158415 – Lady Scarlet – Scarlet dreams

I am about to go to rest but I guarantee you that watching this video you will not be able to do the same. Admire me in all my beauty as I enter your dreams and give you instructions on how to masturbate. Jerk off following my instructions, as I insult your tiny little cock and allow you to see things that only in your dreams will you ever be allowed to admire. I control your insignificant cock, I decide whether to let you rest, I will tell you how and when to cum.
Lady Scarlet - Scarlet dreams
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You and a short, thin male slave. The small naked man is standing in view. You come into the scene and walk up to him. He?s facing you and looks straight at your chest. You look down at him, then put your fingers under his chin and tip his head up to look at you. You smile seductively. You turn him by his shoulders so you are standing side by side facing the camera. You pretend you are looking in a mirror with him as you turn and twist your body into different sexy poses, mocking his height. Then you put your elbow on his head and lean on him. ?Such a short little man? You turn your back to him, and say ?Unzip my dress little man? He unzips it and you pull it over your head.You are wearing only black lingerie, thigh high stockings and heels. You put your arm around his shoulder, then roughly pull him into a headlock facing the camera/mirror. You flex your other bicep while looking in the camera. He has trouble breathing and struggles. He grabs at your arm but can?t break free. ?Such a weak little man? You release him from the headlock and turn him. You are facing the camera and we see him in profile facing your side. You tell him to smell your armpit. Then you tell him to kiss it. Then you tell him to lick. We can see that his cock is hard. He is getting more and more turned on and licks more urgently. He puts his arms around your body and lifts his leg up against the front of your thigh up and down as if he is trying to climb you and hump you. You decide he looks too excited. ?Enough!? You push him to the floor. ?Worship my feet.? He kisses each foot lovingly, worshiping them. ?Take off my shoes.? He helps you step out of them while you put a hand on his head for balance. You grab his hair and pull him up to face you. You hug him powerfully to you, squeezing him hard. His head is laying on your chest or shoulder. You are still much taller than him in bare feet. ?Such a sweet little man.?His cock is between your thighs. You lifts his head up to look at you with your hands holding the back of his head. You lick your lips. He starts humping between your thighs and lifts one leg up around your side as if he is trying to climb you. You back him into a wall. Then you bend over and reach under his ass. You straighten your body and lift him up against the wall. He wraps his legs around your waist over your hips and ass. He puts his arms over your shoulders. You pin him back into the wall. Your face is close to his and you look him in the eyes. ?Such a tiny little man.?He tries to pump with his hips a few times. You reach up a hand and pull his head onto your shoulder.?I know how much my power turns you on.? You step back from the wall and face the camera. You lift both arms and flex your biceps with him hanging on you. ?Feel how much stronger I am than you.? He lifts his head off your shoulder, then reaches one hand over and feels your bicep. Then he feels the other bicep with his other hand. His face is visible from the side and looks amazed as he worships your arms. You lower your hands to his ass, then you squat down as far as you can, then stand back up. You repeat this a couple times. Then you set him down on the floor and give him a tender hug. Then you release him, bend over and lift him over your shoulder. You walk across the room carrying him on your shoulder. ?You are so light I can barely feel you.? You spank his bare ass a few times. hen you bend over and set him down standing on a simple hard chair (no armrests). The chair is facing the camera. You turn your back to him. ?Climb onto my back? He climbs onto you in piggyback with his arms around your neck. ?Ride me little man.?You walk around the room then come back near the chair. You bend your knees and drop him down on the floor. Then you sit down in the chair. ?Sit on my lap little boy.? He sits his ass on your lap lap with his feet to one side dangling above the floor. You keep your legs closed together. You flex your calves and bounce your legs a couple times, smiling at him. Then you tip your legs side to side so he moves back and forth. ?Such a tiny little boy. Then you spread your legs until his ass falls between your thighs and you are holding him in a cradle like a baby with your arms under his knees and shoulders. You pull him toward you in your arms, tipping him into you. Then you twist your body back and forth as if you are rocking a baby. ?Shhhh it?s ok little baby, I?ve got you.? You pull his head to lean into your chest. ?You know this is where you belong. Such a sweet little baby boy.?Then you lean forward, your strong legs extend and you stand up from the chair cradling him in you arms. You walk toward the camera carrying him. ?My tiny little baby needs his strong mistress to take care of him.? You squat down as far as you can and back up, demonstrating your power. Then you stand cradling him in the air looking at the camera. ?Stroke yourself little baby? He begins stroking his cock. ?Yes. You love my power over you. Surrender to my control.?You walk back to the chair and put one leg up on the chair with him sitting on that leg. He continues to stroke. Then you lift him back into a cradle, turn and sit down, spreading your legs so his ass drops between them and he stays in a cradle. He keeps stroking his cock. Then you peel back your bra cup next to his face and push his face toward your nipple. He sucks your nipple like a baby. You look down at him with a caring look. ?Make a little mess for me baby? He finishes with his mouth on your breast, looking up into your eyes. Then you pull him closer to you with your arms, squeezing him to your chest. ?That?s right, what a good little baby boy.? …
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158382 – You will regret that you wanted to take my husband away from me, bitch! (4K)

