116572 – Crush walk with cruel Wellies 3

Lady B are wearing her cruel Dunlop Thermo gum Boots.She walk into puddles, and makes nice footprints of her rough Profil in the mud. She crushes and stomp many toy cars in the mud. She find a forgoton Air base and stomp all the Aircrafts into the Mud. Bottles made of Glass is no Problem for her Boots. She crush they! At last she walk over a field with rotten apples. After her walk, she Show you Close up her cruel Profil with mud and pieces from apples.
Crush walk with cruel Wellies 3
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114794 – A Walk in the Park

Today, your goddess takes you on a walk through the park. Unfortunately it rained before and it is very muddy. The right shoes are very important in this weather! My beloved DocMartens have just the right profile for this and since I know that your greedy slave tongue will make sure everythig is neatly cleaned again, I don’t need to avoid stepping into dirt. At the same time, I have a little private conversation with you and stay for a little philosophical break at the lake. You may admire me from your rightful perspective.
A Walk in the Park
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113679 – Lick the lacquer-boots!

A presentation about my new lacquer-overknee-boots! Look at them, because you will kneel right before them, little slave. How they shine so beautiful. And this long wonderful heels! I expect you to lick from the boot tip till the very top and back again with your tongue and care volupuously for the sole. Try harder! My boots wants to be licked! That’s YOUR province – YOUR job, bootslave!
Lick the lacquer-boots!
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112161 – Crown cork crawler

In this clip it go’s to „Crawlerland“! See how my bootbimbo crawls on the floor to clean my lack boots under difficult circumstances with his face rag. I have stuck on crown corks on his hands and knees who digs nice and deep into his flesh. Naturally I had big fun stepping onto and against, so the sharp jags could make unforgettable „impressions“ on his useless cadaver. Nice, nice … Do you want to suffer, too?
Crown cork crawler
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112112 – Waiting woman 3

This film was shot from behind an advertisement stand so that the girl didn’t see the camera even though she was very close to it. She is wearing high-heeled shoes with many strips on her leg. It looks like she’s waiting for someone because she is pacing nervously. She went in and out of the coffee shop a few times, and she is in nearly every scene of the film. Time 5.45 min. REMASTERED – movie from 2006
Waiting woman 3