166275 – Pussy Worship Femdom While Fitness

A lustful submissive guy could not resist an appetizing pussy in tight leggings during fitness classes. Therefore, while Princess Sofi was doing the exercise for her divine ass, the slave could not restrain himself and began to sniff her ass and pussy, thinking that he would remain unnoticed. But when the sporty girl noticed the pervert, it turned out that she did not mind that such a submissive guy worshiped her pussy. Therefore, the domineering girl allowed the slave to kiss her labia, but only through yoga pants, because such a loser is not worthy to touch her naked pussy. When Mistress Sofi was aroused by kissing her pussy, she took the slave by the head and started supposedly fucking his face with her pussy, enjoying her power. The narcissistic girl liked such fitness with worship much more than usual.
Pussy Worship Femdom While Fitness
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166262 – Blackmail-Fantasy Timer

Danger is arousing, isn’t it? Then I want to offer you real danger – the ultimate thrill and blackmail-fantasy… But it’s going to be even more dangerous if you have desensitized yourself too much with porn, become a gooner, even. And that’s a good thing. You and I are going to play a game together. And I want you to lose, I want you to become mine, turn you into my slave, totally dominate you, make you relinquish all choice and not leave you a choice in the matter. But you’ll have a fair chance. You’re relatively safe as long as you manage to cum fast enough and please Mistress. But if you don’t, if you lose on purpose, or edge all your information will be mine. And that means you will be mine. All you need to do is fill out the form… Nothing really important gets sent my way if you just manage to cum in time, and you do trust yourself… or do you? Because I will certainly try to tempt you. Only premature ejaculators can feel truly safe here~
Blackmail-Fantasy Timer
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With my blue nails, long and big, my soles of beautiful feet I crush this banana and the boy as in my feet! Cleaning my entire feet with my tongue, sucking on every toe … every toenail … Eating and feeling pleasure at the same time! Is there anything better?! And of course, him on the floor, which is his place … :)I am a Goddess! Buy this video and keep your mouth full of water and wet underwear!
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST ? I would like a POV, in which you are dressed just like in the splendid photo which appears on your site … tied hair, dizzying underwear and vertiginous heels … in the last few occasions you humiliated me alone and with her other friends by repeatedly butt fucking me with strap-ons of various sizes? and using me as a ashtray and spittoon (I’d like to refer to so much submission I’ve already suffered?). She therefore treats me from the beginning of the video like her slut … but she is particularly brassed off because, despite having shown me her superiority, in the last few days she has realized that I no longer appear among her fans on ************ … and a worm like me can’t dare to make such an affront to you … my only luck is that I still appear to be the User1406 on your site (I would like it to be understood unequivocally that you have everything under control), and for this reason you have decided to make me a concession that sounds even as a real threat. Yes, because you, tired of my insubordination, warn me that if you should notice further acts of ingratitude on my part, you will come to find me wherever I am to capture me and imprison me forever at your home … and this time not to experience domination , but to really make me your slave? You say that you will periodically check if I contribute to your well-being with gifts, and if I pay I pay enough homage with words of devotion. She also reminds me that she knows perfectly well that her body is the sole cause of my erections (as she says this he shows me her toned thighs and her perfect ass … often the shot shifts to her muscles, of the arms and legs, muscles that it wisely contracts to melt my brain and make me horny and drool …). She explains to me that if it works like this, then you are right to assume that they are your property and I have to be very careful to go straight … while making these things sternly clear to me You are tasting extremely sensual a cocktail with a straw .. I would like some close-ups of your mouth sucking the cocktail and whispering in my ear immediately: ?see bitch? I drank your brain just as I am drinking from this glass? and therefore never allow yourself to play strange tricks on me again? you are mine? try to be a good whore, otherwise I’ll really ruin you?
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166085 – Goddess Kiffa and two girls slaves (Vitoria and Mandy) – Kiffa makes female slaves worship her feet boots until she orgasm REAL FEMALE ORGASM

Kiffa is testing a new slave, and continuing the training of her old slave, Mandy. The two slaves are awaiting for Goddess Kiffa to arrive.Goddess Kiffa arrives after a BDSM session, and says that she has a ballbusting session. And that she has cum on her boots. They have to clean them. Of course, Goddess Kiffa makes them blowjob the heel of her boots, and clean her boots.Goddess Kiffa makes her female slaves smell her feet too, and make them lick her feet at the same time! The slaves also have to do synchronized foot gagging, and the first one to gag , loses it, and wins a slap on her face! The female slaves worship Goddess Kiffa`s feet very, they lick them so well, that Goddess Kiffa had an REAL orgasm only from them licking her feet!
Goddess Kiffa and two girls slaves (Vitoria and Mandy) - Kiffa makes female slaves worship her feet boots until she orgasm REAL FEMALE ORGASM
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166058 – Goddess Kiffa – Public Bus trip PART 2 – Stranger worships Kiffa`s foot

