Goddess Kiffa is naughty today and wants to make a man cums only using her feet. Of course she is powerful enough to do that. And she does.This is an amateur video, with no previous planning. She rubs the big cock with her feet, using her soles, toes and arches. We can see the pre cum going out of the dick.Goddess Kiffa continues to rub the cock in different angles and positions in a very sexy way, until he cums on her soles
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167727 – My pretty bare and natural feet

Miss Shenya: My pretty bare and natural feet. After you have adored my Birkenstock shoes, you can now also admire my bare feet. I have really nice, soft feet. My unpainted toes would like to be stroked and caressed. What you will particularly like are my soft, bare soles. I play with the soles of my feet in front of your face while you kneel in front of me. Look up at me and you will see me smile. I smile at you licking my feet.
My pretty bare and natural feet
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – I really like videos where a slave is completely immobilized and being masturbated.So I would like a video where you tie the slave hands and feet to the four corners of the bed in such a way that he is completely passive to your will, a mere sexual object to have fun with. You start sitting next to him and start teasing him with your foot, mock him for his passive position and then start giving him a footjob. Then you move between his legs and lie on your stomach and give him a handjob and in the meantime rock your legs up and down several times. Finally you sit between his legs and give him a footjob until he cums and always mocking him for not being able to do anything, but suffer your will.As a color I love red, if you can wear something in the colour red would be great?
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You are sitting in an armchair with a small table in front where you put your feet.You snap your fingers and call your slave. You order him to lick your feet and you tell him that if he does it right he will receive a reward. The slave licks your feet, you initially tell him what to do and then let him go on without instructions. In the end you are very satisfied and the order him to move the table and position himself at your feet. You tell him that he did well and it’s time to collect his reward, the highest reward he can aspire to, and your amazing footjob. You then start giving him a footjob from sitting in the chair, using various techniques until the slave comes. Finally you wipe your feet on the sperm trampling it on the slave’s body and then you order the slave to get on all fours and use him as a footrest to show the soles of your beautiful feet full of sperm as you smile in a devilish way?
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You arrive … posing as a company lady. You go to the bed and ask him if he is ready for strong feelings? He answers yes. Then he starts kissing your feet and legs like veneration. He says he likes your legs. M.Gaia: Well, I’m going to let you try them and make a pair of scissors like in the video Victim: Stop! I find it hard to breathe M. Gaia: You laugh and then you squeeze more before you end up releasing, and he collapses on the ground. You order him to get up as that was just a game. With your leg you push him towards the bed. He is scared but excited at the same time. M.Gaia: I am not like other girls. You stand on the bed on top of him and you take off your dress. You touch his penis with your foot. M.Gaia: Do you want this? Slave: Yes then you get on top of him and spread your legs on top of him M. GAia: Do you want this? Slave: Yes you flop onto his chest and he complains in pain. So he makes body scissors. Slave: Stops for it hurts. You laugh and it turns you on. Slave: I can’t breathe. You release him and he gasps in relief. Victim: This is not what we agreed to M.Gaia: Ok. I’m going to make you enjoy yourself for a while and then you will make me enjoy myself. He rubs his hands together and says ok. Then you give him a footjob. When he eventually cums you tell him it’s your turn to enjoy yourself. M.Gaia: Now the pleasure will be only mine. You’re on top and you end up turning it over to make a body-scissors. Slave: Xenia! I can’t breathe. You cover his mouth with your finger M.Gaia: I’m here to destroy you honey … enjoy my legs and you laugh. Slave: No! Por favor? M.Gaia: Yes!! ….. YES!! and you squeeze harder every time. You get excited seeing how little by little he runs out of air and complains less and less. Until he ends up expiring between your powerful legs. You make a call and say that work is done.
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167166 – Footjob 58

Foot Milked By Teen Pool Babes! Bobby is milked with feet and hands by the two pool babes Zaara and Amalia under the blazing sun at the swimming pool. While he has Amilia’s feet in his face, Zaare wanks his tail with her petite feet. Finally, the horny footbuck squirts all his hot broth on the feet of both girls with bullish screams.
Footjob 58
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167097 – BEG TO CUM

