94377 – CLIP – Dumb For Big Tits

Let’s face it, big tits just turn all of you idiot boys into drooling stuttering morons. You can’t even form words when you see a girl with my kind of cleavage flaunting her giant rack. I know your cock gets hard in your pants just thinking about the control my big tits have over you. How you can’t think, you can’t speak, you’re a total slave to your cock and all you can do is stroke stroke stroke away while you imagine what it’s like to weigh and jiggle my massive tits in your face.
Dumb For Big Tits
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94097 – CLIP – Tattooed Tit Worship

My gorgeous tits are always on your mind. My huge J cups are so massive, and soft, warm, and heavy. I know you want to see me take off my huge bra, and massage and rub my giant tits. You’ll even catch flashes of my gorgeous nipple piercings in between loving long slow motion shots of me jiggling, bouncing, and squeezing my huge tits. Now get on your knees and prepare to worship my big beautiful tattooed tits!
Tattooed Tit Worship
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93463 – CLIP – I Empower Losers…to be Losers

I don’t get why I get so many emails from losers like you, who jerk to me obsessively, you love watching my videos, but then you tell me how afraid you are of me. You’re scared of my power to make your fantasies come true. But really you shouldn’t be scared! I’m here to HELP you. To empower you, to help you accept your destiny in life, which is to accept that your relationship with me, watching my videos, humping your hand, is the most satisfying relationship you’re even capable of having with a woman!
I Empower Losers...to be Losers
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92935 – CLIP – You’re a Good Samaritan, So Harley Homewrecks and Blackmails You!

You’re at home spending a nice morning alone jerking to porn, when you hear the doorbell. All of a sudden Harley is there. Her car is out of gas and her phone is dead and she needs to use your phone, but now she’s walked in on you jerking your pathetic cock!Watch as I ask to borrow your phone, then turn the tables on you to turn you into my slave. Now that I’m in your house you’ll never get me out, I’m going to use you until I’m done entertaining myself, then I’m going to tell your wife that we’ve been fucking and I’m pregnant with your baby. After I Homewreck you I’m going to blackmail you to make sure you serve me FOREVER.
You're a Good Samaritan, So Harley Homewrecks and Blackmails You!
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92913 – CLIP – Controlled by my Massive Clevage

You’re such a drooling idiot for my massive tits. Even just in my bra, or cupped in my soft feminine hands, my huge tits have you captivated. You are just a stroke slave to my cleavage, drooling all over yourself as you imagine trying to shove your cock in between my perfect plastic tits. That’s right, I love having huge tits to control you so much that I LOVE how huge and fake and plastic they are. Don’t ever let anyone tell you those flabby natural boobs are better, real bimbos always know they can make their bodies into more powerful tools to control men. And that’s exactly what I’m doing to you, using my huge tits to make you do ANYTHING that I want!
Controlled by my Massive Clevage
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92800 – CLIP – So Weak for Tits and Ass

You’re such a weak little hand humper, everything seems to get your little cock hard. You can’t stop thinking about my amazing massive tits or my perfect pale round ass. All you have to do is even catch a glimpse of my curves and your cock is throbbing and twitching and you just have to stroke. Well I know how weak you are, so I’m going to exploit, manipulate, and punish you for it!
So Weak for Tits and Ass
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Custom clip request :For this clip, could you wear the black lips again, and those black rim glasses, if you have them. The lab coat, and please button to just above breast, not loose and open. And yes…if you have one more chicken, great, you eat them great and will be good for this clip.The clip begins POV, you are on the phone pretend to talk to a man. You are wearing lab coat and tell him you are scientist and need help with experiment.(a mirracle diet) You ask him to come for help you with your experiment, but he wants something in return for your help. You offer to “make him dinner” and he agrees. (Could you place your cell phone in the front pocket of lab coat.) He arrives and you talk to camera as if camera is the man. You comment on how plump and round he is and how he will be perfect for your experiment. He asks about dinner and you tell him , “I will make you dinner” soon enough. You laugh and giggle because you know and you say to camera in secret from him, I am going to make him dinner alright, my dinner. I am going to eat him. You offer him a drink and ask him to sit down. After awhile your eyes grow large and you lick and suck lips, you comment how you have shrunk him down, but tell him not to worry, this is part of the experiment. Now you take chicken in hand, eyes grow wide and say, Now, I will make “YOU DINNER”, you start to laugh wildly, but at the same time your hunger grows. You tell him, stupid man, when I said I will make you dinner, I meant, I am going to make you, MY DINNER, I am going to eat you. You begin to lick him all over, and your hunger grows until the licks turn into bites. After the first bite you say, YES, that’s right, I will eat you alive. But while you will eat his body your breast will start growing until they will become huge and you wont be able to breath well, you will become a fat woman with a huge belly, this experiment will FAIL for sure!!! you will look like a pregnant woman not like a slim one!!From this point, I will leave the rest to you. The lines in black are the ones I would really like you to stick to, and of course, add your own twist too. Could you have close shots and shots that are not far away, but shows your body from waist up. Could you keep the phone in pocket, it is a look Jillie loves. I hope you like the script and feel free to make it your own too, but please use the lines in black. The glasses, if you still have them will make the scientist look better. (When you say, I am going to eat you, that is my favorite line)

