182094 – Lady Scarlet – Fight for a free wekend

This slave has asked me for permission to go on vacation for a weekend… but my house is a mess and I need him to clean up. I still want to give him the opportunity to enjoy two days of vacation after 4 years of non-stop, but to be able to take advantage of it he will have to be able to beat me in a mixed-wrestling match. You already know how it will end …;) … will have to start from the living room hahahahahaHolds include: Headscissor, Reverse headscissor, Headlock, Body scissor, Armbreaker and others.
Lady Scarlet - Fight for a free wekend
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You tried so hard to hide your little addiction, but unfortunately, you got careless. I knew my panties were going missing. And I knew you were the one who took them. Leaving them in the glove box of the car really was silly of you. And now, I know exactly what you’ve been doing with them. And now your secret is out, I’m going to use it to tease & humiliate you. You’re going to be my little panty jerker!
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182034 – The Art Of Karate 4

The sublime and powerful Karate Black Belt Sassou will show you her martial arts skil , strength and amazing combat techniques with her new and most talented pupil Lele. Artemis, face kicking, high kick, roundhouse kicks, axe kicks, frontal kicks, punching, abdominal training, blocking blows demonstration and much more.For the the many fans of gorgeous strong women with great strength and combat skill this is another masterpiece you can’t miss !
The Art Of Karate 4
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181603 – Wrestling Session – Madame Eva Liliel-Black

They say she has magical powers! They say she break bones like straws. And they say nothing and no one can defeat her in a one on one.Of course, one would think that this is all just gossip from people who don’t know any better. But here we have living proof that our Madame Eva-Liliel can take on a guy too. Or let’s say someone who would like to be a real man. In her latest masterpiece, she presents you the best moves and tricks and grips. From the ?double arm bender? to the ?overhead back breaker?. The Eva-Lilielaizer (which ends in a really painful shift in the pelvis) and also the triple finger prick in the eye! Her victim today will get it really dirty and will succumb to his wounds in the end. Or he comes to a standstill under her, we don’t know that exactly yet!
Wrestling Session - Madame Eva Liliel-Black
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181294 – Lady Scarlet – Scissors on the bed

ITALIAN LANGUAGEThis loser thinks that women are the weaker sex, he has the courage to show me his muscles and challenge me on the bed at home but he didn’t understand who he is messing with. We start a fight that is unequal from the start, I knock him down quickly and block him with several holds in particular with my long muscular legs that crush him like pincers. The loser does not give up and tries several times, but every time inevitably it ends up with his submission: from time to time my Mistress soul comes out and I crush his balls after having stripped him naked and mocked him. I give him one last round but even this lasts very little, I block his arms and make him kiss my feet as a sign of submission while I show him my muscles in a victory pose.
Lady Scarlet - Scissors on the bed
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180035 – Offenbach Mean Chicks – Banana Joes Knock Out

Bud Spencer’s fists aren’t flying here, but four ladies who are highly motivated to get into the ring to teach their pain-sensitive punching bag to fear. Round after round, Cruel Reell, Miss Catdeluxe, Lady Stefanie and Madame Svea let their actions speak for themselves and beat up the fat sack until it squirmed and whimpered on the floor. But the gong for the next round doesn’t wait and so the rotten meat is beaten more and more by our nimble fists. No matter how hard the punching bag can try to evade the situation that is beating it by fleeing… We keep moving it into the right corner and don’t let up until our Banana Joe is knocked out on the ground.
Offenbach Mean Chicks - Banana Joes Knock Out
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179046 – Lady Scarlet – Karate Goddess and Her pupil

This is the continuation of Karate Goddess.I am warming up on the tatami in my kimono, when suddenly my student takes me by surprise and takes off my pants, revealing my legs wrapped in nylon tights. I ask him what he is up to and he tells me that he is convinced that he has learned enough, that he wants to challenge me sure to beat me and he has stripped me as a sign of provocation. I accept the challenge without wasting any more time. As soon as the fight begins, he finds himself on the ground, immobilized, obligated to sink his face between my feet. I give him some respite before breaking his arms. Another move and he is still on the ground obligated to put my foot on his face. The struggle continues, but it is an unequal struggle. It is clear that the student cannot overcome the teacher and is indeed light years away from reaching her level. He must regret having disrespected me, which is why in my every immobilization move I put my feet in his face. He has lost with me now. But I’m curious to see how he will cope with my pupil, Maya, a student I’ve been preparing for a few months. If nothing else, it will be a somewhat fairer challenge. The fight begins, while on the side of the mat I witness the defeat of that loser. Yes, because Maya will serve him well and she will win. The superiority of the Women and the total humiliation of the male will be decreed with the victory pose of my pupil while holding a foot on his face and my triumphant footjob.
Lady Scarlet - Karate Goddess and Her pupil
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177942 – The Art Of Karate 5

