187024 – Lady Scarlet – The insolent is trampled on

I’m heading to a party with my friends Cleo and Gabriella when suddenly we hear a whistle. We turn around and see this loser on the sidewalk in front of us looking at us and trying to make compliments but unfortunately he is messing with the wrong people. We get closer because we want to understand what his intentions are, he thought he was paying compliments and having fun with us but we will be the only ones to have fun today? We immediately drag him to the ground and start giving him a good lesson: stick out his tongue to clean our dirty soles and then in turns we step on him for a nice trampling. He begins to regret his gesture and when he can’t take it anymore we make him crawl to a corner of the street where we leave him like a garbage bag.
Lady Scarlet - The insolent is trampled on
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187006 – A400 Lady Blue Ice in This is me

A400 This fantastic video our Lady blueice is displayed in all herself, with a beautiful walk with the shoes that make crazy gives each of you a moment to get to know, shows like his very attractive feet and sensual show themselves on several occasions and in different positions … his feet will make you dream, do not miss the first floor of this lovely lady … look at this amazing video, it’s just you all for you … !!!
A400 Lady Blue Ice in This is me
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187005 – A399 Lady Blue Ice in An afternoon in the company of Blue Ice

A399 Our Lady blueice in this video is unleashed on his dominated, tramples she crushes his face, presses and press everywhere, in a way that only she can, turns a massage into a very sensual footwork, but also fun, jumping on him with carelessness, to feel strong emotions in its dominated and to let him know that she is commanding and he has to stay under his feet, obey and do everything that he asks his lady, it is a pleasure to come and see … you will not regret !!!
A399 Lady Blue Ice in An afternoon in the company of Blue Ice
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGI always enjoy having my slaves under my boots where they belong. Today I?m going to test this one?s breathing capabilities. Of course it?s not going to be east for him. I?m wearing a pair of beautiful black boots, and he?s going to have to endure them pressing down on his scrawny neck. I like to make him suffer, as I listen to his gargling as he attempts to get some air. I show him no mercy, and with my full weight his pain continues with my relentless Throat Standing?
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