208901 – We fuck the pussy!

The bitch was not only dressed by us, she also got a real pussy from us, and Lomi Faith, Anna Petrovna, Mommy Ultraviolence and myself are going to take turns fucking her. It looks really hot how our thick strap-ons disappear into her tight cunt. But that’s not enough for us. We want to fuck Candy-Bitch in all her holes and that’s why she has to give us her ass cunt too!
We fuck the pussy!
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208676 – 10 Basic Tasks for Sissies

It’s time to embrace your femininity, a part of yourself that you kept hidden for a long time. In this clip, I am guiding you – a beginner sissy – through 10 simple tasks. They are designed to be easy and introductory, perfect for someone new to this dynamic. Don’t worry, I’ll explain each task step by step while providing a lot of encouragement. You’ll become a proper little sissy girl in no time! [No humiliation]
10 Basic Tasks for Sissies
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207579 – Goddess Castratix wants to play with you! 2

Well, you fucking loser?! My last clips have probably inspired you and every time you jerk off to them, the only thought that comes to mind is: "I want to destroy it!" "Want to have it rendered useless" "Completely ruined for every woman"! And rightly so! You are a total fuck failure and the only contact you have with women is at their feet! You pathetic bootlicker really want to be rendered completely useless!? Okay, then let’s start with the chemical approach first, you know: at least once a day to keep you calm! But if you’re not sure enough about this, we should use technical means to demonstrate it to you! Yes, it’s getting a little tighter, isn’t it?! The tight rubber ring around your balls…how they pulsate and turn blue…come on, you fuck failure, hold on! Soon it will be done…
Goddess Castratix wants to play with you! 2
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207321 – Rubber Dolls – All Holes stuffed! (Full Movie)

Us three ladies, Miss Kasha, Lady Blackdiamoond and I are absolute latex fetishists and connoisseurs. Accordingly, our luxury bodies are wrapped in shiny rubber catsuits and look stunning. Our Barbie rubber doll agrees and is allowed to bring our hot asses even more to shine directly at the beginning. After that we use our rubber slut by all the rules of art. All holes are stuffed without mercy. In between there are short strokes over her latex dress. The clit swells again and again and threatens to burst the chastity cage. And always then comes the next nastiness. Plugs and dildos in the fuck hole and finally licking boots and eating sperm.
Rubber Dolls - All Holes stuffed! (Full Movie)
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Brace yourself for a tantalizing audio journey that will redefine your very essence. Prepare to be transformed. Say goodbye to your old self, boys! The shower is now your sanctuary of femininity, where your manhood shrinks and your womanhood thrives. Finally, the moment has arrived to embrace your inner goddess and revel in all things girly! From lingerie to makeup, let your true self shine through. Discover the hidden power within the showerhead as your femininity blossoms. Let the showerhead’s touch guide you to the ultimate climax. Cum like a girl, feeling the water ignite your new throbbing clit. At last, the world gets to witness the dazzling transformation of your true, girly self!
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207251 – Giantess 12

Giantess Sissy Slut Humiliation!Blond Tall Goddess tease and humiliate her small crossdresser bitch boy!Huge blonde Lady Amanda teases her sissy slave, turning him on and humiliating him at the same time. At first she arrogantly makes fun of him for being so small, telling him to look up to her…look at how tall she is. She is so groooo big! Why is he so small?!Then he has to jerk off his cock while looking up at her like a humble nothing like a luminary. Amanda kisses him intensely from above, abuses his nipples and teases him. Then she oils up her big breasts in front of his eyes and forbids him to look at her breasts. Whenever he looks at her breasts, he gets a slap in the face.She also keeps spitting in his face and humiliating him as slut, bitch, homo, sissy etc.Then she begins to jerk off his cock at high frequency and finally he is allowed to lick her big, horny breasts. Of course, these are exactly at his eye level, because his mistress towers over him gigantic.
Giantess 12
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207240 – Houseslave 43

Houseslave Pinkie humiliated und anal fucked while cleaning!Clarissa dominates her cleaning slave Bobby again. Kneeling in his pink maid costume, he crouches on the floor when the super sexy lady enters the kitchen in her seamed nylon stockings and the appearance of a figure of light. Immediately she sends him to clean and wash up. He has to wash the dishes and wipe the floor clean under her dominant commands. The sadistic young lady makes extra dirt, puts time pressure or lets him clean some things several times. She keeps giving him a few kicks with her heels or a few juicy slaps on his ass. Then she starts to torment his ass with an electro plug, she fucks his ass with an electro strapon while Pinkie alias Bobby has to keep cleaning. In between she also makes him horny, jerks his cock hard again and again and then stops immediately to send him to clean again.
Houseslave 43
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206399 – You will be wearing a headscarf today Sissy Kelly

Stepson Sissy Kelly, I am looking forward to your visit. I’m just realizing that it’s been a while now… I feminized you, you always have to wear women’s panties under your normal clothes. Open your pants and show me your women’s panties. Oh pretty, you’re wearing the pink one today! I bought you 3 new panties. A granny panties and 2 silk panties. Yes, these are the types of panties you can wear and of course they have to cover the front. I’ll show you the panties then I’ll change the subject. I’ve noticed over the last few days that you’ve kept staring at my headscarf and my scarf collection. Yes, you even touched the cloths once! I saw it exactly! I have decided that you belong in a headscarf! You will show yourself in public with thickly applied lipstick and lip gloss, a headscarf with a double knot…
You will be wearing a headscarf today Sissy Kelly
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You really thought you could get away with wearing men’s clothing in front of Miss Deviant? Think again, you pathetic little bitch. Get ready to learn your lesson, you insignificant little sissy. Your ass and mouth will be filled with toys as you prove yourself to Miss Deviant. Prepare to have your boundaries pushed and your desires challenged as you delve into Miss Deviant’s realm of toy swapping. Enjoy the bitter taste of your own ass as you humiliate yourself for Miss Deviant’s twisted enjoyment and venture into a world where pleasure and submission intertwine, where every taste reveals your true nature. Your cum, a delicious symbol of your submissive desires, must be consumed with a fervent desire and unyielding pleasure. It is time to embrace your role as a dirty little bitch and relish in the pleasure it brings, as you submit to Miss Deviant’s world.
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205533 – Wear Silky Panties for Me

Look how silky these panties are! I want you to wear a pair like this and feel the smoothness for yourself. You don’t have to be a sissy to do it! I just think it’s cute and even sensual when boys put panties on for me, even if it’s not their thing. If you have a satin or nylon panty fetish, you have to wear them at least once, don’t you think? Show me your love for panties and please me.
Wear Silky Panties for Me
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205077 – My New Sissy Secretary

Welcome to the interview! Oh, do you want to know why I asked if you had any expertise with fashion or dungeons? Well, I wanted to make sure you were qualified for this position since it has specific prerequisites. I think you’re perfect, in fact, given the fact that you served a mistress before. You see, your work uniform is going to be pink, cute, and very feminine. That’s how I like my secretaries to be dressed. I also have multiple business ventures, one of which is a dominatrix in my personal dungeon. You’ll have to accompany me there too, and not only to take notes during my sessions. See you Monday, sissy secretary!
My New Sissy Secretary
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