188061 – Suck It Sissy

You are sissy and you loves sucking cocks!You wanna be a good girl for Me, don’t you? Taste that dick for Me. Pretend it’s real. Smelly and sweaty and ready to cum in your slutty mouth. You love the taste, how it feels pulsing in your mouth.You want it in your slut hole,mmmm you are so horny. You were made for this, faggot,you have been born for this. I want your mouth and your throat stuffed to the brim until you egde!
Suck It Sissy
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184688 – Group Domination Hierarchy – Slave-Guy Must Obey The Slave-Girl By Order Of Their Mistresses – Lezdom And Femdom

Two dominant girlfriends Sofi and Kira introduce their new slave girl Subby-BB to their long time enslaved guy for the first time. The Mistresses tied their obedient boyfriend to the radiator in advance, and then left and returned to the room leading a new bitch on a leash. Bisexual Mistresses introduced their slaves and immediately started using Subby-BB for their pleasure by ordering her to kiss her Mistresses’ asses. Kira and Sofi tease the tied slave on purpose, showing that now his duties are performed by a submissive lesbian girl, and he should watch but not participate in this process. But the slave guy was in for a surprise – it turns out that even though Subby-BB is the same slave for Kira and Sofi as he is, she is still higher than him in rank just because she is female. Because in the understanding of the Mistresses, any girl should a priori have power over the guy, so he is a slave both for them and for their slave girl. Therefore, the Mistresses, having at their disposal two slaves of different sexes, lead them like puppets, indulging their whims and dirty fantasies. The young Mistresses order their slave girl to approach the tied slave and turn her back on him, then the Mistresses order the slave boy to kiss Subby-BB’s ass. Although the submissive lesbian is shy because she is not used to being worshiped, she cannot disobey the orders of her Goddesses, so she has to dominate and obey at the same time in this bisexual group BDSM. Then the Mistresses untie the slave guy and order him to lie on the floor so that the lesbian slave sits on his face. And during this facesiting, Kira and Sofi themselves joined the slaves by ordering Subby-BB to simultaneously sit on the face of the slave and alternately kiss the asses of her two Mistresses. And this is after the depraved Mistresses saddled their slaves as mounts, ordering them to do ass worship femdom at this time, training them in the laws of the dominance hierarchy.
Group Domination Hierarchy - Slave-Guy Must Obey The Slave-Girl By Order Of Their Mistresses - Lezdom And Femdom
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183428 – Do you want to fuck me? NEVER

Custom video – "You can’t believe I thought I was gonna fuck you. You invited me over you need someone to clean your place, you decided I’m gonna be your sissy maid and I can’t refuse because your bbc boyfriend is in the next room and hell come in here and kick my ass if I refuse. You give me panties to put on, tell me I need to clean the most disgusting stuff, the toilet, the litter box . You don’t like my attitude and call your man in to beat my ass."
Do you want to fuck me? NEVER
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174120 – Blackmailed into a Sissy by your Counselor

I’m your therapist and I’ve been seeing you as a client for a while now. I know all about your filthy sissy fantasies and the way you worry that you won’t be able to control your desires. I’ve already tricked you into exploring your feminine side by making you wear panties and nail polish. Well all those sessions were recorded! Now I’m going to use everything I know about you to blackmail you into being a sissy whore for me. And I’m going to go from your therapist to your Mistress!
Blackmailed into a Sissy by your Counselor
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167845 – CMX-HV-3885 All Worked Up!

Chadam was enjoying a peaceful afternoon, until Hailey barged in on him, and told him that she was really horny. Well she immediately jumped on his face and started to "tease" him. Hailey was telling chadam to move his face back and fourth in her pussy, to get her worked up, and she would pull hid face deep into her pussy. Chadam was starting to get into it, playing with her clit, rubbing his face and nose in there getting Hailey all worked up. Hailey also flipped in reverse, making chadam do the work from behind as well. By the end of this you can tell that Hailey was certainly getting off, as chadam did the job he was supposed to do, and that was to please his horny mistress!
CMX-HV-3885 All Worked Up!
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161796 – LifeStyle Femdom Part 4 – Fullweight Facesitting, Socks Sniffing, Spitting and Orgasm Control

Another day of female domination lifestyle of petite Mistress Kira and her slave boyfriend. A couple consisting of a dominant girl and a submissive guy just returned from a walk and Kira immediately decided to humiliate the slave in the hall. The Skinny Princess ordered a slave to kiss her sneakers, then ordered them to take them off her and sniff her dirty socks. Kira put her foot in a sock on the slave’s face so that he could kiss her and at the same time enjoy the smell of socks after the street. Further, the bdsm couple moved into a room where, by the order of the Mistress, the slave lay down on the bed, and Kira sat on his face and ordered him to kiss her ass. The submissive guy passionately kisses the divine ass in leggings then Kira sits down with all her weight on his face as if on a chair. Sometimes Kira, looking at the camera, addresses the viewer and spits as if in your mouth or face (POV spitting femdom). Towards the end of the video, Kira allowed the slave to masturbate to himself and at the very end she began a ten-second countdown at the end of which the slave was obliged to cumshot by order of his Mistress.
LifeStyle Femdom Part 4 - Fullweight Facesitting, Socks Sniffing, Spitting and Orgasm Control
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