158323 – Heels in your mouth (HD720)

The owner Alice walks through the parking lot of the shopping center. Near her car, her faithful slave is waiting. The mistress returned very angry, she beats the slave in the face with her boots, pushes a high heel of 17 centimeters deep into her slave’s mouth, and this makes him vomit. Also, Young Alice crushes her slave with all her weight, standing on his chest.
Heels in your mouth (HD720)
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157004 – Alice in the Wonderland (1080)

The cruel and strict Madame Alice is ready to humiliate a new slave. This time, her victim was an unhappy buyer, unable to pay for the purchase in full. This time, the Lady is merciless, she does not give the slave a second rest, order to lick all the dirt from her boots carefully and without stopping, and makes sure that he necessarily swallows everything licked by him. The slave chokes on the amount of dirt in her mouth, but the Lady does not think of mercy. She drags him by the hair, punches him in the face, spits in his mouth, makes him clean the sole by choking on the mud …Real emotions, genuine cruelty, real street dirt and a lot of shame and humiliation from Lady Alice. Everything as you like;)
Alice in the Wonderland (1080)
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154107 – Slave training (720HD)

Mistress Alice teases her faithful slave, she makes him bring a stick, the slave confuses the stick and brings another. Alice is very angry and kicks and kicks him badly. After her amusements, Alice orders to clean her sole, she inserts a heel into her mouth and twists it in the throat of her slave. The slave whines in pain. The girl feeds the slave, stuffing food into her mouth, she looks very pleased, it’s so exciting and funny …
Slave training (720HD)
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Your dream is to become an actor in my videos, today you have the opportunity to do an interview and an audition, I wear a dress and high-heeled boots in leather, total leather and you go crazy for this kind of clothing, but now let’s see how you can put your cock between my boots and fuck them …. you like it right? I’m sure your cock is dripping …
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157840 – We have returned! Are you glad, whore? – PART1 (mp4)

Me and my friend Mia went shopping today and returned home .. this stupid slut zoe, as soon as she heard that we were opening the door, rushed to meet us. haha .. stupid idiot.. licks our dusty boots from the street! A miserable creature created only to please us. I like it .. I like to humiliate her .. I like having slaves .. I like it when they obey me and follow all orders. It’s funny! When this slave girl licked our boots, I dragged her to the room by the leash where she worshiped our sweaty socks!..Nicole..
We have returned! Are you glad, whore? - PART1 (mp4)

157721 – ANGELINA and CHRISTINA – Humiliate the dumb freak – Femdom and domination – PART2 (wmv)

Then he will lay on ground and beg her by kissing her feet to not slap him anymore. He immediately starts licking her shoes.. And in the end they will be cleaned. While he is licking her boots she will be talking on phone with her boyfriend, also change her socks to panyhose and just ignore the slave. Time to time she will check and in the end she will slap his head very strongly and say "you cant make anything right". At same time her friend will ring the door and after she enters slave will follow the orders as before she said. But firstly they will hug and kiss each other. Christina is shocked because before she didnt see any servant like that and she will look him like he is a piece of dirt. She will ask to Angeline "Wow who is it? Where did u find him?" While they are talking slave will continue to licking her shoes. A bit later Angelina will ask her: "Is it enough cleaning?" Firstly Christina was shocked but now she is used to a bit. She will answer: "I see such miserable and stupid man first time and I dont want to miss this chance. And actually today I walked on a dirt on the way and my shoes bottom are so dirty. So can I come inside with my shoes and can he continue cleaning inside?" Angelina will say sure and they will go to dinner table and sit. Also slave will follow them on 4 legs. Angelina will order him to put drinks and then go under the table and continue cleaning her shoes. While they are talking and having fun they will just ignore the slave but time to time they will remember him and humiliate him. Christina will say: "Okay, and what else can he make?" Angelina will say "Whatever u wish" Christina will say "For example can he make massage to my feet?" Angelina will immediately slap the slave hardly and order to take off her shoes and firstly sniff her socks a bit to refresh them. She will be with black short socks. Then he will massage her feet with socks. Then Angelina will say "Also I am here, dont forget about mine". Angelina will be with panyhose. And while they are chatting and having fun, slave will just serve them by massaging under the table.
ANGELINA and CHRISTINA - Humiliate the dumb freak - Femdom and domination - PART2 (wmv)
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157303 – Goddess Alice and the shoe slave

