118016 – My Real Man – Your Master! Now you are fucked!

We need to prepare you! You are about to meet one of the REAL man in my life.Are you afraid?Well, you should be!Since you are definitely NOT a real man, it is pretty obvious what you are to him. You will serve him as well in any way HE wants, understood?He already told me about being a little bi-curious… In a dominant way, of course. He wants to be amused by little beta-boys like you are. So I offered you! Maybe you will even like it if you are coerced to lick his boots in front of me of prepare his majestic cock for my pleasure – or amusement, in case he decides to deflower someone special’ s ass. We are about to have SO MUCH FUN with you!
My Real Man - Your Master! Now you are fucked!
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117859 – Husband turned into Cuckold

Your beautyful, young and hot wife wants to talk with you. Well you know when i told you that i will fuck with you after our marriage right? Well thats not going to happen. After i got a look on your dick i must be honest with you that this is not going to work out the way you thought. I already took care of my needs by meeting with someone you know really good.Can you remember when your chef said you have to work longer? Guess where he was,.. Pssst you could have never pleased me anyway but he, he fucking can. Well keep on listening whats going to happen next cucky.
Husband turned into Cuckold
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116820 – We need to talk

Includes – pov- ebony – mindfuck – cuckolding – taboo – hot wife – hot wives – erotic taboo – cheating confessions – entrapment – plans to cheat – blackmail fantasy – home wrecker Here honey, I brought you something to drink. I thought you might appreciate it, especially as you’ve been so stressed out lately with this project.Ah, I know it’s over-running so I’ll leave you to it. But I have something I need to talk to you about. When can we do that?Oh you have time now? Ok…Well, you see hon I just needed to let you know that I love you and I love being married to you. I’d never dated a white guy before I got with you, but you changed my mind about all the things I used to assume about white guys. But lately you’ve just been off sex with me. It’s got me worried…So I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I couldn’t help it…I went on your computer and checked out your browser history… Big black cock porn hon!?!? Are you serious?Is there something you need to tell me? Are you gay?What?!?You’ve been thinking about ME having sex with a black guy? You couldn’t get the thought of my exes out of your mind? Are you serious?Wow!Yeah… I’ve thought about it… But I took our vows very seriously. Forsaking all others and all that…Oh c’mon sweetie don’t push it. Yes I still remember my ex’s phone number. You know if I call him he’s going to want to fuck. He’s a dirty fucker… but the sex was so good! Don’t dare me to do it… I will you know…Last chance to back out of it…You can’t be serious…..If I make this call right now there’s no going back you know…There’s no taking it back…You’ll have made your wife cheat. All while your head is buried in your ‘project’…*Picks up phone and dials a number from memory*”Hello, is that Bayo….?”
We need to talk
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116818 – I love your babydick

Includes – female domination – ebony female domination – femdom pov- femdom – cock tease – dirty talk – sph – gentle sph – mind fuck – slave training Hey big boi…Ok I’m kidding… I know that thing nestled eagerly between your thighs isn’t big. I’m not even gonna lie to you…I know your cock is small…And I know your cock gets so much ‘negative press’ with all the ladies… Wouldn’t it be nice to finally hear something good about li’l Mr Babydick there?You know, not all women hate babydicks just like yours… Little pinky dicks that couldn’t scratch the G-spot if they tried. Some women actually love a babydick.I do.Come on, let me tell you exactly why I love your babydick…
I love your babydick
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116856 – Fuck-Waste-Feeding 2

I had a nice night out in Hamburg and soon found the right men for exciting erotic adventures. We had good sex and really a lot of fun. In between, I commanded my sissy slave to get ready at a good pace. Coming back to my hotel room, my jizz-faggot was already waiting for me to get pleasure from my fuck wastes. Enjoy and swallow, you moron!
Fuck-Waste-Feeding 2
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115468 – CUCKOLD – My LOVER wants YOU!

To allow you looking at me or licking my soles, you first have to serve my Lover! You bitch will satisfy him, as long and as often he wants you to! You will do everything he tells you to and only if he is satisfied, you’ll be allowed to come closer to me. I know your wishes and fantasies better than you do, sperm bitch! Time to make you understand what real servitude means!
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115383 – Mean Wifey Cuckolds You

I don’t care that you caught me on the phone arranging a fuck date with one of my studs, I’ll never admit that I’m cheating on you. I’ll laugh in your face while I fuck other men, and make you lick up their cum, but I’ll never say I’m cheating! You knew I was too hot when we got married to ever be satisfied by your pathetic excuse for a cock, this is the only way you’ll ever be with a hottie like me!
Mean Wifey Cuckolds You
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115234 – CEI – Time to swallow, Bitch!

Loser and beta males are here to serve. You are here to serve Me! You are here to make me laugh, you are born to entertain Me! This is the first clip of many following where you will have the chance to prove yourself to your Queen! This is a clip with a task, what you need to prepare for it is a frozen condom of your own loser cum. I will give you the brainfuck you need to enjoy fully what you will be doing. FOR ME! You will start with your first task today as the next one will be following soon! I will make you the bitch I want you to be, you are completely lost!
CEI - Time to swallow, Bitch!
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114799 – Valentines Day – Your role is to pay!

