190967 – Painful encounter for body and soul

The slave clearly shows that he is the weakest man for far and wide. Mistress Anfisa has never met a weakling like him. His body is weak, but how strong is his psyche? Mistress Anfisa picks up a riding crop and wants to find out the balance between the physical and psychological resilience of the slave. She strikes and observes his reactions. Weakness defines him and for this he gets strong slaps from Mistress Anfisa!
Painful encounter for body and soul
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191269 – Vitoria Vonteese – Hot Mean teacher EP 17 – Sexy and mean Teacher teaches dumb student a lesson – SPANKING – FOOT WORSHIP – FOOT DOMINATION – FOOT HUMILIATION – FEMDOM –

Victoria doesn’t like stupid students! But this student is too stupid! She humiliates the student for being a repeater!She decides to teach him a lesson for being so dumb! she spanks him over her knees! While he kisses her feet, she slaps his ass with her flip flops! I must be hot to be her student!
Vitoria Vonteese - Hot Mean teacher EP 17  - Sexy and mean Teacher teaches dumb student a lesson  - SPANKING - FOOT WORSHIP - FOOT DOMINATION - FOOT HUMILIATION - FEMDOM - FLIP FLOPS - SPANKING OVER KNEES - SOLES - FACE STOMP -
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190582 – Pain test with whips and crops – small version

The slave has spent the whole night laying there tied on the floor, his arms wide apart and without any possibility of freeing himself. Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna want to push him to his limit and take two whips to help them. They walk around the slave, stepping on his hands and hitting his bound body with the crops. Mistress Jane takes a cane and strikes! How the slave got into this situation is not clear to him himself. He would like to leave, but this will not happen for him, because Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane now carry out a pain test with him…
Pain test with whips and crops - small version
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189769 – Stupidity is punished!

Mistress Zora punishes the slave and tries to beat his stupidity out of him. She takes a riding crop and starts to beat the slave on his ass. She will only stop when he is willing to pay a sum that Mistress Zora feels is appropriate to stop beating him. The crop cracks loudly and often. She visibly enjoys inflicting pain on the slave and picks up the nearest riding crop for a change. When she’s done with him, his ass is glowing and his wallet is empty.
Stupidity is punished!
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189828 – Spanked And Belted Without Mercy – Domina Charlize

next clip with phantastic mistress domina charlize! she comes home after beeing in the stables. she is a lil bit frustrated about the riding session, but beeing a sadist and having always some objects of let go frustrations she knows that one of her slave is still encaged in the cellar. for a few hours already and he couldnt move in that cage.so she goes down into the cellar and releases their slave by taking him on his nipples with her cruel fingers.beeing in the hall now its time for pain. the slave has to stand straight. arms back. so his front is very well exposed to the cruelty of his owner. his prick is erected so its a wonderful target for some sharp slaps with the end of the riding crop of the mistress.he also gets hard slaps on his breast and his nipples. next he has to turn around and recieves more hard strokes on his ass and on his shoulders.next turn and more hard strokes on his prick! this time even more harder. the slave is really in big trouble now, but it eve gets bigger with more strokes, more strokes, more strokes, when he cries now or moves away from the strokes he gets now extra strokes. and although its nearly impossible the strokes get even harder and harder.it seems the slave is still not have enough trouble so the goddess uses her sharp fingernails now and twisting his nipples. the slave cries out now really loud.more hard slaps on his cock next. his body shaking and he cries out. 10 hard extras on his already damaged ass.well, to be honest we stopped the clip now to make it not too long. but if domina charlize could have decided, she would punish and torture this poor slave for hours and hours for sure!best femdom clip you find here! for sure!
Spanked And Belted Without Mercy - Domina Charlize
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189843 – Spanking the lazy loser

I gave the slave simple instructions – among others, to clean the living room – but when I come home, this lazy loser sits on the couch and has done nothing … that needs to be punished of course! I put this loser over my knee and spank his ass with my bare hands! I just love the slapping sound when my hand hits his ass hard – and how his whole body flinches! Then he gets the chance to complete his work while I watch him closely, but obviously he can’t do it to my satisfaction and he gets another round of slaps … and another one … until he has learned his lesson!
Spanking the lazy loser
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189326 – Queen Hanna and Lady Nora beat the slave

Our slave is already afraid of what is about to happen to him. Hesitantly, and with a nervous voice, he answers our questions and we can tell that to serve Queen Hanna and Lady Nora is something very special and new for him. We like that! With the percussive instruments in our hands, it’s about to get painful for him! I guarantee it! Queen Hanna and I start to play with the slave and drive him to despair. We test his concentration and resilience and punish him with hard blows for his mistakes.
Queen Hanna and Lady Nora beat the slave
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188612 – Slaps can be so hard! – small version

