195414 – Lady Scarlet – A punishment for my bitch

CUSTOM REQUEST – You come home in black vinyl pants and a white or light blue men’s shirt. You turned up the stiff collar of your shirt. Your slave is already waiting for you. When you sit down on the couch and ask him to take off your boots and massage your feet, he replies: No, I’m really tired myself and I want to go to bed. Besides, I’m not your bitch. You then think you misunderstood him. You repeat it again. But he waves his hand dismissively and turns around. In a rage you stand up, grab him and throw him to the ground. A wrestling match starts, but he’s no match for you. Before long, you’re firmly seated on him. He tries unsuccessfully to throw you off. When he calms down, you undo the buttons of your shirt to below your chest (or to your navel) and adjust the collar of yours shirt all the way up. Then you start gagging him briefly until he begs for mercy. You tell him, Now I’ll show you what a slut you are! Then you get up and quickly search and find a strap-on. The slave sees this, gets up and tries to flee from you out of sheer fear. But you quickly reach him, throw him to the ground and, after a short struggle, quickly sit down again on his chest and briefly hit him again until he began to breathe heavily. Then you quickly put on the strap-on. Now you slip forward with your leather trousers until you are sitting on his neck. That’s when you shove your stap-on deep down his throat and let him blow your strap-on.
Lady Scarlet - A punishment for my bitch
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193113 – CMX-SS-994 Simultaneous Smothering!

Mia and Hailey both really wanted to dig into Chadam. They wanted to make sure that he had a match that he would never forget. With both girls scantily clad in their tiny outfits, it was game on. They flip a coin to see who goes first and Hailey wins. Hailey pursues chadam with sheer aggression and comes on strong. Hailey a few taps from Chadam then it’s Mia’s turn to jump in. With both girls smashing chadam’s face into their ass and pussies, he is constantly tapping out, as both girls go at him one after another. With some brutal scissors from their lethal legs, chadam is turning into a pile of mush here. Nearing the end both girls now jump on him, making it a 2 on 1 and with chadam barely being able to move, both girls claim their victory, posing and flexing while sitting on him. Great female superiority here.
 CMX-SS-994 Simultaneous Smothering!
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192974 – Wrestling Beatdown

Caught you gooning to my muscles again. It seems to me every time I go to the gym, you happen to be there staring away. I know you want to touch my muscular body & the only way that is happening is through wrestling. Do you think I can’t handle you? Oh I can & will enjoy showing you how much stronger I am than you. Weak betas are no challenge for me. In fact, I get amused shaming wimps! You’re too easy for me, I barely break a sweat…Look here, I can easily lift & carry you on my back…squatting your 180lbs body is nothing for my strength. If squatting your bodyweight doesn’t convince you that you’re no match for me than my Brazilian Ju-Jitsu skills will! I’ve made 300lbs men tap to me on the mats & walk away with their ego crushed. Once you’re in my guard & feel my triangle choke you’ll think twice about fucking with me. My rear-naked choke is so powerful, once I have my hooks in you’ll start to get dizzy & the more you squirm the tighter my grip becomes.This addiction you have jerking off to my sweaty ass in yoga leggings only promotes a deep head-scissor… pound for pound you’ll never feel a stronger squeeze around your neck. Go ahead, try to get out… it’s not going to work. I’m way more powerful than you! With my Ju jitsu & boxing skills you’ll be the easiest gym perv to toy with. After I’m done handling you like a little beta wimp that you are I’ll finish up using your face as my workout bench so I can get a little sweat on with some 20lbs bicep curls. Don’t forget some sexy ab & bicep flexing in your face just to humiliate you further. You will be left intimidated yet addicted to my strenth & for the rest of your days, all you’ll want to do is goon for my muscles.
Wrestling Beatdown
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192809 – Lady Scarlet – Therapy for bad men

I’m the psychoanalyst you all wish you had, sensual, ruthless and dominant. Today I have a patient who suffers from unmotivated aggression towards women around him and I have just the right therapy for him… I take him to the gym where I will provoke him and he will have to control himself: if he doesn’t succeed all his aggressiveness I will pour it back on him. We are in underwear on the tatami to stimulate and excite him even more and, as expected, he can’t control himself and tries to attack me. Try because he obviously can’t do it and he finds himself duly knocked out and dominated by my legs and under my feet veiled by nylon stockings. Drastic measures are needed to educate this type of men and I think he is now starting to learn his lesson: he is more and more horny and I show him how I, a woman, also control his erection and decide if and how to make him cum while my hand starts to masturbate him
Lady Scarlet - Therapy for bad men
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191295 – Lady Scarlet – Trapped in my beauty

