182420 – DUMPED & CUCKED

When Mistress finds you crying, she knows the reason why. Your girlfriend has finally seen the light and has dumped you because of your little dick. Now she’s enjoying having big dicks pounding her pussy, and yet you are left with nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. You’re so desperate to be a part of her life, you’ll happily be her cuck. So now, you have to endure Mistress’ cruel verbal humiliation before she makes you go ahead and beg your now ex-girlfriend for this new level of servitude!
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182278 – Lady Scarlet – No more dignity

Sitting on the throne, I have Jonathan next to me, a true alpha male, strong and dominant: together we are truly an irresistible pair of Mistress and Master. While I caress his statuesque body to excite him, we notice a slave watching us and we invite him to join us: he will be our little whore and he will not forget this day. The slave comes timidly on all fours and we begin to give him precise instructions on how to behave: he kisses my shoes, those of Jonathan and then climbs up his leg until he finds himself in front of his swollen balls and his cock that in the meantime has become a straight, hard scepter. Now we really want to see how this slut is skilled with her mouth, first having her lick his balls and then moving on to Jonathan’s cock on which I spit abundantly in the meantime. This little bitch follows the instructions well as Jonathan pushes it hard in his throat and I look pleased at the chastity cage that squeezes his miserable little cock. After playing and oral sex, it’s time to test how he gets along with anal, we make him bend over the cage and Jonathan starts shoving his nice big cock into his ass and while he pushes he pinches his nipples. I sit on the cage in front of the slave and while he takes it in the ass I let him smell my pussy: just smell, nothing more and in the meantime Jonathan breaks his asshole until he cums.
Lady Scarlet - No more dignity
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181475 – Suck alpha cum off my feet

My alpha and I just had a fucking horny date. He gave it to me properly and completely filled and satisfied me with his big cock. Of course, he also came to the shot – of course, with such a woman like me! I kept the sperm in the condom for you. You will suck up the cum! Every single drop! Nothing is wasted here! I’ll let the cum drip onto my feet and you’ll take care of my fully lubed feet and lick the cum off. Make them clean!
Suck alpha cum off my feet
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180638 – Cuckold Brainfuck (SD Video)

Your cuckold dream is to be allowed to watch us with a real lover. Lady Gioia, Missy Van Licks and I tell you our fantasies and stories. You listen eagerly. As it should be, you kneel tied on the floor at our feet. From me you learn what you can experience as my cuckold slave. Lady Gioia’s hotel story will make your dick hard as a rock, it will start to twitch and throb. And before you can enjoy serving Missy Van Licks as a cuckold, you have to prove yourself first!
Cuckold Brainfuck (SD Video)
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be my cuck? Well, you’re about to find out! I’m going to tell you how exactly I will make you my little cuckold. From making you wear panties, a chastity cage, and a butt plug, teasing you to arousal before leaving you in a hotel restaurant to stew in frustration while I go upstairs with my date for the evening. Listen to every delicious detail of my humiliating cruelty as I spell out your life as my cuckold and why I’ll be getting more pleasure than you!
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180367 – Lady Scarlet – Lick in chastity

Mistress and Master, my partner and I are so dominant, completely dressed in black leather, we relax on the sofa when we notice a slave in the corner of the room. We bring him closer and the Master has him lick my black boots, suck my heels well while he also has to thank me for the opportunity I’m giving him. We remind him that the key that the Master carries around his neck opens the chastity cage around his cock, he?d better to do what we say if he wants to hope to get out of chastity. When the boots are shiny we take them off, it’s time to directly lick my feet: I want to feel his tongue between my toes. While the slave continues his work I get an idea that I whisper in my partner’s ear: the Master immediately grabs the slave by the back of his neck and presses his head against my foot until it all enters the slave’s throat, so fun! Now that the boots and feet are clean, we can ignore it and think about us but we won’t send it away, it can still be useful as a helpless foot table…
Lady Scarlet - Lick in chastity
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178942 – Goddess Kiffa – Sexy Office female worker dominates and friendzone loser – FOOT WORSHIP – FINDOM – CUCKOLD – FOOT DOMINATION – FOOT SMELLING – HUMILIATION – HIGH HEELS –

