166019 – SARAH – Clean my dirty shoes and sweaty feet after walking – PART1 (4K)

Sarah comes back after a walk with her slave girl christina and not in the best mood .. even slaves need to be walked sometimes. "Slut, I think you understand that you annoy me so much today. Kiss my shoes" – Sarah ordered. The slave girl obediently on her knees began to worship her shoes while Sarah haughtily watched her from top to bottom. Since it is very hot outside, Sarah’s feet were sweating a lot after a long enough walk .. she went into the room and sits on a comfortable chair, of course the slave girl crawled after her. christina takes off Sarah’s shoes and begins to thoroughly lick her sweaty feet. Sarah looks at her slave girl with disgust and sometimes spits in her mouth and face. When christina licked all the sweat from her Mistress’ feet, Sarah decided that her shoes were very dirty and began to wipe the soles of her shoes on christina’s tongue. christina’s tongue and face quickly turned black, but Sarah doesn’t care .. she continues to clean her shoes on the tongue of a slave girl and pushes them into her mouth. christina was unable to cheer Sarah up even by licking her sweaty feet and dirty shoes, so more humiliation awaits her today. (1 part of 3)
SARAH - Clean my dirty shoes and sweaty feet after walking - PART1 (4K)
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165378 – College Girl ShoeJob Part Two

Hi! I see you’ve got your lollipop out. May I have a taste? It tastes so good. I really like it. I’m not going to let you cum yet. You know what I really want? I want you to cum in my shoes. Do you like it when I dangle my shoes from my toes? I know what you really like. It’s when I tease the tip with my white sock covered toes. Oh, my! There’s a wet spot on my socks now. You made my sock wet! I’m just going to put my shoe back on. That pre-cum you left on my sock is in my shoe now. I think maybe I’m going to give you a shoe job now. Do you want to feel my feet on your cock? You love these ballet flats on your cock, don’t you? Do you think you’re going to cum soon? Oh! Well, that was quick! Let me show you what you did. Just look at what a cummy mess you made! But you know, I think there’s more in there. Wait just a moment. I’m going to get something else. What do you think? These are very sexy, strappy sandals. Do you like them? Let me model them for you. Oh, you’re getting hard aagin! Do you want me to put them on your dick? Yes, you like that, don’t you? But wait! There’s more. My mom left out some of her shoes and socks. Shall I model them for you? Are you getting hard thinking about my mom? You’re so naughty!
College Girl ShoeJob Part Two
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164767 – Buy my old shoes!

Do you see these old worn out high heels? They are already 10 years old! They are really worn out and actually they could go to the garbage. But that would be a waste, wouldn’t it?! Right! You will buy these old well-worn high heels! You will pay to own these old high heels of mine. You will lick them, smell them and spoil them extensively with your tongue! Of course, these high heels have a price, but because I have worn them and because you are a little foot slave, they are just more expensive! You are only there to buy worn out high heels from me! For nothing else! I make you several offers in this clip. Which option do you choose?
Buy my old shoes!
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164670 – Shoe Worship 91

He just wanted a drink from the bar and is enslaved to lick his shoes! Smirni goes to the bar in the disco and really just wanted a drink. But the girls who sit there only make fun of him and don’t let him have his drink. They slide his drink back and forth on the bar and finally beat him to the floor themselves. There he has to lick the girls’ shoes in front of everyone in the club. Smirni kneels on the floor, totally intimidated, he humbly licks the girls’ shoes, which are totally dusty and sticky from the dirty disco floor.
Shoe Worship 91
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163587 – Shoe Worship 90

Mistress’ shoe and foot cleaner!VIDEO IN GERMAN! Slave Bobby has to lick Madame Carla’s high heels clean. He is strictly observed by the dominant, brunette Princess the whole time and corrected with commands. Then he has to take off her shoes with his mouth and lick her feet clean. He is strictly observed by the dominant, brunette Princess the whole time and corrected with commands.
Shoe Worship 90
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163029 – Do you like my small high heels?

Miss Aleksa: Do you like high heels? Do you like cute little feet? Then take a look here! I have such cute little feet for you, shoe size 33 and my feet are so delicate and my toes are so small. Still, I love to wear my little high heels and drive men crazy with them. If I were around you, would you watch me and my little feet in high heels? In your mind I would take off your shoes now and you would try to get closer to my feet and high heels to sniff at shoes and feet …
Do you like my small high heels?
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162325 – Bus Stop 01 MP4

Young girl is waiting for bus, camera is placed behind bus stop. In this video different actions take place: she sits on the bench, stands up, looks at timetable, takes off one shoe and dumps some sand, then she finds cigarette butt which she effectively tramples on. Next she crushes leaf that attached to her heel. Time: 5.43 min. Remastered – movie from 2004.
Bus Stop 01 MP4