Custom clip request "If the clip will be only for me you can use my name in the clip at the beginning. During the clip you can call me a Pantyhose Bitch. As you know I’m really addicted to this material.You love the power you have over men and how weak you make them. You are so incredibly sexy that you control their orgasms – you are in total control of their cocks! You can make a man cum whenever you want. You know within seconds of watching the clip our cocks will be rock hard and throbbing for you, aching to cum…inside nylons.Tease me like crazy until I will beg you to allow me to cum inside my nylons like a helpless nylon slut!!


ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – She in a bikini (if possible the one she used in the last video with the stripes is splendid, otherwise choose her), her slave Enea completely naked.You are at the foot of the bed with black blanket, with her slave with his feet towards the wall and perpendicular to her.This time she will do a video explaining how to perform a footjob, I would like her to use various techniques (10 fingers, two fingers, interlocking, and whatever comes to mind) and she will explain the techniques.A kind of tutorial on how to perform a perfect footjob.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGNote: This is the second part of the FIVE IN A ROW videoFootjob 6You are on the bed, slave perpendicular to her. Dressed in a plaid kilt and bra. She has to make him cum exclusively by masturbating him with her two beautiful toes that quickly masturbate the cock.Footjob 7You are on the ground, she between the slave’s legs. She dressed in black miniskirt and red and black corset. He has to make him come with his cock between his forefinger and his right footFootjob 8You are on the bed, she between the slave’s legs. She in black fetish underwear. He has to make him come with alternating feet, practically when he is about to squirt he has to start masturbating him in an asychronous way with his fingers, with one foot he goes up and with one he goes down very quickly, example video attached.Footjob 9Choose where you think it is most comfortable to position yourself for this, but still between the slave’s legs.She dressed in black catsuit.She has to masturbate it with her hands and feet, some handjob, some footjob, some handjob and footjob together. In the end she makes him squirt with her feet the way she likes.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – She dressed as she wants, it is now well established that whatever she wears is always an explosion of sensuality, but with three ankle straps and two rings on her right foot.The slave Enea completely naked. You are on the ground, in front of the bed with a black blanket that goes down to the foot of the bed. She turns her back to the bed, the slave with his feet towards the wall. A front camera to her, one from the point of view of the slave with a zoom on his feet, in such a way as to frame the foot with the two rings. During the video I would really like him to talk about jewels for the feet and ankles, and to point out to the slave how beautiful his feet are further adorned with all these accessories. She will urge him to cover them in cum. For the footjob he can use the techniques he prefers, but I would like him to make him cum with suspended feet that quickly masturbate the nice rutted cock. Once he comes, he will say no with his head and change his attitude from sensual to intimidating and torment him in post orgasm saying Don’t you think there are a few rings for the feet of a Goddess like me? (you use the word Goddess, I like to call her that) The slave will not say anything and she Maybe you didn’t understand, until you promise to give me at least 6 more rings I won’t stop and she will laugh. The slave will hold out for a while and then give in promising to give them to you. Immediately after the promise she will squeeze it between his feet and tell him Excellent choice, you will see how fun it will be to jerk off with all my toes adorned with rings, it will be a long summer … and laugh out loud.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy beautiful friend and I are going to allow you the privilege of seeing us together, as we demonstrate a POV footjob. We are both just back from a training session at our gym, and our shoes and shoes and socks are very sweaty. We remove them to reveal our beautiful feet that will be used to tease and taunt you, as your cock is tightly manipulated and caressed. You can only imagine the luxury as we countdown to your orgasmic climax that is Simply Divine?
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166379 – Lady Scarlet – Cum and lick

