169417 – Interrupted Workout (720p MP4)

Miss Courtney’s workout was interrupted by one of her slaves and he has to suffer for that reason of course. He will be used however she sees fit.Of course the slave is on the floor naked ready to be trampled on and jump on, only on his front. Miss Courtney will be doing some squats using his hands, his chest and stomach also. The trampling and jumping is absolutely full weight as you can see. Some stomps are taking place as well. Miss Courtney is having a lot of fun the entire clip as she’s laughing and smiling while the slave is gasping for air beneath her trainers. By the way he is quiet the entire clip. Just moans a little bit from time to time.There is a moment where the sound is gone, but it’s just for 1 second only.A moment of slow motion is added for one of the jumps.
Interrupted Workout (720p MP4)
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Two girls continue to dominate you. Miss Bertie puts a gag on you and now you cannot close your mouth, you have to take everything into yourself. Mrs. Julia and Bertie brush their teeth and splash everything in your mouth, spit there and laugh at you. After that, they smoke and continue to fill your mouth with saliva, and you must swallow it all

168879 – Lick up alpha cum – small version

All that was left from the hot date with her alpha is the cum on Goddess Yasemin’s feet. He is just as much into her sexy little feet as this slave of hers. She gave her alpha a fantastic orgasm – and this slave here has to lick off the remains, that means all the cum, from Goddess Yasemin’s feet! Every single drop of cum is thoroughly licked up. He licks her feet and dutifully disposes the fuck leftovers from Goddess Yasemin’s alpha!
Lick up alpha cum - small version
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169505 – Nipple torture

Mistress Anfisa likes to live out her sadistic streak with her slave! She devotes herself to his naked nipples and snaps them to warm them up a bit for what is to come… This alone drives the slave into madness, but then mistress Anfisa also takes clothespins and clamps them to his nipples! This drives him completely crazy, but Mistress Anfisa is amused by his suffering, because the whole thing is really fun for her! She flicks the clothespins with pleasure and watches her slave as he writhes in despair and pain like the worm he is!
Nipple torture
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I?m joined by my friend Master, and we are going to give our slave some essential slut training. He wants to become one of my bi-stable slaves. However, I need to know that he is good enough. There are many disciplines that require obedience, and I will put him to the test. Master also gives him some commands, and he will have to perform. We get him to worship our shoes, and boots. He is on a double leash, and I test his pain threshold with a pair of tight nipple clamps. Of course he squeals like a little piggy as I give them some good tugs, while master gets him to lick his boots?
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169259 – Goddess Kiffa – Public foot worship and sneakers worship at the Park – FOOT WORSHIP – FOOT DOMINATION – FOOT GAG – HUMILIATION – AMATEUR – DIRTY FEET – SNEAKERS WORSHIP –

Goddess Kiffa’s personal foot slave has to take Goddess Kiffa to the park. He parks the car, and Goddess Kiffa asks if he will clean the soles. He laughs , but knows that he has no option. He complains it is dirty. She says the soles are clean, or it will be after he cleans it with his tongue.There are several buildings there, and concierges, cars, and people walking by. But Goddess Kiffa doesn’t care. it will be the face of her slave that everyone will be looking at, after all. He cleans her soles, until his tongue is black. Her foot slave finds difficulty in cleaning her sneakers soles, because there is a lot of dirt on it.Goddess Kiffa didn’t think he did a good job, cleaning her sneakers soles. Now, he has to pay her to lick her feet. He sniffed her feet with pink socks, and her barefoot. Her foot is sweaty, and he worships them, lick, kiss, suck her toes, just like she deserves.
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168218 – SIMONA And ADRIANNA – Not So Romantic – FULL MOVIE

