ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I?m joined by my mistress friend, and we have a blobby slave to pleasure ourselves with. He?s really out of condition, and we have decided to raise his temperature a little. We are both wearing beautiful silky pantyhose, and I?m sure our bitch is going to enjoy what we have in store. With him lying on the floor, we quickly go to work on him. With one of us at each end of his body, I place him in a tight headlock, while my friend sits on top of him. He can?t breathe, and we both laugh as his muffled squeaks get louder. We change places, and use different scissor holds on our bitch to squeeze him into submission. With both of us making him suffer between our powerful silky thighs, it doesn?t take too long before we have him squealing for mercy. Not today? He?s going to suffer ever more, as we tightly squeeze him into our breathless Purple Head?
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The video would be you wrestling a guy and you dominate him by using your weight, sitting, wiggling and bouncing on his stomach, making him submit to this. When he gives up, you will continue sitting on his stomach and put your sweaty feet in his face. After this domination, next round starts and same thing will happen. You start the match wearing your shoes, you then take them off and put your sweaty bare feet in his face until he finally submits to your absolute superiority?
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162483 – Transformed into a sissy with big tits – SD

Our slave is now transformed into a sissy… a sissy with really big tits! In addition there are, of course, stockings, a sexy slip and high boots! The three of us – Lady Blackdiamoond, Lady Alice and Miss Kasha – put on our strap-ons and fuck the sissy’s mouth hard. Every cock must be blown, just as it should be for a sissy – always giving a hot blowjob!
Transformed into a sissy with big tits - SD
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCustom request – Enter the scene and take off your dress and wrestle him around including scissor holds. While scissor holding him you make him open his mouth and empty a condom with your lover’s cum (e.g. cake icing, whipped cream, yogurt etc.) into his mouth. You put him down on his back on the floor and straddle his face, telling him to smell the aroma from the hot sex you just had with your lover while face sitting him. Next, you lift him up like a baby and walk around with him. You temporarily take off your shoes and command him to worship your stockings clad feet, soles and legs. You briefly sit down and command he insert his cock between your stockings clad arches and begin to fuck your foot pussy. You get up and command he helps you get your shoes back on. You briefly pick him up again to illustrate your superior female amazon power. You finally sit down and position him on your stockings clad thigh (just like in Tiny Man Club, same position and camera angle, only with your thigh in between his thighs) and command him to jerk off. Shortly after you tell him your lovers cum was infused with liquid castration aid and provided your slave cannot refrain from cumming within the next five minutes he will be castrated…This news makes him stop jerking. You command he continues as you want him to waste his balls and his final cum load spewing all over your stockings clad thighs and feet (he has to clean up his mess afterwards). When he still refuses, you tell him it doesn’t matter, he should begin to feel the partial paralytic effect by now (which means he cannot move his arms nor resist your orders). You take over jerking his cock while rubbing your panties. You suggest you try to synchronize your orgasms (just to tease him, not literally). Finally he cannot refrain from cumming any longer and shoots his final load all over your stockings clad thighs and feet and you command him to clean up every last drop with his mouth and tongue. Afterwards you get up and leave him while laughing and humiliating him with the loss of his balls for your amusement…
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Call me by name again, Shem. Your slave comes to visit you again, this time with the intention of having a confrontation with you on martial arts. You wear a suit suitable for the fight. At first you are quite sociable: ?come on let me see let’s start, then I’ll attack you like this You make a move you like, and he immediately shows himself clumsy and incapable of his ability to fight. In fact, after two attempts the slave ends up on the floor twice. Then you start teasing him, and this is because you call yourself a martial arts enthusiast, you’re hopeless. if possible you often use the Roman dialect, playing the part of the burina instructor). You continue to mock him a bit, even making him believe that he is winning but then you throw him to the floor again. Look here, you suck! with feigned amazement. Then you sit down with your ass in his face and say so are you defending yourself? He remains motionless. At that point you turn around and smother him with your pussy. Then you decide to let him breathe, and with your bare foot you say ?are you okay bitch? All right? He mumbles a half yes. She tries to catch him a bit with her bare feet by giving him small and light nudges a bit to stimulate him to fight, but he does nothing. At that point you say ?are you pretending nothing happened? Look I’m here eh! I’m here! Always with the Roman inflection. But what if I put my ass in your face instead ?! You pull down your panties and this time you choke him a bit with your bare buttocks. Nothing an amoeba, you are an amoeba.. Then you provoke him with a couple of light kicks on the cock, and seeing that she doesn’t do anything you say ?I’m going to hit your cojoni and don’t even do anything? You rub your foot between his legs and you realize that he is getting aroused, you scold him saying that’s it I am severely punishing you and you are getting aroused?! You keep teasing him while performing an excellent footjob that he will remember for life. What a female supremacy lesson…
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Miss Deviant knows how much you love to jerk off. And you know how much Miss Deviant loves to humiliate you and make you suffer.In this clip, Miss Deviant sets you a task which combines all three – jerking off, suffering and squirming with humiliation. And with this, she’ll firmly remind you of your place – where you should always be, even when you are simply thinking of her. On your knees, on the floor, ready to obey every single command, no matter how sadistic it may be.
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153297 – Feminization, now blow that dick! – SD

