190966 – Air reduced and property deprived – small version

Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane now test how long the slave can go without oxygen. They pinch his mouth and nose and wait until the slave starts to fidget. Only then do the friends really start to play with him. In the process, they find out what useful objects the slave has that are equally useful to themselves. The slave is made to suffer and in the process the mistresses deprive him of his possessions.
Air reduced and property deprived - small version
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191248 – The Rubber Toy 1 – Lady Pascal & Madame Charlotte

today we start with a really special series here. usually we are more into leather and our ladies are often dressed in expensive dominiant leather robes with leather boots and so on.today we start with a series with gorgeous german pro doms lady pascal and madame charlotte called the rubber toy. so these clips are a must for all rubber fans. our rubber toy is already tied down on the floor totally packed in rubber from head to toe and he was tied down in a very uncomfortable position as lady pascal and madame charlotte gets in. the ladies looks superhot, madame charlotte in black rubber and lady pascal in a superexpensive robe with spider nets all around. they untie the rubber slave first, but just to get him in another uncomfortable position. his legs are now on top and his head is down. the only part of his body that is uncovered from the rubber is his prick so in this new position its ideal for the ladies to play with his prick a lil bit. they humiliate him with differnt gamges. e.g. madame charlotte stands in front of him ordering to kiss his ass, but he cannot reach it cuz charlotte is too far away. lady pascal punishing his prick with some slaps. he also recieves more slaps next on his prick and his ass before charlotte pulls out a butt plug and put it where it belongs to? really special stuff and we hope you enjoy it! 2 further parts with different games and outfits will follow!
The Rubber Toy 1 - Lady Pascal & Madame Charlotte
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191231 – The Mean Female Inspector Part 5 (final) – Mistress Akella

This is the last part of the story and maybe you already expected what happens: Akella has the club owners arms chained to the ceiling, he is hanging there for hours now.The mean inspector returns and in front of him she applies fresh, deep red lipstick to her lips, know how much is is excited by watching that. She tells him that she had a very good idea: He will give the club to her and she will be the new owner. He answers that he can’t do that because that club is the base of his life and he built it up from the beginning. But the mean lady is not interested in that. He says that he will complain about her to her boss. A big mistake.Akella simply laughts at him but she also tells him that such stupid answers make her angry. She grabs a cane with her leather gloved hands and give him a hard caning. He tries to resist but the cruel lady increases the power of her strokes and he starts to cry. But she doesn’t stop beating him until he agrees to sign the club over her.
The Mean Female Inspector Part 5 (final) - Mistress Akella
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191211 – The Mean Female Inspector Part 4 – Mistress Akella

Do you remember the situation? Mistress Akella is the mean female inspector who abuses her position to make a club owner the toy for her perverted desires.It’s time for a lesson now to make sure who is in control. In absolute control. The club owner is ordered to kneel over a caning bench if he want to keep his club and Mistress Akella, dressed in stunning black leather, starts to give him a harsh caning. She makes him counting the strokes and repeating the new rule: She is everything. He is nothing.Still not satisfied with him, the cruel lady grabs her black bullwhip and what now follows is a hard whipping with that painful device. How can such a beauty be so devilish?
The Mean Female Inspector Part 4 - Mistress Akella
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress, I would like you to turn me into a worm from your piglet. This way it will be easier for you to eat and trample me. I would therefore like close-ups both while you are chewing me and while you are crushing me. That way I can see what you’re going to do to me as soon as you catch me. I can’t wait to be eaten and to be carried around from under your soles. Thank you Mistress, I am in your full possession.
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191202 – My ass worshipper home slave

