ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – A footiob to a man sitting facing each other under the table. With short black dress, sheer black stockings (tights) and black heels, red nail polish on her feet. I would like you to sit in front of him crossing your legs and greet him by saying: hi Davide, do you like these socks?? You know I bought them today! It’s actually an excuse why you want to seduce him. In fact, you keep crossing your legs to show them well. At that point he amazed by your beauty starts complimenting you that you have wonderful legs. So you start teasing him by taking off his heels and putting your feet on his crotch, and as soon as he feels your feet he goes crazy jumping on the chair almost as if he didn’t expect it. telling youwhat are you doing? Then you start rubbing your feet on his crotch and while you do it you tell him: now these feet fuck your dick because I know that’s your only thought, I’ll make you squirt here, you have to cum thinking about my feet and my socks . And when he has his cock straight at that point he pulls it out and excited as a horse he replies yes yes they drive me crazy please jerk me off. And you laugh in his face and start the Footiob with all 10 fingers under the table until he squirts a lot. During the Footjob I would like you to see clearly the legs and feet stroking him under the table and that you seduce him all the time with words likelook how my feet turn you on, look how you like my socks you would cum instantly as soon as they touch your cock… and when the slave comes he must scream with pleasure and shoot a good load of sperm obviously also wetting your feet.
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190365 – Miss Rose – CBT and Quick Cumshot (1080p MP4)

Miss Rose comes back home today to play with one of her slaves and to give him a little bit of pleasure as he was a good boy. Well not only pleasure of course…So the slave hasn’t had an orgasm for about 2 weeks and Miss Rose will let him have one today using her gorgeous bare feet. She starts rubbing them up and down his dick and 2 minutes later the slave just cums over his stomach. Can you believe that ? So quick.But Miss Rose doesn’t want to stop stroking and rubbing her feet over the slave’s penis, so she continues doing that, knowing that the slave is in pain. You can see after the cumshot that the slave’s penis becomes so small and vulnerable, but Miss Rose doesn’t really care. She’s having fun and also decides to include some balls crushing as well.At the end of the clip the slave is left out there on the cold floor covered in his own cum.Just a note that you won’t be able to see the face of Miss Rose the entire clip. She’s talking to the slave verbally humiliating him, but you can only see her feet and the slave’s dick the whole time. Basically have a look at the GIF and the preview. These are the main camera angles.
Miss Rose - CBT and Quick Cumshot (1080p MP4)
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191102 – Mistress Layla and Mr Pine – Real Massagist EP 2 – Layla footjob and handjob client until he cums on her feet – FOOTJOB – TOEJOB – SOLEJOB – HANDJOB – CUMSHOT – TOE SUCK –

Mr Pine goes to the masseuse again! He doesn’t get disappointed! He even got a handjob!The real masseuse (She has real experience as masseuse) starts with a relaxing massage with her hands and feet and then goes to the footjob, solejob and handjob!She continues the sexy massage until he cums all over her feet!
Mistress Layla and Mr Pine - Real Massagist EP 2 - Layla footjob and handjob client until he cums on her feet - FOOTJOB - TOEJOB - SOLEJOB - HANDJOB - CUMSHOT - TOE SUCK - FOOT SLAP - CUM ON FEET - FOOT FETISH - AMATEUR - SOLES - FOOT FETISH - HANDS FETIS
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGIt seems rather quiet so come out of my office to check, and instead of doing his chores I catch my bitch of a slave wanking himself while smelling my pantyhose. I decide to allow him a little of what he wants. I get him to lie on the floor, and tell him to remove his pants. Then I begin to tease and taunt him, and I tightly bind his balls with my silky pantyhose. This of course gives him a huge throbber, and he desperately wants to cum. However, I continue to use my feet to massage his cock to make telling him he must not cum without my permission as I want him to suffer. Eventually, I give him some false countdowns to cum and he?s gets really desperate. Only to enjoy a ruined orgasm after his expectations of what he thought was going to be his ultimate Teaser?
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189826 – Footjob 80

Bikini Teenie Footjob! Cum on my flip flips and bikini!Bikini Teenie Elle give Bobby a footjob. First she jerk his cock with her flip flops. Then she milk him with her soft teenie feet. Finally she want him to cum all over her flip flops and bikini. She jerks off him on the bikini and flip flops and milk him fast and hard with a nice toejob. And Bobby splash a full load on her flip flops and bikini.
Footjob 80
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189416 – Goddess Kiffa and Mr Pine – Kiffa dates a foot fetish perv and he came on her feet instead of fucking her – FOOTJOB – TOEJOB – FOOT WORSHIP – FOOT FETISH – DANGLING – HIG

