CUSTOM REQUEST – I would like to ask a wrist suspension belly/body punching video with a female punchee.I’d the video to start with the girl already tied up with hands above her head (I’d like both hands and feet tied together), then I’d like her to be either lifted up by the arms to the suspension or something kicked from under her. Since then I’d like her to be in full suspension until the end of the video. Meaning suspended by the arms with feet not touching the ground even in the closeups.During the whole video the girl should have a blindfold and taped up mouth and her hair should be swept back so her armpits are always visible too.I’d like most of the punches to go into lower belly but I would like some other improv torments to happen during the video.For example any face slapping, choking, scratching/biting of tummy or armpits, some punches to other ares of tummy and some on the ribs too. Only thing I’d to not happen is belly slapping though.The punches should be deep – almost as if you’d be punching the spine through the belly – the harder the better.I’d like some punches to be multiple in a row and not just one punch at the time.The ending of the video should be a long panning shot with closeups of armpits and tummy (for example 10-20 seconds).Outfit of the slave: basically a simple black bra and black pants with a belt or leggings pulled really low below hipbones.
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