117274 – Cassandra’s Smoking Break- (Full HD 1080p Version)

Cassandra is actually taking a little break, but you are actually so addicted to her feet, that you are actually ready to pay to bow down on your knees, and sniff her sweaty socks and feet while she is taking her break! She lights up a cigarette, and teases you with her boots on, before she takes them off to completely cover your face with her sweaty white socks! The smell is really intense, but you have to sell them, without complaining! She makes you take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes you stick your tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her socks! Cassandra also peels her socks off to rub her filthy nylon feet all over your face! They are actually very sweaty, super stinky, and kind of broken at the bottom, but she wants you to sniff them like a good loser slave! She also wants you to stick your tongue out, to lick and clean the sweaty bottom of her nylon feet! Thy have been marinating inside her boots all day long, so make sure you are cleaning the right! If you are lucky, you might catch a good taste of her sweaty naked soles since her nylons are all broken at the bottom!
Cassandra's Smoking Break- (Full HD 1080p Version)
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117834 – Smoking Barefoot Outside

It’s summer and I totally love being outside while you’re working hard for me! Maybe you’ve 2-4 jobs to get even more money for me! Time for a little break – you deserve it! Let me rinse your wallet again just by smoking barefoot outside! Watch my delicious feet, my painted toes, my soft soles! These feet are your addiction – these feet are your world! Worship my while I am smoking and blowing out all that Smoke into your stupid piggy face
Smoking Barefoot Outside
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113523 – Smoking On The Leather Couch (FULL HD) – Lady Danica

Next clip with lady Danica who is wearing interesting jeans in a riding style, a red jacket and high heels. it seems she is coming home into her mansion after the inspection of the stables cuz she is already armed with a riding crop. well…and if the lady of the mansion inspects her stables this usually ends in well striped backsides of her slaves cuz she is never satisfied with the work of her slaves. after such a hard work its time to relax in the ladys chamber with the leather sofa. she sits down and starts to smoke a cigarette… lots of full loads of smoke now and provocating smoking… and when she puts out the cigarette in the ashtray you may imagine where this cigarette could be next time… clip duration: 07.40 mins. nice price.
Smoking On The Leather Couch (FULL HD) - Lady Danica
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115829 – Vaping lesson (Mobile)

I decide to give my slave a vaping lesson. That stupid pig doesn`t even know how to take a puff. He always cough and choke when I try to learn him. He have the best teacher on the world. I try to do my best and he doesn`t even appreciate my efforts…He can`t even say my name properly when he take a puff. I think I need to give him a special lesson with full lungs and my arms on his neck. He`s so ungrateful bastard… Deserve only for his Goddess spit on his face. I force him to take a puffs one by one. He almost throw up.
Vaping lesson (Mobile)
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115731 – Vaping and spitting on your face (Mobile)

I will start to torture slave with my creamy vape smoke. He can`t stand that. That stupid pig start to cough and choke himself when I blow a big cloud straight to his mouth and nose. I control his every breath with my vape. I like to watch when the spit from my throat sticky to his pathetic face and runs down to his mouth and nose. It`s so gross. Take a deep breath. I press your head between my big breasts. Haha do you like it? I hear you to try to breath. Don`t fight with me. You gurgle with my spit in your nose. Don`t worry slave I help you and give you more vaping clouds to breath. Haha. You don`t have a chance to win with me…so stop trying.
Vaping and spitting on your face (Mobile)
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114914 – Fiona’s Personal Project – (High Quality Version)

Fiona also needs to relax and rest her tired feet after a long working day with her feet inside her boots but, she especially loves to do it with her foot slave at her feet! She needs to finish a personal project on the computer, so since she might have to work for an extra sixty minutes on that, she makes her slave lay down on the floor, right at her feet. She makes him take her boots off, then completely covers his face with her sweaty grey socks! The smell was really strong, and really intense, but it seems like she doesn’t really pay attention to that, and just lights up a cigarette. She rubs her sweaty socks all over his face, makes him take some deep breaths in her socks, and make him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! It seems like she just loves to use his face as a footstool on the floor. Fiona also makes him take her socks off with his teeth, to smother his face again with her sweaty naked feet. She takes pleasure to rub her smelly feet all over his face, while working on her project, and taking advantage of the situation. She makes her slave take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes him stick his tongue our again to lick and clean the sweaty bottom of her soles! She just loves to feel his wet and juicy tongue at the bottom of her feet, and right in between each of her toes!
Fiona's Personal Project - (High Quality Version)
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114755 – Trashy Spitting & Smoking POV

In this video Trashy shows her natural domination skills and gives her best to the fans. Our alternative model smokes in front of the camera the first cigarette of the day. You’ll find her simply irresistibile. She smokes with lustful pleasure and seems the real incarnation of Female Power, Omnipotence and Superiority over men. At a certain point, while smoking, Trashy crouches down – with her legs provocatively open – and begins to spit hard on the floor, filling the entire surface with her saliva mixed with tobacco. No chance to have sex with her: the only thing you can do is lying down at her feet and licking spits on the floor.
Trashy Spitting & Smoking POV
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114641 – Sexy Balloon Domination 2/2

It was once again refined by Dominatrix Lady Vampira to tie you to the bed and make you horny with the balloons and latex before you come with the balloons in the cage. You are trapped with the balloons and they might burst again! You quickly understand what will happen when the mistress gleefully lights a cigarette and blows the smoke through the bars in the face. Every step on the high heels around your prison makes you wince and then it pops loud! The Lady laughs loudly through the SM Studio Femdom Empire while you slave, good serve as an ashtray! But your gag is also suitable as a toilet brush …
Sexy Balloon Domination 2/2
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114281 – Smoking and Ignoring You

I need to relax a bit, so I decide to take a break. I lit a cigarette (Sobranie Superslims), while laying in bed on my pillow and playing some game on my phone. All this time, I ignore you, but I let you stare under my skirt. I feel too lazy to hide my pink thong, and, after all, I don’t care if you are around. (7:42 min)This clip includes elements of: IGNORE, SMOKING FETISH, PANTY FETISH, PINK PANTIES, STOCKINGS.
Smoking and Ignoring You
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114258 – Smoking On Stairs

One sunny August morning, I went to visit the central park of my town. You can admire me taking a break and lighting a cigarette, smoking, and crushing the stump. All this time, I ignore you completely, enjoying the warm sun in my sexy dress and high heels.(3:47 min)This clip includes elements of: SMOKING, IGNORE, VOYEUR, SUNGLASSES, MINI DRESS, HIGH HEELS, LEGS, PUBLIC CLIP, OUTDOORS.
Smoking On Stairs
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114131 – Hot smoking and Igno

I smoke this little thing here in my hands like everyday and i love it. Look at me in my nearly nothing there pink dress, so hot. When you look the way i do look you can literally do anything you want and that is what i do. I smoke big clouds of smoke in your face. You dont even know where to look at first.Your Goddess shouldnt have mentiond that she isnt wearing any panties at all today.
Hot smoking and Igno
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114101 – Smoking In Shiny Leggings and Black Corset

I am wearing my shiny blue leggings and my black leather corset while sitting above you, the underlings. I light up a slim cigarette and start smoking in my sexy manner, trying to blow all the smoke in your face. Remember who is your Goddess and inhale all!(3:20 min)This clip includes elements of: SMOKING, LEGGINGS, LEATHER, CORSET, SHINY CLOTHING, FEMDOM POV, GODDESS WORSHIP
Smoking In Shiny Leggings and Black Corset
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