165818 – Dominant Handjob 115

Giantess Spanking Handjob The two amazon-like ladies Ciara and Clarissa milk slave Smirni dominantly. While Clarissa is pounding his ass red in the back, Ciara wanks his cock hard, ****** him to look into her deep blue eyes the whole time. She literally ******s him and fixes his eyes down from above the whole time, while Clarissa spanks his ass with her hands.
Dominant Handjob 115
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162488 – My Nail-Paypig!

Do you love well-groomed hands and long nails?My smooth youthful skin drives you crazy?Good because those are the two main ingredients for this little mindfuck clip! I know you would like to crawl around on the floor and hope to be able to give me a handkiss or pay for my nails in real life in the nail studio! Well, your second wish will come true, as from today you are only responsible for taking care of the cost of my manicure! That means that you will be my nail-paypig! What a pleasure to add a little something to my luxury life every month. Hoping every month I am so generous and choose your favorite color!HAHAHA earn it, cunt!
My Nail-Paypig!
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161823 – Tattooed Mistress Sofi – HomeSmother Instead Of Sex

The guy came to visit the girl with tattoos, hoping to spend a night of sex with her, but he did not expect that Sofi was the dominant girl. The Young Mistress relaxed the guy’s vigilance, and then suddenly put her hands on his mouth and nose, blocking the access to air. The enslaved guy begs the Mistress to take pity on him, but Sofi continues to torment the dumbfounded guy with hand over mouth femdom (homsmother fetish). Now the slave is trying in every possible way to escape from the tenacious hands of the dominant girl, but he does not succeed.
Tattooed Mistress Sofi - HomeSmother Instead Of Sex
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – You are home, unwinding drinking a glass of vino. You are wearing a tight skirt, stockings and slippers. Your stepson is failing in two classes in school. Today the principal called you and informed you that he hasn?t come to school since last week. You call him from his room, and order him to lower his underwear and give him a very hard spanking but you notice he is humping your legs and left a stain on your stockings. You take him by the ear, tie his hands behind his back and push him to his bed. To punish him you will give him a long tease and denial and to drive him crazy you rub the tip of his penis only with your thumb and forefinger. When he is ready to come you pull your fingers away. He arches his back in desperation to try to reach your fingers but he can?t. He humps the air and you laugh at him. You tell him to stop or you will tell the father who will be home soon. You then give him a ruined orgasm and order him to eat his own cum shoving it in his mouth. You tape his mouth shut, you blindfold him and tie his legs to the bed, close the lights and leave him locked in his room.
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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST ? The scenario. You play a psycho on the loose, which kidnaps virgins to snip off the tips of their penis to keep in your tip jar. He is lying down, bound, in his underwear. Gently rubbing a pair of scissors along the bulge in his underwear, you warn him you’re going touch his little penis, but if it gets too ticklish and spits up, you’ll snip off the end of that fat purple mushroom-head. Then you carefully cut away his underwear to expose him. You start by gently touching/tickling/dancing your long nails on his penis, as it grows and throbs, sometimes gently pulling his penis up by the foreskin to let it slap back down on his belly. Then give him an edging frenulum scratching with your thumbnail until he squirts powerful jets of cum. After a few squirts, you ruin the end of his orgasm by pinching, mashing and scratching the sensitive glans. After some torment, you pick up the scissors, open them around the tip of his cockhead, and give a countdown… three… two… and the camera cuts right as you say one…
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160145 – Dominant Handjob 94

Cruel Femdom Post Cum Torture for Keyholding Slave! First lady Devian inserts a stick into his tail. She inserts the metal rod into his urethra like a catheter and then torments him with the utmost sadistic joy. She jerks his cock with the metal rod in the urethra and that makes the cruel super hot lady so horny that she also jerks her pussy horny. She then milks his cock hard until he squirts his balls completely empty. Then he gets his cock cage back on from the natural sadist and is kept chaste for another 6 months. Lady Devian makes his milked cock horny in the cage with a magic wand to watch him continue to suffer with complete sadism.
Dominant Handjob 94
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