if they are clean and you are certain they are clean, then you’ll enjoy the skin-to-skin contact of their dick sliding up your ass!
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182494 – Caned Hard On The Rack – Ezada Sinn

i will show you that i can destroy a butt with my cane slave famous mistress ezada says in the beginning of this clip. i heard that you talked to another slave and say that i am a merciful lady. i will show you that i am not and from the beginning she starts to bring the vicious rattan cane down on the ass of the slave with all power of her right arm with very very hard strokes.we are pretty sure, that ezada keep her words from the beginning and make it real today cuz we all know how hard this lady punishes and how much she enjoys to dish the living daylights out of any slave and when a slave is disrespectful like this idiot she feels even better when she prooves her cruelty. our slave cries out under the merciful hard strokes but to hear a slave crying is just pure music to this sadist and she brings down her cane even harder and harder and harder. one of the best and hardest canings we ever taped!
Caned Hard On The Rack - Ezada Sinn
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182768 – Exclusive Shona Soraya Trampling 1

Here is a couple you won ‘t easily forget! Two of our craziest girls, Shona and Soraya get together for the very first time to trample Cucciolo under their high heeled open sandals as well as barefeet! The action is very dynamic, intense and full of energy reflecting perfectly their two personalities! They seem to enjoy particularly trampling his cock and balls and even jump on it! A fantastic duo in an extraordinary clip!
Exclusive Shona Soraya Trampling 1
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182648 – Music Session 1

Four girls attend music school. All 4 are excellent students and have a talent for rhythm. In order to catch the right beat, the girls found a suitable woofer for their needs, in the sense of a young guy. And they dance… All night long.Great set with wonderful music therapy. Welcome to Rock High School.Bea Lola Megan Avril Trample dance class.
Music Session 1
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182762 – Exclusive Nedjma Trampling 6

Nedjma, a really beautiful and charming girl, tramples Cucciolo in her high heels and barefoot. During the whole clip, she keeps on alternating the trampling action under her heels and barefoot as she sinks her stilettos into his stomach, chest and nipples and she steps on his throat and face barefoot. An original trample clip with an enchanting girl!
Exclusive Nedjma Trampling 6
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182746 – Lady Scarlet – Homecoming

When I return home I always have a slave ready to welcome me and take care of me. Today’s butler is very attentive, he immediately kisses my shoes and puts away my scarf and coat as soon as I get undressed. I am devastated, I have been walking all day, I take a seat on the sofa and he immediately joins me to take care of my tired feet. I allow him to take off my boots and massage my feet, I must say that he is good and I finally begin to feel some relief and relax. After a while, the massage turns into adoration, a slave as he is of my feet, and also begins to smell and kiss while I play with his face. Too much enthusiasm, however, leads him to break my pantyhose, he apologizes immediately but I get angry and insult him while I slap him with my feet. The pantyhose are now to be trashed so I take them off and pass them around his neck to pull him towards me and my feet: the punishment will in fact be licking them well like a puppy, sucking every single toe. After this nice lesson, I still need a new pair of pantyhose that he will have to buy me today and in fact I send him immediately chasing him out of the house he runs away on all fours with the broken pantyhose knotted around his neck.
Lady Scarlet - Homecoming
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176797 – Foot servant comes closer to my scent

After teasing my subordinates in the office all day, I come to home satisfied. High heels are so sexy, but after 10 hours my feet need some attention. My foot slave dressed as a sissy boy is always ready! Today the intensely scented feet are not only massaged! You should now also get to know my taste! Of course it makes you horny and you slowly become unfocused…. of course that has to be punished right away! The foot sissy is tied up tightly, placed in a hogtie and has a pair of smelly heels tied around her nose. That’s what I call a successful evening!
Foot servant comes closer to my scent
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182759 – Exclusive Esther Trampling 1

Another new entry with the super cute Esther that trample Cucciolo for her first time in a clip. Dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit she tramples him first under her high heeled shoes and then under her knee socks. She also crushes a book under her shoes right on his chest and she orders him to swallow the pages of that book and pushing them inside his mouth and by standing on his face straight after. It seems like the sweet and shy newbies doesn’t exist anymore!
Exclusive Esther Trampling 1
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182766 – Trampling 38 WMV

In the beginning, the Lady orders him to kiss her red high-heels. Then she makes him lie on the floor on his stomach and starts trampling on his back, having a blast. She goes easy on him, the larger marks are made by the soles, not the heels. She changes her mind, tells him to lie on his back so that she can trample on the front side of his body.She also does this delicately, and makes him kiss her shoes. After that, he becomes a step from which she gets down and sits on the sofa. There she makes him kiss one of her shoes and say thank you. Time: 10,22 min.
Trampling 38 WMV
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