161734 – Lick and clean my dirty winter shoes ( Shoe Fetish with Goddess Sheila )

Goddess Sheila: Here are my dirty winter shoes for you slave. You know what to do now! Tongue out and lick the soles. I want clean shoes in 5 minutes. Lick the dirt of winter from my shoes. Clean the profile with your tongue and worship me with your eyes in the meantime. Worship my feet, worship my shoes Worship the dirt under my shoes. It is an honor for you to be able to eat the dirt off my shoes.
Lick and clean my dirty winter shoes ( Shoe Fetish with Goddess Sheila )
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161780 – Under my boots…

My new red leather boots need to be inaugurated. You are gazing at the new fine specimen while lying in front of me on the ground. I’m taking photos of you pathetic worm, let you know what I think about you, put you back in place, and explain your hierarchy to you. Hot boots and humiliation in one – what else could you ask for!?
Under my boots...
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153243 – Boot Licking Loser

You know the rules. You get her homework done and then you get to worship her beautiful, leather boots. Imogen has far better things to do than work on her college project. That’s why she has bitches like you running around for her, and she knows just how to get you wrapped around her little finger. Your weakness is boots. Your cock is already twitching for them, isn’t it? Get on your knees and start sucking her heel. Get your lips around it and suck it, bitch! That’s it, now lick from the toe all the way up to the top, and make sure you get them spotless. Both of them! And now you’re going to get a little treat. You’ve been wanting to see Imogen’s tits for so long, and she’s going to let you have a good, long look at them. She’s even going to let you lick and suck them. Enjoy it because you’ll never get to fuck her, loser!
Boot Licking Loser
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161069 – ELENA – Sweat and dust is your food and water – Dusty boots and sweaty socks domination – PART1 (HD)

Elena loves to humiliate her slaves, especially polina. Elena considers her a complete failure unworthy of anything but crawling at her feet. She orders polina to lick her dusty boots. "Just look at you .. you are lying at my feet and swallowing dirt from my shoes .. you are a fucking slut" – Elena taunts the slave girl. Then polina takes off Elena’s boots and starts sniffing her sweaty socks. Elena pushes them into the slave girl’s mouth and orders her to sniff her sweaty bare feet. polina inhales loudly the smell of Elena’s sweaty feet with socks in her mouth. "This is what you deserve .. you want to lick my feet?" – Elena asked caustically.. "Of course, Mistress" – polina obediently answers. "I knew it .. haha .. I’ll be right back!" – Elena got up from the chair..
ELENA - Sweat and dust is your food and water - Dusty boots and sweaty socks domination - PART1 (HD)
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160662 – Horny To Serve

You love what you see, yes I know you want to serve me so much! I want you to listen to my sexy voice, follow my instructions! I want to make you cum so much for me! Worship my leather dirty boots,and grab your cock for me, jerk it to this perfection! My sexy voice will tell you what to do, make you explode hard for me!
Horny To Serve
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159575 – Beautiful Alice (720)

Mistress Alice walk through the park. The Mistress turns the stack in her hands, noticing the unhappy slave, she begins to brutally beat him with the stack. The hostess wears a light summer dress and white heeled sandals. In this video, Alice is very evil, she makes her slave confess her love and beats him for it. Mistress mocking a slave by hammering him with a stack, it is so sexy and beautiful. The torment of a slave and the superiority of the young Mistress Alice. The video turned out to be very exciting.
Beautiful Alice (720)
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159734 – Dirty parking 3

Mistress Polina is interviewing a new slave girl. Polina loves to humiliate other girls and dominate them. The goddess specially chose a dirty parking lot for such an occasion in order to test the slave in the most severe conditions. Domineering Goddess, obedient slave, beautiful black boots with sharp heels and a lot of dirt… What else do you need?
Dirty parking 3
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159189 – BOOT-LICKER!

Do you know this? Since you want to go out in his pretty boots yet and then they look like pig? So it happened to me recently! How good that I have my walking bootlicker always within reach. However, this freak seems to have eaten half a ton of Valium beforehand. With a whole lot of boot kicks, slaps as well as patience and a lot of spit, my little boot bimbo finally made her shine. See how I laugh my head off while this creature toils away for me!
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158956 – ELENA and MIA – Four dusty boots and four sweaty feet just for you, bitch – Dusty boots worship and humiliation – PART1 (HD)

Elena and Mia came from a long walk and, accordingly, their boots were very dusty. Their slave girl christina faithfully waited for them in her corner with her head down. "What are you waiting for, whore? Can’t you see that our boots are very dusty and dirty? Clean them with your tongue!" – Elena called the slave girl to her. Slave girl christina began to lick the dusty soles of the girls’ boots and her tongue quickly turned black. "Ugh, what are you disgusting!" – Mia grimaced as christina polished her shoes from heel to toe. Then the girls ordered christina to take off their boots and watched as she licked them. The tops of the boots were also dusty and the slave girl had to clean that too. After the girls’ boots began to shine with cleanliness, Elena allowed the slave girl to proceed to their feet.
ELENA and MIA - Four dusty boots and four sweaty feet just for you, bitch - Dusty boots worship and humiliation - PART1 (HD)
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158631 – Patent boots fetish

This video makes especially the fetish heart for patent boots beat faster. I show them to you very close to the camera, you admire them and then pull them on me very carefully to my latex legs. To feel whether you have put them on me properly, I walk a few steps up and down in them. So that my beautiful latex butt shines beautifully again, you oil it to me again with latex oil, now I can make myself comfortable on my couch and feel all your devotion for my patent boots by worshipping them and licking them thoroughly clean, only then I use you as my … and you may … Goddess Miss Lana Poison
Patent boots fetish
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156450 – Punishment of an escaped slave (1080)

It is not the first time for the goddesses Alice and Mary to punish slaves. This time their servant was very guilty and deserved punishment. During the interrogation, the slave tries to come up with excuses for his escape, for which the hostesses mercilessly punish the servant, having previously tied him up. They call him worthless, humiliate him, beat him with a stack, pull his hair and, of course, crush him with their beautiful black high-heeled boots. Yet the girls show a little mercy and allow this unfortunate man to touch their shoes – scrub them with their tongue. The slave admits that his only occupation is being useful to his mistresses and waiting for their orders.
Punishment of an escaped slave (1080)
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158323 – Heels in your mouth (HD720)

The owner Alice walks through the parking lot of the shopping center. Near her car, her faithful slave is waiting. The mistress returned very angry, she beats the slave in the face with her boots, pushes a high heel of 17 centimeters deep into her slave’s mouth, and this makes him vomit. Also, Young Alice crushes her slave with all her weight, standing on his chest.
Heels in your mouth (HD720)
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