ITALIAN SPEAKINGI?m with two of my mistress friends, and we are going to inflict some pain on our bitch of a slave. He can only squeal for mercy, as we move around him using our beautiful nails to create the perfect pattern on his skin. Then we get him to close his eyes, and try to guess which one of us is making our mark. Of course our bitch hasn?t a clue, and we continue to make him suffer from our razor Sharp Pain?
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180360 – Hanging Orgasm – Ezada Sinn

you know why i bring you here this brand new clip with gorgeous mistress ezada starts. she looks superhot as usual wearing black shiny latex.her slave hanging with his legs high in the air, his prick perfectly exposed to the mistress.and soon she grabs the thick prick squeezing it between her cruel hands.so slave, give in: you play with your self always when looking at my pictures! yes mistress you are right.so the cruel lady continues to start his prick with her hands but she also playing with his nipples and verbally teasing and misusing him all the time.the poor slave gets really horny, but without the permission of his goddess he is not allowed to cum.and when he is allowed he will shot his load directly into his own face! this is a really special facial time for the slave today?haha!cruel clip with a superhot goddess!
Hanging Orgasm - Ezada Sinn
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There are blue balls and there are blue balls. And this sadistic task is going to give you VERY blue balls. And when I say "blue", I mean blue in every sense of the word. This is a nightmare-inducing task for your precious nuts. So sadistic that you’ll soon wish you didn’t have nuts! But since you do, I’m going to put them to a test of endurance – to see how long you can last and how badly you want the torment to end!
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180355 – The Tease Of Denial 1

In this bizarre role-playing game, the slave has been admitted to the Betty Ford Clinic because of his addiction to socks and is actually only provided with milk and biscuits by nurse Lady Vampira. But the mistress catches the addict sniffing his socks! This grim scenario is set to become his worst nightmare, as his misconduct is immediately punished with severe fixation in Segufix and punished with female dominance!
The Tease Of Denial 1
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180331 – The Ridiculous Slave – Mistress Nemesis & Lady Sofia

here we have another classy femdom clip starring lady sofia and mistress nemesis. both ladies are sitting on a couch and want to have a lil fun today. with the house bell their house slave is ordered to crawl over to them. he is dressed superridiculous like a house cleaner in a flower dress. such a pathetic idiot.he is ordered to serve the ladies and has to bring them some drinks. as he does this by walking he gets some sharp faceslapps from mistress nemesis.next they want to have some snack and as the slave hand it out first to mistress nemesis and not to her guest, he gets some more sharp slaps. this time by lady sofia.then they order him to dance in front of them and they have lots of fun watching the pathetic idiot. for this bad performance he gets more slaps and has to count them now.time for some sports now and he performs again very badly. next dose of sharp slaps – this time from lady sofia.the poor slave has to do other pathetic sings like jumping in a circle and walk like an egyptian and gets more slaps for beeing so stupid. classy femdom, classy ladies, classy outfits, classy location, classy action – as usual from us.
The Ridiculous Slave - Mistress Nemesis & Lady Sofia
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180328 – BOOT BITCH

You’re a sniveling little worm who only belongs at the feet of your Mistress and she has instructed you to lick her boots clean while she verbally humiliates you. While you stroke your pathetic little cock, she describes in detail all the disgusting things she’s been walking in, just so you can lick it off. And to demonstrate how much contempt she has for you, she repeatedly spits on her boot and makes you lick it over and over again until she’s done taunting you and tells you to fuck off.
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180291 – Offenbach Mean Chicks – Pussy Fungus