You got less than a week left to keep up with my preparations for this big day. What I’ve planned? Well, this day has been planned FOR Me of course. Let me tell you what will happen step by step and how YOU can finally make yourself usefull and serve my needs and plans until Valentine’s Day! For all the little Cuckies out there! I’m planning a huge surprise for you! Just for you and my pleasure, so listen carefully what needs to be fullfilled by YOU during this new week!
Valentines Day - Your role is to pay!
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115063 – Alpha Woreship

That was logical reaction, that such a pseudo-fucker as you only gets a reasonably stiff cock if he isallowed to watch Alphas!Instead of dealing with your cunt, at least, to get the pressure out of your shriveled beans,you rather buy my Loser-Porn because only THAT gets your cock hard, you pay for it to see the Master and Me like this,fuckedup loser haaaahhah !!
Alpha Woreship
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114797 – Valentines Day – Be Part of it!

What I’ve planned? Well, this day has been planned FOR Me of course. Let me tell you what will happen step by step and how YOU can finally make yourself usefull and serve my needs and plans until Valentine’s Day! For all the little Cuckies out there! I’m planning a huge surprise for you! Just for you and my pleasure, so listen carefully what needs to be fullfilled by YOU during this new week!
Valentines Day - Be Part of it!
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114627 – Valentines Day Cuckold

Hi sweety! I was just getting ready for Valentines Day. Do I look sexy? Do you like my new outfit? Doesn’t it look hot on me? Well I got myself another sexy gift for Valentines Day, and his name is Marcus. We both know you don’t satisfy me with that pathetic little cock, so from now on, the rules of our marriage are going to change. My perfect body was made to be appreciated and fucked, and I know you want me to be happy, right?
Valentines Day Cuckold
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114344 – Your Dream: A dominant Girlfriend

There are unspeakable thinks happening in your little slave’ s brain? I know all of them, of course but you little faggot could never grow the balls to tell a goddess like me about it in real life – not speaking of having a smoking hot girlfriend like me!Lucky for you! I would control you like a little puppet, enjoying all the benefits while you are at my complete mercy!
Your Dream: A dominant Girlfriend
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113313 – Vacation Cuckold

The alpha couple will be in Egypt from 11/11/17 until 11/18/17 an we are looking for a slave who will be with us 24/7. We do not have a financial interest for this vacation (that is the reason why this clip is that cheap), we are only looking for a slave who has the same fetishes and kinks as we do. If you are interested in serving us as a slave and cuckold feel free to text us and we will see if you could be the perfect match for our vacations. Experience would be nice but is not a must have. We do not care where you from as long as you speak english or german. We will have a 5 star hotel so a well-groomed appearances as well es behavior and manners are important for us.
Vacation Cuckold
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114305 – Erotic Cuckold Tease

He honey thanks for taking the time to sit down with me. Well i really need to talk to you. Its about our sex life… You already noticed that im not happy with our sexlife, did ya? So i was thinking about something that could make me happy again. And i really want to explore something new. So the thing is i want to go to a swinger club tonight. And we will go together BUT,… Well you will take care of my needs like snacks, drinks, champagne ect… But for the rest you will wait in the corner. While i will explore that sexy club and hopefully some sexy alphas. I will let you come home with me and hopefully some alpha cocks but you cant be in the bedroom tonight. I need it when you understand what i mean,… Well so what do you think of the dress im wearing? Is it sexy enough? Im so exited for tonight..
Erotic Cuckold Tease
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113304 – Pay for our date

If you type in ďpatheticĒ in Wikipedia your name should be suggested by this site. Look at you crawling right in front of your screen submitting yourself to me and spending every cent you have just to make me laugh at you. You are such a sad excuse for a man that you even make space for alphas and real men next to me. You also pay for my dates! How sick is that? But I tell you what: Iím okay with that. Iím okay having you little pervert drooling on your knees and watching me on your screen since itís the only way to take part of my life. You are nothing but a human atm to me.
Pay for our date
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113716 – From Boyfriend to Cuckold!

This clip is made for one of my servants. I like playing around with his fantasy and to drive him wild. Now, I take the position of the girlfriend. Of course, I made my position clear from the beginning of the relationship. My boyfriend has been knowing his position but as I come back from my date with my lover, he looks sad and nervous to me. He wants to talk about all that and tells me how it feels disappointing to him and how he wants to change things. He thinks, he has a chance. None! I show him exactly how reality looks and is going to look like, getting things straight again and remind him of his position! I know exactly how to fuck with his mind and get my will. I know his buttons and get what I want!
From Boyfriend to Cuckold!
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113235 – Swallow Sperm In The New Year

To the little, cumeating slut I will educate you today! In the end, you will not be able to think about anything else and just want one thing – SWALLOW SPERM! Because what is there for a submissive wanker already humiliating? You will need a small glass, because that will serve as your sperm toilette! Serving me as my amusement object to be available and doing everything possible for me is what makes you happy and satisfies! I will fuck your brain so much with my words, that you are my cock – and sperm addicted fagot!
Swallow Sperm In The New Year
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113204 – You want to serve me? First, you will serve my Date!

So you wanna be my slave, hm? Obey me, worship me, serve me in any way there is?All you little maggots keep telling me this, so here is your chance! Before you will be allowed so serve me, you will serve my next Date first! :DAnd I don’t mean some shoekissing oder stuff like this… you will serve him like you would serve me before we even meet!Then, you will have the chance to serve him in real life, I’ll have detailed instructions for you! Obey and maybe you will get your chance…
You want to serve me? First, you will serve my Date!
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113173 – Earn your Sloppy Seconds!

You are a fucking excuse for a man! A total fuck-failure!That’ s why you keep dreaming about the little protein-shakes I could provide you with… If you behave!First of all, alpha-sperm is not for free! You will pay for your condoms to suck and chew on! Not only with money, but with pride!You will make a complete joke of yourself und be my little cum-monkey! I’ll give you detailed instructions of what to do with them! Enjoy!
Earn your Sloppy Seconds!
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