180182 – My nylons or my wet feet?

Miss Elsi: My nylons or my wet feet?I know exactly, you stsht on the smell and the feeling of my nylon feet. I’m wearing black nylon stockings for you today. do you like these?? Hmmm..the stockings feel good and you can see my natural feet. Oh, there’s a ladder in my stockings, the scent of my bare, wet feet oozes through the hole in my stockings. do you want to smell?? do you like the scent?? Do you want to make the hole a little bigger? Should I rip my nylon stockings for you so you can enjoy my bare, wet foot? Come on, let’s play a game. I tear a stocking and you have to take turns smelling the bare foot and the stockinged foot … which foot smells better?
My nylons or my wet feet?
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179029 – Do you want to spoil the nylon feet of an 18 year old beauty?

Miss Kimberly C.: Do you want to spoil the nylon feet of an 18 year old beauty?Look at my beautiful legs and my feet in the nylon stockings. They look hot and seductive. Do you want to smell and kiss my nylon feet? Come closer and be the first to spoil my nylon feet with your mouth. Inhale the slightly sweaty scent and kiss every inch of my young feet.
Do you want to spoil the nylon feet of an 18 year old beauty?
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178870 – Horny 4 Nylon Feet

Of course you couldn’t resist My feet in stockings.You don’t even try to resist anymore.You know how powerful these feet are.My powerful feet in nylons overwhelm you everytime. The smell of nylons are your weakness.They own your dick, your mouth wants to serve and your dick wants to be stroked. It needs you to stroke for My nylon feet. I want all of your cum. My powerful nylon feet demand it. Give it to Me. Cum for Me.Cum for My nyloned feet.
Horny 4 Nylon Feet
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178284 – Dirty Pantyhose

Breath in and out deeply, the moment has finally come to serve Me! I have come up with something very fine for you cunt. You have the honor of licking every speck of dust off my dirty pantyhose!HAHA – I first wore them to go shopping and then filmed a bunch of clips! Sweaty, dusty and that smell of my feet, you will lick them until they drip! Do what I tell you! Maybe then you get a reward at the end foot addict!
Dirty Pantyhose
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177695 – * Breaking you *

You kept all the information well till now, and you thought they wont manage to get anything from you…you’re well trained and you don’t scare to easily. You didn’t expect the icing on the cake : ME. What others didn’t manage to break, I will do it a blink of an eye and now you’re at My mercy, hahaha…FemDom POV, Goddess WorshipCrossed Leg Fetish, Domination, FemDom, Legs, Pantyhose Domination
* Breaking you *
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172323 – Alisa’s High Maintenance – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Alisa walked all day in her boots, and she just wanted to make fun of her slave after sweating all day long inside her warm leather boots! She loves to see him struggling with her feet on his face, so the timing was just perfect to do it after walking all day! She takes pleasure teasing him with her boots on, before taking them off to completely cover his face with her sweaty nylon feet! The smell was really intense, but it was just not possible to escape this place since his head was pushed against the wall! He just had no choice but to breathe through her sweaty nylon feet! Alisa makes him take deep breaths on her feet, and makes him lick the sweaty stockings of her nylon feet too! She also takes pleasure in making him suck her toes, and makes him sniff the insides of her boots too! It was hot!
Alisa's High Maintenance - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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177210 – Exclusive Angelique Footworship 1

Have you have wondered how you would feel if a statue you were looking at in a museum suddenly came to life ? That ‘s exactly what happens to Cucciolo as he cannot resist kissing the feet of a beautiful statue named Angelique. Without making a sound she suddenly starts moving her boots and body to allow him to kiss and lick her in every possible position. Cucciolo Is unable to resist and in ecstasy licks her boots and gorgeous stocking feet. A few minutes later Cucciolo finds himself stood in front of a normal statue again. He now realizes it was all just a dream ! Another clip of the legendary Angelique, as gorgeous and sexy as always!
Exclusive Angelique Footworship 1
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177206 – Exclusive Lali Footworship 1

Those who enjoy strict looking mistresses will love Lali, she does not play dominant, she really is! Slave is treated like a , and has to clean Lali ‘s leather boots with his tongue, a very exciting situation ! After each part of her boots have been cleaned, slave ‘s now must worship Lali ‘s feet and beautiful fishnet stocking clad legs. The slave obeys and licks and sucks each part of her feet in all possible positions. In the last part of the clip he takes off her fishnet sotckings and worships her barefeet. A great footworship domination clip, especially for those who like it in stockings.
Exclusive Lali Footworship 1
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177204 – Exclusive Laura Footworship 2

The tallest girl of all our girls, the beloved giantess Laura returns for her second footworship clip in which she gets her fishnets and barefeet licked, sucked, bit and swallowed so hard by Cucciolo it ‘s as if he wants to eat them. Laura ‘s beautiful smile shows how much she enjoys this attention. There ‘s a very sexy scene when she takes off her fishnets while Cucciolo is still sucking her toes. A great and exciting clip with a superb girl and amazing camera angles!
Exclusive Laura Footworship 2
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177203 – Exclusive Ambre Angela Footworship 1

The magnificent duo of our super sexy blonde bombshells, Ambre and Angela return for a super footworship clip. These two pests order Cucciolo to eat their stockings and barefeet by pushing their feet harder and harder into his mouth and even both at the same time as if they want to test how much they can stretch his jaw open. They then make him lick and suck their stockings and barefeet in every possible way at the same time for a real foot orgy. A fantastic duo making a splendid footworship clip !
Exclusive Ambre Angela Footworship 1
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177201 – Exclusive Jolenna Margo Footworship 1

Cucciolo is visiting a museum when suddenly his attention is captured by two beautiful female wax statues. He can ‘t stop staring at them and their beautiful stocking feet, getting an irresistible desire to get down on his knees to kiss, stroke, caress, lick and suck them. Surprisingly as soon as his lips touch their feet the two statues wake up, and come to life. The two statues still don ‘t speak but they can now move and they offer their feet to him to be worshipped in every possible position. But 10 minutes later the two wax statues are stationery again and Cucciolo realizes he must have been dreaming……..
Exclusive Jolenna Margo Footworship 1
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177191 – Femdom Nurse

Well, look who’s here! What’s wrong with you?! I think I know. You need a very special therapy and I will give it to you! First of all you will jerk off your dick for me and spoil my sweaty feet, serve as an ashtray and swallow my spit. Yes exactly, that’s all part of your treatment! And while I’m at it, I’ll also take care of your loser balls! They will be injected before you get to cum!
Femdom Nurse
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