ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The splendid Mistress Gaia, dressed in a sexy bikini and heels, enters her dungeon with a small and petite slave on her leash, who wears only sexy lingerie. Inside the cage there is a slave almost two meters tall and very large, so big that the cage can hardly contain him. Mistress Gaia is a bit bored and so she decides to play with her slaves. For this she orders the slave to get out of the cage, while the little slave without a leash is standing next to her. Mistress Gaia is amazed by the height and physique of her slave who is also taller than her, and so she makes him step on the scale before her to see if his weight is at its maximum. Mistress Gaia is amazed: his kilos are so many that the scales can’t even quantify them.The mistress then decides to compare her height with the gigantic slave and, for this, takes off her shoes. Mistress Gaia is tall, but in the presence of her slave appears smaller. She then wants to see the little slave next to the tall slave: This time the difference in height is abysmal. She looks like a child in front of the gigantic slave. Suddenly, the slave has a gasp of rebellion and takes his mistress in his arms without authorization.Mistress Gaia is so surprised, and orders the slave to put her down. The slave is out of control and takes her around the dungeon with a laugh. The little slave sees the scene and starts laughing. The giant appears mad, but some severe slaps from the mistress make him come to his senses, and so he puts her down. She now wants to punish the little slave, because she allowed herself to laugh during the lifting scene. Mistress Gaia is very angry and decides the punishment to inflict on the petite slave. She is to be lifted by the large slave. The little slave trembles at the thought of being lifted by the giant, and so she tries to escape. Mistress Gaia orders the other slave to take her. The one-handed slave grabs her and brings her back to the center of the dungeon.The torment of the slave begins, under the sadistic and satisfied gaze of Mistress Gaia. The giant slave lifts the small twig in every way: in his arms, on the shoulders, from the torso. The slave looks like a rag doll in the slave’s big hands. She begs for forgiveness, but the domination continues until the petite slave becomes exhausted. The slave takes her in his arms and carries her to Mistress Gaia’s feet. Her hard lesson will serve as a warning to her: never make fun of Mistress Gaia!
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162212 – Edge and inhale yourself STUPID! (with effects) (small version)

I’m making you an idiot today! Aroma brainfucks to the point of unconsciousness are exactly yours. You think it’s hot to shoot yourself into delirium according to my extreme instructions and to breathe so much that it makes you stupid! Today you will completely fumigate your brain cells while edging to my nylon feet! I want you to keep going! And if you think it’s enough, then it’s just getting started! It’s extreme, it’ll make you stupid … and that’s what turns you on! Get stupid for me, become a blown jerk-off idiot! Inhaled like an idiot, you’ll just watch this clip over and over until your IQ has completely gone up in smoke and you’re nothing more than a completely stupid aroma zobie!
Edge and inhale yourself STUPID! (with effects) (small version)
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGAfter having being showered with my Mistress friend?s golden nectar and having being whipped (see clip SPOLLY GETS WHIPPED) , Spolly is getting an opportunity to watch something that every man would like to see: a woman squirting. My Mistress friend stimulates her pussy with the vibro and, shortly afterwards, she emits several copious quirts that flood Spolly?s head, while he masturbates his ridiculous little dick. And that’s not all, after a few minutes of relaxation, my friend is ready to cum again, while Spolly confirms that he is completely impotent and, despite trying desperately, he can’t even cum
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162297 – Kissless Loser Humiliation

You have fried your brain watching Femdom porn day in and out, so how do I hurt a gross pathetic fuck like YOU? I think I can still think of one way of making you feel something, and it involves nothing more than sensual kissing and denial. It might make you feel things you haven’t felt in a long time, feel strangely dirty, even. And It’ll be even more humiliating if you remain kissless to this day haha. You get to be so close to us, watch us make out and rub each others bulges; but if you think that we’d ever let someone like you join in on the fun we’re just going to laugh in your face and DENY you. Go stroke, we don’t care. We know you’ll be unable to help yourself. ~
Kissless Loser Humiliation
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162100 – Deprivation of air by all means!

Mistress Roxana takes away you air with all the means at her disposal – hands, ass, feet! When she’s done with you, you’ll finally know the meaning of true oxygen deprivation! She wants to see exactly how nice red you will become and how much it tortures you to be without air. Mistress Roxana wants to see the pure panic in your eyes! This is what brings her pure pleasure and this is what makes her so extremely horny!
Deprivation of air by all means!
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162269 – Breathless in GASMASK – You are due after Corona!

