162936 – Booty Call at Breakfast

It’s breakfast time at the bagel shop and Barry and his buddy, Paul, are checking out the babes from their table outside. Barry recognizes a hot mom and decides to go inside and chat her up. He entices her to bring her bagel outside and introduces Sienna once they get to the table. Sienna is from Florida, she’d recently divorced and she just dropped her son off at school, so now she needs some "Mommy Time." Sienna admits that she’s horny, but because she’s always taking care of her kid, there’s never any time for a booty call. Barry volunteers to help with that. His buddy asks if he’s going to babysit while she goes off for a booty call. The conversation gets funny and then Sienna admits that it’s been about 2 months since she last got laid. Barry jokes about cobwebs up there and she confesses that she takes care of herself at least 5 times a day. Eventually the guys talk her into coming back to their studio "to take some pictures for her port folio." Once they arrive at the studio and start "taking pictures," things start getting hot. It’s not long before Sienna gets hot — is it from the lights, or the 2 guys? It’s the 2 guys, she says. Sienna moves from taking pictures to taking Barry’s cock, first in her mouth, then in between her big tits and finally in her pussy, with a lot of licking by Barry in the middle. She takes the big finale in her mouth and volunteers that she’s free tomorrow. It’s safe to say that there are no cobwebs in there now!
Booty Call at Breakfast
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161977 – Parking Lot Pick Up Fuck

Billy is still learning the ropes at Mr. Big Dicks. Today’s lesson: Picking up chicks in mall parking lots. Julian, his teacher, lends a hand telling the first hottie they’re film makers doing a documentary on the holidays. Julian gives her the pitch about a survey saying he will pay her to answer some questions, and then invites her to drop by the studio later that day. Relieved she’s not being asked for a donation, she agrees. When she arrives at the studio, Billy asks a few typical questions before asking if the holidays turn her on. From there, the questions turn to sex and her biggest holiday fantasy. Sex with a stranger on a ski slope, she says, is one of her biggest ones. Billy immediately tells her that although there’s snow around, he’s a stranger, and the clothes start coming off. Billy fingers her fat cat while he gets his cock sucked and then she rides him like a cowgirl. There’s some more sucking and fucking before Billy returns the favor and eats her pussy and rims her ass. There’s some rough doggy-style fucking next, followed by some more cock sucking and even more pussy pounding from behind that does her in. He licks her clean and then invites her to sit on his cock for another round of fucking and sucking. Eventually she sucks him to a creamy orgasm. Poor Julian never gets in on the action. Time to hit the parking lot!
Parking Lot Pick Up Fuck
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162222 – Three Fairy Fuck

It’s beautiful in fairy heaven, especially when you’re in the presence of the Wish Fairy, a busty blonde, and the Love Fairy, a buxom brunette. They’re joined by the Fuck Fairy, a saucy brunette who will make all your wet dreams come true. Her first order of business is to corrupt the Love Fairy and very quickly has them both under her spell. It doesn’t take long to get the naughty Fuck Fairy and the Love Fairy out of their clothes and doing naughty things to each other. Don’t worry — the Wish Fairy isn’t left out!
Three Fairy Fuck
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162179 – Police Officer Fucks Prisoner

Max gets detained and frisked by a lady cop. She sounds official but you’ll have your doubts, especially when she finds a "glass pipe" in his front pocket. Upon further inspection she discovers it’s not a pipe, but his dick and if he agrees to cooperate in an interrogation, he probably won’t be arrested after all. Oh, but those interrogation techniques! You’d probably enjoy being interrogated by her. It’s not too long before Max turns the table on her and has her right where he wants her — on his cock! But in the end, the cop gets Max to "confess" all over one of her tits.
Police Officer Fucks Prisoner
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161599 – Sophie Dee Fuck Fuck and Tit Cumshot

It’s Sophie Dee, and she’s ready to show you her big tits! Get a little closer so you can stick your face in between her big, juicy jugs. She’ll shake them and jiggle them for you. Would you like to see them in action? Sophie gets some help from a stud who is more than happy to help out, first by smashing his face between her tits and then by sliding his cock in between them. Sophie thanks him by sucking his cock and balls, and eventually sits on his cock and takes it for a ride. After lots and lots of fucking — we’re talking several different positions — Sophie takes him back into her mouth before letting him finish on her tits. (I’ll bet you’ll give her a bigger load of cum than he did!)
Sophie Dee Fuck Fuck and Tit Cumshot
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