169674 – Lady Scarlet – A servant for an Alpha Couple

ENGLISH LANGUAGEI am on the sofa with my partner enjoying a moment of relaxation. I want a coffee, I call the slave who immediately arrives dressed as a waitress and his face covered. He brings us two cups that we sip calmly but then I remember putting a chastity cage around my slave’s cock and I want to show it to my partner too: I lift the servant’s skirt and grab him by the swollen balls in chastity. After the coffee, I play her another game, I throw her a rag and order her to clean all our shoes but not before taking my spit in her mouth as a sign of submission. After having cleaned and rearranged all the shoes she has to polish the ones I wear but she will do it with her tongue and in silence: my partner and I have other things to do…
Lady Scarlet - A servant for an Alpha Couple
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168840 – Goddess Kiffa – Kiffa Cuckolds you while you clean her soles with cum – CUCKOLD POV EP 2 – BLOWJOB HUMILIATION – SEX – PUBLIC – FOOT WORSHIP – FOOT DOMINATION – HUMILIATI

I`s time to be Goddess Kiffa`s cuckold and cum licker! When the video starts, she is awaiting for a real man to fuck her, while you just have the right to look! She asks you to remove her clothes for her! She tells you to be in your position, seeing her soles shaking while she was fucked by a real man.The alpha male arrives, and she asks him to lick her pussy, while you look at her soles. She cums several times while she lick her pussy, just to warn her , before the real sex. Goddess Kiffa does an blowjob on her alpha male, while you only can see her soles. She awaits her alpha in her position with her ass up! They fuck with the windows open! The neighboors see them fucking and can see the cuck that you are jus watching at her soles! The alpha fucks her, and you can Goddess Kiffa moans with pleasure and have several orgasmsIn the final scene, Goddess Kiffa does as promised, and makes her alpha male with a big cock cums on her perfect feet. She footjobs and handjobs him until he cums a lot of cum for you to lick from her feet! It comes the time where you have to lick her feet full of cum! Thats all you deserve, to be Goddess Kiffa`s loser and stupid cuck, that licks the cum of her alpha male!
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169123 – Cuckolding 185

Cuckold Teenie Next Round! ! FULL MOVIE! Yes honey I am a fucking-fucking bitch a slutty whore! NEXT LEVEL ! FULL MOVIE! Teenie bitch Kirstin and her lover have thought of a new humiliation for her cuckold loser. At home he has to wait for her on his knees alone with a tail cage and watch as she does it again with her engraver and lets him experience live again via face-to-face talk how she has fun doing it! For months already locked in the cock cage, her Cuckol Loser friend leads a really miserable life and has to watch again how the humiliator nailed his young, horny slut friend. At the end he wanks her full broth again with a deafening bull roar in her face after this totally depraved slutty whore with the words "Please cum in my fucking face … give me your fucking cum!" downright begged. But that’s not all, the nasty cuckold princess wanks her cunt with his sperm until she squirts loudly into the camera to her cuckold loser and sends him a kiss via cam. "My present for you honey … from your slutty girl friend.!"
Cuckolding 185
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168645 – Cuckolding 184

Small penis cuckold loser Heribert geat teasing whit footjob and licking! The totally depraved tattoo slut Dunja fucks with her fucker on the coach and then lets her cuckold hubby loser lick her sprayed-on cunt clean. While she continues to jerk her lover’s hard prick, she teases her cuckold home idiot with her feet. She wanks his mini cock with her hot toes and humiliates him all the time in front of her fucker. Finally she milks her impotent cuckold sack vigorously while she covers his mouth with hand over mouth.
Cuckolding 184
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168475 – CUCKOLD CUM LICK EP 7 Full – Goddess Kiffa makes cuck clean her boots and nylons full of cum

