ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday at Dungeon Roma, I?m joined by my beautiful Mistress friend and we are in a very sadistic mood. My little slave informed me that she really enjoys latex. So I put her in a latex catsuit to allow her a little pleasure. However, she has no idea what we have in store for her. It was a big mistake of hers to think she can enjoy my latex wear without the consequences. She is going to experience latex like she has never done before. It will be breathtaking and we will enjoy making her suffer. We sit her on the bondage chair at the foot of my throne, and tightly bind her wrists and feet. She is helpless and completely at our mercy. We then begin to tease her before I get out some tape and one of my dirty socks and stuff it in her mouth, and tightly bind it with the tape. We both laugh at her muffled sounds as she gasps for air. Then my friend brings out one of her favorite toys, and quickly places her plastic bag over my sluts head. She can only wriggle and squirm as I tape the bottom of it nice and tight. What a blast as we see the plastic bag cling to her face with every breath she takes. We continue to enjoy ourselves with some hand over mouth smother. After a while, with gasps of relief we remove her bag. She thinks we are ready to allow her to leave. Not today? My friend and I are just getting warmed up. We bring out some more latex, and I have a beautiful hood that I use for breath training my slaves. I?m going to enjoy using it on my little latex fetish bitch. With it pulled tightly over her head, she is now experiencing just how unforgiving latex can be. As she tries to draw some breath, it clings to her face like a second skin. We both have some fun as we hold it and pull her head about. Then it?s time to add another dimension to her latex suffering. My friend decides to bring out a latex sheet. It?s extremely shiny and a very intimidating piece of equipment. As our slave can?t see anything, my friend shakes out her latex sheet to allow it to make that distinctive latex cracking noise that tells our slave she is in for some more suffering. Standing behind the slave, she quickly wraps the latex sheet around her head pulling it nice and tight. Still wearing her hood, it?s a double latex layer, and our bitch of a slave is finding it extremely difficult to breathe. We alternate, by removing the sheet and replacing it again. After a while, she begins to become exhausted. So we decide to leave her and let her suffer. We return and remove her sheet, and mask. Once again our bitch thinks she is going to be released. Not yet? I bring out a large dildo and tell her I want to see her take it right to the back of her throat. We both take turns at giving her a good gagging, as she gargles for air. Then finish her off by making sure she can?t breathe, as I tightly strap the dildo in her mouth. It?s been a blast, as my friend and I enjoyed making my bitch suffer her extreme smothering in our Smother Chamber?
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161316 – Accept that I saw through you a long time ago loser

Every day you land on my side and adore me. You nervously wait for new content.I can understand.I recorded this clip during my lunch break. You see me smoking a cigarette with relish and explaining to you, little wretched Betafotze, that I saw through you long ago.Just my verbal humiliation makes your little tail twitch again. You sit in front of your PC drooling and watch this clip up and down.How could you resist your Smoking Goddess too ?!
Accept that I saw through you a long time ago loser
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So you want to belong to Miss Deviant, do you? Then first you need to rid yourself of any degree of resistance. It’s going to be very easy for you to do.All you have to do is close your eyes, and breathe in the smoke from Miss Deviant’s mouth. That powerful, addictive smoke that is filled with the flavour of your Mistress. With each inhalation, your cock will twitch until you can’t help but reach down and start stroking. And when that happens, you know you’ve given in to Miss Deviant. Her smoke has worked it’s magic and now you are hers!
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156058 – Pov Smoking (FULL HD) – Harley Q

time for another phantastic clip starring beautiful mistress harley q! the clips start with you kneeling in front of your goddess. she wears red leather all over – red heels on her adorable feet and a red leather robe on her body.while watching at you most of the times she enlighten herself a cigarette using a classic elegant tipp in her sexy fingers. you may notice how arrogat harely q looks at you when smoking and how bored she is about you and your low life existence.but as most of our ladies she also has sometimes a somehow nice attitude, for example when blowing loads of smoke directly into your face! oh – you are a non smoker and dont like? what a shame for you! cuz even getting the smoke that was inhaled by a mistress is a superbig honour for EVERY slave!and its even a bigger honour when she flips some ash of her cigarette into your pathetic mouth! so stop moaning and take it as a big present! you WONT recieve bigger presents from this arrogant bitch for sure in your life!clip duration: 05.57 mins. MPEG4 FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px size! 4000 kBit/s. Super Great Quality!
Pov Smoking (FULL HD) - Harley Q
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158534 – Goddess Kira Smokes While Watching a Slave Worship Her Pussy In Latex and Panty

