169315 – Lick my dance high heels from the club

Goddess Sheila: Lick my dance high heels from the club. At the weekend I dance professionally in a club as an animation dancer. I like to be admired by the men and I love to play with my charms. Nobody is allowed to touch me. But many men also look very closely at my feet and heels. These are potential slaves for me because these guys are bound to be submissive. You will lick these dance high heels now. You will clean my high heels from the club with your tongue. I want you to clean them from below, but also lick my insoles. The dirt from the club and the girls’ dance floor is still sticking to the soles and the scent of my feet is definitely on the insoles … Are you ready?(english spoken)
Lick my dance high heels from the club
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169053 – Lick and adore my beautiful high heels

Milf Mistress Norma Jean: Lick and adore my beautiful high heels. I have a lot of nice high heels and I am of the opinion that foot slaves have to keep my high heels clean. I want you to get on your knees in front of me and start kissing and licking my sexy shoes. Lick my high heels clean. I went to a wedding two days ago with these high heels on and I love to dance in these shoes. You are welcome to swallow the dirt that you lick off. You also have to lick the insole clean. Because of all the dancing in these shoes, there is definitely a lot of foot sweat on the insoles.(english spoken)
Lick and adore my beautiful high heels
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169040 – * Can You Take It? *

Even if I put your cock in quarantine for a week, doesn’t mean that I will just let you there alone… I will help you 😉 I will make this week even harder for you… I will tease you with My glossy legs and make that cock uncontrollable hard, till the point where you will stroke it, And since stroking your cock is forbidden for a week, I will add more days to your cock quarantine. Can you take My teasing and not stroke your cock?
* Can You Take It? *
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166019 – SARAH – Clean my dirty shoes and sweaty feet after walking – PART1 (4K)

Sarah comes back after a walk with her slave girl christina and not in the best mood .. even slaves need to be walked sometimes. "Slut, I think you understand that you annoy me so much today. Kiss my shoes" – Sarah ordered. The slave girl obediently on her knees began to worship her shoes while Sarah haughtily watched her from top to bottom. Since it is very hot outside, Sarah’s feet were sweating a lot after a long enough walk .. she went into the room and sits on a comfortable chair, of course the slave girl crawled after her. christina takes off Sarah’s shoes and begins to thoroughly lick her sweaty feet. Sarah looks at her slave girl with disgust and sometimes spits in her mouth and face. When christina licked all the sweat from her Mistress’ feet, Sarah decided that her shoes were very dirty and began to wipe the soles of her shoes on christina’s tongue. christina’s tongue and face quickly turned black, but Sarah doesn’t care .. she continues to clean her shoes on the tongue of a slave girl and pushes them into her mouth. christina was unable to cheer Sarah up even by licking her sweaty feet and dirty shoes, so more humiliation awaits her today. (1 part of 3)
SARAH - Clean my dirty shoes and sweaty feet after walking - PART1 (4K)
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