The stranger passenger takes kiffa sandals on his hands to show how well licked they are. He films Kiffa`s feet, and shows her resting on the seat while she moves her feet.He films himself smelling her feet and soles. When she moves her feet, he moves away! He doesn’t want to get caught! While she repositioned herself on the seat, he filmed it too! It’s funny to see and feel the adrenaline!The passenger couldt get enough and started to lick and kiss her feet and soles! Her soles are just too sexy to resist! He also sucks her toes! It is very sexy to see it! He goes down to her other feet! He sucks her big toe a lot! Her feet are perfect!
Goddess Kiffa - Public Bus trip PART 2 - Stranger worships Kiffa`s foot
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166057 – Goddess Kiffa – Public Bus trip PART 1 – Stranger Voyeur licks Kiffa`s sandals

Kiffa is going to travel on a bus. We can see Kiffa Walking on her blue sandals until the bus. We can watch her perfect feet.Kiffa`s is a little spacious, and occupies a lot of space before the passenger next to her could enter his seat! She puts her feet on sandals on the panel in front of the passengers! What a view! She dangles her sandals perfectly!Kiffa continues to show her perfect feet moving her toes. She rests on her seat while her barefooted feet rest on the panel.The stranger voyeur films himself taking her sandals, and smelling them, kissing them, feeling the smell of her foot on them. Even licking then. The soles taste like dirt! hahaha We can see his face! Kiffa almost caught him twice! He is afraid of being caught by her and other people on the bus!
Goddess Kiffa - Public Bus trip PART 1 - Stranger Voyeur licks Kiffa`s sandals
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166043 – Masopls and Nica 08 MP4

This is my friends’ movie. As you can see on the picture it has margins on both sides.At the beginning this movie includes some scenes of soft BDSM. Afterwards Nica seems to be merciless… Trampling action in beautiful red high heel pumps and white stockings. Nica steps onto Masopls’s chest and try to for…ce her stilettos into his ribs. She takes off her skirt, stockings and shoes… He is in amazing pain but she gags his mouth with her stockings. She for…ces him to kiss and lick her shoes and feet… Time: 7,19 min. Remastered – movie from 2003.
Masopls and Nica 08 MP4
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI am in the company of my friend Master. He and I have two perfect physiques, to reach this shape you need hard and constant training. With us is the fattest slave in my harem. Judging by his looks, he will never have trained in his life for more than five minutes. So my friend and I will test it a bit. We try to make him do some push-ups and abdominals, but the results are bad. We decide to have him use the trapeze too, but he doesn’t have the strength to do it. His muscles are surrounded by fat! We show him how the exercises are done and eventually let him worship our sweaty bodies. For a pig like him to adore two physicists like ours is great luck!
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English SpeakingCustom request – The powerful and seductive Mistress Gaia has successfully lured the leader of the rebels. He enters her lair in order to rescue his captured agent (from the previous two scenes). He finds her seated cross legged on her throne. She welcomes him seductively. ?Now that you?re here, you?re MINE? She stands up slowly revealing to him her height and incredible physique. She walks slowly towards him. He prepares for hand to hand combat. She is not concerned. He throws a ?punch? (pretend) at her stomach. It has no effect. He tries again. Nothing. She chuckles. He tries one last punch to her face but she easily catches his fist in her hand. He futilely struggles to break free as she squeezes his captured hand. She then grabs his throat and pulls him close. She proceeds to lift him off his feet by the neck (using the same 2 shot camera technique you did in the last scene!). Shot of his feet dangling next to her gorgeous legs. ?At last, I have you.? She drops him. She walks around him, her hands and arms caressing him sensually. ?Let me tell you what I have planned, my love. I?m going to break you and once you?re broken, I will make you want me. Then you will belong to me.? ?Let?s begin? She wraps her arms around him and lifts him in bear hug. His feet are off the ground. His arms are free. He feels her beautiful arms as he tries in vain to break free. ?I?ve waited a long time for this moment: to have you in my grip.? She has him. She is very sensual despite the fact that she is squeezing him. She releases him. She caresses his face like a lover ?You belong to me, my love? She lifts him off his feet again in another crush. This time his arms are pinned. His legs dangle again. ?No, my love. There is no escape. Feel my strength as I slowly crush you? She is a lovely python She releases him again. She pulls his head back into hers and whispers in his ear ?You belong to me. The sooner you submit the better?. She lifts him in a reserve bear hug. ?You?re helpless? squeezing him is sexually exciting her. She releases him and holds him facing her under the armpits. ?I will enjoy you greatly, my love? She gently lifts him ?Who do you belong to, my love?? He begins to break. She is pleased. She drops him. He crumples to the floor.We cut to a location where she can easily wrap her legs around his waist. She is sitting with her gorgeous legs crossed. ?Come to me? He does. ?Kneel before me? He does? She takes his head in one hand, like a lover ?Who do you belong to?? He belongs to her. She crosses her perfect legs. He cannot resist. She then opens her legs and pulls his body between them and closes them around him. She slowly crushes his waist between her thighs. ?Since you have submitted, you are now my own. You may try to break free.? He pushes on her thighs but it?s no good. ?You see? mine? She squeezes slowly until he yelps out in her grip ?All mine? She releases him and crosses her legs in victory?
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165998 – Lady Scarlet – The an*mal I want you to be