I have my slave in my apartment and, of course, he is lucky to serve me. Get on your knees and start sweeping. Come on, faster! He is willing to do anything in order to bow down to my ass and kiss it. To motivate him I will first give him a little taster : 4 kisses then continue cleaning, dog! I’m going to squeeze you. Now it’s time for him to clean the throne, leave the toilet sparkling, kiss and lick, kiss and lick… over and over again. Everything I touch is sacred and he shows his utmost devotion. He will keep working until I consider it enough then he will have his reward if he has lived up to it!
My ass worshipper home slave
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191181 – Triple POV Pussy Worship Femdom With Mean Princesses Kira, Jucy, Sofi

Three passionate Mistresses: Kira, Sofi and Jucy – are excited with the anticipation of how your lips will now touch their pussies. Three mean girls in multi-colored leggings pointed you to the floor in front of them where you should kneel before your Goddesses and worship their pussies. Bratty girls won’t wait for your actions, they themselves point you in by directing your face to the right pussy for kissing and licking them. You alternately serve the pussies of each of the three Princesses, which makes them even more excited, and their cunts get wet, which is noticeable even through leggings. Therefore, when you started kissing and licking the pussies of the young Mistresses in the second round, they were already wet, so now you will suck pussy juice from their leggings. From the use of such an oral slave as you, the girls were excited to the limit and can no longer wait until their turn comes to use you, so they stood up one by one so that you worship three pussies of the mean Princesses at the same time. Then the Mistresses decided to add another humiliation for you – they spit on their pussies and order you to lick the saliva off their wet pussies. And at the end, bitchy girls also POV face slaps you before leaving. POV pussy worship, POV face slapping, POV face riding, POV spit female domination. The girls speak English, but with an accent as they are not English speakers!.
Triple POV Pussy Worship Femdom With Mean Princesses Kira, Jucy, Sofi
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191169 – Venus Berlin 2022 – XXX Trade Fairs Educate

Together Cruel Reell, Miss Catdeluxe, Madame Svea and I, Lady Stefanie, made the Venus in Berlin unsafe. We had a lot of nasty fun pampering our victims in a variety of unconventional ways. After all, trade fairs are known for conveying new experiences – and so we were happy to fulfill our educational mission and demonstrated a completely new type of egg massage to this lollipop. Tightly tied and with an underpants over his stupid head, he got down to business. We kick, pull and slap the victim and amuse a crowd of onlookers who stand spellbound around us. Will you be there next year too? Of course we also like to make egg salad from your dumplings!
Venus Berlin 2022 - XXX Trade Fairs Educate
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191157 – The Mean Female Inspector Part 3 – Mistress Akella

Two days ago, a female inspector from the local health office visited a fetish club and gave the owner a very bad certification. Although everything was clean and perfect, the mean inspector abuses her authority.Today she returns for a second inspection and her outfit and style leaves no doubt what will happen today. Very soon she come to the conclusion that the club is not clean enough and should be closed. The owner starts a desperate bid and tells her he is very sorry. The mean lady smiles. That’s where she wants him and immediately she gives him hard faceslaps. Sorry is not enough. More hard face slaps and a hard whipping follow…
The Mean Female Inspector Part 3 - Mistress Akella
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191161 – I Am Your True Purpose

Look at you… staying inside and jerking off to FemDom videos all day long. My lifestyle is completely different from your loser life: I go on luxurious vacations, rest in 5-star hotels, and dine in the best restaurants. I also fuck real men, not pathetic ones like you. But you can find your true purpose in ME. Once you’ll start contributing to My lifestyle, nothing will be the same. You will feel happy and fulfilled…and this will benefit both of us.
I Am Your True Purpose
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191142 – The Mean Female Inspector Part 2 – Mistress Akella

While the club owner is cleaning the floor with his cravat, Mistress Akella walks around him on her exclusive stiletto heels and continues to hassle him.She points out to several areas that also need to be cleaned from her point of view. Of course, they are clean already but the female inspector makes the rules and finally she wants him to clean her shoes to. He is very surprised but not able to deny. He crawls closer and cleans her shiny heels with his cravat. With your tongue, stupid!, the mean lady says and he really obeys.How far can she go? Always an arousing experience for Akella to check that out. She takes a seat and orders a cigarette. The gentleman offers her light and Akella takes a pull. If she orders him to open his mouth now, to serve her as a human ashtray… will he follow or deny?
The Mean Female Inspector Part 2 - Mistress Akella
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190862 – Collection Princess Bertie Mimi N33-34-35-36-37