Goddess Kiffa is on the bed, chatting on her smartphone, with her real alpha man, to get a night out. She is very sexy to see her alpha lover. Her stupid cuck, joseph, is on his knees, at Goddess Kiffa`s feet. She shows to her cuck the photo of her real lover. Goddess Kiffa goes out with her lover, and spends the money of her cuck. He pathetically awaits on his knees for 3 hours!Goddess Kiffa comes back with her Real alpha man, and makes her cuckold licks her boots while she chats with her alpha, kisses, and makes out with him. Her alpha rubs her ass while the cuck licks her boot soles. Goddess Kiffa rubs the alpha cock too.Goddess Kiffa makes a footjob on her alpha lover, only to humiliate her cuck with a very little penis. Show him how her lover has a big cock. And she puts her nylon feet with the smell of the cock of her alpha in cucks face.In the final scene, Goddess Kiffa makes her alpha lover cums on her feet, and then, she takes off her feet and tpart of the cum goes directly on cuck’s face. Goddess Kiffa makes her cucks clean all the cum of the nylon!
CUCKOLD CUM LICK EP 7 Full - Goddess Kiffa makes cuck clean her boots and nylons full of cum
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167548 – Cuckold: Fucked hard or fooled hard?

Oh you horny slave. You sit in front of my bed and hope for deep, sexy and perverse insights as a Cuckold. Well, you are so tied up that you only have one point of view. I prepare my slave so that he can no longer move and then I ask you: is he inside me? Am I fucking that dick? Or am I just pretending to be kidding? Either way, you’re going to empty the condom that I’ll definitely get full!
Cuckold: Fucked hard or fooled hard?
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167602 – How you will serve as my Cuckold…

You know you are just a beta. You have accepted it a long time ago – and you have learned to love it!Of course there are women in your league as well… The fat, ugly and boring ones – but you are not interested in those anymore, at least not in a sexual way…All this loser-porn online raised your standards. You only get aroused by women like me, a hot, beautiful and dominant Goddess!But you know very well, there is only one way, only one role in which you can get intimate with someone like me. And that’s the role of a Cuckold!I would never even consider someone like you to have sex with, not in a million years! But I like the idea of a cuckold… Desperate, humiliated and willing to do whatever I command, just to get a little glimpse of me having hot and passionate sex with an alpha-male. Or maybe you even deserve a little taste…Do you want to learn what it would take to become my cuckold – and what you could expect? Watch this clip to find out…
How you will serve as my Cuckold...
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – I would like a video where you humble me and treat me like a cuckold, and talk if you can frame yourself all from head to toe .. Super sexy dress and last request if you can if you can in Roman dialect that excites me so much … you can if it’s okay with me send the video.Maybe where I’m your submissive slave wanker boyfriend cuckold and you going out to fuck me maybe with black guys … Mistress, is it a feasible request?
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167864 – Cuckolds Paradise 3

UNCENSORED! We love using and abusing whiteboys in so many different ways. This little cuck is tied up on the bench while hubby and me making out on top of him. What a huge honor for him to lay under my ass and to watch my bulls cock disappear in my throat, making him lick my cream off hubbys dick. It is just so much fun humiliating him the most degrading ways, having my bull facesitting the cuck is pretty much one of them! Of course he had to lick a huge load of BBC cum of my ass after i was getting pounded real hard and rough!!
Cuckolds Paradise 3
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167533 – preferment to a lust slave

You have served me for a long time, enduring everything and giving everything for me. I always promised you that if you are faithful and selfless, one day I will promote you. To my number 1 – to the lust slave. Your dick twitches just at the thought of being allowed to see my pussy. What happens to you when you are allowed to touch the wet pussy with your tongue? I will not make it easy for you! It’s not just my pussy that should be pampered, rimming and a dildo gag you should also be able to master perfectly! *** In the preview, the extensive leak and tail gag scenes are INTENTIONALLY hidden;)
preferment to a lust slave
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167531 – Along the seam – from the ten tips to the pussy