ITALIAN LANGUAGEYou hear barking… it’s my d*g locked in a cage. I go towards him holding the leash in my hand. He shudders with joy because he knows it’s time to go out for a walk. I open the door and he approaches me. He has toothed clamps on his nipples. I left them as a symbol of belonging and punishment. And that’s where I put the leash, so that every pull is a pain for that beast. I take him for a walk. He smells my smell, he is glad that I came to get him but at the same time he feels pain in his nipples. Then sitting comfortably I have my boots cleaned with his tongue. A good d*g thus serves his Mistress! But now I want him to become my pony and to take me for a walk. I prepare him by putting two bridles always connected to the clamps and I ride him. Every now and then I like him grab me by the heels and stand up on two legs. I take him to the end of his strength and he collapses to the ground. I let my boots kiss, give him a tug on his nipples again and leave him there.
Lady Scarlet - The an*mal I want you to be
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165346 – Converse Trampling by Mistress Krush (full body angle) (720p MP4)

The notorious and sadistic Mistress Krush wants to trample one of her slaves in her converse, just because she feels like it. Dressed up very casually in her blue tight skinny jeans and a grey vest she will have some fun doing one of her favourite activities – trampling. Of course the skinny slave is already naked on the floor waiting to be trampled on. Mistress Krush lights a cigarette and gets on with the trampling. As you can see she’s got really good balance. And of course the trampling is full weight. Mistress Krush standing on his chest and stomach in the first 5 minutes of the clip. She didn’t use the wooden floor. The slave struggles to breathe, but the Mistress doesn’t really care. She’s just having fun watching him suffering beneath her converse shoes. Towards the end of the clip Mistress Krush will sit on the slave’s face as well. The face sitting is only a few seconds because the trampling has to continue. There are some light stomps and jumps as well. The clip is filmed from one angle only as you can see from the preview and the GIF. Full body angle.
Converse Trampling by Mistress Krush (full body angle) (720p MP4)
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164734 – Bimbo Bodies Make Men Stupid

My gorgeous hot body is a powerful trick I use against stupid males and their dumb dicks. I love working out, getting bigger tits, bigger lips, and making my body so bimbofied and hot that your dick gets hard against your will. It doesn’t matter if you hate me, you’ll still get horny and jerk off to me, and that gives me control over your body and your mind. I’m going to use all the power of my hot body to get whatever I want out of you.
Bimbo Bodies Make Men Stupid
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165935 – Outdoor Leggings Pussy Worship Femdom on Rooftop

To exalt herself as a Goddess even higher, Mistress Sofi, along with her slave, climbed onto the roof of a high-rise building. And even there, Queen Sofi sat as high as possible, and her obedient slave sat at her feet so that they would bow as best as possible to the pussy of their Mistress. Narcissistic girl in tight leggings enjoys the view of the evening city while her submissive guy passionately kisses her pussy. Princess Sofi enjoys her power and superiority over the guy, so she orders him to kiss her better. This is outdoor pussy worship femdom and yoga pants fetish at sunset.
Outdoor Leggings Pussy Worship Femdom on Rooftop
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165887 – ALISA and DIANA – Walking in the fresh air with the fat idiot – GOPRO CAMERA (wmv)

Alisa and Diana are walking around the neighborhood with a fat idiot .. The girls wanted to breathe fresh air and for one thing they took this loser with them. He crawls after them like a pet and licks their dirty sneakers. Sometimes girls push him into a muddy puddle so that this pig can bathe. Pigs love dirt. Alisa and Diana still don’t understand what kind of creature he is .. a pig? worm? creeping thing? or just a fat loser..
ALISA and DIANA - Walking in the fresh air with the fat idiot - GOPRO CAMERA (wmv)
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165884 – ALISA and DIANA – Walking in the fresh air with the fat idiot – MAIN CAMERA (mp4)

Alisa and Diana are walking around the neighborhood with a fat idiot .. The girls wanted to breathe fresh air and for one thing they took this loser with them. He crawls after them like a pet and licks their dirty sneakers. Sometimes girls push him into a muddy puddle so that this pig can bathe. Pigs love dirt. Alisa and Diana still don’t understand what kind of creature he is .. a pig? worm? creeping thing? or just a fat loser..
ALISA and DIANA - Walking in the fresh air with the fat idiot - MAIN CAMERA (mp4)
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165843 – Euro Brat -Episode 4

This girl wasn’t happy about her soccer team losing in the euro cup finals so she makes herself a relaxing bubble bath and takes out her frustrations on her slave. Everything from making it smell her sweaty wet socks, stepping on it’s face, trampling, face sitting, and of course cute poses every so often for the camera while smiling and mocking her slave getting sat on!
Euro Brat -Episode 4
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165835 – Miss & Mistress 2/5

Just because TV maid Miss (y) Romina is allowed to be dominant, she is not released from her duties of handing the mistress the champagne. After all, the ladies want to have fun and not sit on dry land! But the slave also begs for tingly pleasure and the mistress is gracious with a hot dominatrix kiss! Matching the corset, the little slut wears panties that cover his red ass. But the mistresses want to see what their whips have done while licking their boots!
Miss & Mistress 2/5
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