The slave kneels in front of Mistress Anfisa and looks at her admiringly and hopefully. However, this does not change the fact that Mistress Anfisa will now inflict pain on the slave. She is visibly impressed by his positive attitude, because he has no idea what to expect. Mistress Anfisa reaches out with her hand and gives the slave a hard slap. The slave tries to keep his facial expression positive and relaxed, but he succeeds less and less from slap to slap.
Slaps can be so hard! - small version
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188872 – Punishment In The Purple Room – Miss Yuna

They say she has the power to change things. We cannot say whether this is in a positive sense. Of course, we are not talking about things like nature, the environment or world peace here. No seriously.What we are talking about is almost essential to the life of a slave. Our Miss Yuna can turn white into purple. She is a true magician, a witch or a succubus. It is a pleasure to watch her doing her tricks. All she needs for the transformation is her magic wand. Made from fine bamboo. It is important that it is unpeeled. Otherwise, the magic will only work half as well. And that would be the last thing we would want. You don’t just saw a slave up a bit but completely in a magic show. Miss Yuna’s slave can count here and experience the great miracle blow by blow when his ass turns from white to purple. Simply magical.
Punishment In The Purple Room - Miss Yuna
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188209 – PAMELA and RADA – Do your best, fat pig or we’ll spank you harder! (4K)

Ugh.. That fat slut emma annoys me.. No matter how hard she tries, she still annoys me! Rada and I decided to give her a lesson.. Look how fat she is! A piece of fat! Her only chance to please us is to worship our feet very throughly and in such a way that we like it! We slap her on her fat face, body, ass while she sucks our feet. We don’t wash them on purpose.. This fat pig deserves only our sweaty feet and only such treatment!..Pamela..
PAMELA and RADA - Do your best, fat pig or we'll spank you harder! (4K)


ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday I have a simple plan. I have my bitch of a slave in the stocks. All I can see is his flabby ass. I?m going to work part of that flab. I have a nice selection of wooden spoons, bats, and of course my beautiful hands. I waste to time getting started, and it?s not long before my bitch is squealing for mercy. Not today? I?m going to enjoy making him suffer as my painful whacks are concentrated on Only One Cheek?
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187871 – Lady Scarlet – Stepmother spanks hard

CUSTOM REQUEST – I would like a roleplay spanking clip strict sexy stepmom / naughty bratty step step-daughter.Length: 10-15MinOutfit: I would like you Miss to where a specific outfit please denim tight jeans with a leather belt and some slip on hard soled sandals with whatever blouse or shirt you would like.Role play: You come home to find your naughty stepdaughter just slouchy on the couch being lazy on her phone. She was supposed to do the chores of the house and she didn?t do any of them. You had asked her to do and your furious with her because she told you she did them but she lied to you and you don?t like liars she keeps being disrespectful to you and talking back to you thinking you won?t do anything about it cause she was never spanked when she was young. You are angry with her you won?t let her get away that easy you think she needs to be taught a lesson in old fashioned discipline. She has no job living, rent free you scold her and yell at her. She rolls her eyes at you and that doesn?t make you happy at all so you grab her by her ear bend her over your lap and start giving her a hard hand spanking. After a couple minutes with your hand you don?t think your hand is enough so you pull her off your lap, bend her over the couch arm or wherever the scene is taking place, with the butt out. You take off your own sandal and start spanking her with that hard making sure she can feel it. After your sandal you think she might finally be learning her lesson but one final thing to make sure the lesson sinks in… You keep her bent over and you take off your own leather belt double it over and give her a good spanking with it. After a good belting you put your belt back on and tell her stay there and think about what she did and let her know that her step-father will also be getting the same spanking when he gets home for not disciplining her when she was younger. As you’re walking out of the room she calls you a nasty name thinking you didn?t hear and this infuriate you even more. You immediately go back in the room and take off your belt again and give her a good whooping with it making her butt cheeks hurt and making her squirm and reminding her to never disrespect you again letting her know who runs the house now. You let her know that next time she does something like that you will just go straight to your belt?.
Lady Scarlet - Stepmother spanks hard
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187441 – Painful strokes – over and over again!

Mistress Anfisa confronts the slave about his looking at her sexy jeans ass and excites him enormously. Now he has her permission to look and Mistress Anfisa gives him hope for more…. But he can quickly forget that! Mistress Anfisa qill give him nothing that makes him happy. He only gets what makes her happy and that is painful blows to his ass with a whip, over and over again!
Painful strokes - over and over again!
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187341 – We work his ass with cane, crop and whip – small version

Mistress Anfisa and I make sure that the slave enjoys his stay with us! Having met Lady Nora and Mistress Anfisa will make him happy for a long time, that’s for sure. We work his ass with cane, crop and whip and are not squeamish with him. He moans in pain and exhaustion. I kick him a few times in the balls with my boots and stand on his hands while Mistress Anfisa beats his ass. We are sure there was hardly a day in his life that went better for him than this one!
We work his ass with cane, crop and whip - small version
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