Breathtaking brunette Young Goddesses Adrianna and Simona are not so romantic like the girls of their age! They are spoiled, realistic and strong personalities, Natural Born Dommes that prefer to use men as their toys and slaves!ADRIANNA – HARD Shoe Domination, Hand Trampling and Whipping Exotic beauty Adrianna has her slave submitted on the floor, as she hold a whip on her hand. She is not so happy with him, as he didn’t make for her enough money to buy for her the new expensive shoes she wants. So the loser must clean the old ones! She whips him to start licking her sexy high heel sandals, cleaning from the street dirt. He licks the soles and heels clean, but she is still angry with him! She stands up and she whips him brutally and commands him to go down and worship her shoes. She tramples his hands hard on the floor, kicking them and twisting the heels on them, making him moan in pain! Adrianna leaves, as the poor slave cannot even raise from the pain of his hard whipped back!ADRIANNA – EXTREME Hand Over Mouth and Hand Smothering – UNTIL PASSOUT!Adrianna relaxes on the couch, having her much older slave sitting on the floor in front of her. She smiles with the thought that he can do whatever she wants and she gives her to kiss her beautiful hands. Adrianna has perfect manicure and the slave stares and admires it, but suddenly Adrianna puts her hands over his mouth and smothers him! She smiles enjoying the game and she keeps the slave smothered, until his oxygen is almost over. She gives him a breath and she continues the breath control with her hands! He tries to fight to breath, but Adrianna locks him by grabbing his neck with one hand, smothering him with the other! The game becomes harder and harder and Adrianna gets carried away, at the end she keeps the poor slave too much under her hands and he !!!SIMONA – Foot Worship, Foot Massage On Face and IgnoreBratty Simona relaxes in a Princess position on the couch and she calls her slave to come near her. She covers his face under her perfect feet and she makes him worship them, as she ignores him checking her phone. The slave does his best to please her but she doesn’t care so much, she makes him lick and suck her feet and she massages her soles all over his face sensually. Simona is a real bratty Princess, how natural action, she is born to have men under her feet!ADRIANNA – EXTREME Facesitting In Sexy Short DressSadistic young beauty Adrianna has her slave handcuffed on the bed, prepared for her fun. She goes over him in her sexy tight mini dress and she sits on his face full weight! The poor slave is smothered under her sexy ass and Adrianna enjoys as she totally controls his life! She kicks him and teases him with her feet while she sits on his face and she changes positions on it, giving a great facesitting show, letting him feel all the agony of smothering under her! Adrianna keeps using him as her furniture to relax and daydream!SIMONA – EXTREME Trampling in Elegant High Heel SandalsSupersexy Simona wears her elegant high heel sandals and stands on the slave, starting to trampling him without mercy! She stomps him hard as she stands on him and she makes him lick the soles of her shoes clean. Bratty Simona STOMPS his face hard and crushes his throat and after she stands on his dick and tramples it under her sandals! She has a totally natural and elegant style as she destroys her slave under her! For the finish (last 1,5 minute of the clip), she removes her sandals and she tramples her slave brutally barefoot before she lets him down there crushed!SIMONA – Not So Romantic – BRUTAL Trampling and FacestandingAfter the trampling in sandals, now Simona continues to trample her slave barefoot and even harder!!! She kicks and stomps his body and tramples his dick hard full weight. Bratty Simona cannot even see her slave’s ugly face, so she stomps it and kicks it brutally and stands on it for long, over and over again! Simona has her personal style of trampling, so elegant and so hard at the same time, melting her slave’s face and body under her feet, in style!ADRIANNA – EXTREME Foot Domination, Facetrampling and Facekicking in the Facebox Bratty Adrianna is looking hot in her short black dress and she wants to play with her slave’s face under her creamy feet! She puts him on the facebox and steps on it and starts the party! Adrianna makes him worship her feet, sucking the toes and licking the sole as she runs it on his tongue! She stands full weight on his face and she tramples his face crushing it. Of course she gives him some hard kicks and stomps on his face, before he allows him to lick her feet again!ADRIANNA And SIMONA – BRUTAL Trampling And Facestanding NON STOPThe slave is half naked on the floor and the trampling party begins! Adrianna and Simona start to trample the slave brutally, both together on him, kicking and stomping his face and body as they stand on him! One of them stands on his face and tramples it, as the other destroys his body or tramples and stands full weight on his dick! It is amazing how much they enjoy and how natural is to crush a man under their full weight, the two bratty girls have no mercy! For goodbye, they trample superhard, stomp and jump on the slave’s face!!!

169556 – Interactive Punishment Wheel

A genuine interactive punishment wheel: Isn’t that exactly what you always dreamt of? Play online or download a copy for safe keeping. Return again and again when you feel that urge to be punished by Mistress. Even I don’t know what the result is going to be. It’s all up to random chance.The only thing that’s for certain is that I’m going to LOVE watch you get punished for being such a horny LOSER.Edge for me. Up & down, up and down. Those instructions instantly get you hard. Hope you have to stroke all night while sniffing my panties? Embrace masochism and enjoy being punished. I’m going to reward you for playing more.Contains 37 minutes of footage. The video file contains a pre-recorded game as well as instructions on how to use the punishment wheel online, and where to download a copy you can keep locally.
Interactive Punishment Wheel
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169415 – Crushing his cock and ball with my car (small version)

The slave has to sit down next to the road and watch closely as I drive over some fruits with my big heavy van. No surprise to see the fruits just burst under the tires and splatter all over the ground. I leave some grapefruits in my tire’s path and make the slave sit down on the road – with his legs spread wide. Then I drive towards him and crush the last fruits directly in front of his eyes – and directly in front of his crotch! The slave is terrified as the big merciless tire rolls towards his cock and balls and he screams as the tire touches him for the first time. I love to tease him by driving back and forth, playing with his fear and hurting him! He even tries to get back from me by basically trying to crawl on his back – funny that he thinks he can outrun a car like that 😀 Let’s see if there will be scrambled eggs when I’m done 😀
Crushing his cock and ball with my car (small version)
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