92364 – CLIP – Santa’s Game of chance

Tis the season to be hot and in torment!Mistress Ava Black opens up the festive period with a delicious CBT or jerk off game of chance.The cards decide.If you pick a card with a black suit – clubs or spades – you are in for some cock hurt. Paddle, pinwheel, pegs, or being locked in chastity for seven days. She will choose from these, and give you alternatives with things you can find around the house.But pick a card with a red suit – hearts or diamonds – and you are in for a tingling cock treat. Santa likes her good bois.Are you feeling lucky?
Santa's Game of chance
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91801 – CLIP – Tit Addiction for Stupid Boys

Be careful before you continue reading this clip description, because today is the day you are going to become my STUPID tit addict. After watching this video you will be utterly fucked. This video will be embedded in your weak little mind forever. You are going to stare at my tits and watch carefully as they become the trigger for you to pay me. The more you stare at my perfect succulent tits, the more you want to pay me and the more stupid you become. My tits will be the only thing that gives your pathetic life purpose. Watch as I squeeze them together and drive you completely insane. As I coax you closer and closer, your mind becomes drained of any last remaining intelligence. You will love this video so much that you will be playing it over and over on a loop, whilst being stuck in a constant state of stupor. As you become my little stupid tit puppet you will be longing to send me tribute after tribute. Be warned, you will be forever addicted to this clip and I will not be held responsible for any of your stupid actions. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: TIT WORSHIP, HUMILIATION, FINDOM, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, MIND FUCK, MENTAL DOMINATION, FEMDOM, FEMDOM POV, GODDESS WORSHIP.
Tit Addiction for Stupid Boys
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90792 – CLIP – Addicted to my H Cup Tits. Worship my huge tits with Bratty Goddess

You told yourself you’d stay away, that you could resist me. But you can’t stop obsessing over my HUGE H cup tits. You will buy this video just on the hope that maybe you’ll get to see my sparkling nipple piercings again as you watch my huge tits bounce in your face. Admit it, you’re a SLAVE to my huge tits, your dick and your wallet can’t resist me. I know your jerking your cock just wondering what it would be like to have these huge soft breasts in your face. Now just give in, submit, and OBEY my tits.
Addicted to my H Cup Tits. Worship my huge tits with Bratty Goddess
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86487 – CLIP – Perving On My Cleavage

I know exactly what men like you are like. A girl can’t wear a simple low cut top without your eyes popping out of your fucking skulls as you salivate and leer like the primitive fucks that you are. It’s horrible. It invades our privacy. So now, I’m going to invade yours. I want you to take that dick out right now and get off to my cleavage, just as enthusiastically as you leer over it when you think I’m not looking
Perving On My Cleavage
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86102 – CLIP – Boobie perv

Don’t try to deny it! I caught you staring at my boobs while we were at the pool. You are such a little pervert! Im your roommate for goodness sake! And look! You cant take your eyes off my top! What if I were to flash you right now? Do you want to watch me squeeze them and rub on them? You cant control yourself! Look at the tent growing in your pants, it looks like your about to cum right in your pants!
Boobie perv
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84346 – CLIP – Findom tits addiction – Binaural beat

WARNING: This video includes binaural beats. DO NOT listen while driving, operating equipment, or any other task that requires concentration.Sit, relax and open your mind to my sensual voice mix with binaural beats. I want you to stare at my cleavage and take long and regular breaths as you fall under my spell deeper and deeper. I want you to touch yourself slowly without really masturbating, just enough to feel good. You are now fully content while looking at my cleavage. You have never feel so fulfilled and would give anything to keep on feeling this way for ever. Spending to be allowed to stare at my tits is now all you crave for. Buy this clip ONLY if fully ready to be reprogrammed into a findom tits slave.This video includes: Tit worship, financial domination, femdom pov, mind fuck, mesmerize, goddess worship.
Findom tits addiction - Binaural beat
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Men like you are always staring at My tits. I know EXACTLY how weak they make you, and I aim to exploit your weakness. For more than eleven and a half minutes, I tease you with My breasts while I verbally berate you for being so desperate and remind you that you’re a loser. The clip includes extended verbal humiliation, cuckolding, body worship, and long close-ups of My breasts. It ends with a long cum countdown combined with a close-up of my perfect breasts.Clip Includes: Tit Worship, Femdom POV, Goddess Worship, Humiliation, Tease & Denial
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81998 – CLIP – Tits orgasm control

You’re so weak and horny for my tits, look at you lol. I want you to stroke your cock slowly as I seduce and mindfuck you into total submission. You are nothing but a mindless stroker zombie, totally addicted to my cleavage and ready to obey my big boobs For now on you are only going to cum for them. Even when you get lucky enough to get real sex, you are going to think about my perfect tits as you orgasm. Submit to and worship my boobs now.THIS VIDEO INCLUDES: TIT WORSHIP, MIND FUCK, SENSUAL DOMINATION, ORGASM CONTROL, MENTAL DOMINATION, GODDESS WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN.
Tits orgasm control
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