ITALIAN LANGUAGEI am with my friend Mistress Gaia and a slave of hers reaches us naked crawling with only his face covered. He starts kissing our bare feet and he wants more but for now he just has to kiss. We make him lie down like a doormat at our feet and we decide it’s his lucky day, we want to bring him to orgasm. Gaia immediately takes the oil and pours it on his cock while I immediately start massaging it with my feet. Gaia’s feet also come to jerk him off and the slave begins to get aroused. While I focus on his cock Gaia moves on to pinch hard his nipples: he likes it a lot and he continues to thank his mistresses as he enjoys more and more. We are bringing him to its climax, we want to see the jizz that eventually comes copiously on our four feet. We certainly can’t be left with dirty feet and this disgusting slave starts out and licks them good and wipes the sperm with his lousy tongue.
Lady Scarlet - Cum and lick
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166183 – Goddess Kiffa – Footjob Session in Rio

Goddess Kiffa is doing a Foot session on Rio, and decides to film it for us to see. The video begins with the foot boy worshipping Goddess Kiffa`s feet and jerking off to her. He worships her feet very well, like it was his last opportunity to worship Goddess Kiffa`s feet. And maybe it is!The footboy put lube on his cock and let Goddess Kiffa rub his cock with her perfect feet. Goddess Kiffa does a very sexy footjob and toejob that make us want to receive the footjob and toejob.Goddess Kiffa teases the footboy . She asks if he wants to fill her feet with cum! He cums a lot on her feet on a sexy scene.
Goddess Kiffa - Footjob Session in Rio
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI?m joined by my beautiful mistress friend and we are both going to enjoy ourselves. We have our slave at the foot of my throne and he is going to worship our feet, as he?s been quite good lately he will receive a reward. We both take turns at allowing him to kiss and lick our feet. Then we put him on his back and tease him before allowing him to cum. Finally, he lets out a groan as he squirts his mess all over our beautiful Silky Feet?
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165967 – Goddess Kiffa – Sexy Psychologist tricks foot fetishist seduces him Part 3 SEXY Footjob with cumshot

Part 3 – Final part – FootjobAfter the Sexy Psychologist made the stupid client pay for the sessions believing that he could be cured of his foot fetish, He pay a lot of extra money and sessions to win foot worship and a footjob from his Sexy Psychologist! She made him take off his clothes, and pay a lot of money, and begs to cum with her feet! She made him suck her toes, smell her feet, and finally, lick her feet! His car and travels with his wife are gone! His money is gonna be all for his Sexy Psychologist! She made him addicted to her feet, and he now will have to do foot therapy ! The Sexy Psychologist does a footjob on him and makes him lick her feet, but he has to pay even more if he wants to cum! He paid for the footjob, not the cumming! She makes a very sexy footjob on him to make him cum on her feet!. him cum on her feet!
Goddess Kiffa - Sexy Psychologist tricks foot fetishist seduces him  Part 3 SEXY  Footjob with cumshot
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress dressed as she prefers with the slave Aeneas completely naked. She sat on the bed with black sheet the slave lying at her feet perpendicular to her with a pillow or object under his head to make him look. You set the timer to 20 minutes, and starts giving him a footjob, using the technique she thinks will bring the slave to cum as soon as possible. In the meantime she explains how things will go, which is that the footjob will last around 20 minutes regardless of when the slave has come and she will order the slave to stare at her feet all the time. When the slave is about to cum I would like mistress to say something like What is it bitch, are you coming already? You are a fucking slut in heat who can never resist my feet and laughs and as soon as he cums. She emphasizes the fact that she always manages to get everything she wants. She will then continue taking the slave’s cock on the inside of her feet, inflicting the hardest post orgasmic torment she has ever done with incessant rhythm for as long as there is. The slave will complain and she will have to tell him that he must be quiet. At the last minute she will have to torment him as fast as she can. During the post orgasm part, I would like you to talk about this and that, how to ignore the torment she is inflicting on the slave. From time to time she turns to him to tell him that she doesn’t really care that he is suffering, she laughs and teases and tells him that he should be considered honored to have her set a new record?
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