117918 – Accidental Gummy bears crush

Lady B gets a vistit from her family. Now she must bake a cake and is very busy. Her husband take the chance and his camera for to make a accidental crush Clip. He placed some gummy bear on the floor who Lady B works. Lady B know it, but she do not look and take no care.She bake her cake and crushes many bears under her sweet wedges. Some bears stick on her soles but Lady B does not care. She walk and standing on it and bake her cake.
Accidental Gummy bears crush
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116497 – Antique train for Christins wooden Clog 2

A fan sent us his precious antique train – to meet Christins wooden clog! She standing on the first train car and crush him totaly flat. Each of the train cars gets a other way to crushed under the hard wooden Clogs. At the end they all look the same – flat as a piece of paper!This is a custom clip for a fan. If you want Christin to do a custom clip for you contact they at Christin at pretty-merciless-feet.net
Antique train for Christins wooden Clog 2
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113517 – Leatherlady Crushing Boxes (FULL HD) – Lady Agatha

When we talk to crushing fans many say that the noise when something is crushed is the most important thing to them. the louder, the better… so we did again a crushingclip with boxes. these ones are of hard plastic and very stable so it needs really some power to destroy them. and when crushed they are nearly exploding splattering all the broken pieces to any direction… its up to new mistress lady agatha in this clip to perform this. she is looking gorgeous totally in leather from head to toe and on her big feet (size 41 eu) she is wearing some strappy sandals. she is not in a hurry with these boxes taking time, pressing on them with her soles. to be honest she performs a real cool slow crushing which is also popular as we know… english language! clip duation: 07.35 mins.
Leatherlady Crushing Boxes (FULL HD) - Lady Agatha
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116000 – Nightmare for a Samsung Galaxy

Lady B gets a completely working Samsung Galaxy smartphone from a User, his wish is to crush it under Lady B, in her ice blade Boots. This Boots are specialy handmade for Lady B. The nightmare for all the stuff , who comes under the blades. She show you the working phone and her dangerouse Boots. She put on her Boots ,and turns on the phone. Now she rams her Blades in the Phone again and again until the poor Galaxy is only trash.
Nightmare for a Samsung Galaxy
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113493 – Crushing Plastics With Plateaus (FULL HD) – Miss Rubin

It’s up to beautiful lady miss rubin for the final clip in may. and its a phantastic one again for our crushing fans! miss rubin is wearing here a leather robe with leather gloves and on her cute sexy feet are personal phantastic plateau high heel mules. in front of her are some plastics – packings and transparent cups. she first starts to play with the packings then going over to the cups…one by one is pressed down under her gorgeous heels and soles. one by one is flattened to the ground, one by one is history for beeing used in future… and often miss rubin is looking at you while she performs all these crushings! clip duration: 07.08 mins.
Crushing Plastics With Plateaus (FULL HD) - Miss Rubin
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112244 – Shrunken human dildo – part 2

The fear on your tiny face just makes your Mistress giggle! Such a shame that you were pathetic as a Domestic slave. You might have a new calling as a jester!She thinks she wants to have a bit more fun with you though. Just before you know…. she ends you!Seeing as you were watching porn already you must be nice and horny right now huh?You know Mistress sometimes has sex slaves. And she’s feeling a bit frisky now herself. She wonders whether you would be any use as a sex slave now you are so small…She lies on the couch and hitches her skirt up. You try to escape but your tiny limbs are no match for Mistress’s vice-like grip. Maybe she will try and put that tiny cock of yours inside her pussy…Mmm… noToo small.Ah, you are just about the right size if she slides you in feet first…. Mmmm….Yes!That feels good.Oh! Your wriggling and kicking is only making her more excited! Keep doing that, but don’t kick too hard. She might lose her grip then you’d slip right into the folds of her slippery wet cunt. There would be no saving you then would there….?In and out, in and out…She slides you into her pussy.Her breathing is getting heavier now. She is enjoying herself too much!Oh! She wants to put you all in now! The ultimate insertion! Even your head! She slides you in as far as you will go, and you feel darkness engulf you as you slide into that warm dark hole forever….Includes – giantess – femdom pov – giantess – slave training – shrinking – shrinking fetish – foot fetish – foot domination – huge feet – crush – fetish – inserted as a dildo – used as a sex toy
Shrunken human dildo - part 2
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109267 – Under sofa 2

A big and heavy foldout couch with a metal frame to sleep on. The biggest challenge were two boards that were digging painfully into my back when I was under the couch. I put a rolled up rug on my thighs and a pillow on my chest. Three girls sit on the couch and they make sure that the couch only rests on top of me and doesn’t touch the floor. They had a great time, while my chest was still hurting a week later. Time: 12,08 min.
Under sofa 2
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108949 – Nice model Cars for Christin 2/2 (small version)

Christin gets many hand made model Cars from a user. Christin crush all this wonderful Car under her pretty Feet. First she crush they under naked feet. After she crush they with different wooden mules. She crush a lot of cars only under her Mules too. At the end she jump, twist and trample all the flat pieces of the Cars again with her hard wooden Mules. Thank you Mattias for all the wonderful Cars for my Feet.
Nice model Cars for Christin 2/2 (small version)
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