174120 – Blackmailed into a Sissy by your Counselor

I’m your therapist and I’ve been seeing you as a client for a while now. I know all about your filthy sissy fantasies and the way you worry that you won’t be able to control your desires. I’ve already tricked you into exploring your feminine side by making you wear panties and nail polish. Well all those sessions were recorded! Now I’m going to use everything I know about you to blackmail you into being a sissy whore for me. And I’m going to go from your therapist to your Mistress!
Blackmailed into a Sissy by your Counselor
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167845 – CMX-HV-3885 All Worked Up!

Chadam was enjoying a peaceful afternoon, until Hailey barged in on him, and told him that she was really horny. Well she immediately jumped on his face and started to "tease" him. Hailey was telling chadam to move his face back and fourth in her pussy, to get her worked up, and she would pull hid face deep into her pussy. Chadam was starting to get into it, playing with her clit, rubbing his face and nose in there getting Hailey all worked up. Hailey also flipped in reverse, making chadam do the work from behind as well. By the end of this you can tell that Hailey was certainly getting off, as chadam did the job he was supposed to do, and that was to please his horny mistress!
CMX-HV-3885 All Worked Up!
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161796 – LifeStyle Femdom Part 4 – Fullweight Facesitting, Socks Sniffing, Spitting and Orgasm Control

Another day of female domination lifestyle of petite Mistress Kira and her slave boyfriend. A couple consisting of a dominant girl and a submissive guy just returned from a walk and Kira immediately decided to humiliate the slave in the hall. The Skinny Princess ordered a slave to kiss her sneakers, then ordered them to take them off her and sniff her dirty socks. Kira put her foot in a sock on the slave’s face so that he could kiss her and at the same time enjoy the smell of socks after the street. Further, the bdsm couple moved into a room where, by the order of the Mistress, the slave lay down on the bed, and Kira sat on his face and ordered him to kiss her ass. The submissive guy passionately kisses the divine ass in leggings then Kira sits down with all her weight on his face as if on a chair. Sometimes Kira, looking at the camera, addresses the viewer and spits as if in your mouth or face (POV spitting femdom). Towards the end of the video, Kira allowed the slave to masturbate to himself and at the very end she began a ten-second countdown at the end of which the slave was obliged to cumshot by order of his Mistress.
LifeStyle Femdom Part 4 - Fullweight Facesitting, Socks Sniffing, Spitting and Orgasm Control
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160759 – Lady Scarlet – Suck the tranny’s cock!

Today I really want to have fun watching this slave blow my tranny friend. I tell him that with his slutty little mouth he has to turn her on so then we can fuck him in two. Andreia first makes him smell her panties, then takes out her cock and puts it in the slave’s mouth. This whore licks and sucks with desire. In the meantime, I enjoy the whole scene and evaluate his work. When I realize that my friend’s arousal is at the right point, I walk away to go and wear my strapon…
Lady Scarlet - Suck the tranny's cock!
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160300 – Slave Mouth Existing for Serving Pussies and Asses of Two Goddesses and POV Double Worship

Two petite and young dominant girls in bitchy outfit train their oral slave by ordering him to kiss and lick their divine pussies and asses in turn. Sexy Princesses Kira and Sofi in black rubber leggings and boots roughly use the mouth and tongue of an obedient slave coercing him to kneel between them and continuously worship the intimate places of their Goddesses. While the pussy and ass eater kisses the labia of one of his Mistresses, the second presses his head into the pussy of her fetish partner. When the majestic Princesses have played enough with their submissive guy, they turn their attention to the viewer, ordering you to worship to their divine asses in tight leggings. At the end of the video, Kira and Sofi spend more than a minute in POV double femdom ass worship and pussy worship dlose-up.
Slave Mouth Existing for Serving Pussies and Asses of Two Goddesses and POV Double Worship
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160011 – Whore education: Plug training

So you want to be trained to be my little whore, but don’t have enough practice to stretch your puss hole? In this video you will get exact instructions from me ! You have to wear your plug regularly and practice decently for your mistress ! How long you have to wear the plug for the beginning, I will tell you then ! But first of all: Of course every day !
Whore education: Plug training
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156808 – RM Aina 221b

Irresistible Aina loves when guys make all her lustful dreams come true, and today our stunning dominatrix invites another fella to have fun. Sexy mistress turns the man into her slave, and now she can do whatever she wants with his naked body. Strict female uses his mouth like an ashtray or orders the male to lick her shoes, and the slave humbly turns all sex fantasies of the blonde into reality.
RM Aina 221b
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155535 – Censored Porn for Losers

I’m totally naked in this video, only wearing thigh high stockings and nothing else…but don’t worry, you don’t deserve to see me naked, and so you won’t get to. Guys like you only deserve CENSORED porn, training yourself to stroke off to beautiful women that you will never ever see fully naked. It doesn’t matter how much you pay, you don’t deserve it, you deserve to be denied naked women. You will only stroke to clothed and censored women from now on, no more uncensored porn for you.
Censored Porn for Losers
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153375 – I am your PIMPtress!

There is no way out of your fetish! You are a fucking hooker, and a hooker has to have a pimp like me! I set you under PP , fistfuck your loser asshole and make you to a PP and cum addicted dreamslut! Make sure that you have you bitch outfit, 2 diffrent sorts of the demonic inhale stuff, a giant dildo, a loser cock cage, beta sperm in a glas, a little plastic bag an 2 cotton pads! You want to be a good girl, show me!
I am your PIMPtress!
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154386 – Paybitch Deluxe – Welcome to the 1K Club! (SD Clip)

You already have experience as a money slave and are already addicted to the kick that sending gives you. But you want more, you are looking for the ultimate kick and for a long time you have been dreaming of what it would be like to send all your hard earned money. You know that only slaves who belong to the elite circle of the 1K Club are really good slaves and you want to be a part of my club soooo much. Your dick gets hard when you think about entering the number and clicking on send. You want to cum thinking how hot it is to send so much money at once. Today you will become a member of my exclusive 1k Club!
Paybitch Deluxe - Welcome to the 1K Club! (SD Clip)
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