N33_Princess Bertie and Mimi Foot Fetish Spitting Fetish Foot Tivkling Foot Gaggimg Foot Humiliationpart 1.N34_Favorite job of these girls is to e the slave to lick their feet. They are like gods. Mrs. Bertie and Mimi … They put their legs in your mouth. They make you lick their feet. Thanks to their drool, your mouth and face become wet. On your face fly large clusters of drool, covering your whole face. Bless these ladies to give you more saliva!part 2. N35_Another humiliation central Female Domination clip featuring 2 beautiful models – They smoke in his face and use his mouth for as a human ashtray – but They are so kind to him that they help him put out the fire and ashes in his mouth – with Their Spit! How humiliating for him!N36_Princess Bertie saddled a slave, a sexy ass is stuck up, and Princess Mimi is sitting over his head. The girls put a gag on the slave beforehand so that they could hit the target precisely – in the mouth of a slave. The girls first spit into his mouth and face, and then begin to smoke and throw ash on him. Now he is an ashtray for two tall beauties. He is very pleased that the two Mistresses dominate him.
Collection Princess Bertie Mimi N33-34-35-36-37

191107 – The Mean Female Inspector Part 1 – Mistress Akella

Today is an important day for the owner of a small fetish club because he is awaiting an inspector of the trading supervision department. What a surpise as a blond bombshell enters the club.The inspector is Mistress Akella, who is known as a very mean lady, who abuse her authority to satisfy her sadistic desires or to get a personal benefit. And it only takes a few minutes until she starts to tell him that his club is not clean enough even you really could eat from the ground floor. No chance for the puzzled man because she doesn’t allow any answer.When she checks the books, she also finds a couple of insignificant point she can claim. A lot of things she will use to corner him now. He tries to answer back but immediately he receives hard face slaps from Akella. She tells him that she expects very clean club rooms and that he will start NOW to clean it. With his cravat…
The Mean Female Inspector Part 1 - Mistress Akella
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190973 – Caged slave doggy gets humiliated by two gorgeous mistresses (4K/2160p)

Anita’s friend Vicky is finally going to visit her but what she doesn’t know is that Anita is a mistress having her own slave. As Vicky enters the apartment with Anita, she is amazed how beautiful the place is and she’s having a tour around. Tha’s how she gets to the garden where she sees a cage for a dog. Vicky loves dogs! So she goes closer but what she finds in the cage is not a dog. It’s a guy in mask! Anita rushes to explain what’s going on here and Vicky is pretty surprised. But also very curious what it is all about, to have a slave. So Anita offers to show her everything.They order the slave out of the cage, they put him on a leash and starts to walk him around the garden. It’s so much fun for Vicky. She loves it! "What else can the slave do? Can he clean the bottoms of my shoes?? I want a foot massage!" Vicky starts to think about all the stuff she would like to try. This is gonna be fun!
Caged slave doggy gets humiliated by two gorgeous mistresses (4K/2160p)
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190833 – Lady Nora and Mistress Roxana beat the slave girl – small version

Mistress Roxana and I, Lady Nora, are about to go to a party, but my boots are dirty and so I don’t want to go out. Mistress Roxana calls her slave girl to clean my boots. She should lick my boots clean with her tongue, but she is very coy and does not want to do this job. We punish that… I take a crop and show her the dirty spot on my boot. Mistress Roxana slaps her butt to motivate her. Then we put her over our legs so she is uncomfortable and I start spanking her ass!
Lady Nora and Mistress Roxana beat the slave girl - small version
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