195961 – SMELL MY SHOES – Bella Lugosi

It is always an honor for us to introduce you to new ladies. For one or the other, the ladies may not be that new, or completely unknown. However, our Mistress Bella Lugosi is not new and inexperienced. When it comes to professionalism and clout, she’s in the top league!We would say that Sado-Ladies represents the absolute top league and it certainly wouldn’t be a lie. So, let’s make a point here and get to the important stuff. Our Bella Lugosi is an absolute facial expression machine! An attentive slave with a trained eye can read her face like a book. However, our slave not only has a reading disability but also struggles with the English language. But of course, that doesn’t matter. She still gets what she wants. Such graceful feet want to be caressed and kneaded. And so, her delicate ankles trickle like warm biscuit pond through the hands of this worthless bungler. For sure, he is allowed to snack, even if pain and pleasure combine to form a bittersweet meal. What doesn’t he have to endure? Her merciless feet are just everywhere. Just one more kick in the bollocks and seconds later they take his breath away. And while we’re looking forward to many more highlights with Mistress Bella Lugosi, the slave is allowed to put his hooter damn deep in her shoe. Such a lucky guy!
SMELL MY SHOES - Bella Lugosi
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195577 – High Heel Delicious

Come here and lick the last time, my high heels off! Your tongue must clean the whole sole and lick and blow the heel beautifully. Maybe the heel even fits in your ass!? Who knows. And when you’re done with it, you take them directly with you and may then serve me online and show me kneeling in front of the camera, as you fuck my high heels. But whether you can do that! Let’s see……. Look at you horny
High Heel Delicious
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195658 – ALISA, DORI and MICHELLE – We’ll choose beautiful shoes for a walk with our friends! (4K)

Alisa, Dori and Michelle are going for a walk with their group of friends. The girls want to choose beautiful shoes and order their slave to help them with this. misha crawls and brings shoes to the girls one by one.. they try them on and see how they look in them. If the shoes are dusty, the slave cleans them with her tongue. "We will go now and have fun, and you will wait for our return and clean up the house" – The girls laughed at the slave. The slave girl kissed the feet of the girls, sucked their heels and told them a lot of compliments.
ALISA, DORI and MICHELLE - We'll choose beautiful shoes for a walk with our friends! (4K)
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193609 – Shoe Worship 100

Princess Kirstin’s Shoeshine Servant! The blonde teen princess orders her shoe slave to sniff her high heels. He must deeply inhale the aroma of cheesy foot scent paired with the smell of corky leather. Then he should lick the shoes solo in the air. Again and again she holds out the shoes to him, first he has to sniff them vigorously and then polish the shoes finely with his tongue.
Shoe Worship 100
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192684 – My fetish piggy gets addicted

You’re just an ordinary fetishist, you like nylon stockings and high heels… but you didn’t expect a brain-fucking fetish goddess at all. I’ll seduce you, lull you with my voice, put you in a****** with my charms and you greedy piggy jump on it immediately. I tempt you to dream and encourage you to jerk off! And how you will jerk off, very hard, very greedy and longingly waiting for my permission to finally be able to cum! Jerk off jerk off Jerk off even harder!
My fetish piggy gets addicted
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191659 – You are a high heels worshipper! (SD Video)

We have one thing in common: we love high heels! Not just any heels, no, they have to be really luxurious shoes. To see me in these outrageously expensive heels makes your cock glow. Which do you like more: my legs with or without nylons in these high heels? Either way you will now open your mouth and suck the heel. Are you going to be a quick squirter?
You are a high heels worshipper! (SD Video)
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