191087 – Slim Brunette Teases and Strips

I’m wearing a crisp, white dress with blue polka dots, a black suspender belt, and pink stockings, thong, bra and high heels. I love the way the stockings look and feel on my legs. The way the tiny satin and lace thong feels in between my ass cheeks and barely covers my other pink parts is amazing. I’ll give you lots of looks at it, so sit back and enjoy while I undress and show off for you!
Slim Brunette Teases and Strips
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188632 – Freaky Franken – We do it to each other…

This time we – Cruel Rell, Lady Stefanie and I, Miss Catdeluxe – made Bavaria unsafe. Thereby the Freaky Franconia Clips were created, which absolutely keep what they promise: Freaky, funny, naughty and mean clips.You wish you were the wind that gently strokes through our hair…. however, you also remain only a breath of air for us, because you are far far away and not there to comb our hair. That’s why we just pleasure each other 😉
Freaky Franken - We do it to each other...
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188246 – Loser Porn: Summer Bikini Brainfuck

You can’t wait to admire your goddess in a wet look bikini. I have another legendary loser porn for you that will really fuck your brain again.What could be nicer for a slave than being able to relax and admire his mistress on vacation? Attention comes in the form of the middle finger and loser sign. You are thankful to be able to admire me in this hot bikini. Your loser cock is hard and thinking doesn?t work anymore. Perfect to make you even more addicted.Enjoy this loser porn, loser. You don’t need anything else. Just me and my videos.Loserporn videos come with music and special effects!
Loser Porn: Summer Bikini Brainfuck
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187868 – You are pussyfree

Your cock, your orgasms and your horniness belong to me and that’s why I also control your sex. Bad news for you: Because you won’t have sex anymore! You will never stick your dick anywhere again, unless it’s a chastity cage! Your only sex will be how you look at my clips and your dick will run out all by itself. You will never again be as close to a pussy as you are to my pussy in this clip. Therefore, look at it carefully!
You are pussyfree
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185821 – Garden Of Eden – Royal Lilies – Igno Clip

The garden of Eden is the name for the earthly paradise in which two goddesses reign. To be allowed to enter the divine realm and stay, each sub must pay tribute. Mother earth of the garden of Eden demands submissive sacrifice and Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie take care of that. The rose is generally dubbed the queen of flowers. However, if you want to be precise, the lily is the true queen. She is the royal symbol and stands for purity as well as fertility, among other things. Its delicate and innocent beauty is sublime and is reflected in Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie. Two royal lilies which enjoy their life and ignore you once again.
Garden Of Eden - Royal Lilies - Igno Clip
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184244 – SUMMERVLOG – you bitch will accompany ME the WHOLE DAY and see what it REALY is like being a MONEYMISSTRESS!

We all know the glamourous, faked videos showing the luxurious lifestyle of wannabe money misstresses which are mostly completely unrealistic. Of course you loserbitch are extremely curious to see what your beloved goddess does all day long while you sweat in a stinky office earing my money; so I decided filming a cool vlog on a hot summer day and let you take part of my true daily routine. You are with me when I get up, drink coffee, get ready, shoot a new video, hang out at the river, pee in public, get my nails done and much more. As my silent companion I talk to ya the whole time letting you know all my thoughts. You’ll get to know how I film my clips, what my plans are, what I think about using slaves on partys, which expensive gift one of my subs sent and how a normal, 100% authentic day in my princess life looks like. What could be better than watching me enjoying my free time to the fullest and keep reminding you that it’s your job to finance this lazy, comfy lifestyle!
SUMMERVLOG - you bitch will accompany ME the WHOLE DAY and see what it REALY is like being a MONEYMISSTRESS!
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