193790 – You’re A Proud Fart Sniffer

Admitting you love to jerk off to my stinky farts is the first step to realising how much you love smelling my dirty asshole. Each time I fart in your face your dick will get harder and harder. You have always loved smelling girls farting but been searching for the right gassy girl to dedicate your fart fetish addiction to. I’ll turn you into a proud fart sniffer! Teasing you with my sweaty ass in this sexy thong bodysuit. Grinding my big ass in your face pushing out the nastiest massive farts. Loud & proud! When I’m done farting smelly farts in your face I’ll let you clean my brown stinkhole. Only the best fart boys get to lick my dirty puffy butthole clean. Embrace being my proud fart sniffer!
You're A Proud Fart Sniffer
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193593 – Predate Dirty Asshole Farts

Just getting ready to go on a sexy date, but feeling SUPER gassy! I’m not sure the hot guy I’m gonna have dinner with will appreciate my farts so I better let them out now. I just have so many nasty farts and my asshole is super smelly too. I forgot to shower and have let my asshole hairs grow so long. I don’t think my crotch has ever been this hairy or stinky. How about I bend over and release ALL my most rotten farts. I can tell you like my nasty ass especially when my asshole is extra puffy from all the straining I’ve been doing. You do like my dirty asshole don’t you?
Predate Dirty Asshole Farts
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193174 – German Girl Fart Sniffing

I’m sure you’ve heard about German girls and how much we love meaty sausages but did you know we are the gassiest out of all gassy asses? It’s true, every time I stick a big sausage in my mouth my juicy ass gets gassy and I can’t stop farting! Each bite makes me want to fart the biggest farts EVER! Us German girls are the kinkiest and I can’t wait to use your face to splatter all my fart juices on. But there’s one catch! NO washing your face for a WEEK! Every time you inhale I want you to breath in my stinky asshole fumes I’ve left on you. You must edge to each fart and sniff my dirty asshole through my innocent white panties like the biggest fart sniffing pervert EVER! Your face belongs in my ass cheeks where you will forever sniff my ass and jerk off to each fart I’ve save just for YOU! When I’m done farting you can thank me in German. It’s easy, I’ll teach you fart sniffer! xo
German Girl Fart Sniffing
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193173 – Fart Fetish Princess

Times are tough these days but you’ll work endless jobs just so you can sniff my farts. Going broke just to hear me fart the nastiest farts and let you smell my gassy ass is a dream! Imagine your face deep inside my sweaty ass cheeks smelling my nasty fumes. Whatever princess wants, princess gets! You’ll be my live in fart slave hiding under my Princess dress patiently waiting for my next gross fart. You’ve never found a girl to fart on you until now! I’m your homewrecking fart princess and you won’t even think of another girl or pussy again! Your mind and soul is dedicated to MY gassy ass!
Fart Fetish Princess
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193172 – Hottest Jean Fart Fetish

Checking me out as always hey perv? How hot does my ass look in these sexy tight jeans? I bet you would love to put your nose in my ass cheeks and inhale my farts. It’s your lucky day fart sniffer because I’m feeling SUPER gassy! I’ve bee hold in my farts ALL DAY and now I’m ready to blast in my jeans. You’re only worthy of my stinky ass so come here and place your face on my ass and wait for my rotten farts to cum out.
Hottest Jean Fart Fetish
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193170 – Tight Jean Fart Fetish

Such a little fart sniffer aren’t you? I put these tight jeans on today just to show off my ass and make you stroke hard for it. There’s one catch, I haven’t cleaned my ass today. Nope! My ass is sweaty and dirty! I know you love smelling my dirty asshole and hearing all about my farts. I bet you would love to be my fart or toilet slave! Imagine smelling my sweaty ass all day every day. I’m always gassy and love to show off my ass. In this clip I talk about you sniffing my farts and becoming my fart slave and possibly my toilet slave if you’re lucky. Fart talk only. You can view my other fart clips for nasty farts where I’m farting!
Tight Jean Fart Fetish
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193169 – Filthy Wet Farts & Asshole Cleaning