Her Majesty Goddess Kira in a fetish sexy latex outfit enters the room and stands right in front of a kneeling slave. The hot Mistress stood up so that her pussy is right in front of the face of the submissive oral servant. The slave immediately shows how he worships his Queen, especially her pussy. Therefore, the slave gently begins kissing the divine pussy right through the latex pants, while Mistress Kira lights a cigarette and makes a puff of smoke looking down at the adjoining slave kissing her between her legs. The Queen stands imperiously and smokes, and the slave kneels in front of her and pussy worship femdom. Then the sexy dominatrix suddenly opens the fly of her latex pants and now the slave has the opportunity to contemplate her incredibly sexy lace panties. Now the lucky slave kisses his Mistress in her pussy right through her panties and inhales her divine scent. Kira grabs the slave by the hair and presses his face into her pussy, thereby confirming her superiority over the lower creature. When the Mistress finished her cigarette, she ordered the slave to kiss her shoes, and then ordered to kiss her pussy again, she grabbed him with her foot with a scissor grip, pressing his lips into her pussy.
Goddess Kira Smokes While Watching a Slave Worship Her Pussy In Latex and Panty
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158466 – Your responsibility as my ashtray

In this video you will find out exactly what your obligation as my personal ashtray is.Do you think it’s really just opening your mouth and gratefully catching the ashes? Then you are wrong. Because there are a lot more tasks waiting for you.I will bring these closer to you within a cigarette’s length.My sovereignty and my erotic charisma paired with my sexy outfit will make it easy for you to accept the tasks.Kneel down and listen to my words slave. Make your dream come true.
Your responsibility as my ashtray
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158463 – Glamorous Smoking Goddess In Glasses and Fishnet Pantyhose Use Human Footrest

The showy and dominant lady-boss Sofi in strict clothes (skirt, fishnet tights and glasses) sat down in her favorite chair to smoke a cigarette after a working day. Sexy Sofi sits down imposingly and takes off her hairclip to let her gorgeous hair down. The Goddess then snaps her fingers summoning her submissive human furniture slave. Domineering Sofi in a commanding tone uttered only one word – footrest! The already trained slave immediately kneels in front of his Mistress and takes a knee-elbow position, turning himself into a living footrest. Selfish Mistress Sofi throws her divine legs in fishnet pantyhose on the back of a slave and lights a cigarette. An elegant girl smokes sexually with her hair, while a slave dutifully plays his role as a footstool. In the end, in order to humiliate the slave more, the Mistress throws her bare feet over the slave’s head and finishes her cigarette. It is hot smoking fetish with dominant bussines woman and femdom supremacy.
Glamorous Smoking Goddess In Glasses and Fishnet Pantyhose Use Human Footrest
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158432 – Humiliating BBW Smoke-Goddess!

Well slave! Are you really horny for the French poison again? Your French, beautiful and curvy as well as strict smoking BBW goddess? Very good little loser! Then it is time for you to treat yourself to one of my brain-fucking clips!Finally worship your mistress!Sexy nylons, skin-tight latex dress and wonderful plump curves! To watch me smoke and to adore and adore me in it all, what more could a slave want? I agree! Nothing! So this clip is made for you! And the very best! Today you will be humiliated and humiliated a little by your mistress!Follow your destiny and follow my command! BUY THIS SMOKEGODDESSCLIP!
Humiliating BBW Smoke-Goddess!
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