168231 – ZOE – Enslaved By Young Boss – EXTREME Hand Over Mouth, Faceslapping And Handsmother – UNTIL PASS OUT!!!

There is a new boss in the company and her name is Zoe! She is the gorgeous and intelligent 20 years old step-daughter of the CEO of the company that he just retired and gave the wheel of his lifework to his step-daughter. Zoe is very intelligent and educated and she has already a degree in bussiness management. When she saw the productivity of the most of the employees, she couldn’t believe it! They were so lazy, taking advantage of the friendship with her kind hearted step-father so they work almost nothing and they are all the time out for smoking, shopping and drinking! Of course dominant Zoe cannot allow it!Zoe doesn’t believe this asshole, she gave him a second chance to continue work for her company, she dominated and humiliated him hard under her ballerina shoes and he is still lazy! The sadistic nature of Zoe cannot accept it! She has him handcuffed and imprisoned in an office without food and she cracks his spirit to correct him from being so lazy and cocky!The bastard complains as Zoe enters the room, but she shuts him up with her hand over his mouth. She smothers him hard with her hands, leaving him to breath when he is near pass out. She slaps his face hard and she grabs his neck, squeezing it as she covers his mouth with her other hand. The loser complains that is not correct what she is doing, but Zoe gets more angry with him, reminding to him that it was not correct all these years stealing the money from her step-father. Zoe smothers him harder and harder with her beautiful hands, she really hates this disgusting man, until he passout!
ZOE - Enslaved By Young Boss - EXTREME Hand Over Mouth, Faceslapping And Handsmother - UNTIL PASS OUT!!!


ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – In the video I want the slave to be tied tightly to a column with tape or ropes.You give him a few slaps and then start jerking him off with your hands. Then you squirt it and move your hand quickly while on your knees and see your face behind. Then you slap his head and squeeze his balls and tell him that they are yours and that you can do with them whatever you want.You can wear high-heeled, open-toed shoes and dresses with studs.
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165818 – Dominant Handjob 115

Giantess Spanking Handjob The two amazon-like ladies Ciara and Clarissa milk slave Smirni dominantly. While Clarissa is pounding his ass red in the back, Ciara wanks his cock hard, ****** him to look into her deep blue eyes the whole time. She literally ******s him and fixes his eyes down from above the whole time, while Clarissa spanks his ass with her hands.
Dominant Handjob 115
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162488 – My Nail-Paypig!

Do you love well-groomed hands and long nails?My smooth youthful skin drives you crazy?Good because those are the two main ingredients for this little mindfuck clip! I know you would like to crawl around on the floor and hope to be able to give me a handkiss or pay for my nails in real life in the nail studio! Well, your second wish will come true, as from today you are only responsible for taking care of the cost of my manicure! That means that you will be my nail-paypig! What a pleasure to add a little something to my luxury life every month. Hoping every month I am so generous and choose your favorite color!HAHAHA earn it, cunt!
My Nail-Paypig!
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