209587 – Dula vs slave

ENGLISH clipthis will be a 3 round match where I will fight this slave using all my skills, those of you who know me will know that I have boxed, grappled and mixed martial arts.I will dominate him both on the ground and on my feet, giving you regulation submission holds and also not too legit but which I know you will appreciate, when he is tired I will stall with victory poses, he will try to fight back but I will always put him down submitting him until he beats the ground and then start again.You don’t mess with Dula.
Dula vs slave
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Today I want to show my followers some self-defence techniques. On the street, you can meet a lot of thugs. With me is this small and useless man who will help me in the demonstration. Let’s start….. I take him by the arm and drop him to the ground blocking him and pressing my foot on his head covering it completely. I then knee him in the stomach and kick him in the balls. When he falls to his knees I block his head between my powerful legs and arms with my hands. I release him and kick him in the head. He gets up and I start kicking his head in karate style and his stomach frontally. He falls. He tries to get up and I start beating him with the soles of my feet on his head, hips and balls. He falls back down again. As soon as he gets up again I block his neck with my powerful arms and kick his balls again. He ends up on the ground again with my plant on his face. He’s on the ground and I keep kicking him. I push him against the spider’s web and kick him in the knee as well. By now he is exhausted and only by a miracle manages to stand. My knees hit him on the belly and on the hips my feet smash his balls. Destroyed and defeated I block him to the ground with a submission move by beating him with my feet on his belly. When he can take no more I order him to crawl away.
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209429 – I fight the slave

ENGLISH clipswill be a very tough compound match, both with boxing gloves and no holds barred, kicks will also be valid.I will also show my supremacy with a slave much heavier than me, I will hit him hard until I bring him to the mat, he will be able to hit too, I have granted him this privilege, but I will get meaner and meaner towards him.
I fight the slave
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209117 – My human punching bag

ENGLISH clipstoday is the day to train, the slave will be my punching bag and will be completely tied and immobile with no ability to move.I will start with my boxing gloves hitting him on the body to start warming up, once warm I will increase the intensity of the blows alternating punches with kicks and slaps with the sole of my foot.When I feel satisfied I will take off the gloves and hit him with my bare hands making him feel the power of his mistress.
My human punching bag
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208322 – Multiple KO’s

This is our first time trying out mixed wrestling from a custom we made.Suzy is in a fighting spirit! Grabbing hold of her slave, she KO’s him in a series of painful ways. First she kicks him down….then wakens him up in a sexy way, followed by making him worship her feet, and KO’s him between her feet.After that she smothers and reverse scissors him, accidentally hurting his neck in the process. Suzy is just too strong!
Multiple KO's
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207620 – Miss Dula VS mini slave

ENGLISH clipit’s already been a few weeks that I’ve been training in grappling, but I need a lot of practice to improve, so I decide to put on the kimono and use the mini slave as my training partner, I will practice my master’s teachings, plus I will have fun throwing him, lifting him, carrying him, taking his breath away, doing various submission holds, punching him and humiliating him as he deserves.
Miss Dula VS mini slave
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My slave and I are getting a little bored and would like things to move on. We are in sexy-sporty outfits, with pantyhoses on, and a great desire to fight. The male among us, already ridiculous in appearance, provokes us by saying that there must be at least two of us facing him to put him in difficulty, and that against just one it would be too easy to win. He underestimates us, and gives us the pretext to attack. My slave kicks him in the stomach and I knock him out with another one to the back of the head. Before long, he realizes who he’s dealing with. Immobilized in our scissors, feet in his face and mouth, hit by our kicks, humiliated, crushed by our bottoms and feet… His defeat will be total, and our triumph exemplary!
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206914 – Sexy fighting