My slave bitch will today learn how to blow an alpha dick! The little bitch takes his cock in her mouth and I control her to make sure she does it right! Of course the sissy bitch horny while she sucks it! She’s wearing a rubber pussy with a fuckhole so she can get used to what it means not to have a cock anymore. The sissy doesn’t need one and one day the penis will come off anyway! So blow that dick and then do it again in a 69 position! The alpha licks the latex pussy and the sissy keeps on sucking his cock until he has to cum!
Feminization, now blow that dick! - SD
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress is beautifully tanned and wearing a bikini. Ready to wrestle her pale and fat bellied smooth shaven slave. She is angry at him because the slut has not lost weight. She wrestles him to the ground whilst laughing at his fat body, as he suffers and struggles to compete. Using various holds she smothers him, and gives him a good beating. Finally the slave is on his back with arms outstretched as you perform your victory pose…
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Scene 1 – Gloating and AwakeningYou enter the room having KO’d her earlier. She is still KO’d on her back on the floor. You stand behind her head a foot on each side of her head. You use your foot to move her head from side to side trying to wake her up but she remains out. You put your foot on her face from behind her and put your toes in her mouth getting a shot of your arches from the rear and then you pour some water down your leg, and through your foot into her mouth and face which wakes her up.Scene 2 – I?m not finished with you yet.You tell her that you KO’d her too quickly and it was too easy and that you need to make her suffer more. She crawls to you an you make her crawl up your legs but she is too weak and keeps sliding down with her face resting on your feet kissing them.Scene 3 – Beg for your life.She is seated on the floor with her back against the wall . You kick the wall hard next to her head saying that will be your face unless you beg me to spare your life . She begs you for mercy and kisses and licks your feet . You then repeat this with the other foot.Scene 4-Time to fight.She gets up using your legs to help her. You taunt her telling her to get you in a hold but she lunges towards you and keeps on missing while you laugh and humiliate her. You tell her that you will KO her now, and you kick her in the stomach and she collapses to her knees in agony and you push her with your foot in her face to the floor, and follow through with a foot smother KO. on her face. You stand over her and count her out 1-10 referee style. You laugh at her and say another KO.Scene 5- Please me.She is still out on her back, and you reverse face sit her riding her face which is between your ass cheeks.Scene 6 – Punish me some more.You lay on top of her in a 69 position and put her in a reverse figure 4 head scissors very high and tight and then roll over on to your side into a reverse side head scissors and finally into a reverse straight head scissors KO. You then stand over her and count her out 1-10 as before.Scene 7 – Finale foot worship.You kneel with your back to her and make her crawl to you and lick and kiss the soles of your feet . Then you stand up over her and finish her off her with a reverse foot smother counting her out with your foot and toes over her mouth and nose in a victory pose with a close up of your arches.
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150107 – My living punchbag

I’m going to let off steam on my living punchbag! With my boxing gloves on I will punch him full power in his face, on his body and, of course, in his balls! I like to kick too so I will do that as well. Kicking, punching, leg scissors and the loser even has to lick my feet too! What about you? Are you ready for boxing training with me? I’ll make you my punchbag next and give you the same treatment as this slave!
My living punchbag
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149113 – Pantyhose Punishment