It’s been approximately 4 days or more since I took a shower! I’m building up quite the ass stink for you! I know you like my asshole a little extra flavorful so I have a treat for you! The other day I decided to up my protein and ate a whole bag of boiled eggs and now I just can’t stop farting. Everywhere I go I need to fart! My gassy ass is sooooo nasty right now I need your tongue to clean it. After the gym I picked up a coffee and as I was sitting I had to fart really bad but was scared to push because I know it could get messy so I rushed to the toilet and sure enough I had already stained my panties AND my biker shorts. I wonder if I made mess at the gym and didn’t know! It’s already my 3rd visit to the bathroom so I know I’m gonna fart all day. Be a good fart sniffer and make sure you clean my ass good and I left it very hairy. You deserve my asscrack and asshole as nasty and filthy as I can get it!
Filthy Wet Farts & Asshole Cleaning
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193167 – Farting Love Addiction

Something about my farts really draw you into me. All you desire is to live in my ass cheeks and be my fart sniffer. Smelling my asshole farting on a daily basis and even better wearing biker shorts. You always get extra excited when I come home from the gym with an extra sweaty ass and gassy. Eagerly waiting for my first fart you’ll sit quietly with your nose stuck in my ass waiting for my heavenly ass fume. You are so in love with my farts that its become a hourly ritual to stroke off to my nasty farts. There is NOTHING, not one thing you love more than my farts!
Farting Love Addiction
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193166 – Fart Slave Cuckold

Tis the season to be VERY generous and I how how bad you want to FUCK me but you also know that will NEVER happen. Why? Well I’ve told you this so many times before but your penis is too small for me. Taking a chance having sex with you would be a awful experience for me. Instead I’ll tell you all about my alpha boyfriend and how much I enjoy his cock.Since it’s clear you will never get these sexual privileges with me I’ve decided to turn you into a fart slave cuck. You’ll take ANYTHING you can with me and smelling my gassy asshole will be the closest thing you get to my pussy. You’re here to make me happy and please me no matter what fart slave so bring me your face and take a deep inhale of my most rotten fart EVER! Since it’s getting close to Christmas I wore this ugly sweater to cover my big boobs. Fart Cucks don’t even get to see my tits! Be thankful I wore sexy thongs and let you get really close to my asshole. Now fart sniffer I want you to stroke really hard and try to not cum until my last fart! Make your balls ache for each and every nasty fart I squeeze out of my smelly asshole. I have many loud farts waiting for you.
Fart Slave Cuckold
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193165 – Gassy Girlfriend Turns You Into a Fart Sniffer

Our relationship is still new and I haven’t laid down the ground rules so here it goes! I’m a gassy girl and really LOVE to fart so if you want to date me then you gotta be my fart sniffing boyfriend. My nasty farts and me are a package deal and I know since you adore me and love my dirty asshole so much you’ll be a good fart boy. I’m not taking no for an answer and I’m sure one sniff of my rotten fart and you’ll be hooked. The more I fart the more you want to inhale my ass. Go ahead and try! I have some MASSIVE farts waiting for you already! Put your head between my legs and wait for the rumble. Get that nose in my asshole and inhale. Yup just as I suspected your dick already got hard. It’s ok to like smelling my musky asshole, its natural. I keep it sweaty just for you and every time I gotta like a fart rip I want you right by my . When I’m done farting I want you to stare as it while I make it wink at you. Ahhhh doesn’t that look tasty? Wanna tongue my asshole?
Gassy Girlfriend Turns You Into a Fart Sniffer
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193164 – School Girl Farts