Do you want to know what I’ll do with you after Corona? When we can meet normally again without a (protective) mask? I will tie you to the bed, fix your hands and feet so that you can no longer move. Then I slip my favorite gas mask over your face, attach my breathing cock to it and take your breath away. How exactly? I can think of various options.
Breathless in GASMASK - You are due after Corona!
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The statuesque Mistress Gaia has a strong desire to dominate a little slave in her dungeon and she finds the right opportunity. Locked inside a cage in the corner, is a small and frightened slave. Mistress Gaia, dressed in sexy bikini and heels, approaches the cage. She observes the little slave, who is dressed in lingerie and without shoes. The mistress laughs at the thought that that a minute slave is her perfect prey to satisfy her unbridled desires for domination. Mistress opens the cage and threateningly she orders the slave out. The little girl obeys, but she trembles with fear in front of the statuesque and muscular physique of her mistress. Mistress Gaia observes the standing slave. Small and thin, she laughs at her for her tiny physique. The two physics are so different and confronting her slave, Mistress Gaia orders her to step on the scales. The number that appears on the display makes the owner laugh even more: those few kilos are perfect for a nice lift and carry domination. Mistress Gaia lifts the small and light girl in every way, as she takes her in her arms and carries her around the room, loads her like a sack of potatoes on her sturdy shoulders and spins her like a top. The slave is afraid, and complains asking to be put down, but Mistress Gaia doesn’t know the word pity. After various upsets and verbal humiliations, Mistress picks up her slave in her arms in front of the camera. She holds her so tight the slave is a rag doll in the mighty arms of her mistress who puts the sleepy slave on the sofa, and sits next to her waiting for her to wake up before returning her to her cage?
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162148 – degraded to be a DIRTEATER – your image starts cracking and I smash your ego!

How do you feel on your new position, loserbitch? Right now it’s pretty odd for ya to kneel in front of a young, beautyful goddess – in normal life you aren’t submissive at all. Successful and respected you act cool and bossy and nobody suspects the image behind which you hide your true personality. No one should realize what a weak sucker you truely are but I read you in seconds and brought you on your knees easyly. You’ll get used to be my slave crawling on the floor very soon and you’ll get even lower. Your image starts carcking and I enjoy training you as my boot sub. I put my muddy Hunters right in your dumb face and it’s your job to lick them clean, bastard! I don’t give a fuck whether you’re disgusted or ashamed – I expect true obedience and you will eat all that dirt form my rubber boots! I know exactely how to handle subs, to break their will and nothing is more fun than degrading wannabes like you to become dirt swallowers and to mess em up. Don’t even try to fight it, loser – you have no chance at all.
degraded to be a DIRTEATER - your image starts cracking and I smash your ego!
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162065 – Lady Scarlet – Sack of potatoes

When I am away the biggest problem I have is not being able to work out properly: an Amazon like me must always keep herself strong and fit. For this reason I found a "living" solution thanks to this heavy slave of mine. I lift him up and carry him around the room and my muscles swell and tone. Biceps, thighs, legs … my physical strength helps me dominate and no slave has ever dared to rebel against me.
Lady Scarlet - Sack of potatoes
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162021 – World order

Shut up and listen! If you finally shut your dumb slavemouth and stop slabbering then you are perhaps able to grasp what I am about to say.I am explaining uncensored how your primitive slavelife will turn out better if I train you to a useful servant. Your life under my leadership. You want to know how it will go? Fall in, line up, listen!
World order
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161957 – The Governess (720p MP4)

What do we have today. The Governess Goddess Vivienne l’Amour came back to the prison cell where she left three slaves locked and one of them is lied down flat on the floor with his arms locked above its head. One of the slaves had been smoking without permission inside the cell and the Goddess is pretty sure which slave did that and that’s the naked slave who is lying down on the cold floor. So The Governess smokes a cigarette talking to the slave about the and the trampling he is about to get as a punishment because he was disrespectful in her prison. While wearing her black shoes with thick heels Goddess Vivienne does some trampling on the slave’s back and front. But it’s a very short scene. So the Governess takes her shoes off and the trampling continues. Having her black stockings on her beautiful feet Goddess Vivienne enjoys the rest of the full weight trampling on the slave’s front and back again while he is suffering on the extreme cold floor beneath the Goddess. There is some head trampling as well and a lot of verbal.720 MP4 60fps
The Governess (720p MP4)
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161566 – Dilator in the slave cock and facesitting – SD

Can you imagine how it feels when a mistress inserts a dilator into your slave cock? You would like to feel that, wouldn’t you? Our slave has now the honor and gets a dilator inserted into his loser dick and is properly fucked in his little hole! I sit on his face and give him additional electric shocks with my "Cluster Buster" whenever I think it’s right!
Dilator in the slave cock and facesitting - SD
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