191003 – Sweet Nylon Babe

Watch as I put on my patterned hold-up stockings. They have a rough texture that you can hear as I run my hands up and down my legs, and they’re quite snug, too. It takes a little extra time adjusting them on the tops of my thighs, as well as on my toes. You’ll get to see me doing that up close, as well as several views from far away enough to see my entire body. And, guess what? That’s all I’m wearing — no bra, no knickers. Just my stockings and a smile.
Sweet Nylon Babe
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190971 – Totally hooked on her student’s smelly feet and pantyhose!

Emily was never good at math and her strict parents wants her to be the top of the class. So they hired her the same math teacher that is in school to prepare her for exams and tests after school. He comes to visit her at home. But it never goes so well…this girl is really never gonna be good at math. But she knows the rumors about this teacher which say he’s into feet. He’s apparently snifffing students’ shoes during gym class and he’s just always a bit weird about feet. She could use that to her advantage.Emily reveals to the teacher all the rumors and he’s visibly nervous. It looks like it’s all true! So she takes a more direct approach. She puts her feet in pantyhose on the table and tells him that if she’d get better grades, which he can ensure, then she would let him sniff her feet and worship them and what not. The teacher is really torn. He knows he shouldn’t do this, it could cost him his job but on the other hand this sounds like heaven. This is everything he always wanted and it’s just there in his reach. What is he gonna do? At the end the choice turned out to be very simple as he’s literarly controlled by those sexy teen feet and those worn pantyhose.
Totally hooked on her student's smelly feet and pantyhose!
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190872 – Dominant Licking 130

Nylon Princess Fur Fetish Femdom Licking!Sex slave Bobby has to lick Princess Amorela’s pussy through her pantyhose. The blond princess sits on the couch in boots and a white fur coat and presses her head against her cunt, her slaves with a leash around his neck. He has to lick and inhale the nylon fabric. He intensely licks her pussy through the nylon of her pantyhose
Dominant Licking 130
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187939 – Mila’s Sweaty Nylon Feet – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Mila has been working and walking all day with her nylon feet in her heels, so since she knows how addicted you are to her perfect feet, she thought it would be nice to get you down on your knees, and meet her requirements after a long day of work in her heels! She enjoys teasing you with her shoes on, verbally humiliating you and telling you what she expects of you, then takes her shoes off to completely cover your face with her sweaty nylon feet! Her feet are actually super hot, and very stinky, so she wants you to smell them, and just enjoy that strong smell from her feet! She enjoys rubbing her sweaty nylon toes on your nose, and makes you smell them! She makes you breathe real deep into her smelly nylon feet, then makes you stick your tongue out to lick the sweaty bottoms of her nylon soles! She loves to humiliate you by having you lick her sweaty feet, so make sure you please her and obey her instructions! Mila has also noticed that your cock gets really hard in your pants just by having her sweaty feet all over your face, so she gives you permission to take that hard cock out of your pants. She wants you to insert your hard cock between her two sweaty nylon feet now, so maybe she can give you a good footjob with her sweaty nylon feet! She likes to remind you that you are only her slave, and there is just nothing you can do about it! It seems to be your lucky day!
Mila's Sweaty Nylon Feet - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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189940 – * Up and Down to purple *

Today you will jerk your so called cock with pantyhose… yeah, pantyhose, I know you have at least one pair of those hidden somewhere. You will fallow every instruction I’m going to give you… up and down till your balls become purple. Is a must to obey if you want to cum at the end… that explosion of cum you’re building inside of you… which you will also eat. You’re welcome! #JOIGames #Pantyhose #CEI #BlueBalls #HighHeels #Legs #NylonMasturbation
* Up and Down to purple *
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189394 – Don’t Try To Resist

You KNOW you can’t resist stroking to My sexy legs in these sexy sheer pantyhose!The way these pantyhose hug My legs is mind-melting HOT and you can’t take your eyes off! And who are you to even TRY to resist when I’m commanding you to PUMP for Me? And you are completely get addicted when I remove my shoes and wave my tasty feet in nylons in your face,letting you to smell!
Don't Try To Resist
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189320 – ALISA and EMILY – We had a great day and now worship our sweaty pantyhose! (4K)

Last time, Alisa and Emily trained their slave marina well. Alisa and her step-mother went to the cinema and a restaurant. They went home and the slave was already waiting for their return. Emily ordered her to take off their boots. When the slave took off Emily’s boots, a strong smell of sweat hit her nose. Alisa, like her step-mother, loves to wear pantyhose.. they really sweat a lot in such heavy boots. Alisa’s boots smelled no better.. The pitiful slave girl inhaled the smell of their sweat loudly and deeply and prayed that it would end soon. But step-mother and step-daughter were not going to stop and Alisa ordered her to sniff their pantyhose. "Smell louder idiot! Now you will lick the sweat from our feet! You can begin!" – Alisa ordered. marina took out her tongue and began to polish the soles of Alisa and Emily. "You will lick our feet until they no longer stink!" – Emily said and continued to discuss with her step-daughter a wonderful day.
ALISA and EMILY - We had a great day and now worship our sweaty pantyhose! (4K)
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