209426 – Just a Fart Slave

I just moved and all settled in! Today I was extra gassy and thought of turning you into my fart slave. Maybe it’s your first time but I assure you it won’t be your last! You’ll forever be a fart slave. Now bring me your face and put your nose into my sweaty yoga leggings. Wait for the first fart to sniff. If you can pass this test I’ll let you go further down the fart fetish hole. Good fart slaves get to sniff deep and under these leggings.
Just a Fart Slave

207890 – Fart Revenge

You’ve been hiding a few secrets from me! First off you’re a cheater! I found all your nasty porn books and weird jerk off material. Did you think I wasn’t gonna find out about your gross fetishes? Seriously butt sniffing and farts? Seriously? I knew there was something different about you and I was bound to find out today. You can’t hide your fart fetish from me. I’m the gassiest person ever but had no idea you jerk off to smelly farts and nasty underwear. Oh were you afraid I would break up with you if I knew your secret? Well since I never really liked you as a boyfriend anyways I might as keep you around to sniff my dirty stinkhole and maybe even my fart slave. You know how gassy I am so be prepared for some really nasty farts & I accidentally peed myself. Finally I have use for you after all. You know I have a secret too!
Fart Revenge

207888 – My photographer sniffing my farts!

It all started with a small "accident"! At the beginning of our photo shoot I ended up farting by accident and I was very embarrassed! I had eaten a lot before the photos and was not able to control my ass!To my surprise he was not offended by the fart. I was intrigued and decided to fart again to see what his reaction would be after a second fart so close to him.This time he seemed to like it and admitted that he has the hots for farts. This was perfect because I couldn’t take the weight in my belly anymore and needed to get it all out through my farts!And with each fart he got more and more excited, sniffing everything and asking me not to stop!It was amazing to have my photographer sniff my farts so close! I farted in his face several times!The video recorded everything!All the dirty talk and all the farts!
My photographer sniffing my farts!
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207887 – Humiliation 255

FARTING GODDESS!Madame Veronique humiliate her slave with face farts!VIDEO IN FRENCH!Madame Veronique farts standing up in the face of her slave, whom she has tied to the banister. She pushes her ass into his face and Smirni has to inhale her farts. Then she unties him and sits on his face on the stairs like a pillow to crush him under her farts.
Humiliation 255
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207845 – Venus and Akemy FARTING in the kitchen just for fun!

They’re in animated conversation about tonight’s dinner!They ate a lot, they are stuffed! It doesn’t take long for the first fart to come out smelly and loud! From that moment on, the two girls start farting non-stop, laughing and having fun with each other’s farts!They don’t realize how sexy this can be for those who know how to appreciate it! It’s just a mess for them!
Venus and Akemy FARTING in the kitchen just for fun!
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207852 – You will smell all my farts

I’m smoking my cigarette, my belly throbbing with the urge to fart. I see you looking at me hidden, like a mouse waiting for crumbs. If it’s crumbs you want that’s what you’ll get!I start farting and the smell invades the room. But you like that and so I start a game where I command you to intensely sniff each of my farts. Play hard as long as my patience allows, and in that time you smell many, many stinky farts.Until I get tired of you and your dirty desires, and I just discard you like the garbage you are.
You will smell all my farts
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207846 – Smell and enjoy my FARTS!

I know I shouldn’t eat these heavy foods. I know they make my stomach turn and the consequence is that I start farting and once I start I can’t stop.But today I did it right in front of you, and I realized you liked it. So I felt the urge to keep farting more and more, delighting in this situation and making you smell all the smell that my body is capable of producing and expelling in the air through my beautiful ass.The air is practically unbreathable inside this room, but you can hang on, after all, I need to fart many times to feel good again!
Smell and enjoy my FARTS!
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I run a company, a very demanding job that requires a lot of time at my desk in my office where luckily I have a slave at my disposal to relax every now and then. While I work it acts as a footstool spread out like a rug under my desk and when I take a well-deserved cigarette break it promptly transforms into a human ashtray. There is one detail however, after smoking I immediately have an urgent need to use the toilet but first I have to get rid of all the air I have in my belly… So the slave has the privilege of bringing his nose closer and smelling my farts until the last breath and then return under the desk where he deserves to be.
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206896 – Farting Instead Of Air For A Slave From Four Mistresses

