204679 – Juicy Pussy Pleasure

My wet and juicy pussy needs proper worship, so my little toyboy has the pleasure to fulfill his Goddes’s wish. Slowly he starts sniffing and licking while I still have my panties on. He does it really well, so I took it off to feel this tongue on my wet clit. I pushed his head even closer to my pussy to feel the full pleasure and he better make me come!
Juicy Pussy Pleasure
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ENGLISH LANGUAGECUSTOM REQUEST – The way you posed and teased the slave with your ass and legs in that video was also incredibly sexy. I’d definitely love to see more of that. Since this one is 20 minutes, I’d love for you to really push the slave to the edge again. Please do lots of sexy teasing and I especially enjoy your dirty talk too. I’d love it if you could add a touch of sensuality this time as well, and encourage the slave to really enjoy your butt and legs.
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201950 – Bachelorette Party – Part3 – Gential Pleasure!

In the third part of Bachelorette Party, we four goddesses want to do something good for ourselves. So we let the tongues of the strippers really spoil our pussy and asshole. Mmhhhh…that feels great and we get all wet with lust!One of us gets so aroused that she has to suck the hard cock of one of the strippers properly. Genital pleasure in a class of its own!
Bachelorette Party - Part3 - Gential Pleasure!
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200781 – Squirt on my feet in heels

here you get a horny jerk off instruction with squirt countdown, I will make you horny with my sexy feet in the hot high heels. Again and again I show my horny high heels close to the camera, in which I tell you exactly how you have to jerk off and how long. As soon as you have made it to my squirt countdown, I order you to squirt on my feet. Come on, you’re going to prove to me that you will jerk off and cum exactly as I command!
 Squirt on my feet in heels
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200064 – Lady Ayse ******

My horny ****** will bind you even more intensely to me. Enjoy the effect of my voice on you, deep inside you I will go, and there only Lady Ayse to manifest. My divine body, my voice speaking softly to you, moaning slightly, will make you very hot. In addition, I stroke myself again and again between my legs and massage my pussy, while continuing to speak to you, it will not take long until you will also feel the horniness in your cock. I use exactly all means to wrap you around my finger even more, because I can do that very well. Let yourself go on my horny Lady Ayse journey, dive into my world and let yourself go. Forget everything around you, you are now fully and completely with me
Lady Ayse ******
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199711 – Trying On Seven Bras and Encouraging You to Jerk Off

I have so many cute and sexy bras but I’ve never shown them off on camera! In this clip, I model 7 different padded bras and talk a bit about how they fit. I am also jiggling and shaking my breasts in them. The truth is they all fit nicely and accentuate the beauty of my curves.It’s obvious that my bare tits and all this jiggling makes you hard! It’s perfectly normal and I don’t mind if you want to stroke your cock for me. I like playing little games with horny men, so I’ll also give you a cum countdown in the end…I wonder where you’d like to cum the most: on this pile of bras or on my cleavage?
Trying On Seven Bras and Encouraging You to Jerk Off
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