161550 – Dominant Blowjob 53

French Princess Femdom Footjob-Sucking !VIDEO IN FRENCH!The dominant young French Madame Fabienne ties her sex slave Bobby to the chair and first of all teases him with her feet. She plays with her nylon feet and his cock and presses her feet in stockings to smell and lick in his face. Then she begins to suck his cock, clutching it with her feet. Finally the fairy foot goddess releases him and frees him from the handcuffs in order to abuse him sexual on the couch. !See Complete Movie Femdom 144!
Dominant Blowjob 53
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156234 – RED LIPS

you little loser always get weak when you see red, full, sensual lips. you love to watch women smoking a cigarette, you automatically associate this with dominance and your fetish, right, bitch boy 😉 Get on your knees and enjoy this clip with breathy, humiliating words for you, loser!
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155647 – Expensive Bimbo Lips DRAIN You

My gorgeous lips are so sexy, and they’re also expensive. I love getting injections to make them even bigger and sexier. These big dick sucking lips love wrapping around a big thick cock, lips made for sex. Not for boys like you though, the closest you’ll ever be able to get to these perfect gorgeous dick sucking lips is to pay for them. My lips are a luxury and I enjoy pumping your money into them.
Expensive Bimbo Lips DRAIN You
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ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday at Dungeon Roma I’m joined by my mistress friend, and we have a slave on the bed that we will enjoy making him suffer. He is going to have a pleasurable experience. Well… Of course only as far as we allow it. I allow him to play with his cock, while we both sit over him and share some sensual moments with a delicious lolly. I know he wants us to pay attention to him. However, we are enjoying our own company. We occasionally give him some attention, by sharing our spit in his mouth. We continue teasing him, and he moans and desperately wants to cum. Not today… We want him to suffer, as he is tease and tormented by his sensual Juicy Lickers…
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144877 – Beheaded by my razor-sharp teeth (small version)

Look at these tiny guys – so small and helpless – and they won’t be in one piece for much longer! One after another is beheaded by my razor-sharp incisors. Watch how easy it is to cut through their necks with my sharp teeth! For some I’m also going to use my pointy canine teeth and just rip off their heads from their shoulders – and then I’m going to chew swallow their little heads 😀 In between I give you some extreme close ups of my sharp teeth and sexy lips. Would you like to be consumed by a giantess like this?! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Beheaded by my razor-sharp teeth (small version)
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142393 – Tiny slaves make a great snack for the giantess (small version)

Did you little slaves dare to go outside again? That might be dangerous for you – I’ve not had breakfast yet and you look like the perfect little snack 😀 Let’s see how you taste … oh, are you afraid already? What would you prefer? When I chew your tiny body between my sharp teeth and end your life quickly? Or should I swallow you alive and then just digest you?! How does it feel to lie on my tongue? It’s soo big compared to your tiny body! And while you’re trapped in my mouth, awaiting your fate, I’ll decide what I’m going to do with you and your little friends!
Tiny slaves make a great snack for the giantess (small version)
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Please can you make a video for me around 7 minutes long? I’ve noticed through your biting clips that you have a exceptionally beautiful set of teeth. Scrolling through the mouth and teeth categories on you’re ************ page, I haven’t seen anything dedicated to your mouth and teeth. However, I got really fascinated with your amazing teeth. In general I have a strong fetish and fascination with everything related to a woman’s mouth. Particularly teeth, and yours are especially beautiful. Also, can you please incorporate some yawns in the clip…
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Deep dark****** lipstick is vulgar and trivial .Sensual and beautiful .yes.Vulgar,no when one such lipstick color is chosen in good taste there is no chance of it giving a vulgar impression,What about you ?Are you a purple lipstick lover?Getting weak and excited every time when you watch a pair of sexy dark****** lipstick?you are thinking of sex every time when you watch them? Ha I know it, this is your weak spot….nobody can resist to my scandalous dark lips…..such a small step from a strong man to a weak lipstick addict!!

139479 – Juicy lips

Includes lip fetish – ebony – hand fetish – lipstick fetish – dirty talk – mouth fetish – ebony female domination – femdom pov – pov female My lips are so perfect and full…Watching them whisper those magical words to you turns you on in ways you never imagined possible. They can bring pleasure and utter delicious depravity that strikes at your very core.Enjoy these gorgeous Ebony Goddess lips and be thankful that you are permitted to worship them every day.
Juicy lips
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