116394 – ruin your whole appereance for me cause feeding rocks

Today is about a topic which is so much fun for me and my followers already know my passion when it comes to feeding; forcing a sub to eat. Usually I expect my regular moneyslaves to cut down their spendings on food quite a lot; a true sub has du be skinny because he can’t afford much foodstuff anymore. He just can eat the cheapest shit having more cash left for the goddess! However who can afford becoming my fatassbitch has to guzzle like crazy – lil, fat, cripcocked pigs – that’s what I wanna see!! It’s just too cool influencing a suckers life this way and see how he ruins his appereance, his health and his reputation just to make me laugh. While I am perfectly in shape and show off my sixpack you are nasty, fat fartface. Just let go – show what a good eater you are and gain more and more weight.
ruin your whole appereance for me cause feeding rocks
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115676 – Learn to eat you filthy bastard (Mobile)

Time for a breakfast you peace of shit! Your Lady will feed you! Not so fast! Wait for it! I have for you all can with smelly dog food. I use my hands to help you! You are so gross you even can`t eat properly. I need to give you a humiliating lesson. I use my hands to help you with it. I put all of it into your throat. You eat all can of that shit. It`s smell so bad. You are so disgusting but you know that. Now is the time for dessert. I mixed the special coctail for you from the rest of old food from all week. Drink that! Your Goddess lost her precious time to made for you that delicious dessert. Haha you have that all over on your face. You looks like a peace of shit. Now I must clean all your face using a vacuum. Shame on you! My beautiful black pantyhose is all covered in your food! That`s your fault! Now you will clean all that shit from my feet! That`s enough! Now wait for a dinner! HAHA
Learn to eat you filthy bastard (Mobile)
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109368 – Stuff Your Face

I love my men chunky, stocky and fat! I am going to feed you 16 pieces of your favorite pepperoni pizza followed by a big plate of donuts to fill your stomach and listen to you snort like a piggy. My goal is to get you extra fat this week. Open your mouth up extra wide and chow down on all this food fatty! Show me your eagerness to gain some fat rolls and snort like a fat piggy when I tell you to.
Stuff Your Face
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94764 – CLIP – St Paddy’s Day Panty Flash Drinking Game

Hey loser! Alone on Saint Patrick’s Day? I know you are! Even if you could have gone out with friends (or did) you wanted to rush home to get your cock out of your pants and get drunk and fucked on your Femdom fetish you can’t deny. Well I’m going to play a fun game with you. Every time you see a flash of my green panties you have to DRINK! Take a shot, gulp your beer, get FUCKED while I tease you, and remind you why you are so obsessed with me.
St Paddy's Day Panty Flash Drinking Game
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90212 – CLIP – Diet a la Roxy

I was so often asked if I not only fattening my pigs, but they also drill to loose weight …. So here’s the first clip of the topic.And yes, the clip is expensive in contrast to the others, but I’ll tell you exactly what you need to eat to lose weight. Exact grams details and accurate information and I put my hand in the fire for it, that it works, if you only will be disciplined!This time it is even healthy, which is also rare, haha;-)So Be a good fat pig and let yourself again reshape to a thin Loser!
Diet a la Roxy
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89826 – CLIP – Your slaughter, little fat pig!

Today the day X has come! So come on little pig, hop hop, to the slaughter, so that I can disembowel you!I’ll tell you how it will continue and what to do for you. The fattening pig tax for you is already included, Fatty!I control you, I reach into your life and change you ! You are mine ;-)With every bite you’ll think, all day long to me. I am your purpose in life and you will obey me, without exception, and idolize me.
Your slaughter, little fat pig!
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88425 – CLIP – Now you’ll be drilled, fattenig Pig!

Well you little fattening Pig, you are from now subject to my strict Roxy-fattening.I enjoy it and laugh at fat loser’m gonna fatten nauseum, you piece of shit!Each week will come to a new rule that you are going to be strictly followed!I drill you and in seven weeks your going to be slaughtered and until then I’ll make you ready for the slaughter, piggie! Then you’ll get really milked off and destroyed!Today I’ll tell you number one rule to be a successful fattening piggy of Roxy cash.
Now you'll be drilled, fattenig Pig!
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88253 – CLIP – Get Fatter Fatty

You are a fat disgusting fucking loser. Well I want you to be worse. I want you to eat everything that you see. I want you to be a fatter loser. I want you to be so pathetic and gross that no one will ever want you. You are about to be on a new diet. The diet is going to be eat everything. I want you to be a fucking blob. I don’t care about your health. Also I want you to do some research. Find the foods with the most calories for the cheapest amount of money. Then eat until your fucking heart explodes while you give me every single cent you have. You fat fucking pathetic loser.
Get Fatter Fatty
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