Men are so easy to break. I have chosen a gentleman at an elegant evening event whom I spontaneously wanted to upgrate to my slave. He couldn’t take his eyes off my nylon legs all evening, it’s going to be an easy game. With a few erotic words in his ear and with my irresistible look, I could easily lure him into my apartment. Well, then he could find out what I took him to do. My wet pussy requires a warm, wet and rough tongue that licks out my lust. The tongue should go deep into my wet pussy. The fingers feel deeper into the wet, lustful hole. Did he think he’d get his turn too? Laughable. The only thing he gets is my perfect feet in real seamed nylons, deep in his mouth! * In the preview the cunnilingus- scenes are INTENTIONALLY hidden;)
Along the seam - from the ten tips to the pussy
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – My name is Giulio and I am 27 years old. I would be very happy to receive a personalized video. I would like to be mentioned often in the video, I am crazy about feet, I would like to be insulted and humiliated. I have a very beautiful partner with whom we have now opened up to explore. Please say my name, feet, spit, and cuckold. I hope you understood my request; in any case I put myself in the hands of a professional of your caliber for any kind of improvisation, which will be appreciated?
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What a useless male specimen you are. It is time we got serious about your purpose and that is to be my cuckold. I talk you through exactly what kind of cock I actually enjoy fucking and tell you what I am going to do with you and it involves some numbing cream, a penis sheath and a sex toy….you know you will be fucking that penis sleave to the sounds of me moaning as I get shafted in the next room right??
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167250 – Cuckolding 180 Full Movie: Cuckold Teenie! Yes honey I am a fucking-fucking bitch a slutty whore!

Cuckold Teenie!Yes honey I am a fucking-fucking bitch a slutty whore! Cuckold teen Kirstin shows her boyfriend of the same age via face to face video call that she will have fun today while he has to work nicely. She calls her boyish loser and shows him in video conference mode what poor Humper just can’t believe. While he has to toil at work, his beloved girlfriend is having fun with a guy in the jacuzzi. And the humiliator is no matter how cheeky and presents him with his own girlfriend in the pool with provocative grimaces. After all, the ruling couple starts with the first round of their sexy sex fireworks. Cuddling and romantically turtling, the two sadists have fun in the pool in front of the desperate boy. Kristin first gives the humiliator a hot dildo show underwater and fucks herself with a long pink dildo. Then she squatted down on the edge of the pool and sucked his cock hard. This whoredom teen bitch is really nothing sacred. While she sucks his cock with pleasure, she films herself again with the phone. Then she leaves the phone on the edge in live mode and the cuckold loser at the other end of the call has to watch the never-ending fuck orgy of the dirty cathedral fury live on the edge of the pool. In different positions the humiliator fucks the depraved, totally slutty and instinctual blonde young Bitch hard. In a passionate love frenzy, the two do it and enjoy humiliating their cuckold boy in the ground. Then the humiliator licks the horny young blonde mare at the edge of the pool to the climax – her cuckold loser is never allowed to lick her. Finally, the devilishly horny couple shifts their humiliating hustle and bustle after another round of fuck in the pool to the crowning conclusion in the stylish bathroom. There the totally spoiled teen whore blows her manly lover’s magnificent cock again while she pisses in the shower with lust at the same time. While crouching she masturbates her always wet pussy with the shower jet while she licks the humiliator’s balls and milks his cock hard. Ultimately, he finally discharges his full load and ******l screams into her slutty doll face and then films her for her boyfriend. As a parting present, Kirstin tells him again on the cam what he simply has to accept as a cuckoldless in a relationship with her: "Yes Honey … I am a fucking-fucking bitch … a slutty whore … that`s it ..kiss!"
Cuckolding 180 Full Movie: Cuckold Teenie! Yes honey I am a fucking-fucking bitch a slutty whore!
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166771 – Determined to feel like a woman and a cuckold

Determined to feel like a woman and a cuckoldNext, I made her put on all fours and once I licked her pussy and buttocks well, I started to fuck her with all my strength until I made her scream with pleasure. So I had a good time putting all my cock inside her pussy until I got her to come.Then I offered him my cock to suck it on and then I laid him on his back on the bed with a cushion under his buttocks, and I began to smear his entire ass with that lubricant I had.Then I commented that it would be very good if she massaged it herself as on the other occasion and that she gradually put one of her fingers in to expand her sphincter. Once she succeeded, she tried to put two of them in and so, while I was kissing her on the mouth, she began to do a continuous push and pull, with which, seeing that her fingers were already entering her so well, we could know that she was more that ready for a good and true anal penetration
Determined to feel like a woman and a cuckold
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167146 – Cuckolding 178

