167811 – Deep Throat – Until you start to gag! – small version

Sissy bitch, you are moving up to the next level. Goddess Yasemin wants to see you perfect your blowjob skills and become an all-round satisfying sissy. Do you see the extremely long heel of your mistress’ shoes?! She sticks this deep into your fuck mouth until you start to gag. This is how a decent blowjob is performed!
Deep Throat - Until you start to gag! - small version
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167899 – Made a Sissy Gay and Homewrecked

You pretend to be a man but I know what a loser you are. You dream of having your wife or girlfriend feminize you and make you suck a cock…because you’re really a homo. I know you watch my videos and jerk your cock, but you’re not thinking of fucking me. You’re thinking about how incredibly hot it would be to BE me. To have a perfect feminine body, to have the tits and ass to make any man crawl for me, and of course, to indulge every cock sucking and fucking desire I’ve ever had. So come on faggot, just give yourself over to me. I’ll have you cheating on your wife before you know it. But it will only ever be with a man!
Made a Sissy Gay and Homewrecked
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166433 – MINDFUCK 3 #VIDEO

Little did you know that when you transformed from male to female, your own self obsession would begin. All day everyday you stare in the mirror and jerk off to yourself over and over and over. Nothing can satisfy your insatiable urges and you fail to resist them each time that throb begins to twitch inside you. Moreish and addictive, you stroke obsessively to yourself now you no longer look the way you once did. Filming yourself just to play it back and hump your hand 24/7. This is your life now cunt face. A lesson learned in your selfish, manipulative history of disrespecting women; now you are the loser who cannot stop using yourself.
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166196 – Mistress Harley is Bimbo Goals

Mistress Harley IS your Bimbo goals! You look at my perfect hot body and you know you could never fuck me, but maybe you could make yourself be more like me. You want to be in a hot model body with huge tits, a big ass, and long legs so that you can get as much dick as you want! I’ll tell you how to reach your bimbo girls and be hot like me.
Mistress Harley is Bimbo Goals
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I’ve decided to put your mouth and ass to use. You will send your days kneeling before the glory hole, ready for floppy flaccid cocks to be dropped through that hole. You’ll suck them until they cum down your throat. And when your mouth gets tired, your ass will be put to use too, so that hot creamy cum can fill your insides. After each hard pounding from those cocks, you’ll be licking them clean again. You are a Glory hole cum slut, after all!
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166563 – Creampie for your ass cunt!

As my sissy bitch, you have now already trained your ass for me to receive real men’s cocks and let them fuck you. You are prepared for the biggest cock! And now I want you to know how it feels when a real alpha cums in your ass cunt! I’ll fill your ass with cum and you’ll enjoy the feeling of the cum slowly dripping out of your ass. Since your willy drips the same, huh!?
Creampie for your ass cunt!
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166192 – Date with a Glory Hole

It’s time for DATE NIGHT! No, not with ME loser. I’m going to teach you how to find a glory hole, because that’s going to be your date night tonight. At it takes is a quick search and you’ll be on your knees in front of a hole waiting for stranger cock to come through. You’re going to suck those cocks, drain those balls, and turn around and let them fuck you. You’ll never have a "regular" date night again!
Date with a Glory Hole
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You have returned from the male to female transformation my best friend and I subjected you to and don’t you look ridiculous! A sight for sore eyes with those big fake tits, yet your cock still dangling in the pathetic way it always did. Sure it might be big but it is nothing in comparisson to that ego of yours, which started this whole thing off- your disgusting treatment of women and using them as a set of holes to stroke your damn ego!You definitely learned the hard way what punishment for your behaviour was. Watch and learn as I teach you via humiliation and verbal abuse just what your new life has in store for you. A little tease here and there of course to get you erect- hell I even get on my knees to inspect your manhood and reject you all over again. Take your training and be goddam gratefull you utter cunt.
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Hello mistress. i long for you so much… you were right as usual. i am your addicted aroma bitch and there is no cure only relapse. please please i’m in a hotel on monday so i can really be your sissy. please punish me for trying to resist you again. make me understand that it’s no use. please order me to wear nylon stockings again. over them pantyhose. plus a bra and panties and a latex dress. of course with my electroc-chastity and this time also an electro-plug. both can be controlled at the same time but separately from each other. with this you will tor ture me and of course let me sniff a lot of aroma. please order me, after you have made me really horny, to pause the clip and directly order the next one. so i have no chance to resist in the future. because when i am horny i do what you want anyway. and only when i have ordered i may continue watching the current clip.

165099 – Whore education: Plug training part 2

Of course, the plug is a daily accessory that you’ve got to carry as Sissy with you! Now it’s about the next bigger plug! Because you always have to be ready at all times! Your holes must be stretched and be available to me at any time! You have to practice and do that daily ! You will also wear it at work and stretch your anal pussy for me more and more !
Whore education: Plug training part 2
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I know you like to see me in sexy lingerie. And I like wearing it. I like the feeling of it against my skin. It’s so very sensual and erotic. I want you to experience that feeling this weekend. I want you to dress up for me. Underneath your normal clothes, you will have a naughty secret that only I will know about. A little kinky bond between us. You in your secret lingerie and me on your mind – all through the weekend.
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163679 – YOU are my girlfriend now!

One day you will understand that you were never meant to be a man, and that day is today. You decided to give me total power in this relationship and I have decided to make use of said power. I am going to turn you into a girl, my girlfriend, and my sissy slut. Oh but you thought you were a boy? WRONG. We’re going to lock away that useless clitty of yours and administer estrogen to shrink it even further, find you a boyfriend and make you transition from loser boyfriend to loser girlfriend-
YOU are my girlfriend now!
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163468 – The anal trap (small version)

I never have enough and I always want it more extreme. You will go beyond your limits for me! After we have exploit your ass I’ll push the monster dildo into your ass cunt and then… you belong to me! You’ve fallen into my trap! Your ass is fucked forever now – literally! The barbed dildo stays in your fuck hole now. So you belong to me. Forever!
The anal trap (small version)
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