94842 – CLIP – Nina’s Easter Pleasure – (High Quality Version)

Nina is coming back from one of the biggest easter party downtown and it seems like she is now planning to make another party with this loser slave after dancing all night! She seems really happy to show him that nice chocolate easter gift that she got from one of her friend, and it seems like she is now planning to enjoy it while this loser slave is sniffing her lovely naked feet! She makes him take her leather shoes off and just takes pleasure to cover his face with her sweaty naked feet! Super sexy! She takes some bites of her chocolate egg while this loser slave must deal with her smelly feet on his face! Nina really wants to make fun at him so she takes some more bites in that delicious chocolate egg, and just crushes the big rest of it on his face with her feet! His face is now all sticky so she just takes pleasure to crush that big chocolate egg on his face with her feet! She just cant stop laughing! She rubs her sexy feet all over his face and makes him lick the bottom of her soles full of sweet chocolate, while sucking her fingers with her sexy cruel smile of satisfaction! Nina also dips her feet on that milk bowl on the floor just to make sure to keep him busy with her feet! She dips her sexy toes in that milk bowl to make him suck on them! It seems like she really enjoys that milk and chocolate party on his face! This loser slave would probably do anything to serve and please her anyway! Super Hot Clip! Happy Easter folks!
Nina's Easter Pleasure - (High Quality Version)
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91431 – CLIP – Pink off Pink

We were about to shoot an innocent cake crush video with Anna, when Elsa payed us a surprise visit. I took the chance given: why not spice things up and add the salty taste of her day-long sweat to the cake? She jumped in willingly and crushed the cake with her sweaty feet, while Anna’s role changed into her foot cleaner. She licked it off Elsa’s gorgeous pink soles, while she could not help laughing at her.
Pink off Pink
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90382 – CLIP – Gumboots in Pumpkin Field

Lady B take a walk with her new Gumboots. But she walk not only on the way, she walk in a pumpkin field. She crushes many big and small pumpkins under her cruel soles. She jump on they and stomp it very hard. Later she comes on a big heap with red and yellow Paprika. The next Job for her Rubberboots. Crush ! At home she trample the Hand from her Slave and cleans her dirty Boots on it.
Gumboots in Pumpkin Field
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86842 – CLIP – Foot Topped Pizza

Delicious pizza slices, mexican topping…what’s missing? A pair of smooth, soft 18y/o feet, of course! Rosie adds the absent ingredient to the meal: her cute pink soles make a perfect topping. She playes with the pizza slices, crushes and tramples them until they’re just a total mess. Amazing closeups that will make you reconsider your pizza eating habits: better off a girl’s feet 🙂
Foot Topped Pizza
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86800 – CLIP – Gooey Grey Socks

Candy wanted to have a banana for mid-day snack, but it doesn’t match up her expectations, she throws it away. It will serve a much more entertaining purpose: she crushes it with her feet in adorable grey socks! It’s likely that the others won’t taste any better, so she destroys the whole pack. As she stomps them, her socks get all sloppy and gooey, a treat for the eyes!
Gooey Grey Socks
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