Live impregnation of the cuckold wife! Cuckold hubby pig have pay the alimony! !COMPLETE MOVIE! VIDEO IN GERMAN!Lady Amber presents her impregnation through the humiliator to her cuckold hubby live behind the camera. And makes it clear to him that he will pay maintenance for the child and that more children will follow. But that he, as her husband, will not be allowed to have a child for her. He will only be allowed to serve as a paying pig and cuckold looser! Amber embarrasses him when she has fun in the jacuzzi with her lover. Then the awesome sex marathon begins for the ruling couple. Amber first sucks his shaft vigorously in the pool before he rams her hard from behind. Both of them put the cuckold hubby behind the cam again and again with words and middle finger gestures. Romantic cuddling, the pair of lovers fuck each other totally in the spirited ******ication of lust on the edge of the jacuzzi to the next climax. A sight and condition of his wife, which the cuckold hubby doesn’t know about her at all. He has never seen his wife like that. The humiliators’ orgy of fuck then continues on the couch. They do it in all possible positions, kissing passionately and moaning, while all they have left for the hubby behind the cam is humiliation and mocking laughter. Finally the master comes into the cuckold wife Amber. He proudly presents her creampie pussy in the cam and shows the languishing hubby what is going on. He verbally humiliates him in the cam and tells him again that he will only be the alimony payment pig for all these children. As a cuckold marriage fool, that’s his only job.
Cuckolding 178
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167145 – Cuckolding 177

Look how I swallow the sperm – you cuckold loser got it never!VIDEO IN GERMAN! Lady Amber shows you Cuckold Loser what you never got from her and never will! In a hot 69 position she sucks the humiliator’s shaft until it finally erupts in her mouth like a volcano. The lustful bizarre lady then eagerly swallows the netktar of her lover in front of the camera and teases you with her sperm tongue.
Cuckolding 177
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167144 – Cuckolding 176

Small Penis Cuckold Loser MARK bring she to her lover! Cuckold loser and little cock carrier Mark is such a subjugated pussy that he even drives his girlfriend to her lover in the car and picks sheup again after the fuck. The whole time he waits outside in the car and is then ready to drive his dominant girl friend home again. The refined Princess Lara uses this in common until she doesn’t run out anymore. When they arrive at her lover’s penthouse, they both look from the terrace at their henpecked hero Mark. He’s standing near the car and just wink submissively upstairs. The two of them make fun of him and the humiliator even had a T-shirt made in honor of Mark that shows him who’s fucking here and who’s not. And then the instinctual bitchy Lara can no longer hold out. She presents her stockings under the dress and starts to suck her stud on the terrace. The humiliator also films this from above with the handycam. Then he grabs the horny bitch and fucks her brain out from behind on the terrace while she moans down to her cuckold idiot. Then the common ruling couple moves to the couch inside and heralds the next round of fuck. They do it in different positions on the sofa and record the fucking for Mark on video. Before that, Lara tells her lover a few more stories about this little-tailed jumping jack. How he waits for hours in front of her house, how he always thinks he loves her, he doesn’t care if she loves him and that it is completely okay for him that she fucks around everywhere. The vicious couple then goes one round further into the bedroom, where they continue to open up another fuck team and continue to humiliate Mark with 69 position via cam. Finally, in the ******ication of the total humiliation of his cuckolding victim, the humiliator comes with an animal roar on Lara’s face. He hurls cascades of semen all over her mouth and face until his godlike nectar runs down her neck in long threads. Then the two satanic tormentors decide to send their Mark a photo from the cell phone. The humiliator brings Lara her phone and she takes a cum selfie for her poor loser waiting downstairs. Laughing satistically, the two of them delight in the picture that has just been sent to him, when Mark already replies via a message. It’s all okay for him, she doesn’t need a shower either, she can come down straight away. The next day, Mark is the guest of a good friend who lives in the same building. Carla brings him in from the loggia and shows him what his girlfriend Lara was doing here yesterday. Crouching on the floor, Mark should now look at the laptop as Lara humiliates and laughs at him in a video with her face flooded with cum. But Loser Mark confirms that he knows all of this and everything is fine with him. Everything is a part of love! Carla is stunned and humiliates him for the spineless behavior.
Cuckolding 176
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