179733 – Kicking 78

Sadistic Nurse’s Kick Victim! VIDEO IN GERMAN! The elderly patient in need of help is kicked mercilessly hard by the cruel young nurse who has nothing sacred. She steps on him from all sides and kicks her old, defenseless senior victim on the ground to a pulp.The elderly patient in need of help is kicked mercilessly hard by the cruel young nurse who has nothing sacred. She steps on him from all sides and kicks her old, defenseless senior victim on the ground to a pulp. She knows that he had an operation on his knee and heartily steps right in there again and again. Again and again she kicks his knee and kicks his shin into the ground, making this poor old wretch scream in pain. But his suffering is only music to the ears of the merciless nurse – she really lets off steam.
Kicking 78
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179327 – Kicking 77

Held in leg scissors – kicked ass and ribs red! VIDEO IN HUNGARIAN!Slave Smirni gets kicked by the two blonde Sado Girls Kimberly and Amanda. While one holds his head in the leg scissors, the other kicks his ass and ribs red. In their sexy leggings, the two devilish blondes kick him hard and screech his red spots with sadistic joy.
Kicking 77
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173232 – Kicked

This is not a femdom video. This is a 60 minutes movie of non-stop beating up of two girls on a man ! Sandrine and Sassou are two real karate black belts in their life, and here, they use and Cucciolo vehemently like a human punching ball. For all the kicking and busting fans, you can not miss this video ! All the kicks in this video are terrific and dramatically real and no protections were used. This is a custom video ordered by a customer and his words after watching this film speak for themselves "I downloaded the video, and I absolutely loved it. The girls were great. I was amazed at how much punishment Cucciolo could take. I’d never be able to take so many hard kicks………"
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172862 – S Croft Never Loses

This is by far the best and most impressive video of Sassou for her definitive consecration, as one of our most special girls. In the shoes of the famous cyber heroine, she is simply peerless, for her amazing resemblance, the incredible determination and ability by which she empathizes with this famous character and the fabulous way she portrays it. In terms of realism, intensity, of the kicks she delivers, this is without any doubt, one of the best performances we have ever witness in our Femdom videos. We strongly recommend you this film. You’ll love it !
S Croft Never Loses
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172604 – Brutally kicked against the fence

I really love to kick my slaves – but I don’t like that they always get so much recovery time by falling to the ground and standing back up! So, this time, I ordered the slave to stand in front of a solid metal fence – and then start kicking him with my full-leather riding boots! The power of my kicks throws him against the fence each time and it’s always double the pain – not only he has the impact of my boot on his stomach or chest, but also the impact of the metal in his back – but this way he keeps standing – and I can kick him again immediately! The slave is in much more pain than usual – simply because of the sheer number of kicks – and after a few minutes he can’t take it anymore and breaks down. But of course, I won’t end his punishment just yet – when he wants to lie on the ground and whine, that’s fine – I’ll just trample his body under the nailed soles of my boots instead! And after this "recovery", he has to stand up again and I continue to kick him!
Brutally kicked against the fence
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169143 – Kicking 69

Blindfolded kicking fun for the sadistic girls!The 3 sadistic friends Amber, Clarissa and Mira have thought of another perfidious torture for their slave today. Smirni has been locked in her wardrobe blindfolded for hours and has to kneel there to wait for orders. Finally, the 3 vicious girls get him out of the wardrobe and bring him into the living room. There they start with a mean game. Smirni always gets a kick from one of the ladies and afterwards has to say the real name of the lady who kicked him. If he is correct he has to kiss this lady’s foot and the game continues as normal. If he is wrong, all 3 kick him with their high heels. And the sadistic devil game starts and Smirni gets his first kicks. Of course, he almost never guesses which lady has just kicked him, because he can see absolutely nothing with the aperture around his eyes. Therefore it rains again and again hard kicks from all 3 ladies. After a while, after they kicked him together nicely, the mood of the 3 cruel ladies is now set for something else. So they drag Smirni back into the cloakroom and kick him into where he continues to crouch blindfolded.
Kicking 69
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