117860 – Latex Red LIps

This is a 1 of a kind latex clip where an extra BLOOPER is included. Lucky you my nipple would not hold still in my bra LOL..instead of editing it out, a lucky loser like you get to view my gorgeous tongue action & boob mistake ha ha ..an idiot like you would only DREAM of putting your hands on my body ..how bout NOT! dream on loserrrrrr.
Latex Red LIps
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117066 – Your jerk off task – sucking heels! (SD Video)

Take a close look at my sexy high heels! Adore them from all sides! I know about your wish to kiss them and suck the heels! So go ahead, take the heel deep into your mouth! Then you値l lick every inch of my high heels – and you値l jerk your dick. You値l jerk it faster and faster – until your glans is burning! And on 0 you値l cum! 5 … 4 … 3 …
Your jerk off task - sucking heels! (SD Video)
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116048 – Worship my dirty high heels (HD)

If you love my high heels it`s time to show me that slave! I use your tongue and your face to clean up my dirty high heels. I love to see your face covered with dirt when you lick my heels and soles. You are so pathetic. I help you with my delicious spit. My shoes must shine! Lick and swallow all dirt and ground from that high heels or I will punish you very hard. Show your Mistress how much you adore her feet. Maybe you need a help with that? I use my second extreme high heels to smash your stupid face! Scratch that mess with your teeth! Your Lady want to go out tonight and she must look perfect and sexy! So get to work!!! You stupid slave.
Worship my dirty high heels (HD)
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115941 – High Heels gastroscopy (HD)

Slave your head is so small compare with my high heels. I can crush your head like a nut but I have another plan for now. You will swallow all my long heel. Open your mouth and get ready. I put my heel into your throat very slowly. Good it`s disappear in your throat. Slave do you think about making money giving a blowjobs? Haha you have a nice deep throat so you can suck a big dicks. Maybe I force you to do that. What do you think? Stop gagging! Breathe slowly and worship my heels! Your Lady want to relax now and check her emails. Keep that heel in your throat and stay like this. You breathe to loud and you distract me, I must pinch your nose. Now you must try to breathe by your mouth with my long heel in your throat HAHA. I feel your adenoids slave. I think we must remove them then my heels can going deeper in your throat. If you throw up I promise you I force you to eat all that shit, so be careful. You are near, I see! I don`t want to see this so swallow that shit and we can continue your gastroscopy! Stay still. Slave now is the time to swallow both heels in one time. Open your mouth and slowly swallow my both heels. I wanna put them to your throat till the end. After when I`ve done all the procedure what I plan, you will lick my heels and show me how deeply you love my feet in high heels worshiping them.
High Heels gastroscopy (HD)
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114871 – The slave does whatever I demand (SD Video)

My slave is absolutely obedient. He has to get on all fours on the ground and serve me as a footstool. Well trained as he is, he kisses my see-through high heels. But that痴 not his only job. I command him to take off my high heels and kiss and lick my feet – all over! His tongue slides between my toes carefully – clearly, he痴 afraid to do something wrong. This shy slave must now press his face into my feet and smell them – before also licking my bare foot soles!
The slave does whatever I demand (SD Video)
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113741 – Next Stradivari under dangerous metal Heel 2

The husband from Lady B has ordered a new violin but the post service brings the parcel to a time, hi is not at home. So takes Lady B the violin and bring they in the music romm from her husband. She open the parcel and look the brand new Violin. They looks good. Carefully, she puts the violin aside. Now she sit down and read in a Book. She laing her feet on the table and you can see her wonderful Peep Toes with dangerous metal Heel.She stand up and look all the posters in the music rom. In the course of this she stand unintentionally with her sharp high heel on the violin and make a deep scabies in the violin. What a . Her husband will be angry over this. But lady B has an idea. The parcel was never arrive, she just has to make the violin disappear. Now she has fun to destroy the poor violin with her metal heels. She stand of it and press her heels into the wooden body, again and again and make many holes in it. She do the same with the cover. Now she exchanges her shoes, and wear her wooden clogs. She jump on the violin, and make the violine to trash. No violin, no trouble!
Next Stradivari under dangerous metal Heel 2
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113634 – Slave Must Clean

Hey bitch, like the look of my sexy dirty heels I’m wearing? I bet you do.Sexy hey! Being at the feet of a true Goddess like me there is only one thing for you to do…yes, clean my heels with your tongue of course.I love nothing more than seeing a wimp like you licking away like a do.g on all fours. I want my shoes gleaming like brand new. I want to impress all the men tonight when I hit the town. So lick away all dirty and suck that heel LOSER!
Slave Must Clean
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113294 – Foot posing in red High Heels

I just came home from work and still wear my super sexy business-outfit and one of my favorite pairs oh red high heels. Get on your knees and dream about the taste and smell of my beautiful feet when I slip out of my heel. I grant you the ultimate pleasure to take a look of my beautiful soles, knowing that they will turn you into my submissive footslave.
Foot posing in red High Heels
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