Dressed in her leather & latex outfit and wearing really sharp high heeled platforms, the wonderful karate black belt Sassou will demonstrate the combat and fighting techniques with a detailed list of knock-out final strokes and fatal blows. Incredible demonstration of her skill with combat holds, kicking and striking to the most sensitive points of the body. You’ll be amazed by this unique video !
The Art Of Karate 5
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177940 – The Art Of Karate 3

This time the gorgeous Karate Black Belt teacher Sassou will use and not one, but two pupils to show her amazing strength and combat techniques.She will block all their blows with great skill while the poor petite girl Ibiza and Cucciolo will be kicked and stomped in the face, chest and stomach, punched and trampled to test their abdominals and much more. Another F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C video for all the Martial Arts and Karate Fighters lovers !
The Art Of Karate 3
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177937 – Martial Arts

Sandrine and Sassou are two karate black belts in their real lives so this video is very authentic as they have the technical skill and the strength to overwhelm physically Cucciolo and any average man like him. We believe that this video is a masterpiece for all the many fans of martial arts, wrestling, powerful and strong girls fighting and beating a men. Sandrine and Sassou are probably our two most dominant and cruel girls and for the very first time they are together in a video. slaps, punches, kicks, knee kicks, ball busting, fighting, wrestling, facesitting, scissoring, trampling and their knowledge of martial arts make of this video a really great one!
Martial Arts
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177935 – The Art Of Karate 2

Once again, the beautiful Karate black belt teacher Sassou, demonstrates her talent and skill in several martial arts.Talking to the camera, she will explain and show you the movements and the amazing combat techniques, using Cucciolo as a real punch ball with terrific kicks, punches, knee kicks and much more. For those who like Strong Women with great martial arts skill don’t miss this masterpiece !
The Art Of Karate 2
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177933 – The Art Of Karate

Sassou an experienced karate black belt, has decided to show you her real talent with Artemis and kicks and she will use and Cucciolo to demonstrate her impressive skill and strength. Sassou a real black belt will take a perverse pleasure to beat the out of Cucciolo ! For the fans of martial arts, karate and kicks this video is definitively for you !
The Art Of Karate
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The plot scenario can be that the male slave and you are having a battle to the death in order for his freedom. but you smother him to death with the double arm sleeperhold and chokes combined with body scissor, while also moaning with pleasure in his ear. you can do a variety of other sleeperholds amd chokes with your arms as long as your arms are over his nose and face smothering him. At the end of the video when hes dead and knocked out you can sit on him and dry hump him a little. you can play with the male slaves dick a little while in the choke.
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ENGLISH LANGUAGECUSTOM REQUEST – There’s a knock on the door. The man gets up to open it. It’s a woman wearing a hoodie, baggy sweat pants and sunglasses carrying a bucket. She says his wife hired her to clean up. The man let’s her inside and he goes back to watching TV while sitting on the sofa. The woman grabs a cup of water and puts a white powder in it. She hands it to the man and tells him he left his water on the table. The man thanks her and drinks the water. The woman says she will begin cleaning in the bathroom.She goes into the bathroom and begins to quietly take off her shoes, pants, sunglasses and hoodie. Underneath she is wearing tight black spandex suit. She puts hood of the suit over her face, she is now covered in black. She looks in the mirror and admires herself. The woman walks back into the room and the man is sitting down, coughing and holding his chest. The woman grabs the man from behind and gets him in a headlock with her arms. She tells the man his wife did hire her to clean up. But not the house. She was hired to slay him in order to get his life insurance money. She tells him she doped the water so he must be feeling weak. She tells the man not to worry. She’ll make sure his last moments are fun for the both of them. She lays him down on the floor and begins to get him in headscissors with her legs and various different positions. She tells him she has read up on him and knows he loves spandex. So, she wanted to make sure she was dressed right for the occasion. She asks him if he likes her suit. The best thing is that she will leave no DNA or fingerprints. She continues to place him in various wrestling positions, laughing as she does. Telling him to enjoy the experience as the man begs her to stop.She tells the man to get up and has him lay on his back on a sofa. The woman grabs black leather gloves and puts them on. She strokes the man’s face and tells him she doesn’t want cum on her new suit. She begins to give him a handjob. She tells him he must cum for her like a good boy so she can collect another sample for her collection. After a while the man cums and she collects it in a small container. She puts the container away, takes off her leather gloves and tells the man he did good. She tells the man to be a good boy and place his head over the side of the sofa. Woman gets up and she is now standing over his head and places his head in-between her legs. She is looking down at him as she is squeezing down on his neck with her legs. She laughs at a says Look at me, it won’t be long now baby, you did so good, just enjoy your last sight of me. The man is struggling but he is too weak. The man now stops moving. The female executrix gets off of the man. She checks his pulse. She goes back into the bathroom and takes the Sentai hood off her head and gets dressed. She then takes a picture of the man on the sofa, laughs and walks out the door.
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173335 – Lady Scarlet – Psychologist of couples