Well slave! It’s time you were punished for being the dirty little slut that you are. Get over here now! I don’t care for your excuses or please, I need to teach you a lesson, one you will not forget ! and will serve you well in the future your Goddess.Sexy and Bratty in sexy tight pantyhose and high heels will melt your mind before I punish you,slave!
Pantyhose Punishment
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI always enjoy exercising, and to make it more fun I have decided to allow my slave to join me. Of course, as you can see my slut doesn’t keep herself in good condition. Therefore, I’m going to toughen her up a little. I have bound her wrists and attached her to the suspension cable. With her arms raised and fully stretched above her head, shes going to be a nice target and there’s no way she can defend herself. I begin with a few slaps to warm her up, then I decide to practice some punching techniques on her body. With her helplessly swinging around, I continue to enjoy making her suffer. Every blow makes her squeal in agony, as I punch, slap and kick her. I’m having so much fun, and It’s a great way to relax as I use my bitch as my Human Punch Bag…
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGToday at DungeonRoma I’m quite excited, because I have two slaves that are going to receive some training. They will have to show some discipline, and compete with each other to gain my favor. That’s no easy task, as I’m extremely strict with ALL my slaves. I have them in the ready position and explain the rules. Then we get going with me as their referee. It’s a simple competition with five rounds. They have to try to pin each other on their back for my count of five seconds to win the round. We begin with both of them really giving it a go. I am a bit surprised at the energy from them, and they seem to want to impress me. It’s a great contest and the winner will receive his reward from me, It’s also been a lot of fun giving them their Pet Training…
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143699 – A Punch Then a Crush To His Neck

Suzy has put music on the background so that no suspect outside her room can hear her victim’s cries. She knows that her next victim will be dispatched in a very painful way….Punching him hard in the face, he falls to the floor. She grabs his arm making sure to dislocate it, and using her barefoot, she applies pressure to the side of his neck, hitting one of her favourite pressure points on her victim.The pain is sickening, and the victim cries begging for mercy. He really tries his best to escape, but Suzy is just way too strong.***MESSAGE US IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A CUSTOM VIDEO, OR MEET SUZY FOR A PERSONAL FEMDOM EXPERIENCE IF YOU ARE IN THE EAST LONDON AREA***
A Punch Then a Crush To His Neck
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday @DungeonRoma I have a visual treat for you. My stupid slave has challenged me to a fight. Of course he has no idea how powerful I am. He’s going to suffer, and I will enjoy every minute of it. We quickly get into it and it’s not long before I have my bitch under my power. With some serious choke holds and tight grips, there’s no real challenge from my slave. I allow him another round to recover to see if he can rise to the occasion. Not so… I quickly wrap my powerful legs around his neck, making sure he can’t breathe. It’s amusing to hear him gasp for air as he tries to get free. Using different holds, I continue to make him suffer. Finally, he taps out and I give my victory salute. My bitch was no match, and I guess he hadn’t bargained for silky power and strenth of my catwoman whiskers…
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Can you please make a wrestling clip with a lot of spitting, armpit licking, ballbusting and maybe human ashtray while sitting on his chest. Perhaps the slave gets horny, and has a hard dick when you torture him. Spit as much as you can, slowly erotic in his mouth and hard in his face. Also some leg scissoring to make him suffer…* This clip has a great variety of categories *
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – This is the second time you wrestle with your bro. Once again he borrowed money and didn’t pay you back. You are going to fight him to make him understand how pathetic he is. He thinks he can keep your money, however you are going teach him a good lesson. Wrestling him to the floor, you sit on his chest and dominate him making sure he can’t move. As he struggles, you continue to make him suffer by keeping his head between your powerful thighs as you press down on his throat. There’s no escape, and he knows your too strong for him. With your foot on his neck, you tell him he’s got five minutes to get your money as you enjoy you silky payback…
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Can I please have a custom video of mixed wrestling between Mistress Gaia and the skinny slave that appears in some videos. I would like to see a meeting where Mistress dominates the slave with uncomfortable holds and immobilizing him. Once immobilized she slaps him in different parts of the body, face, legs, and chest. I would also like the slave to be lifted up with his arms taken from behind. Also, holding him and then suspending him by sitting him with your thigh between his legs with your foot on a chair. So as to hold him suspended and not let his feet touch the floor. Humiliating him for a few minutes by telling him that he cannot break free, and then put him back down and perform some facesitting on him to finish him off, before your victory salute…
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