169143 – Kicking 69

Blindfolded kicking fun for the sadistic girls!The 3 sadistic friends Amber, Clarissa and Mira have thought of another perfidious torture for their slave today. Smirni has been locked in her wardrobe blindfolded for hours and has to kneel there to wait for orders. Finally, the 3 vicious girls get him out of the wardrobe and bring him into the living room. There they start with a mean game. Smirni always gets a kick from one of the ladies and afterwards has to say the real name of the lady who kicked him. If he is correct he has to kiss this lady’s foot and the game continues as normal. If he is wrong, all 3 kick him with their high heels. And the sadistic devil game starts and Smirni gets his first kicks. Of course, he almost never guesses which lady has just kicked him, because he can see absolutely nothing with the aperture around his eyes. Therefore it rains again and again hard kicks from all 3 ladies. After a while, after they kicked him together nicely, the mood of the 3 cruel ladies is now set for something else. So they drag Smirni back into the cloakroom and kick him into where he continues to crouch blindfolded.
Kicking 69
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168202 – ELECTRA – Entropy – BRUTAL Facestomping And Facekicking POV

Gothic beauty Electra is very creative and always her schedule is full! Her two old houseslaves are there to serve her and to make her life easy so she can do whatever pleases her and of course, to satisfy her sadistic desires. But they are fat and old and the last thing that Electra wants in her house is two useless losers napping all day. So when she sees them resting or napping, she gets annoyed and always dominates them to remind them what is the purpose of their life: to be ready to serve her, 24/7!Sadistic Electra loves to play the facekicking game with her slaves! She sits on the stool over her slave and starts to kick, footslap and stomp his face non stop. She has a very joyful expression on her face as she destroys the face of her slave and she stands up and keeps the stomps combined with some karate style kicks! Electra kicks and stomps BRUTALLY, non stop, until the slave is almost ! She kicks him on the floor and she finishes him with one more stomp, right on his face! GREAT POV CAMERA POSITIONS!
ELECTRA - Entropy - BRUTAL Facestomping And Facekicking POV

168648 – Cunt Without Tribute

Femdom-Hangover 2021 in Hannover… Wanting a lot, paying nothing, enduring little. That is probably the motto of this cunt. The cunt without tribute offers hisself among others to Cruel Reell, Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie for use. No problem, however, a cunt without tribute must also be able to take and endure to the max. It quickly turns out that this old, smelly, dirty fat toy has mercilessly overestimated hisself and was knocked out with a broken rib. NEXT!
Cunt Without Tribute
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168270 – ALSU and SARAH – The idiot did not understand our words, now let her suffer (HD)

My cousin Sarah regularly complains about the mistakes of her slave girl christina. At first we wanted to explain to her normally how not to behave, but she is too dumb to understand anything. The bitch annoy my dear Sarah again, for which she received a punishment. Maybe at least so she will understand something? Unlikely. The conversation turned into a punishment for the idiot. But, to be honest, Sarah and I felt sorry for her, because we could hit much harder. Next time, don’t even hope for mercy, you stupid bitch…Alsu..
ALSU and SARAH - The idiot did not understand our words, now let her suffer (HD)

166178 – Boxer Alice

Alice decided to conduct a boxing training, she uses the slave Izaura as a pear. Alice strikes Izaura many times on various parts of the body, including striking with boxing gloves the slave woman on the face. The young goddess is amused by such a busy boxing with a live pear. Izaura groans, but endures for the sake of her beloved Mistress.
Boxer Alice
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167862 – It’s time to get you out of the closet (HD)

You know that sometimes slaves need to be given a good punishment .. When we do not do this for a long time, they begin to relax and be lazy. Me and my friend Tequila won’t let that happen. So today we decided to punish this lazy bitch. We will also have fun .. we will combine useful with funny! haha! After today’s punishment, she will diligently carry out our orders and serve us for a long time, believe me…Lana..
It's time to get you out of the closet (HD)

167623 – Kicked and trampled with brutal riding boots (small version)

I order the slave to stand in the middle of the living room – so I can kick his body with my riding boots. The hard nailed soles leave nice red marks all over his naked chest and the power of my kicks sends him flying to the couch every time. I kick him many times and when he can’t stand up fast enough anymore – I just push his body to the ground and trample him instead! Then it’s time to get kicked some more! I also order him to get on all fours – so I can kick into his belly from below. No matter in which position he is – he’ll always suffer!
Kicked and trampled with brutal riding boots (small version)
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166168 – Live punching bag

Sofia loves sports, her favorite sport is boxing. The girl loves this sport for the fact that she can hurt her slave, using him as a punching bag.Irene comes to Sofia for individual training, who wants to learn several boxing techniques. Irene is new to this sport video, but Sofia is happy to show all her moves on a live punching bag. The young goddesses begin training, during which they inflict several crushing blows on the slave. Girls wear tight tops and leggings for sports.
Live punching bag
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164673 – Kicking 67

Disco Kick-Pig!Smirni just wanted to turn on a few girls on the dance floor in the disco and is immediately killed by them. They beat him on the floor and kick him there with their heels. The girls kick him together on the dance floor from all sides so that the other people can no longer dance. But he doesn’t dare to rebel Smirni. He allows himself to continue kicking with thear shoes for minutes and makes himself a pitiful laughing stock in front of the surrounding club-goers.
Kicking 67
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163011 – Kicking 65

Kicked down the slave pigs in the shower! Lady Sonya, Madame Carla and Cruel Daisy find the two slave asses Floyd and Isaak in the shower and kick them there with their flip flops. From all sides the 3 dominant ladies kick the two pathetic creatures down and hit them red all over with their bathing shoes.
Kicking 65
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159198 – New Sneakers and nice barefoot trampling (long Version)

Lady Mira must try out her new sneakers, wearing her black outfit. Experience the lady in action, experience what she has to offer her fan, who has been waiting for this meeting for a long time. He will not only experience her new sneakers up close, but also her supple feet. Not everyone is made to endure trampling, so enjoy this film, treat yourself to this film, it is worth it.
 New Sneakers and nice barefoot trampling (long Version)
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159197 – Trampling short version

Here is a short version for those who cannot wait. Watch the erotic Lady Mira, trampling is trendy, erotic in her movements, in her charisma, only those who know Lady Mira understand her attraction. Trampling, the beautiful Lady Mira shows herself passionately in her erotic outfit. This film is for any Lady Mira admirer.
Trampling short version
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159195 – Double Trampling

It looks erotic, playfully simple, but do not be mistaken. What the erotic, beautiful ladies are offering and showing off to the best requires a lot of practice. But the fan also must be trained, it is not that easy, a beginner usually overestimates himself. The ladies know exactly what they are doing. Watch them because it is an exceptionally good film for any true Lady Mira fan.
Double Trampling
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159191 – Two Ladies Heels Attack

Lady Mira and her friend in action. See what the fan of Lady Mira must endure, he serves two ladies at the same time. Boots, nylons, lingerie, the ladies offer everything today.You have a film request, then write Lady Mira, maybe she will implement it if you like it, or just a film with your girlfriend? Watch the film and decide for yourself
Two Ladies Heels Attack
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