Today in my office I receive a girl and her man for a couple therapy session. I studied their case and I immediately ask the right questions to get to the point: this lousy guy does not control his outbursts of anger and mistreats the girl even physically. At least he has shown the will to improve and has accepted the therapy: I then explain to him that the remedy I have in mind is a reversal of the situation in which he becomes submissive from being a bully. So I start to provoke him with insults and some slaps and as soon as he loses control and tries to put his hands on me I knock him down and immobilize him with one foot on his throat. At this point I also invite his partner to take off her shoes and join me for what has now become a domination session. Our feet on his face to block his breath, every now and then he gets back on his feet and tries to attack but promptly I knock him down and block his arms. Immobilized and with our feet on his mouth, this pervert is also getting aroused so we take off his pants and see what he hides under there. His partner is unable to stimulate him and admits that they also have problems in bed: then I’ll be the one to give him the coup de grace to get him back to having a proper erection. I put my foot on his balls and in the meantime I start to jerk him off faster and faster until he explodes and promises that from today he will behave well.
Lady Scarlet - Psychologist of couples
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172728 – Lady Scarlet – Punishment for the thief – part 1

This piece of sh_t sneaked into my house to steal and I catch him rummaging through my stuff. Unfortunately for him he broke into the wrong house: I knock him down with a kick in the balls and after a few seconds I am on top of him to immobilize him. I insult him, spit on him, squeeze his balls, pinch his nipples and slap him? he really ended up in the wrong house! After a while he finds himself with his hands tied behind his back and my feet in his face pushing his own socks down his throat… He starts to repent, he moans as I step on his balls and choke him with my ass in his face but I’m not going to stop and I also take off his underwear to be able to grab him by the balls. Then, as I look at him, I come up with a nice idea on how to continue the treatment…
Lady Scarlet - Punishment for the thief - part 1
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI?m often asked to take part in a challenge fight. Of course as a martial artist and experienced wrestler, I never refuse. Today my opponent considers himself a bit of a tough nut. Well? we?ll soon see about that. As we begin with the usual face off, it?s not too long before I have my bitch giving his first tapping out. What a nerd. As we continue he tries desperately to prevent me from putting him in some painful holds, it doesn?t work and I?m clearly in control. His attempts are pathetic, and I decide to make thing a great more difficult for him. With him in a tight headlock, I remove his shorts. Then changing position I quickly place his head between my powerful thighs, while I pull on my strapon. He desperately tries to escape and plead for mercy. Not today? I shut him up with a good mouth fucking with my strapon. Then it?s time to give him his loser?s punishment as I turn him over and give him a good ass ripping. Then I finish off with a foot slapping and victory pose to celebrate another Gaia?s Gold?
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Femdom-Hangover in Hannover: Where with Britxxx in the original the basses drive powerfully, here the blows and kicks of Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe, Gabriela Syren and Reell hammer down on the fat slave piece. It was unnecessary that the guy put on a shirt with a target on it over his bacon belly. From head to toe – he is the target and we always hit! (German language)
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171202 – Lady Scarlet – Self-defense & domination teacher

I am a teacher of self-defense and domination of the aggressor. Today I teach my student various moves and techniques to defend against a possible attack and to subsequently dominate the victim. First I perform the demonstration, then she repeats the action. The shots always hit because my teaching is effective and flawless, and it teases and excites us. We then decide to finish that loser that has lent himself for the lesson, both as a sign of domination and to give him a sop. We alternate with a footjob and a handjob, while our feet can never be missing on his face as a sign of superiority and submission in addition to victory poses. The little man, however, is destroyed after having taken them from two women, and cannot even enjoy it. He lies on the carpet and apologizes while we flex our muscles.
Lady Scarlet - Self-defense & domination teacher
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