190808 – From panty sniffer to sissy

You love my worn panties. Just the thought that my pussy was very close to the panties that you just hold in your face makes you crazy. Fine, you can have it. But I want you to wear it yourself! You’ll see, you’ll like it! And soon you’ll be wearing more and more underwear, even in your everyday life. Soon you’ll feel so horny and irresistible, because you’ll notice that other men go for it. And suddenly you’ll be sucking dick, even though you never wanted to do it that way. Everything has its price.
From panty sniffer to sissy
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189687 – Dildo Dolly 2

Dildo Dolly wanted to show her boyfriend the new lingerie, but the fact that Lady Vampira is now giving the instructions was not what the sissy slut had in mind! As if the verbal humiliation wasn’t embarrassing enough, the TV maid is supposed to learn something about make-up and artificial fingernails at the sissyfication! Lady Vampira is an expert in strict feminization and will not tolerate slut training without care! The slave is still adorned in a frilly dress, but the XXL dildo will widen her asshole mercilessly!
Dildo Dolly 2
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188411 – Blonde Bitch

Bitch fever from LOCKtober to NOvember! As soon as the nails are painted red and the hair is long and blond, the slave finds pleasure in his ****** feminization! Full of slut fever, the blowjob is unfortunately no longer a punishment and the blonde TV slut is clearly enjoying her new role as a chaste sissy whore in a penis cage! My latex pig enjoys the orgasm control and is not allowed to cum just yet, because the golden shower in the body bag is still waiting for him later!
Blonde Bitch
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185551 – Two-hole sissy used by three cocks (SD Video)

Our rubber sissy is locked in a chastity cage, as it should be for such a small cunt. Missy Van Licks, Miss Gioia and I have kidnapped the latex slut into a forest and will fuck her so hard with our strap-ons! Alternately she has to suck our three thick cocks. Then we ram the dildos into her ass cunt one after the other. As a reward, the rubber bitch gets all our ass dildos stuffed into her mouth at the same time until she gags. Used, we leave her on the ground.
Two-hole sissy used by three cocks (SD Video)
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185785 – Doll Domination 1/2

Pussydoll dances lasciviously at the window and strokes her latex in ecstasy. She sits in front of the mirror and admires herself. A slave hangs behind the rubber doll and is eagerly awaiting double domination use by the blonde Latex TV and the black-haired dominatrix Lady Vampira. It’s unbearably warm that day and during fisting in the love swing, the viewer gets hot too!
Doll Domination 1/2
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184336 – Mistresses Make a Sissy Slut Out Of Their Slave – Crossdressing Femdom First Time

Gorgeous sexy Mistresses Kira and Sofi in latex and high heels wanted to feminize their male slave by turning him into a sissy blonde bitch. First of all, the dominant girls ordered the slave to put on a black dress, then Mistress Kira ordered him to kneel – and put a blonde wig on him. Then came the turn to wear black stockings. After the submissive guy put on everything that the Mistress ordered him, he became almost a girl, but there were still some details missing. Sofi and Kira sat their sissy slut on the sofa, and they themselves sat on the sides and, taking cosmetics in hand, began to apply makeup on the slave’s face. Latex Mistresses constantly taunt their bitch and slap him. When the male slave is already fully feminized into a blonde bitch, the Mistresses ordered him to start dancing in front of them like a bitch while they smoke cigarettes and taunt him. The Mistresses then ordered the sissy slut to get on all fours for a spanking.
Mistresses Make a Sissy Slut Out Of Their Slave - Crossdressing Femdom First Time
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Summer is the time of year for bare feet and painted toes. Toes painted in very pretty hot pink, feminine sandals, and flip-flops. Yes, every girl likes to show off her pretty pink toes at this time of year. And since this coming weekend is going to be hot, it’s a perfect time to give those toes a good painting and airing. Oh, you think I’m talking about me? No. I’m not. I’m talking about you!
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I know you want to be my submissive little sissy. But that’s not enough for me. I want you to be a bimbo sissy – or as it is in your case, a stupid bimboi. This erotic audio file contains a trigger – and after you listen to it, the trigger will work to turn you into a stupid bimboi. You will be devoid of any intellect and will even struggle to do even the most simple of cerebral tasks. Instead, you will be a slutty little bimboi who exists for one thing – to seek out men online and have cyber sex with them.
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181679 – Punishment for my chaste sissy slut

With 100 euros my bitch dares to come home from the hustle… Are you serious? Yeah, she took a little break. Well, I guess sissies don’t deserve breaks. She should hook up with her mistress. After 300 or 400 euros, I like to give her a little break… Now I will show her but first again what I taught her with a little PP because then she is always quite uninhibited… the thick rubber cock she has to suck good. And the Kg remains of course also closed …
Punishment for my chaste sissy slut
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If you’ve got a little dick, you’re not a real man. You’re not even close to being a man. You’re a sissy. And so you have to masturbate in a particular way. You can’t grab hold of your dick with your whole hand and start stroking. Your clit is too small for that. You have to rub and pinch and tug. And it’s not all about your clitty, either. Your boi-cunt gets in on the actions too. As Miss Deviant is about to demonstrate!
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181089 – From Boy to Sissy Transformation

We need to talk. I’ve been noticing that you’re not very boyish at all. Your voice is a little soft, you lack muscles and there’s nothing alpha about you. I’m very disappointed in how you turn out. I think you should be a sissy instead. I’m sure you would make a better girl than a boy! I’m sure you already feel a bit like a sissy anyways. Put my pink panties on and suck this pink dildo. I’ll demo just a little bit on how to begin sucking dick like a sissy. Long slow and sexy licks up the shaft sissy. I know you want to please me so embrace being feminized and begin your cock sucking journey like a good cock sucker.
From Boy to Sissy Transformation
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180760 – Your whore education – the first step

It has been your dream for a very long time to finally be my little slut and to work the streets. You want a dick that will take your ass really hard and fill it up? You will now become a hooker and we both prepare you for your services as a cheap hooker. You’ve had this brainfuck for a while, haven’t you? So why not take the next step right away, my obedient fuck meat? You’re weak and you’ll do anything for me, whore!You now get a little foretaste of what awaits you as my whore and, above all, what I expect from you. Of course, the mistress has some requirements for the new whore. Before I let you loose on the suitors, you have to prove your skills to me. You still have a lot to learn before you get fucked by a client. It goes without saying that you will later have to hand over the money you have earned to me. Because if I already had the work to train you as a hooker, then I will also get the money you have earned.Just the thought that I’m your pimp, that you have to work for me, makes you horny and nervous at the same time. You don’t know what to expect. It is solely in my hands. I decide how your further life goes.Are you looking forward to your first cock in the ass?
Your whore education - the first step
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Be warned; this file is extremely powerful! This erotic audio file uses the power of psychology to ensure you always wear panties. In fact, after listening to this, you will find that you are most comfortable when wearing panties to the point where you will no longer want to wear male boxers or briefs. You may even find yourself throwing out all of your male underwear and replacing it with pretty panties instead!
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