181732 – The Shoelicking Challenge – Mistress Nemesis & Mistress Cloe

next clip with dominant ladies mistress nemesis and mistress cloe is here (in fact it was the first we made on that day). they have 2 slaves on leashes that has to crawl after them as entering the smoking room of the mansion.the slaves get some slaps, has to lick the shoes of their goddesses, have to lighten up cigarettes for their goddesses and are also misused as human ashtrays. and of course the cigarettes made out on the tongues of the slaves in the end which is pretty humiliating and painful at the same time. as we had a challenge here which slave could lick the expensive luxury heels of their goddess better we have a winner and a looser. and you can watch soon here in our store what happened to the looser! classical femdom clip!
The Shoelicking Challenge - Mistress Nemesis & Mistress Cloe
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181875 – SARAH and SKYLAR – Clean our shoes and lick our spits off the floor, bitch (4K)

Sarah and Skylar are returning home from a walk. avril is faithfully kneeling by the door. Sarah and Skylar should clean their shoes before entering the room. When the girls came in, the slave lay on her stomach and pulled out her tongue, so she became a rag for the girls’ shoes. Girls wipe their dusty shoes on avril’s tongue until they are clean. "LOL you look like a worm! Of course you missed us! Crawl after us!" – The girls ordered. Sarah and Skylar went into the room and pulled the slave by the leash. The girls started spitting on the floor and ordered avril to lick off their spits. The slave kissed the floor on which the girls walked and faithfully licked their spits. They tied the pathetic slave girl and ordered her to crawl towards each other like a worm. avril crawled up to Sarah, then to Skylar and worshiped their shoes. The girls made it difficult for her to move and from time to time pulled her by the leash. Nasty worm..
SARAH and SKYLAR - Clean our shoes and lick our spits off the floor, bitch (4K)
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181419 – RADA and SKYLAR – We need to pick up beautiful shoes and you will help us! (4K)

Rada and Skylar want to go to an expensive restaurant. They look flawless and beautifully dressed but can’t choose the right shoes. The girls have a lot of shoes and the choice is difficult. Their slave marina will help them with this. They order her to bring a pair of shoes each and take turns trying them on. While they are trying on the shoes, marina gives many compliments to the girls and worships every pair of their shoes. "Stupid whore! No matter what shoes we wear, you always say they’re great! Useless creature!" – Rada said, although she understands that marina has no right to say otherwise. In the end, Rada and Skylar picked out the perfect shoes for themselves and went to a restaurant, ordering the slave girl to clean all the remaining shoes.
RADA and SKYLAR - We need to pick up beautiful shoes and you will help us! (4K)
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178831 – Lady Dark Angel – Hogtied Slave for my Sharpened High Heels (720p MP4)

The bombshell sadist Lady Dark Angel loves inflicting pain to her slaves. Today it won’t be any different. The slave is hogtied absolutely naked on the cold floor. He can’t pretty much do anything which is such a pleasure for the Goddess. To do whatever she likes to him.Lady Dark Angel is in a mood for some trampling today. She looks so stunning dressed in very luxurious leather trousers, beautiful satin long sleeve shirt and her pointy toe leather high heeled boots. I don’t know if you know, but these boots have the heels specially sharpened by one of her slaves. Actually we’ve never seen such sharp heels. The slave told us at the end of the clip that the heels are like needles basically. But does Lady Dark Angel care about the pain of the slave. Not at all. Actually the Goddess shows a little bit of mercy this time as she doesn’t use her high heels the whole time. Just from time to time, but this is even too much for that slave. He is making a lot of noise. But that gives Lady Dark Angel even more joy. He is absolutely helpless the entire clip not being able to move. But the Goddess wants to trample his front and back of course, otherwise she wouldn’t be happy. You can see some nice heel marks on his body and two very beautiful scars on his back at the end of the clip. We have decided to upload a picture of that, so enjoy it. Lady Dark Angel is truly sadist. We were surprised that the slave didn’t cry despite the screams in pain.You can enjoy trampling, heels digging, a little bit of heels scratching and some stomping along with such a beautiful camera angles, full body and close ups, so you can see the marks on his back. Most of the trampling is on the slave’s back and of course at the end of the clip he is told to just wriggle off while still being hogtied.
Lady Dark Angel - Hogtied Slave for my Sharpened High Heels (720p MP4)
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179678 – Exclusive Nedjma Footworship 2

Clip after clip it looks like the bright smile of our beloved Nedjma is capturing more and more your attention. This adorable girl with the face of an angel gets her shoes and barefeet worshipped by Cucciolo with true passion. She enjoys touching, rubbing and harassing his face with her feet in any possible way. Time by time this lovely girl understand the power that her feet can have on a man and she loves it !
Exclusive Nedjma Footworship 2
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179673 – Exclusive Lucrece Footworship 1

After her first two very successful trample and facesit clips the beautiful Lucrece returns for her very first footworship clip. Dressed in a sexy white outfit and whilst calmly smoking she orders Cucciolo to clean each inch of her shoes with his tongue. She then orders him to remove them and to lick and suck her barefeet now with real care and passion. For those of you who love "la femme fatale" this is a top class footworship clip you just cannot miss!
Exclusive Lucrece Footworship 1
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179602 – Stiletto Haul and Silk Dress Nip Slips

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo… which pair of stillettos should I pick first? I’ve got three pairs. I think I’ll start with these clear ones. I wonder… does it make your dick hard when I tease you with my shoes? What about another pair? These are one of my favorites as you can tell by the wear on the soles. Do they make my feet and the arches look sexy? Do they make my legs look sexy? What about my ass? Do they make my ass look sexy? The next pair I’m about to put on, I’ve had the longest. I’ve worn them so many times, these very shiny black heels. You can’t go wrong with a pair of black patent leather heels. Are you looking down my dress? I’ll bet your cock is dribbling now, isn’t it?
Stiletto Haul and Silk Dress Nip Slips
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179181 – RADA – You will only worship my shoes, bitches! (4K)

Custom script:I’d want it where Rada has a slave girl kneel in front of her cuffed or tied. Have Rada cross her ankles up onto a stand and have the slave suck on her pointy heels like a dick. Awhile Rada gets up to go somewhere for a bit and decided decided blindfold the slave while she waits for Rada to be back. When Rada goes away Zoe comes in and notices the slave kneeling there with no Rada. She takes the chance to sit and pops for pointy heels up onto the stand and with the slave blindfolded she assumes it’s Rada and begins to suck. Later Rada comes back and sees Zoe. She unfolds the slave and tells her to go away while she demands Zoe to kneel and makes Zoe suck her pointy heels until she gags. She Beggs but Rada continues to make her gag.
RADA - You will only worship my shoes, bitches! (4K)

179062 – Nipples Pain Vol.6

Without any doubt one of our most PAINFUL and EXTREME compilations.Cucciolo’s nipples are crushed, trampled, pierced and punctured by several different girls with their stilettos. A nipple (especially if speared by high heels) is one of the most sensitives, vulnerable and painful parts of the body. A really INSANE video we highly recommend !
Nipples Pain Vol.6
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