A young slave gives a foot massage to two Mistresses Kira and Pitiful Sl and does not suspect that the Mistresses are waiting for two more of their friends – Agma and Sofi, who should return from the gym. Almost immediately Sofi and Agma enter and, seeing what the slave is doing, they immediately poked their sweaty socks in his face so that he could smell their smell. Mistress Sofi in yoga pants stuck her ass in the slave’s face and farted on his nose making the slave cough. The slave had no idea that now he would literally have to breathe female farts instead of air, because each of the four Mistresses began to fart in his nose and mouth. Sometimes several girls fart in the slave’s face at the same time. The slave only had to either put his face under the skirt, press his face between the buttocks in yoga pants to get another portion of fart and breathe it, swallow it.
Farting Instead Of Air For A Slave From Four Mistresses
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206065 – Mommy’s Bedtime Fart

OMG I’ve been farting for days as my tummy hasn’t been feeling good. I saved you a super nasty fart and while you’re at it you can lick my asshole! It’s stepmommmy’s bedtime but I didn’t want to go to bed without properly saying goodnight to my boy. I know you love to smell my farts so cum closer and put your face on my smelly asshole. Now stroke and get ready for my nastiest gross fart!
Mommy's Bedtime Fart

205724 – Hot Leather Farts

You live & breath my farts. These nasty ones are extra spicy today. The leather pants really holds in all that warmth and builds up such a strong smell. Assume the fart sniffing position fart boy my ass is ready to fart some super big farts in your face. Bring your face as close to my ass, now rest your nose right where my stinkhole would be. I’m ready to fat the biggest nasty fart ever. These leather pants are really keeping my farts extra warm. Now fart simp edge, try not to cum to fast! I don’t want to waste all these farts. My gassy ass has so many to share with your face!
Hot Leather Farts

205598 – School Girl Farts

I’m so glad to get home! What a long day and I really need to relax. Actually the truth is I’m super gassy . I’ve been holding these nasty farts all day long and my stinky asshole can’t hold any longer. I’m sure you don’t mind since I see you gooning to my ass all the time so if I’m gonna let you get that close to my asshole you have to sniff my farts haha. A pervert like you I’m sure will get addicted. Seeing me in my cute skirt and no panties will make you do anything, even become my personal fart boy. One thing I really want you to do is edge, go slow and really stare at my asshole first. I want you to see every line in my butthole and watch me push out some farts. Maybe I’ll let you taste a fart or two 1 inch deep.
School Girl Farts

205508 – Giantess Fart Vore

Your obsession with my ass has gotten out of control. This feeling you have every time you see my ass just keeps growing. You’ll do ANYTHING to be near my asshole. You’ll risk being eaten by a Giant Goddess just like the others. I still have old skeletons from other ass sniffers left in my asshole. Jealous? Do you know what they had to do travel down my throat and live in my ass?You’ll do what they did only MORE! I’ve been very gassy today so you can start by inhaling all my rotten farts. I many nasty ones building up waiting for you fart boy. First you can sniff my nasty fart through my spandex shorts and earn one layer removed. One step closer to my asshole!The more you inhale my rotten farts then more layers I will remove. Do a good job and I’ll let you taste my asshole before I swallow you whole. I will need to take care of these little men stuck in my asshole before I replace them with you.
Giantess Fart Vore

205280 – Fart eating

English ClipThis slave loves to have his breath taken away by me, so I thought I would do it with my farts, I had him stick his head in my Kartell toilet chair and start degrading this filthy slave by farting, they will all be real and loud, I have prepared myself well for this humiliation by following a special diet.He will have to eat my every fart, this filthy slave will have to suffer and thank me.
Fart eating
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