Custom.Who dares to take other people’s husbands away? Only whores and the like! These bastards don’t think that this man has a family. For them, it is only important to push his penis into themselves and suck money out of him. So I was faced with this situation. My husband works in a high position and he has a secretary .. which, as you already understood, is a whore who decided to take him away from me! I won’t leave it so easy! I decided to punish her. I paid my friends for bringing her to me and we will punish her! I’ll see you, whore .. (English Subtitles)..Anna..
You will regret that you wanted to take my husband away from me, bitch! (4K)

156054 – Peters Cane Punishment (FULL HD) – Carmela And Lady Olga

"i have a problem with the student peter" this clip starts with teacheress carmela entering into the room of head mistress lady olga."the problem is, that even he was punished already for that he still is looking under skirts of classmates"so lady olga thoughts that its time now for a real vicious punishment to make it finally clear that that behaviour is strictly forbidden.so here the clip went over to a classic femdom pov clip as you may figured out that its YOU the ladies talking about.so you will be ordered to take down your pants and bend over the punishment bench for a hard and merciless caning. first it will be up to lady olga to dish out the first hard strokes on your bare behind, before the cane is handed over to carmela.both ladies really laying into it this time to make sure you wont do that never ever again.wonderful pov caning clip with 2 gorgeous ladies. german and english language combined. clip duration: 09.06 mins. MPEG4 FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px size! 4000 kBit/s. Super Great Quality!
Peters Cane Punishment (FULL HD) - Carmela And Lady Olga
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158340 – Lady Scarlet – Scratches for the talker

This slave is a real talker and I decided to shut him up with my hands. As I say in the video, "My hands are my ******s". So tied up, I sink my nails into his nipples. I destroy them. Then I scratch him all over the body. Every now and then I give him a spit as an "energizing drink" and continue to inflict my punishment on him. After the initial chatter, mostly made of praise towards me, there will be only moans … And when the slave resumes speaking in a moment’s pause, I will leave leaving him so bound, pleading not to abandon him and suffering…
Lady Scarlet - Scratches for the talker
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158311 – Julia – Stewardess HeadSitting

Stewardess Julia wants to relax after long flight and sits on the slave’s head with her full weight (60kg / 132lbs). Why she sits on his head instead of sitting on his face? Well, because Julia don’t want to stand up… at all! So she sits on the Alex’s head all the time without standing or even moving. Oh, poor slave’s head and neck… but who cares? This long clip without many actions is shows only how much time slave can hold Julia on his head without standing up. This video is taken from three different angles.
Julia - Stewardess HeadSitting
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157358 – Your cunt mouth is there to be fucked! – small version

Goddess Lena shows you her hard cock and rams it into your greedy slave mouth. She teaches you how to properly suck such a great strapon cock prepares you for the next stage of your life. When you start to give blowjobs to some hot dicks, you have to be a pro! Goddess Lena subjects you to a hard blowjob training and fucks your slave mouth really hard!
Your cunt mouth is there to be fucked! - small version
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158281 – NICOLE, SELENA and MIA – Time for a snack – Dirty boot licking (4K)

Custom.Nicole, Selena and Mia come home from a walk where a stupid fat loser awaits them. He waited for the girls to come and let him eat chocolate eclairs. The girls come up to this nonentity and crush the eclairs with their dirty soles of boots and sit down at the table. The fat slave licks the muddy chocolate off the floor. The girls ignore this idiot and talk about various topics. The slave continues to lick the floor and then begins to lick the girls’ dirty soles. The freak swallows all the mud with chocolate from the girls’ boots. This is his food for today.
NICOLE, SELENA and MIA - Time for a snack - Dirty boot licking (4K)
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157355 – Leg scissors wrapped around the slave – small version

Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna really only use this slave when they are in the mood for such a loser. He had to lie down on the floor for two hours without anyone giving a shit about him, but now he gets all his Mistress’ attention. Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane give him a massive squeeze and pinch him between their legs so as to crush him really hard. The Mistress’ leg scissors wrap tightly around his body and do not let go!
Leg scissors wrapped around the slave - small version
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGMistress Gaia, Mistress Sara and Mistress Sibilla, all dressed in sexy bikinis that highlight their sensual bodies, meet to spend a few moments of leisure waiting to dominate new male and female slaves. Between a chat and another, sitting on her sofa Mistress Gaia has an idea: compare their bodies, just to play together. They begin to measure their heights: the three Mistresses take off their heels and stand next to each other. Mistress Gaia is taller. But that’s not enough: Mistress Gaia wants to tower even more in front of her Mistress friends and so she gets on her heels while Mistress Sara and Mistress Sibilla remain barefoot. Now the height difference is more noticeable! The Mistresses laugh and Mistress Sara and Mistress Sibilla to defend their stature tell Mistress Gaia that the good drinks stay in the small barrel! Now the three Mistresses, more and more amused, compare the length of their arms, hands, their backside and weight, taking turns on the scale. Then Mistress Gaia wants to show her Mistress friends that she is not only taller but she is also stronger, so she picks up Mistress Sara first, then Mistress Sibilla, who are amazed by Mistress Gaia’s muscles. The three Mistresses have fun, they play with each other. The new slaves to dominate, however, are already waiting and they must go!
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157363 – Trampling loser

What kind of loser is this?! Mistress Jane and Mistress Zora are using his pathetic body to test which of them is wearing the harsher shoes… Mistress Jane with the hard and deep boot profile, or Mistress Zora with her extremely high platforms? Both step on the slave and stand on him. But this good-for-nothing only whines and howls. He is simply incapable of any task. Such a little pussy! This whining has to be punished, so Mistress Zora and Mistress Jane continue to trample on him – but before that they tightly stuff his pathetic mouth!
Trampling loser
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156206 – Stupid Bitch-Boy

This clip is an extremely humiliating *REALTALK – ANNOUNCEMENT* including a MEGA HARD BRAINFUCK ! After a few weeks of very little to no activity, it’s time for "cleaning up", cunt 😉 What I want to achieve with it ?! For my candidates, wasted sluts and also future, dirty beta-bitches who want to get closer to ME, it is A MUST to get this loserporn in their collection!
Stupid Bitch-Boy
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155639 – Submissive Motivation Therapy

I know you wake up every day with the need for a greater purpose in life. You probably spend a lot of your time working, not having very fulfilling relationships, and looking forward to jerking off. This is not about jerking off. This is about transforming you from an useless excuse for a human being into something useful. A tool for my pleasure. This is a daily motivational program that will make you meditate on what it means to be submissive, on what it means to serve. It will remind you to focus and keep your eyes on the prize, and that is making yourself into a better person by being a better slave.
Submissive Motivation Therapy
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157892 – FUCK 2020

As we said goodbye to what was one hell of a year for all the wrong reasons, Miss Deviant found inspiration from one of the many amusing 2020 memes doing the rounds. And now she wants you to recreate it. Yes, weaklings. You’re going to say goodbye to 2020 by fucking it. Using a fleshlight toy and an extra special ingredient, today’s task will make you feel like you’re FUCKING 2020. The long-lasting effects will almost certainly bring tears to your eyes!
FUCK 2020
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157855 – Horny Princess in Stockings and Skirt – Pussy in Panty Worship and Kissing Upskirt

Depraved and lustful Mistress Sofi in sexy lingerie (nylon black stockings with suspenders and a short skirt + translucent panties) entices a slave to worship her divine pussy. Sofi sat imperiously on the back of the sofa and spread her legs, then called the slave to her and asked what he wants? The happy slave immediately replied that he dreams of worship to the pussy of his Mistress and kissing her right through her panties under her skirt. But the playful and narcissistic Princess of course does not immediately give the slave what he wants so much. Sofi at first makes it clear to the slave that he can bury his face in her pussy, but as soon as the slave approaches, the Mistress immediately pushes him away with her foot to tease. But after that, the passionate Brat girl grabs the slave by the head and presses his lips and face to his pussy so that he kisses her and smells her excellent scent. Until the end of the clip, the slave grovels in front of the Queen and in every possible way shows his worship of her pussy.
Horny Princess in Stockings and Skirt - Pussy in Panty Worship and Kissing Upskirt
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