190222 – Experienced slave girl vs new slave girl!

I wanted to compare my experienced slave girl and the new one. The new slave girl was convinced that she would lick my feet better than any other. Well, now I want to see for myself. I order two of my slave girls to worship my sweaty feet.. I closely watch their work with their diligence. Hmm.. both sluts are doing a good job! But which one is better?
Experienced slave girl vs new slave girl!
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189910 – We will cuckold you

We will cuckold you you have to lick our feet before we cuckold you!I know your heart is pumping away and you are in fear especially because of me.I am a strong man which is treating you like shit,like I want.You have to Do what I order you to do,you weak wimp!Sissy bitch!The girl you had in mind to be with which you love,don’t like weak ugly wimps like you!Only strong good looking guys like me.She loves like me cuckolding weak wimps,foot perverts like you.Foot freak!While I fuck my girl hardcore you have to wait bound on a leash we put on you kneeling in Front of the closed door hearing how we cuckold you how I fuck her hardcore and she screams in moans and groans.After we cuckolded you, you have to lick our feet to thank us.Foot pervert!
We will cuckold you
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189909 – I will tear you apart

You have to kneel down at the end of the bed looking at my feet!Beside is the girl sitting which we will cuckold you!You weak wimp!First I order you to standand up and I kick your right leg off,so you are crippelt and have to bound from side to side we lough over you while you bound from side to side.then you have to kneel down and kiss,lick my foot I kicked your leg off to thank me!You weak wimp!Then I will finish you off I punch through your chest ripping your heart out through it on the floor and slowly squish it under my foot!My girl says we should put you our ugly zombie on a leash!What we will do!
I will tear you apart
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189907 – I’m your Master,you are my foot slave 23

I’m your Master,your god!You are my foot slave,my servant!You have to kneel down on the floor and you have to look at my feet!You have to bow down three times while looking at my feet!Foot pervert!You have to worship my feet to lick my feet clean before I cuckold you!After I fucked the girl you love and hoped to be with hardcore you have to lick my feet clean to thank me I cuckolded you!I am a big strong man with a big dick!You are a small weak wimp with an inadequate tiny small clit dick!Which we put in chasity to make you suffer even more and your humiliation.All to make us lough over you even more and the girls lough over you with me!Foot pervert!
I'm your Master,you are my foot slave 23
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