160774 – FULL Goddess Kiffa’s Sexy Havaianas flip flops worship domination and footjob- FLIP FLOP FOOT WORSHIP – FOOTJOB – DOMINATION – CUCKOLD –

Goddess Kiffa is laying on her bed, with her perfect feet, with dark green nails, with sexy shorts. She decides to have a massage from her slave, and have some fun!She tells the slave to make a massage on her feet, but he will have to clean her flip flops havaianas first! She also says that if he cleans her havaianas flip flops good enough, and be a good slave, she might give a footjob to him.While the slave cleans the flip flops, the slave complains about she making he a cuckold, and he having to pay everytime the Goddess have sex with an alpha man. She says that she doesn’t care , and she will go out with a handsome guy with a big and thick cock the weekend, and the slave cant do anything about it, unless, of course , pay for the date.After cleaning the flip flops soles, the slave has the right to massage Goddess Kiffa Feet, with his tongue. The slave worships her feet and sucks her toes.Goddess Kiffa makes the poor slave pay her date with the alpha, and more hundred ,to the slave gains the privilege of receiving a footjob. So Goddess Kiffa does one perfect toejob and a footjob, with her perfect Goddess feet until he cums on her divine feet and toes.
FULL Goddess Kiffa's Sexy Havaianas flip flops worship domination and footjob- FLIP FLOP FOOT WORSHIP - FOOTJOB - DOMINATION - CUCKOLD -
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160693 – Footjob Massage

These divine feet want to have fun.My package is wrapped in these beautiful and velvety feet that give me a delicate massage.I try not to get too excited but it doesn’t take long before my package wakes up, if I were to come the massage would end sooner than expected ….But how can you resist these divinely moving feet …
Footjob Massage
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – If possible I would like a similar video as to the one grunt little piggy grunt ”. The video starts with mistress entering the room with a slave on a leash. She is dressed sexy with very sheer stockings, and her slave is naked and is wearing only tight women’s panties. Mistress has a very authoritarian, but sensual attitude. The slave is on his knees and his hands are tied behind his back. She sits down and immediately orders him to sniff and kiss her feet without using his tongue. When she has had enough, she will tell him to take off his panties, then you tie his hands behind his back. At this point a long and slow tease and denial starts practicing a footjob. The slave is very horny, and she asks him how long is is since he has cum. Reminding him not to bullshit her. She advises him not to splash without her permission, or there will be trouble. She continues to excite his cock in all ways, with her beautiful silky feet, and even with her hands. Then you decide to remove your pantyhose. The slave must do everything to restrain himself, but in the end he will cum without your permission. Of course,for him it’s a ruined orgasm. While mistress is extremely angry, and makes him lick all his mess from her silky feet. Then she decides to punish him with a good whipping on his sorry ass, before leaving him on his knees with her pantyhose tied tightly around his balls…
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159941 – Goddess Kiffa’s ex-boyfriend worship her feet and get slapped lot of times on his face against his will – Finish with handjob – 20 – With cumshot

Goddess Kiffa let her ex-boyfriend worship her feet , but, she wants to have fun herself, and slaps her ex-boyfriend face, that doesn’t like to be slapped.But the poor ex has to take the slaps on his face while worshipping her feet, and have to thank Goddess Kiffa for her slapping his face.Her ex continue being humiliated about his cock being soft, and that his cock not being hard enough for her. But Goddess Kiffa does a handjob on the cock, to see the cum goes out of the cock, and she does not want to see her ex-boyfriend spending his cum with other girls!
Goddess Kiffa's ex-boyfriend worship her feet and get slapped lot of times on his face against his will - Finish with handjob - 20 - With cumshot
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First, Goddess Kiffa start teasing her lover with her gorgeous glass heels, stroking the cock, that continue to grow, slowly.Then, the action begins, and Goddess Kiffa put some oil, slowly on the big cock, that get hard.You can see the footjob, and the CUMSHOT in two angles at the same time. See it until the end.*Contains CUMSHOT on Goddess Kiffa perfect feet.*.
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159460 – Goddess Kiffa`s delicious footjob, handjob and solejob with cumshot on soles – (FJ 11)

One night, Goddess Kiffa decided to give his lover a delicious footjob.Since from the beginning, his cock is leaking pre-cum.Goddess Kiffa starts spitting on the cock, making it wet to pass her toes on his dick’s head.She gives an handjob on a wonderful position, revealing her big tits, her beautiful soles and feet.Finally, she starts stroking the big cock in several ways, with her perfect feet around his cock, and jerking off a lot of times, until there is pre-cum leaking again from the cock.When Goddess Kiffa decides to change position, she gives him her famous sole footjob, and a great toejob with her long toes. You can see her toes, soles and legs at the same time. (and ass sometimes)She continues to stroke the big cock with her soles, in an awesome way. The footguy doesn’t resist and comes a lot on her soles, making a mess with his cum , pre-cum , and her wet soles. She continues to stroke and tease the guy with her came soles.*Warning* Contains CUMSHOT on Goddess Kiffa perfect soles.
Goddess Kiffa`s delicious footjob, handjob and solejob with cumshot on soles - (FJ 11)
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159428 – Lady Scarlet – Footjob after chastity

Today is a big day for my slave: I kept him in chastity for a long time and his loaded balls testify to it but he was good and the time has come for the right reward. Off the cage from his small, soft cock, off my heels and I start touching him and taking his cock between my bare feet. He can’t resist me, I feel it, and slowly the erection I was expecting arrives: I continue to masturbate him and control his pleasure. Abstinence seems to have had a retarding effect on him so I increase the pace, lubricate with spit first and then oil. I start to get bored so I give him the last 60 seconds before leaving him there with his balls loaded. But under threat the slave gives in and finally explodes, squirting all the sperm on my feet.
Lady Scarlet - Footjob after chastity
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You enter the room wearing leather pants and pointy pumps. Hair down, glasses instead of a mask and black toenails. You begin to slowly take off your shoes and slowly walk back and forth around the room barefoot waiting for the slave.The camera films almost floor level your feet as they slowly move to walk, especially of side in order to highlight the length.Since the slave is late, you sit with your feet on the desk, rather high and show the plants in the foreground to the camera. Having walked barefoot, they will be very black and very dirty. As you look down at your beautiful feet and think to yourself, I have really impressive feet. Maybe even longer than many men, but I think they are really sexy, and today we will try their extraordinary power on my slave. I want to see how many times they will be able to make him cum consecutively. The slave arrives and you invite him to observe your beautiful feet and to kiss them, but without licking them, because they will have to stay filthy.He will not resist and will stick out his tongue and you will punish him by slapping him very severely with your feet. Without mercy you decide to give 2 types of footjobs The first technique will be a 10 toes footjob, and coming between the toes with dripping sperm. Always black and sperm-filled feet to show the camera for a while. The second is a solejob with a view of the soles and cum on them with a horizontal view of the soles also dirty with black and sperm. You will have to step on the sperm, insisting a lot and spreading it on the table here and there, completely soaking your feet as you show them to the camera…
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