Kiffa goes on a date, and gets invited to her date’s house! She thought his house was nice and she was horny!But then, the guy didn’t make one step to take her to the bed, and just offered a foot massage! She thought that was strange , but she accepted and she even teased him with her feet! She rub her feet on his cock until he got hard, footjob him, toejob him, and thought that was going top help him to get hard and take the courage to fuck her, bu she was a foot fetish perv, and the only thing he could do is receive footjob from her! And he came to her feet! She got mad and called him a loser!
Goddess Kiffa and Mr Pine - Kiffa dates a foot fetish perv and he came on her feet instead of fucking her  - FOOTJOB - TOEJOB - FOOT WORSHIP - FOOT FETISH - DANGLING - HIGH HEELS - SOLES - CUCKOLD - HANDJOB - FOOT SMOTHER - FOOT TEASE - CUM ON FEET - BETA
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGWorshiping my feet is a privilege that slaves must deserve, and it’s not always a moment of pure pleasure. In fact, today I’m going to make my slave suffer. I pinned him to the cock-box to enjoy squeezing his cock. After a few minutes the slave has a copious orgasm. And this is where the real fun begins, as I keep pounding his cock. The slave suffers a lot in undergoing the post orgasm torment, but I continue without any mercy. I’m having so much fun and the slave has no right to interrupt this moment!
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGThe male slave is naked and tied upYou walk into your dungeon with your slave all tied backed to a wall and cannot move or standyou tell him that you finally caught him and that he can’t run or hide now! You bring a chair and set in front of him while crossed legs and start dangling you flat shoes in front of him, you tell him if he want you to release him, he has to work for you and under your command. He refuses and tells you NO I won’t work for you, I only work for myself!, you laugh very much and tells him that your gona make him your footboy and you gona photo him on camera while playing with his cock with your feet! He gets stressed and tried to untie himself, but it is hopeless he is bounded and cannot move, you laugh harder and tells himDon’t even try to escape, you are bounded and am gona play with you now as I want hahahahahYou get up from the chair and you go bring your phone while laughing at him, you bring your phone and sit on the chair again you put leg on leg (cross legs) and dangle your shoe in front of his penis while using your camera to photo him tied up and humiliated and you give him a slap on face you then start touch his penis with your feet (still wearing shoes) while you are dangling your and photo him with your camera phone and laughing at him you say : this is going to be all over the internet, how about that bitch!! hahahaha, you then switch legs and dangle shoes with the other feet in front of him, he says : please let me go, i can’t afford people to see me like this! you laugh at him so much and slap him again and tells him: but you are my foot boy now, hahahaha, you drop your shoe from your feet (without using hands) and start touching his penis very gently and you keep touching his cock with your feet while leg on leg (crossed legs) then you switch to the other feet and drop the shoe from your other feet and keep touching his cock with your feet again and again with your toes and bottom feet, until he has a pre-cum, you say: wow loser you love this don’t you?? hahahahah ,, he gets angry and says: don?t photo me you wicked!! you photo him while touching his cock with your feet you keep doing this for a while until he has a lot of precum on your nylon feet!, after that you tell him that this is his last chance you say work for me and i will release you , he says : Never!! , you tell him that he will witness the most embarrassing thing in his life now and you laugh so much you wear your shoes again and walk to him and give him your back, you raise your feet and drop you shoe from your feet and start touching his penis with your feet backwards and keep touch his penis doing a footjob with only one feet just like the picture (you switch right and left feet too) until he start screaming and cum all over the bottoms of your nylon feet you laugh so much and tell him what a pervert he is and now you gona send all of his pictures to his wife and friends! You wear your shoes again and sit in front of him. You cross legs again and dangle the shoe with the cummed feet, he says: ok I will be your servant just please don’t send the pictures, you laugh again and again and say I knew it foot boy, now kiss my feet, you are now my pet forever hahahaha you drop your shoes and shove your nylon feet in his face and he kisses it?
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188522 – Dirty footjob

My feet are ready for the pedicure. Therefore, you will now first lick all the sock lint, dirt and hair from my feet! Enjoy the rare sight of my cornea! More you have not earned anyway! If you have done your licking job well, then I’ll play around with the licked feet times a little on your dick! Since he starts directly to pulsate and twitch, what?! With my little feet I’ll make you a quick squirt! I count to 0! Splash! And afterwards you make pleasing my feet clean again and lick your cum!
Dirty footjob
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