Today I want to show my followers some self-defence techniques. On the street, you can meet a lot of thugs. With me is this small and useless man who will help me in the demonstration. Let’s start….. I take him by the arm and drop him to the ground blocking him and pressing my foot on his head covering it completely. I then knee him in the stomach and kick him in the balls. When he falls to his knees I block his head between my powerful legs and arms with my hands. I release him and kick him in the head. He gets up and I start kicking his head in karate style and his stomach frontally. He falls. He tries to get up and I start beating him with the soles of my feet on his head, hips and balls. He falls back down again. As soon as he gets up again I block his neck with my powerful arms and kick his balls again. He ends up on the ground again with my plant on his face. He’s on the ground and I keep kicking him. I push him against the spider’s web and kick him in the knee as well. By now he is exhausted and only by a miracle manages to stand. My knees hit him on the belly and on the hips my feet smash his balls. Destroyed and defeated I block him to the ground with a submission move by beating him with my feet on his belly. When he can take no more I order him to crawl away.
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