ITALIAN clipmy amazing friends and I walked into this club and find some idiot dancing on a cube, we are immediately amazed at how ugly and uncoordinated he is, I don’t know what is more humiliating for him between what he is doing or what we are going to do to him.We pull him off the cube and without letting him know anything we immediately start beating him up, with kicks, punches and slaps, but that’s not enough, we throw him on the floor and we’ll do lots of submission holds to finalize him but he’ll also get breath controls with our butts and feet, we’ll go on until he’s exhausted and put him back on the cube continuing to humiliate him as he deserves.
Sexy fighting
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I?m putting my slave through some pain training. I am using my beautiful and extremely powerful long legs to keep him in a painful tight scissor hold. There?s no escape, and as I wrap them around his scrawny neck all he can do is gasp for breathe. I know his eyes will be bulging as I squeeze tighter and tighter with my Vice Neck Thighs?
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I’m on the tatami with my friend Dula and we’re ready for a workout with the punchbag, a real bag… His job is to take our hits in silence and I must say he does it well, it’s not easy to resist the power of our blows. Elbows, punches, lots of kicks but above all scissorholds with our muscular legs which immobilize him in turn while one of us unloads the blows. In a few minutes he collapses on the mat but even there we continue to beat him because our training ends only when we both climb on top of him to exhibit our victory pose.
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I’m getting passionate about karate, and to practice I thought I’d use my slave. Wearing the kimono, on the tatami, him on his knees, I will practice a series of kicks aimed at the face and with the feet in different positions.I’ve done kick boxing in the past so I have good accuracy. What do you think about it?During training I enjoy it and with a few kicks I hit him harder, until I knock him to the mat. Looking down at him in all my superiority, I kick his face and body from the front and then place my entire sole on his head performing a victory pose.
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This bastard hid in my dungeon and waited for me to relax in my chair to attack and have fun with me. I must admit that it takes me by surprise but nevertheless it doesn’t take me long to knock him out with a series of kicks to the body and head. After a while he finds himself still half stunned and half naked on a tatami in the presence of a Goddess dressed as a karateka: yes because I want to give him a good lesson and transform him from an attacker to a submissive. I want to fight him, if he wants to leave he will have to knock me out but if he loses he will become my footlicking slave. Obviously I?m too strong for him, I submit him with kicks, punches and holds over and over again and when I immobilize him I give him a taste of the smell of my veiled feet. When he can no longer stand up and begs for mercy I grant him foot worship and more… Now that he is completely submissive and in my possession I also want to control his pleasure, I take off his boxers and start masturbating him and teaching him to cum with my feet: first footjob and then with my feet on his face I wank him with my hands until he cums for me.
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGI want to do some stretching exercise, and there?s no better way than to use my powerful legs to achieve that. Of course I enjoy it even more when I have my slave?s neck and head between them. I have him bound on the bed, and I begin by placing his head between my legs, I so enjoy hearing that muffled sound as I tighten my grip, and apply maximum pressure on his head and neck. There no escape for him and I change position to give him a variety of pain. It?s great workout, and at the same time I enjoy making my bitch suffer?
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CUSTOM REQUEST – I would like to ask a wrist suspension belly/body punching video with a female punchee.I’d the video to start with the girl already tied up with hands above her head (I’d like both hands and feet tied together), then I’d like her to be either lifted up by the arms to the suspension or something kicked from under her. Since then I’d like her to be in full suspension until the end of the video. Meaning suspended by the arms with feet not touching the ground even in the closeups.During the whole video the girl should have a blindfold and taped up mouth and her hair should be swept back so her armpits are always visible too.I’d like most of the punches to go into lower belly but I would like some other improv torments to happen during the video.For example any face slapping, choking, scratching/biting of tummy or armpits, some punches to other ares of tummy and some on the ribs too. Only thing I’d to not happen is belly slapping though.The punches should be deep – almost as if you’d be punching the spine through the belly – the harder the better.I’d like some punches to be multiple in a row and not just one punch at the time.The ending of the video should be a long panning shot with closeups of armpits and tummy (for example 10-20 seconds).Outfit of the slave: basically a simple black bra and black pants with a belt or leggings pulled really low below hipbones.
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197151 – Lady Scarlet – Don’t underestimate women

I’m on the tatami with my friend, we have just finished the yoga class when on the other side of the gym we notice this loser and we comment how funny it is to dominate men and knock them out. The guy hears and approaches, asks for explanations, wants proof, challenges us? Poor asshole, he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with, after a few seconds I’ve already knocked him down, he gets up and tries again but still ends up knocked down repeatedly undergoing my clutches and my submission holds. My friend watches amused and then decides to join the party, a couple of kicks and this loser is down again this time dominated by Leyla’s legs, buttocks and feet. From here we begin to dominate him in two and we notice that this lousy man is getting aroused, now let’s see what?s there underneath his underwear. He is now lying naked, defeated and held still by Leyla with a foot on his face while I start to masturbate him with my hands and feet: now he has suddenly become a docile bootlicker while we control his pleasure until he cums to sanction our total power over him.
Lady Scarlet - Don't underestimate women
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195414 – Lady Scarlet – A punishment for my bitch

CUSTOM REQUEST – You come home in black vinyl pants and a white or light blue men’s shirt. You turned up the stiff collar of your shirt. Your slave is already waiting for you. When you sit down on the couch and ask him to take off your boots and massage your feet, he replies: No, I’m really tired myself and I want to go to bed. Besides, I’m not your bitch. You then think you misunderstood him. You repeat it again. But he waves his hand dismissively and turns around. In a rage you stand up, grab him and throw him to the ground. A wrestling match starts, but he’s no match for you. Before long, you’re firmly seated on him. He tries unsuccessfully to throw you off. When he calms down, you undo the buttons of your shirt to below your chest (or to your navel) and adjust the collar of yours shirt all the way up. Then you start gagging him briefly until he begs for mercy. You tell him, Now I’ll show you what a slut you are! Then you get up and quickly search and find a strap-on. The slave sees this, gets up and tries to flee from you out of sheer fear. But you quickly reach him, throw him to the ground and, after a short struggle, quickly sit down again on his chest and briefly hit him again until he began to breathe heavily. Then you quickly put on the strap-on. Now you slip forward with your leather trousers until you are sitting on his neck. That’s when you shove your stap-on deep down his throat and let him blow your strap-on.
Lady Scarlet - A punishment for my bitch
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193113 – CMX-SS-994 Simultaneous Smothering!