Goddess Alice is invited to the party and of course she picks out her favorite tractor-soled boots to complete the look. The shoes are dirty, which makes the girl very angry. She orders her slave to thoroughly lick her high-heeled leather boots to a shine. The slave takes great pleasure in doing his job, carefully running his tongue over his boots. Alice is in a hurry, so she treats the shoe slave very cruelly, commanding to clean faster…
Goddess Alice and the shoe slave
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157259 – NICOLE and SARAH – Four dusty boots and four sweaty feet after a walk – Boot, socks and footdom – PART1 (4K)

Nicole and Sarah come home after a long walk where their new slave girl christina meets them. The girls walked in the morning, they were tired and their boots were dusty after the street. They sit on the sofa and christina faithfully crawls after them .. "We need to test you, stupid bitch .. If you do your job well, then maybe we won’t throw you in the trash" – Nicole said to the slave girl. "I will do my best, Mistress. My tongue is at your service" – answered christina with her head bowed. The slave girl does not clean the girls’ dusty boots with her tongue, carefully licking every crumb. "You are a pathetic nonentity! I disgust to even look at you, fu!" Sarah said. But christina did not give up and tried to work her tongue with all her might. The slave’s tongue turned black with dust and Nicole ordered it to be cleaned to begin cleaning their sweaty socks.
NICOLE and SARAH - Four dusty boots and four sweaty feet after a walk - Boot, socks and footdom - PART1 (4K)
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156906 – Lady Scarlet – The sitting room of 2 Mistresses

Sitting with a Mistress friend we are joined by a crawling shoe-licking slave. One by one he will have to clean our boots and his pink tongue will turn black after cleaning our dirty soles. Be careful not to use your teeth and ruin the shoes of your mistresses: slaps and spanks will punish you. Before leaving him there on the floor we insult him and use him as a mat to evaluate the goodness of his work.
Lady Scarlet - The sitting room of 2 Mistresses
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156571 – Lovely Alice (1080)

Mistress Alice is perfection itself, she is very cruel, you can see how she does not care about the suffering of a slave when she presses his hands. When Alice put her feet on the face of the slave, she almost knocked out his eyes, you can see the girl did not even notice this … Alice is merciless to the suffering of slaves and stop the word.
Lovely Alice (1080)
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156626 – You are my servants and do whatever I tell you! (HD)

I like to use my slaves in every way .. it’s funny when they carry out any of your orders, including the most humiliating ones .. The idiot Anna lies tied up at my feet and I put my feet in my boots on her neck .. Do you think it is convenient for her to lie like that? It seems to me that no! But I don’t care .. haha. She should be uncomfortable if I wanted to! My second slave girl, zoe, sits on her knees beside me and holds my glass while waiting for my orders. Ugh, she’s disgusting to me .. I order her to kiss my dusty boots while I sit and rest. Ugly losers! All they can do is lie at my feet and please such beauties like me!..Sarah..
You are my servants and do whatever I tell you! (HD)

156553 – Outdoor cigarette break

I’m waiting for a friend to pick me up for a lunch and this is a perfect time for you to be on your knees while I wait. You have time till I smoke a cigarette to look at my boots and worship them. But no, you can’t touch them, they are too precious and you didn’t deserve it. You can only imagine how much sweat is in them and how stincky they are. I’ve been in these boots since morning and my soles are boiling inside. That must be so tempting to you, you’ve been dreaming about them all day. And, when you finily tought you could sniff them and maybe clean them, I wouldn’t let you do it. So cruel of me, ha? Well, I’m the Goddess and I make the rules. Foot Goddess Mia POV, FULL HD
Outdoor cigarette break
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