158129 – Dominant Handjob 67

Cum In My Sneakers ******-Teenie-Dom Handjob!Slave Bobby has to wait on the ground what his young mistress has in mind for him. Teen Princess Valerie arrives and has thought of another bullying for him. She takes off her completely sweaty sneakers. Bobby is already looking fearfully what to expect. The dominant teen chick then presses one of her sneakers onto his face so that his nose is deep inside the sneaker. She ties the sneakers to his face and nose with adhesive tape. Bobby endures everything completely disturbed. Then the depraved ******-Dom begins to jerk his cock and orders him to come into her sneaker. While the totally enslaved slave Bobby is now lying there with a sneaker glued to his face to inhale, the perverted young brat jerks his cock hard until he finally has to cum like a cop screaming. The full charge goes into the sneaker. Princess Valerie really milks the eggs empty to the last drop right into the sneaker. Then she slips back into her sneakers with her fishnet-stocked feet and enjoys the day with her slave’s sperm on her feet.
Dominant Handjob 67
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158128 – Dominant Fucking 46

Kinky ******-Dom Femdom Fucking!Teen Princess Valerie ties Bobby’s back with handcuffs and hard clamps his nipples. While she pulls his collar tight with one hand, she starts to suck his cock. Bobby has to go along with everything and swings emotionally between passion and pain without being able to barely move. Her sex slave now has to fuck his teen mistress in different positions. While she controls him tightly on the leash all the time and gives him constant commands how to fuck her and harder. Again and again the sexual violence continues for him because it gives the sex-hungry sadistic teen princess an incessant kick.
Dominant Fucking 46
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158124 – Dominant Licking 105

******-Dom Schoolgirl Pussy Licking Domination!Teen Princess Valerie orders her slave Bobby to lick her pussy. Lying on the couch, she stretches her pussy in the shiny pantyhose towards him and spreads her legs wide apart. With the leash pulled tight against her cunt, she presses his face firmly against her crevice and orders him to stick his tongue deep into her cunt. Slave Bobby does his job and sticks his tongue as deep as it can into her pussy. His task only ends when the depraved teen mistress brat has an orgasm.
Dominant Licking 105
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