93740 – CLIP – Lighting up the big cigar and then vacuuming it

You got me this new Jeep and the seats are really crappy. We’re going to have to clean this old vehicle MY way. You also got me another huge cigar.I light up the big cigar with matches. It needs to burn more evenly! I wedge the cigar in the headrest of the passenger seat and then turn on the vacuum hose. Watch what happens!!This is just the first part of a custom clip… the same awesome fan bought me the Jeep and the huge cigars.
Lighting up the big cigar and then vacuuming it
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82038 – CLIP – Cleaning And Vacuuming (HDTVMOV) – Lady Danica

next clip in our very popular series of our ladies doing what they usually never to – cleaning and/or vacuuming! this time its up to one of our newest lady – LADY DANICA. dressed in an elegant dress there is a lots of mess around after she crushed some toys. so first she collects all broken pieces together with a broom and a dustpan. then its up to the vacuumer…as usual our ladies are very sexy when vacuuming teasing YOU a lot with their bodies… and our customers described that they love our vacuumer and the quality of the sound we are producing! clip duration: 04.35 mins.
Cleaning And Vacuuming (HDTVMOV) - Lady Danica
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81235 – CLIP – Cleaning And Vacuuming (FULL HD) – Patrizia

some will remember the crushingclip with patrizia a few weeks ago… so this is the follower and the first clip in this month for our vacuumingfans! first the lady cleans up the big parts from the crush scenario but then our famous and well known vacuumer goes into action – leaded by a beautiful lady. when we do vacuuming we think that its cool, when the lady in the clip wears a somehow special outfit, in this case its a secretary outfit with a blue blouse, grey classic trousers and classic (personal) casual pumps. the vacuum part of this clip is much longer then the first… if you are into a beautiful girl vacuuming, this one is for YOU! clip duration: 07.30 mins. nice price!
Cleaning And Vacuuming (FULL HD) - Patrizia
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80416 – CLIP – Sexy Vacuuming (HDTVMOV) – Cassandra

as we noticed we have lots of fans of vacuuming outthere and we are pleased that its easy for us to produce this content for you! some said, that they were waiting for our ladies to do this and are very happy to see them now in that stuff. and there is maybe no one outthere who performs such a cool vacuuming as cassandra! she is wearing a tight black robe and silver glittering personal pumps as she first cleans the parts and dust of a crushing clip away, but soon the vacuuming part starts and she is incredible gorgeous in that, presenting her sexy backside directly into the cam… she also looses sometimes her sexy shoes and then her bare feet are pretty exposed… and cassandra is in no hurry. so this is a looong vacuuming clip with lots of details, close ups, perfect sound and and and… if you are into it, you will surely love it! trust us! clip duration: 09.50 mins.
Sexy Vacuuming (HDTVMOV) - Cassandra
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81395 – CLIP – Powerful masturbation and dick massage

Do you wonder what I mean by powerful masturbation and dick massage? How powerful it can be? Well… if you play with a vacuum cleaner you get a very good massage;) But first I have to vacuum the carpet a bit, wearing tshirt and black pantyhose, then I will vacuum the dirt off the pantyhose and then I can play with you 😉 Just lay on your back and let me give you a good dick massage. And after you cum I will massage my pussy. Oh, the suction feels so good on my clit…… vacuum cleaner play and tease and pantyhose fetish
Powerful masturbation and dick massage
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79202 – CLIP – Cleaning And Vacuuming (HDTVMOV) – Fernanda

After Crushing the ground of our studio looks not so well, so its always a great opportunity to make a clip for the fans of cleaning and vaccuming! this time its about gorgeous latin bombshellFERNANDA to do this job. she looks great in her classic outfit with a white blouse, a black skirt and her personal heels. First its time to take all broken pieces of a tank together (note: the phantastic crushing clip of this will appear a lil later in our store…), then in the second half she will use the vacuumer to get rid of the smaller pieces! as we know from our fans of vacuuming we provide an excellent sound of the vacuumer! so if you are into this – dont miss it! clip duration: 06.38 mins.
Cleaning And Vacuuming (HDTVMOV) - Fernanda
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79192 – CLIP – Nemesis – Uniform Vaccuming (HDTVMOV)

here we have the next clip with superbeautiful goddess NEMESIS! its for our fans of watching gorgeous ladies vaccuuming. and its very special, cuz nemesis is wearing an outfit which wont be expected when cleaning or vacuuming: a cool sexy fetish uniform robe, black stockings and red bling-bling high heel pumps! sometimes she is looking at YOU with her cool attitute and her magnifiying eyes. if YOU are into vaccuuming this clip is perfect for YOU! clip duration: 07.39 mins.
Nemesis - Uniform Vaccuming (HDTVMOV)
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78535 – CLIP – Stella251 (mpeg)

Stella is wearing her sexy nylon pantyhose stockings with print on it and her black high heels. She clears away the dirt and the cobweb in her apartment. At first she is vaccuuming her bedroom, after she is cleaning her kitchen, her corridor and her living room. She takes a long time until she has vacuumed everything. Therefore, for you an extra long version with vacuuming again. Absolutely great closeups of her ass, her legs and her worn shoes- specifically more from the soles of her high heels worn inside. Great vacuuming sound, too.
Stella251 (mpeg)
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77216 – CLIP – Stella239 (HD)

Stella is wearing her hotpants and her high heels. She clears away the dirt in her apartment. She takes a long time until she has vacuumed everything. Therefore, for you an extra long version with vacuuming again. In this clip Stella takes off her high heels because they disturb.Absolutely great closeups of her ass, her legs and her worn shoes- specifically more from the soles of her high heels worn inside and her bare feet. Great vacuuming sound, too.
Stella239 (HD)
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77171 – CLIP – Stella224 (mpeg)

Stella is coming home and enter her living room. After her toys crushing she need to throw the large pieces away. Then she starts to vacuum mercyless until all toys are gone. But she needs to change the vacuum cleaner bag, because it is full. Stella is very angry because of the full bag. Then she starts to vacuum again. You can hear the metallic rattle in the pipe. Nice close ups off her sexy ass and shoes when she is vaccuuming on her knees.
Stella224 (mpeg)
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76723 – CLIP – Cleaning And Vacuuming (HDTVMOV) – Irina

next clip this month starring beautiful russian lady irina! its a special clip for our friends of vaccuming! we made this clip after a crushing clip (will follow later). irina wears a police uniform outfit and first cleans the parts of the rest of the crushed object and next vaccuuming the ground. it looks pretty sexy in this uniform with those phantastic gladiator sandals! sometimes she will look provocately and with a smile at you! excellent sound of the vaccuumer in this clip! clip duration: 05.34 mins.
Cleaning And Vacuuming (HDTVMOV) - Irina
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