Kiffa is an office worker that is mean, and sexy, mean and spoiled. And there is a loser that likes her, and he is a foot pervert fetish guy. Of course she just uses him, she never would bond or fuck with a beta loser like him. So, she friendzoned him and he keeps doing everything for her, buying her stuff, doing her work,getting his bonus, etc. She arrives and already orders him to get some water for her. She changed her shoes that were too sexy and hurt her feet , and the loser office guy already enjoyed the situation by smelling her shoes under the table.She perceives that he is a loser and would do anything for her. So she says how she would like to eat a fruit easter egg that is sold in the bakery on the street! And of course the loser goes buy one for her! She asks for tea and the loser brings her tea, and spends the whole night doing her work, so she can send it to her boss like it was her doing!She even asks the loser colleague for a foot massage, because her feet are tired! Of course the loser being friendzoned cuck and a foot pervert does it for her! He smells her feet while doing it! And of course she , being mean and spoiled, asks for lunch and makes him pay for the lunch! She makes him a footstool and gives him a massage while he worships her feet! He tries to call her for a dinner, but she likes to fuck with strangers, and likes the ideia of being a hotwife! So, a loser like him would never have a chance with her! So he will ever be the loser friendzone cuckold who pays stuff for her and sometimes does a foot massage and worships her feet when she wants to!
Goddess Kiffa - Sexy Office female worker dominates and friendzone loser  - FOOT WORSHIP - FINDOM - CUCKOLD - FOOT DOMINATION - FOOT SMELLING - HUMILIATION - HIGH HEELS  - DANGLING - SOLES - SWEATY FEET -
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180068 – Cuckold candidate, you’re a little fuck loser!

Yes, my promise to raise you to be a special class cuckold is serious. My lover was there. We did it last night in all positions. We had wild, animalistic sex until late at night. Hot imaginations, isn’t it? And you, you little fucker, are currently staying out of my bedroom. Yes, you heard right, you’re just a little wanker – you’ll have to do a lot to become a cuckold.But it’s not that far yet. You will first be introduced to the depths of cuckold pleasure. If you prove yourself good and pay the tribute, next time he’ll leave me a nice big portion of hot sperm in the used condom for you to swallow. You will then take our hot love juice and enjoy it – mine on the outside and his on the inside.My thoughts are with my lover at the moment. Loser – I only have humiliation and degradation for you now.Whether it excites you, cucki candidate? Wanna find out? Oh no, you WILL find out. And now I don’t feel like doing anything else. But since you always only jerk off quickly, Cucki, you won’t mind anyway.And if you’re particularly good and do what I’m going to tell you to do in the future, then maybe you can listen next time, you little lecher! So you know what you’re missing.
Cuckold candidate, you're a little fuck loser!
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179935 – From NEIGHBOR to feet sucking CUCKOLD blackmailed ! Traped by the girl next door…

There are few people who are lucky living in the same house as the goddess and as chance would have it you managed to grab the apartment right next to mine. Of course I introduce myself to ya as your new neighbor, wishing you a good start in the city and you like me right away. Because the walls are pretty thin you always know what I do at home; you hear me party with my girls and having sex with my boyfriend. Yeah, I love to fuck wild and often and getting realy loud so you hear every of my orgasms. This turns you on a lot however you carry it off well when we talk at the stairs. After some time you ask me to keep your second key just in case you lock out yourself and as the heplful girl next door I accept. If this was a good idea…? I don’t wanna spoil too much right here but using your key I catch you jerking of to some foot porn and deftly use this moment to make you my foot slave. What seems like a dream come true develops into a nightmare soon when I show you the videos I made from ya while spoiling my feet. You’re shocked as fuck but I don’t let you any time to cry; my man wants to enjoy a foot massage and who could do better than my neighbor? I blackmail you to lick his feet, suck his toes and you bastard have no choice at all – from now on you’re our feet licking cucki always serving his masters!
From NEIGHBOR to feet sucking CUCKOLD blackmailed ! Traped by the girl next door...
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179545 – Loser has to lick the dildo

It is your job to clean me anytime and everytime!Your whole world is my cream!Get closer to kiss my ass and lick it and again kiss it while i fuck my big dildo…I want to enjoy your services while i cum all over the dildo and you will put that filthy mouth on it and lick it all from my toy…be a good boy and get on your knees and run your tongue up and down while i fuck it…
Loser has to lick the dildo
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179727 – Cuckolding 195

Cuckold grandpa – the shoe shine servant of the satistic ruling couple! VIDEO IN GERMAN! Madame Carla and the humiliator have made themselves comfortable on the couch and order their old cuckold loser to lick their shoes. The totally enslaved cuckold aged slave then has to lick the dirt off the shoes and shoe soles of both of them. The sadistic ruling couple verbally humiliates him the whole time, they insult and mock the poor cuckold loan grandfather extrem. He is constantly being reprimanded and schooled about what and how to do it better and, on top of that, deeply humiliated and ridicule
Cuckolding 195
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178681 – Cuckholding

Do you get pleasure seeing me having fun and enjoying with others just in front of you?I can have sex with who ever i want while you will remain loyal,you will watch how i suck and fuck this dick…you are so lucky i share my sexual adventures with youYour job is to put those lips and tongue on my pussy when i want and clean whenever i say so
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