I’m that hot popular girl that laughs and teases you. We both know I’m out of reach and you’ll NEVER get my pussy or anything vanilla. I sure wouldn’t date you either! I tell ALL my girlfriends about you too! Imagine what all the girls think knowing how bad you want to sniff my ass. I love my alpha males but you, well I just love to mindfuck you with sexy outfits like this school girl skirt. It really shows off my ass-ests. But it’s only because I know how horney you are for my gassy ass!You’ll jerk off to my farts because you’re not worthy of my pussy and that’s fine by you! Breathing in my smelly asshole brings you joy. There is nothing more that would make you happy then to be in my stinky ass cheeks inhaling my rotten fumes. Each fart makes your dick excited and the more you smell my asshole the more you crave another fart. Knowing how horny you get for my smelly bum I’ve decided your face belong in my ass. I save a handful of juicy farts for you….ready to sniff and jerk off to my gassy ass fart boy?Features: gassy girl, farting girl, nasty farts, lots of farts, big farts, schoolgirl, cosplay farts, milf farts, pov farting, close up farting, ass worship, ass smelling, panties, fart panties, ass teasing, bratty, hot girl farts
School Girl Farts
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193136 – Explosive Elevator Farts

Stuck in the elevator with me while I FART! I was trying to hold in my farts but they became so powerful I couldn’t help myself and had to let them rip. In a turn of events I notice that my gassy ass is turning you on so instead of holding my smelly farts in I let out the BIGGEST, NASTIEST farts ever! The more I fart the more you get turned on. Who knew a stranger in the elevator would get so excited smelling my big farts. Maybe I should let out the biggest farts all the time. It’s a LONG way up to your floor so this elevator is gonna get really stinky with nastiest rotten farts. Being stuck in this elevator with me getting hot boxed with my gassy ass made your day! Features: pov farting, close up farts, loud farts, real farting, jean farts, milf farts, stranger farts, roleplay farts, gassy ass, big farts, smelly farts, tight jeans, ass smelling.
Explosive Elevator Farts
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192963 – Nastiest Fart Compilation

Non stop farts from my gassiest moments! Lots of POV, close up butthole & spreads. These are my nastiest farts all in different positions, different scenes with space edited out so you get pure farts. Lots of naked butthole and spreading. All different fart sounds from wet fart sounds, small tight farts to raunchy huge farts. If you’re ready to smell my stinky dirthole and goon to my gas these farts can’t be missed!
Nastiest Fart Compilation
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192882 – Stepmom Fart Sniffer

You have a fart sniffing secret. For all these years you’ve been watching my fart videos online. Jerking off to stepmom’s farts. You’ve known for years that I’m a professional fart queen and make money off my farts. A secret you’ve kept from me but today I catch you and find out for myself you’ve my number #1 fart fan. It’s ok you can stroke to my farts and I want to see how horny you get for my gassy ass. In fact I’m grace your face with my ass and fart all over your face.
Stepmom Fart Sniffer
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192881 – Sexy Fart Box Worship

Addicted to pretty girl farts? Since you’ll NEVER my pussy you can be my personal fart slave. I’m super gassy and I just love using your face as my fart target. Some really nasty big farts brewing for you awaits your nose. Go ahead fart sniffer and bring your nose really close to my sweaty asshole and breath in my rotten princess farts. I have lots of big farts ready to blast all over your face. For every fart I allow you to sniff you can jerk off to. Now begin sniffing like a good fart bitch.
Sexy Fart Box Worship
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192880 – Massive Stink Fart Voyeurism

Fart after fart after fart! I just can’t stop farting and seeing as you LOVE to jerk off it my nasty farts I decided to gift you with the nastiest non stop farting compilation. All you care about is hearing my ass toot away so in this voyeur style I let my gassy ass rip often! Not knowing that you are there watching me, waiting for my ass to fart I don’t say much…just moaning and grunting as I push out my rotten farts. Follow my smelly ass to different areas in my penthouse and stroke to my gassy farting in lots of different positions!
Massive Stink Fart Voyeurism
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192812 – Massive Fart Stinkhole

It’s been one of those days where I just can’t stop farting! I have no idea what I ate that’s made me so gassy but my ass just won’t stop tooting! My belly hurts so much and these massive farts are so smelly. I was about to go to bed, washed my face, put on my comfies and about to watch Netflix then all of a sudden I had to fart. And I mean FART! Like loud and powerful. I love to fart so much I had to spread my asshole really wide just so you can get a good look at my hairy asshole winking and pushing out the nasties farts ever.
Massive Fart Stinkhole
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