Mia and Hailey both really wanted to dig into Chadam. They wanted to make sure that he had a match that he would never forget. With both girls scantily clad in their tiny outfits, it was game on. They flip a coin to see who goes first and Hailey wins. Hailey pursues chadam with sheer aggression and comes on strong. Hailey a few taps from Chadam then it’s Mia’s turn to jump in. With both girls smashing chadam’s face into their ass and pussies, he is constantly tapping out, as both girls go at him one after another. With some brutal scissors from their lethal legs, chadam is turning into a pile of mush here. Nearing the end both girls now jump on him, making it a 2 on 1 and with chadam barely being able to move, both girls claim their victory, posing and flexing while sitting on him. Great female superiority here.
 CMX-SS-994 Simultaneous Smothering!
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192974 – Wrestling Beatdown

Caught you gooning to my muscles again. It seems to me every time I go to the gym, you happen to be there staring away. I know you want to touch my muscular body & the only way that is happening is through wrestling. Do you think I can’t handle you? Oh I can & will enjoy showing you how much stronger I am than you. Weak betas are no challenge for me. In fact, I get amused shaming wimps! You’re too easy for me, I barely break a sweat…Look here, I can easily lift & carry you on my back…squatting your 180lbs body is nothing for my strength. If squatting your bodyweight doesn’t convince you that you’re no match for me than my Brazilian Ju-Jitsu skills will! I’ve made 300lbs men tap to me on the mats & walk away with their ego crushed. Once you’re in my guard & feel my triangle choke you’ll think twice about fucking with me. My rear-naked choke is so powerful, once I have my hooks in you’ll start to get dizzy & the more you squirm the tighter my grip becomes.This addiction you have jerking off to my sweaty ass in yoga leggings only promotes a deep head-scissor… pound for pound you’ll never feel a stronger squeeze around your neck. Go ahead, try to get out… it’s not going to work. I’m way more powerful than you! With my Ju jitsu & boxing skills you’ll be the easiest gym perv to toy with. After I’m done handling you like a little beta wimp that you are I’ll finish up using your face as my workout bench so I can get a little sweat on with some 20lbs bicep curls. Don’t forget some sexy ab & bicep flexing in your face just to humiliate you further. You will be left intimidated yet addicted to my strenth & for the rest of your days, all you’ll want to do is goon for my muscles.
Wrestling Beatdown
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192809 – Lady Scarlet – Therapy for bad men

I’m the psychoanalyst you all wish you had, sensual, ruthless and dominant. Today I have a patient who suffers from unmotivated aggression towards women around him and I have just the right therapy for him… I take him to the gym where I will provoke him and he will have to control himself: if he doesn’t succeed all his aggressiveness I will pour it back on him. We are in underwear on the tatami to stimulate and excite him even more and, as expected, he can’t control himself and tries to attack me. Try because he obviously can’t do it and he finds himself duly knocked out and dominated by my legs and under my feet veiled by nylon stockings. Drastic measures are needed to educate this type of men and I think he is now starting to learn his lesson: he is more and more horny and I show him how I, a woman, also control his erection and decide if and how to make him cum while my hand starts to masturbate him
Lady Scarlet - Therapy for bad men
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191295 – Lady Scarlet – Trapped in my beauty

I am a Goddess with statuesque body and this slave who today has the good fortune to adore his Mistress knows it well. He requested a session with his favorite Mistress and was accommodated and filmed. He is completely enraptured with My body and he tries to kiss and worship every single muscle, from My feet to My legs to My abs and breast. I decide to make him feel the strength of those muscles that he likes so much and I start to alternate different scissorholds with My powerful legs that crush him. The lucky slave is also allowed a very special face sitting which relieves the pain inflicted by My hold around his neck.
Lady Scarlet - Trapped in my beauty
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190702 – Lady Scarlet – Scissorhold home training

A friend has just called me to go out for drinks but first I have to finish my leg training: a strong and dominant goddess like me must always have toned and trained legs. Luckily I have a slave with whom to practice my scissorhold, I will crush him with my legs until his bones crunch… My legs wrap around his neck and squeeze like pincers, when he reaches the limit he slams his hand on the sofa as if we were in a fighting ring, the only difference is that he can only suffer and never counterattack. I let my imagination run wild and try many different positions, one more lethal than the other? and aren’t you curious to see how many ways my muscular legs can dominate you?
Lady Scarlet - Scissorhold home training
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