117486 – Dangerous smother games (small version)

I ordered the slave to kiss my converse sneakers, but he does it without any passion! I decide to punish him with some hard and dangerous smothering. I grab a plastic bag and pull it over the slave’s head – then pull it right around his neck! Not only does he look totally ridiculous – he has no chance to breathe either! Then I push him on the ground and strangle him with my hands while I sit on his chest – I love watching his face getting more and more red! I also choke him with my feet and my knees, smother him with the bag again and then finish him off by standing on him – with one foot on his chest and one foot on his neck – slowly shifting my weight on his neck and choking him!
Dangerous smother games (small version)
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115912 – Treason and strangulation

She decides to cheat on his girlfriend with another girl. She’s meeting her at home while her friend’s at work. They begin to caress each other, they like to caress each other’s necks and slightly strangle.They were so carried away that they did not notice how her friend returned. She pounces on the girl and begins to strangle her, and releases her hands from her throat until she ceased to completely show signs of life. Making sure that she is , she comes to his girlfriend, she’s scared, but she uspakaivaet, says that all good wakes, and begins to caress her, but then decides to her because she betrayed her. She grabs her by the throat with his hands and begins to choke, until she uttered the last sound.
Treason and strangulation
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111473 – Slave’s throat under pressure

Let’s see what the slave can take today. I’m going to strangle and choke him – and start slowly by strangling him with my hands. I press my hands on his throat with my full weight and make him suffer. Next up is a rope strangle while I sit on his chest – before I order him to turn around, wrap the rope around his neck and pull it up with all my power while I press my boot on his back! Finally I also press my knees on his throat and sit down on his throat.
Slave's throat under pressure
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110637 – Literally breathtaking …! (small version)

I want to play a game with the slave – a game of smothering and strangling! I try out smothering him with my hands and a plastic bag – and also try various strangling techniques. I press my hands with my full weight on his throat, kneel on his throat and also use my boot soles to crush his throat slow and hard – a truly breathtaking video, literally and figuratively!
Literally breathtaking ...! (small version)
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109535 – Strangling and choking the slave

The slave has to lie down on the carpet so I can try out various strangling and choking techniques on him. I choke him with my bare hands, use a rope to strangle him, sit down on his throat and even stand on his back while pulling the rope tight around his neck. Which of these techniques is the most effective? Watch and judge yourself from the slave’s facial expression 😀
Strangling and choking the slave
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104747 – Hard smothering and strangling (small version)

Ive bound the slaves hands on the couch and sit down on his chest to make sure hes completely at my mercy. I start strangling him with a rope around his neck – and love how hes suffering with just a little tension on the rope. I also use my hands to smother him. Did he really think his moaning and struggling would help him? I slap his wimpy face and just continue!
Hard smothering and strangling (small version)
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92768 – CLIP – AF: Slowly Ending Your Life – HD

I know you??ve missed me. You??ve been desperate to get my attention the entire time I??ve been gone. You beg and beg for new content. Fortunately, and unfortunately for you I am back. You are totally fucked. My entire purpose in life is to degrade and demean you. I know how much you want to fuck me, just grab my hips and thrust hard in and out of my tight pussy. Too bad I??d never fuck a pathetic loser like you, just taunt and tease you until the end of time. Drink this loser. Good drink it all up for me. I??m going to fuck with your mind like no other. Follow my every word and do as I say. Pull out your cock and slowly start to jerk for me. Up and down, nice and slow. No cumming until I let you. You need permission from me to cum but I??m sure you knew that. Wow, you look a little flush?? it might have something to do with that drink I gave you. Ya, that drink I gave you is slowly poisoning you. In fact, it works in such a way that your suffering won??t end until you cum. That??s right. You need to cum and then it will all be over. Jerk that cock and let those balls fill up for me, oh by the way I put Viagra in that water too. Look at this perfect body of mine and jerk it, I want you to cum hard for me! That??s it?? how good did that fe— OH shit are you OK? OMG I think you are dying!! Oh that??s right. You are??
AF: Slowly Ending Your Life - HD
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92375 – CLIP – Cheater Cheater

My boyfriend cheated on me and made me feel like it was all my fault. I get it I have been very busy at work and maybe I am not the kinkiest person in bed but is it really all my fault? I hate when people cheat it is just so wrong. So I dose my boyfriend bring him up to the bed and tie him down. He wakes up to my find me riding his dick telling him hey look I can be kinky as well. However I have a dark side and well I really really hate cheaters so time to off the boyfriend but not before I orgasm!
Cheater Cheater
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92038 – CLIP – Mob Hitwoman

I??m a key witness in a trial going on against a new mafia boss taking over the entire city and am currently hiding in a safe house. “You are an assassin sent to get rid of me without hints for foul play. You disguise as a guard who stays with me in the safe house. You pretend to be attracted to me and start stripping. You ******t!ze me to de.ath with your amazing body and especially your breasts. You make me jerk off to you and when I cum I die. You k!ll me without even touching me.”
Mob Hitwoman
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