I am a Goddess with statuesque body and this slave who today has the good fortune to adore his Mistress knows it well. He requested a session with his favorite Mistress and was accommodated and filmed. He is completely enraptured with My body and he tries to kiss and worship every single muscle, from My feet to My legs to My abs and breast. I decide to make him feel the strength of those muscles that he likes so much and I start to alternate different scissorholds with My powerful legs that crush him. The lucky slave is also allowed a very special face sitting which relieves the pain inflicted by My hold around his neck.
Lady Scarlet - Trapped in my beauty
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190702 – Lady Scarlet – Scissorhold home training

A friend has just called me to go out for drinks but first I have to finish my leg training: a strong and dominant goddess like me must always have toned and trained legs. Luckily I have a slave with whom to practice my scissorhold, I will crush him with my legs until his bones crunch… My legs wrap around his neck and squeeze like pincers, when he reaches the limit he slams his hand on the sofa as if we were in a fighting ring, the only difference is that he can only suffer and never counterattack. I let my imagination run wild and try many different positions, one more lethal than the other? and aren’t you curious to see how many ways my muscular legs can dominate you?
Lady Scarlet - Scissorhold home training
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189897 – Lady Scarlet – Kickboxing training

ITALIAN LANGUAGEMy busted-ball slave is lucky today because I feel like brushing up on my kicking and punching skills. It’s been a while since my last kickboxing training but with this bag made of real flesh I’ll be back in shape right away. Waste no time and immediately start with a series of roundhouse kicks and hook kicks to the body: I kick hard with both legs and his abdomen starts to turn red. I continue with hammer fists and then get even closer and unload a flurry of knee strikes to the pit of his stomach that quickly knock him down. He gets up and after a few elbow strikes I show him how I still have the flexibility of my legs to play higher. My kicks go first to his chest and then to the face until I throw him flying onto the sofa with one last, powerful front kick.
Lady Scarlet - Kickboxing training
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188771 – Lady Scarlet – Don’t challenge Me, female

My female slave decided to challenge Me in the struggle and is also convinced with that little smile on her lips. But did you see? So frail and small and weak. It will regret such presumption! I am stronger both physically and technically. I crush her between my various scissors, take her around the neck, block her with the shoulders to the carpet, lift her and then throw her on the tatami. She is committed but she can’t do it, she will never be able to do it. There are Women and females… I smile thinking about this as I give her a victory pose… Don’t you agree with Me?
Lady Scarlet - Don't challenge Me, female
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188454 – The Strongest Woman In London

Mistress Suzy and her friend has just arrived back home, where her friend is boasting how strong he is and how he managed to knock a few guys out at the pub. Totally unimpressed, Suzy challenges him to an arm wrestle while puffing away at her large Cigar.Determined to prove that he is stronger, her friend agrees!As expected, Suzy beats him once….now accusing her of cheating, he challenges her again. This time she uses her strength to knock the poor guy away from the table and onto the floor!She humiliates him with a few good punches to his gut. Then a few good punches to his face while sitting on his chest.Then orders him to worship her sexy and powerful arms and super sexy large breasts!After that she knocks him with a punch to his face!Cigars….sexy strong dominant woman…..powerful punches…..This is one action packed clip!
The Strongest Woman In London
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188361 – Lady Scarlet – Side hip carry lift

CUSTOM REQUEST – I would like to order a custom F/F lift and carry video with side hip carry lift. Feel free to do whatever you?d like. Length 10 mins. I think bikini should be good for the outfit. At start of the video can you carry a girl in front for like 5 to 6 seconds then change to side hip carry without putting her down?- I put her down only one time in 10 mins! –
Lady Scarlet - Side hip carry lift
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188243 – Lady Scarlet – Under boss control

As the Boss of the company, I summon my incompetent employee to commission him to compile a prospectus. Annoyed he tells me that I continue to load him with work and that he can’t keep up, he also feels tapped and would like to be paid more. In addition, he gives me self-centered because I sit on a throne, telling me that we are not in a kingdom but in a company. I can’t believe what I’m hearing, a subordinate telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. I turn around him and at a certain point I grab his hand, bending it. I tell him that I don’t give a fuck about what he thinks, that from today I will cut his salary or better yet I will fire him since there is a queue of those who want to serve me and revere me. I knock him to the ground and put my foot on his face in submission. This fight begins in which I will always have the upper hand and humiliate him either with immobilization holds or with my feet on his face or in his mouth. In the end, masturbating him with my hands and feet, I will make him cum to seal our pact: from Boss and employee to Mistress and slave.
Lady Scarlet - Under boss control
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185839 – Lady Scarlet – Rebel slave

