202929 – Nurse with Juicy Red Lips

This video starts with a very sexy Nurse Morrigan putting on her latex medical gloves, who then decides to complete her look with the help of some bright red lipstick. She lines and fills her lips with a lip pencil, then applies multiple layers of lipstick, followed by clear lip gloss to make the lips shiny and juicy. This clip includes lip licking, blowing kisses and some jerk off encouragement. Nurse Morrigan needs a good semen sample in the end for performing more lab tests!
Nurse with Juicy Red Lips
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199173 – Putting On Black Lipstick

I’m already wearing some lipstick, but I like my lips much darker than this. I grab my black lipstick and I start applying layer after layer until my lips are completely covered. It doesn’t matter that the application makes my mouth a bit messy, I keep adding more and more, making my lips bigger and bigger. Then I am blowing kisses and licking my lips sensually for a while. Isn’t black the most intensely beautiful lipstick color?
Putting On Black Lipstick
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198341 – Applying Beige Nude Lipstick in Retro Lingerie

I am putting on some sexy beige nude lipstick, and I’m filming it from multiple angles. This warm shade is very flattering and looks great on my natural lips. The texture is so creamy and it’s so easy to apply. I also blow a couple of kisses and lick my lips sensually, dressed in my retro lingerie. Get ready to fall in love again with my beautiful mouth!
Applying Beige Nude Lipstick in Retro Lingerie
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194967 – Dominant Blowjob 75

Blond Giantess Goddess Sissy Blowjob!Small crossdresser slut have to lick his cum of her big tits!Tall Goddess Amanda give her small crossdresser sissy slut a blowjob until he splash cascades of sperm all over her big tits. Then the dominant blond Amazone order him to lick his cum from her tits. The small sissy slut now lick and lick much cum of the boobs from his tall Goddess. Again and again while this she humiliate him with words like slut, bitch, pussy, homo,
Dominant Blowjob 75
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