Loser Kurt, former slave of Lady Stefanie, is allowed to show up at the Ladys get-together for the second time despite his unforgivable misstep. Already in the previous clip -Offenbach Mean Chicks – Mushroom-Penis-Trauma- the loser has proven that he is an absolute wank failure. Nasty as we are, we offer him another chance to substantiate the fact of his impotence. The loser is allowed to show up with his pocket pussy, the tight Inge, and is supposed to demonstrate us how he "fucks". It’s clear that this project is doomed to failure, but at least Kurt with his pussy fungus provides for guffawing laughter at Reell, Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie.
Offenbach Mean Chicks - Pussy Fungus
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180303 – Going For Vanilla, But? 3 – Aurora Nia Noxx

time for part 3 of our ?vanilla feature?. after some serious treatment with clamps lady aurora plays now with his balls, squeezing and twisting them around. the client howls out very loud now. next she uses a leather paddle to spank his nipples and cock a lil bit, but this is not enough pain to her so she has another cruel game in her mind as she uses some clamps again. again they are applied to his nipples and on his cock, but this time her paddle goes then into action to whip them off. one by one. as they are pretty tight on his cock and nipples she has some difficulties here but she doesnt give up.in the end she uses a long riding crop and the poor client already marked all over from the treatment of the last 20 minutes has to straighten out and present his small pathetic cock just to be a perfect target for vicious strokes of the crop!finally he is released and we can be very sure, that he will read announcments and advertistings more carefully in the future!!! 🙂
Going For Vanilla, But? 3 - Aurora Nia Noxx
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180243 – Husband Education 4 – Aurora Nia Noxx

here we have today part 4 (of 5) of the long husband education feature starring new mistress aurora nia noxx.the story: an unsatisfied wife brings her husband to a dominatrix to teach him a better behaviour. in the first three parts the dominatrix started by making the husband greet a lady properly, accepting pain by faceslapping, nipple twisting, punching, ballbust and nipple clamps.now its time for feeling a lady and feel her weight by a good dose of trampling. aurora starts by trampling the husband with her high heels on and that inflicts very much pain as the husband moans and cries out very loud. so to make it a lil bit easier for him the shoes are removed and he gets flattened by her bare feet.as usual his wife watches the treatment and gets more and more satisfied!
Husband Education 4 - Aurora Nia Noxx
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180241 – Going For Vanilla, But? 2 – Aurora Nia Noxx

2nd part of our vanilla-story is here. for the start look for the description in first part. our client is still on the cross with clamps attached on his nipples. now the mistress take down his trousers playing with his small pathetic prick humiliating him also with words: ?with this lil one you want to fuck??.next she binds his balls very tight and plays furthermore with his small cock by applying even bigger clamps to the tip of his cock. when she plays now with his cock it hurts a lot cuz this clamp is not small weighted. he also gets a clamp on his mouth so he cannot cry out further more. aurora is very amused by him now laughing about her victim.still not satisfied more clamps are applied to his prick to increase the pain more and more and more. next she takes off the clamps of his nipples and she is pretty amoused as a part of plastic still remains on the nipple. excellent femdom as you know it from us!
Going For Vanilla, But? 2 - Aurora Nia Noxx
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180214 – 2 Devilish ******s

Elody is as gorgeous as ever, but a new star is now born in Mailys who has a striking resemblance to Emmanuelle Seigner, the gorgeous wife of Roman Polanski. Where this famous French actress gave us a couple of staged trample like scenes in the movie ‘Bitter Moon’, the unknown Mailys gives us the real thing in ‘2 Devilish ******s!" Who needs Emmanuelle when you’ve got Mailys and who needs Hollywood when you’ve got Cucciolopage. A great femdom movie !
2 Devilish ******s
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180210 – Used And Owned

One of our best trample / kicking / slapping /whipping / spitting / footworship / cbt / femdom movies. This is 60 minutes of pure heaven (or hell?) for extreme fans. We are proud to be able to find genuinely cruel girls who have the added bonus of being completely gorgeous as well! Starring : Charlotte and Fanny
Used And Owned
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180200 – 47

More than a video this is an event ! With this film, Sassou has shots her 47th movie with us, becoming the girl who has made the most number of videos for CuccioloPage.The fabulous duo Riama and Sassou beat, dominate, trample, humiliate Cucciolo really hard under their really sharp stilettos boots and barefoot.
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180197 – The Photographer

