164673 – Kicking 67

Disco Kick-Pig!Smirni just wanted to turn on a few girls on the dance floor in the disco and is immediately killed by them. They beat him on the floor and kick him there with their heels. The girls kick him together on the dance floor from all sides so that the other people can no longer dance. But he doesn’t dare to rebel Smirni. He allows himself to continue kicking with thear shoes for minutes and makes himself a pitiful laughing stock in front of the surrounding club-goers.
Kicking 67
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163011 – Kicking 65

Kicked down the slave pigs in the shower! Lady Sonya, Madame Carla and Cruel Daisy find the two slave asses Floyd and Isaak in the shower and kick them there with their flip flops. From all sides the 3 dominant ladies kick the two pathetic creatures down and hit them red all over with their bathing shoes.
Kicking 65
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159198 – New Sneakers and nice barefoot trampling (long Version)

Lady Mira must try out her new sneakers, wearing her black outfit. Experience the lady in action, experience what she has to offer her fan, who has been waiting for this meeting for a long time. He will not only experience her new sneakers up close, but also her supple feet. Not everyone is made to endure trampling, so enjoy this film, treat yourself to this film, it is worth it.
 New Sneakers and nice barefoot trampling (long Version)
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159197 – Trampling short version

Here is a short version for those who cannot wait. Watch the erotic Lady Mira, trampling is trendy, erotic in her movements, in her charisma, only those who know Lady Mira understand her attraction. Trampling, the beautiful Lady Mira shows herself passionately in her erotic outfit. This film is for any Lady Mira admirer.
Trampling short version
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159195 – Double Trampling

It looks erotic, playfully simple, but do not be mistaken. What the erotic, beautiful ladies are offering and showing off to the best requires a lot of practice. But the fan also must be trained, it is not that easy, a beginner usually overestimates himself. The ladies know exactly what they are doing. Watch them because it is an exceptionally good film for any true Lady Mira fan.
Double Trampling
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159191 – Two Ladies Heels Attack

Lady Mira and her friend in action. See what the fan of Lady Mira must endure, he serves two ladies at the same time. Boots, nylons, lingerie, the ladies offer everything today.You have a film request, then write Lady Mira, maybe she will implement it if you like it, or just a film with your girlfriend? Watch the film and decide for yourself
Two Ladies Heels Attack
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159246 – Lady Scarlet – Punching bag

Today I will train with a very special punching bag made of bare flesh. Punches and kicks alternate on the abdomen of the slave who turns red very quickly. My muscular legs and arms are too strong for this slave, he doesn’t have much stamina: I release him and let him adore and kiss the legs and biceps that hit him mercilessly. At the next workout I’ll use his balls to as punching bag.
Lady Scarlet - Punching bag
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159187 – Heavy Barfoot Trampling

Today’s fan does not have it easy because he must obey two ladies. Lady Mira and her best friend had to wait a long time before they could meet, luckily the fan also appeared, who was seduced by the looks of the ladies and happy to serve them when it wasn’t made easy for him. Trampling, something only tough men are into, a feast for the eyes for everyone else, seeing the ladies in action.
Heavy Barfoot Trampling
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158492 – Bare feet Trampling and Face standing

A real pleasure for the fan of Lady Mira to serve under her feet. Every fascinating fan must count on the fact that the fascinating Lady Mira takes this literally. For those who stand on their feet, feet of a true lady, want to see, kiss, feel, this clip is a pleasure. Want to? Lady Mira also welcomes you, write her dreams, secret wishes, the lady is looking forward to hearing from you
Bare feet Trampling and Face standing
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157631 – Facesitting Trampling Action complete

Bangsge blue jeans, a plump butt and a nasty but erotic smile, drives the lady over the lips. Determining, she sits on her victim. Facesitting in jeans, with beguiling heels, heat him up powerfully. Not only take the air while breathing, even the tickle torture almost make him crazy. Even as an ashtray is served before the lady missed him a few more tracks in high heel trampling. Breath reduction through facesitting and additional tickle torture bring the foot slaves to the head and the lady laugh. Enjoy this view on the plump po of the lady as he slowly sinks to his face. Today, the lady decides when to breathe again. Facestanding with full body weight, let the slave pass his laugh.
Facesitting Trampling Action complete
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