81822 – CLIP – Kiss my throat

Kiss my beautiful neck. Look how soft and long it is. Or would you rather hold it in your strong hands, squeeze it lightly and then kiss the adam’s apple or the sexy vein? Hmmm, I know you cant kiss it, but I just want to tease you by showing my throat in different positions and angles. I know, I am such a bad (and beautiful) girl;) And that’s why you adore me so much, dont you, boy?
Kiss my throat
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81396 – CLIP – Arousing neck game

My neck is your biggest turn on and I know you want to see it more and more. But first you have to get on your knees and beg me to remove the pink scarf and show you my long neck. And when I got the scarf, I want to play a stroking game with you. Hmmm, I know you want to stroke to my neck, dont you?;) So watch me stretch my neck and listen to the instructions.
Arousing neck game
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81148 – CLIP – Oil massage of my neck

I have a beautiful long neck with smooth skin…. do you want to touch it? Do you want to kiss it? Hmmm, I know you do 😉 but all you can do is watch and dream about my neck. In this clip I am massaging my neck with oil and stroking it with my long fingers. Are you already drooling on your keyboard? Haha, and what will you do when you watch this sensual clip…..
Oil massage of my neck
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80690 – CLIP – Big hands on my neck

My neck is so perfect, you want to touch it, stroke it with your fingers, touch my adam’s apple, maybe squeeze it and strangle me a little, just to see the veins getting bigger…. You want to play with my adam’s apple….. simply put, my throat drives you crazy and makes your dick hard. Am I right?;) But you cant be here to do all that so I let someone else play with it and show you how it would be and then I will tease you just with my bare neck. Enjoy;)
Big hands on my neck
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61579 – CLIP – Felicity Pounds Matt’s Chest and Throat

Felicity told Matt she wants to sit on his chest. If this is her idea of “sitting” though, I would fear being under her when she chooses to be rough. She starts by jumping up and down on his chest, feet first. She she then continues to butt drop his chest, sit on his throat, bounce on his throat, drop knees first, and just straight up punish Matt on the unforgiving hard floor.
Felicity Pounds Matt's Chest and Throat
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61532 – CLIP – Soccer Mom Throat Sitting (HD)

This clip is a bit different and features a gorgeous woman who’s over 40 years of age (great body for her age!) sitting on my throat. She also squeezes my nose up in between her butt cheeks! THIS IS A DIFFERENT CAMERA AND DIFFERENT ANGLE USED FROM THE STANDARD DEFINITION RELEASE. PERSONALLY I PREFER THE ANGLE FROM THE STANDARD DEFINITION ONE FOR THIS CLIP. (clip time 4:49)
Soccer Mom Throat Sitting (HD)
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