It is hard to explain but sometimes a movie is so good it is scary! A sequel to the hugely successful ‘Lola’s Smile’, we have taken the domination genre onto a whole new level. There is no way Lola and Rebecca can make a video this special because of their talents alone. These girls are truly dominant, making this video was a real pleasure for them as they give a quite amazing dominant performance Extreme isn’t a strong enough word for this masterpiece as Cucciolo really did get badly punished and dominated for more than 1 hour non stop. One of our best sellers ever !
The Photographer
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180194 – Going For Vanilla, But?1 – Aurora Nia Noxx

here we start today with another interesting story clip with new mistress lady aurora nia knoxx! story: a man is going to a lady. he read her advertising in a newspaper. he is really in the mood for a good fucking and after he saw the images of aurora he is even more. so in the nice looking small room he talks about his wishes and what he wants to do.well, it seems some conflicts are straight ahead for this poor man as he didnt read carefully that he is talking to a dominatrix right now. so he is a lil bit confused as he is led into the playroom of lady aurora.but still horny he doesnt resist as he has to undress and as he is fixed to a cross. but he starts to realise that this would not end in a good fucking. this would end in big trouble for him now as lady aurora starts to play with his nipples squeezing them between her cruel fingers. and the pain even increases as she applies some hard clamps to his nipples. as she gets out a spanking instrument and spanks the clamps on his nipples the pain even increases? part 1 of 3.
Going For Vanilla, But?1 - Aurora Nia Noxx
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180159 – Femdom 171

Double Blondie Femdom FULL MOVIEVIDEO IN HUNGARIAN! Princess Kimberly and her friend Amanda train Smirni to be a boot slave. They ****** him to lick their boots clean while sadistically screaming and verbally beating him up. They ram their boot tips and heels into his mouth to lick and press his face against it to have their boots polished to a shine. The two blond girls really go grazy! Double Blondie Sock Smelling Tyranny! Princess Kimberly and her friend Amanda ****** their slave Smirni to smell her sweaty feet. They press his face against their stinky, cheesy socks and ****** him to inhale their foot odor while shouting and verbally humiliating him. The two blonde girls go crazy and squeal with sadistic pleasure! Princess Kimberly and her friend Amanda ****** their slave Smirni to smell her sweaty feet. They press his face against their stinky, cheesy feet and ****** him to inhale their foot odor while shouting and verbally humiliating him. The two blonde girls go crazy and squeal with sadistic pleasure! Double Blondie Foot Torment! – Boot Licking, Sock Sniffing, Feet Smelling! Princess Kimberly and Amanda smother Smirni in their jean hot pants, then in their panties, then naked and also in pantyhose. The two dominant blonde girls sit down on his face with their plump jeans asses, nylon buttos, naked ass and in slips and rob him of the air he needs to breathe. They jump on his face from both sides with their plump asses. The two blonde girls really go total grazy and screech with sadistic pleasure! Victim Smirni is spat all over his face by the two blonde dominant girls Kimberly and Amanda and slapped hard at the same time. The two sadistic blondies get really excited and can’t get enough of beating his cheeks red. With screeching gestures they go off when they slap him hard from both sides, it just cracks like that. Again and again the hard shackles hiss against his red cheeks, seasoned with the juicy saliva of the snotty brawlers. The two blond devilish sadists get a real psychological orgasm from being able to finish their pathetic sausage like that. The two dominant blonde girls Kimberly and Amanda trample Smirni’s face, neck and head with their nylon feet. They heartily jump on his face, neck and head with their nylon feet while screaming with joy. They also jump on his chest, use his face as a trampoline and slap his face with their nylon feet. The two blonde girls really go wild and screech with sadistic pleasure! Slave Smirni gets kicked by the two blonde Sado Girls Kimberly and Amanda. While one holds his head in the leg scissors, the other kicks his ass and ribs red. In their sexy leggings, the two devilish blondes kick him hard and screech his red spots with sadistic joy. This time the two blonde girls Princess Kimberly and her new friend Amanda ****** their slave Smirni to lick their assholes and rosettes. Screaming with sadistic delight, they press their slave faces against their pussies and asses. Dominantly ****** him to deeply clean their twats and assholes with his tongue. The two blond girls really go wild! Kimberly and Amanda trample Smirni in Socks and giving him a footjob. While one stands on his chest and tramples him, the other milks his eggs with her socks.
Femdom 171
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