Rebel slaves are not that frequent. But every now and then there is someone… And I love to subdue them over and over again, trying to make them totally submissive to Me in any way. Today is this slave’s turn… I ordered him to pick Me up at the station and he arrived late. He apologized, but I’m sure he did it on purpose to provoke Me… and his provocation sparked My desire to teach him a lesson. Physical contact, in these cases, is the best thing, because you have the possibility to express your superiority in an explicit way and bring the slave back to order. So I decide to challenge him to a wrestling match. Although he tries hard, however, My imposing body is too much for him, he tries to resist, sometimes I even let him believe that he can have the better, but in the end I show him that despite trying to rebel against Me, he is Mine and can not help but accept his condition of inferiority. Once he is finally lying down, I order him to kiss My feet, I know it is something he hates, and for this very reason it represents the most explicit demonstration of My victory. But I already know that soon his stupid rebellious ego will manifest itself again… but it will find Me ready for a new lesson in superiority.
Lady Scarlet - Rebel slave
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI am in the company of a Mistress friend of mine and with us there is a slave who is challenging us. The braggart, in fact, is convinced that he can beat us in a fight session. My friend and I make him understand that this is not possible. In a few minutes we knock him out, and he can’t help but surrender to the power of two superior women like us.
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183992 – Lady Scarlet – One is enough, two are too much

My friend Maya and I are in the gym for a stretching session, I booked the whole room for us to be able to train in peace. Nevertheless, after a while a guy shows up who says he is there for a martial arts training: obviously there must have been a mistake with the reservations but we decide to satisfy him and give him the training he wants. Let’s start with one-on-one: he challenges me first but with a couple of holds and throws I repeatedly knock him down effortlessly dominating him with my nylon veiled legs and making him worship my feet as a sign of submission. He also tries kicks but it doesn’t go much better and I knock him out again before leaving him to Maya. He says he has been training for a long time but he is really weak and also Maya knocks him out several times without making any effort: maybe he is just a worm who saw us there and wanted to take advantage of us, he deserves a nice punishment… Now we are two to hit him with kicks and then dominate it with a double grounding. The humiliation continues with feet on his face and cock: while Maya keeps him still, I start a footjob humiliating and insulting him. He is so exhausted that he can’t even cum so we just have to finish with a victory pose and his face under our feet.
Lady Scarlet - One is enough, two are too much
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I?m joined by my mistress friend, and we have been challenged by my slave to a wrestling match. Of course, he has no idea how strong we both are. However, he is about to find out, and regret his stupidity. It?s not too long before we have him squealing in pain as we throw him around, before giving him a lesson in some powerful arm wrestling. Then we give him some painful wrestling lessons as he becomes our Rag Doll Pet?
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182094 – Lady Scarlet – Fight for a free wekend

This slave has asked me for permission to go on vacation for a weekend… but my house is a mess and I need him to clean up. I still want to give him the opportunity to enjoy two days of vacation after 4 years of non-stop, but to be able to take advantage of it he will have to be able to beat me in a mixed-wrestling match. You already know how it will end …;) … will have to start from the living room hahahahahaHolds include: Headscissor, Reverse headscissor, Headlock, Body scissor, Armbreaker and others.
Lady Scarlet - Fight for a free wekend
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You tried so hard to hide your little addiction, but unfortunately, you got careless. I knew my panties were going missing. And I knew you were the one who took them. Leaving them in the glove box of the car really was silly of you. And now, I know exactly what you’ve been doing with them. And now your secret is out, I’m going to use it to tease & humiliate you. You’re going to be my little panty jerker!
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182034 – The Art Of Karate 4

The sublime and powerful Karate Black Belt Sassou will show you her martial arts skil , strength and amazing combat techniques with her new and most talented pupil Lele. Artemis, face kicking, high kick, roundhouse kicks, axe kicks, frontal kicks, punching, abdominal training, blocking blows demonstration and much more.For the the many fans of gorgeous strong women with great strength and combat skill this is another masterpiece you can’t miss !
The Art Of Karate 4
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181603 – Wrestling Session – Madame Eva Liliel-Black

They say she has magical powers! They say she break bones like straws. And they say nothing and no one can defeat her in a one on one.Of course, one would think that this is all just gossip from people who don’t know any better. But here we have living proof that our Madame Eva-Liliel can take on a guy too. Or let’s say someone who would like to be a real man. In her latest masterpiece, she presents you the best moves and tricks and grips. From the ?double arm bender? to the ?overhead back breaker?. The Eva-Lilielaizer (which ends in a really painful shift in the pelvis) and also the triple finger prick in the eye! Her victim today will get it really dirty and will succumb to his wounds in the end. Or he comes to a standstill under her, we don’t know that exactly yet!
Wrestling Session - Madame Eva Liliel-Black
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181294 – Lady Scarlet – Scissors on the bed

ITALIAN LANGUAGEThis loser thinks that women are the weaker sex, he has the courage to show me his muscles and challenge me on the bed at home but he didn’t understand who he is messing with. We start a fight that is unequal from the start, I knock him down quickly and block him with several holds in particular with my long muscular legs that crush him like pincers. The loser does not give up and tries several times, but every time inevitably it ends up with his submission: from time to time my Mistress soul comes out and I crush his balls after having stripped him naked and mocked him. I give him one last round but even this lasts very little, I block his arms and make him kiss my feet as a sign of submission while I show him my muscles in a victory pose.
Lady Scarlet - Scissors on the bed
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