157432 – Bananas Domination

A dirty banana crushing in nike air max with a dominant kind of punishment cleaning are waiting for you! The footlover done something wrong and really hate bananas. He is exactly the one to clean up the ground with his tongue!!Licking the sole clean till choking. Watch clearly how disgusted someone can be if he have to eat something from the groundwhat he never would freely!
Bananas Domination
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We are in my kitchen, I want you to imagine that you are lying on the sofa in the kitchen and that you are falling asleep, put on the headphones and listen while I cut the carrots, I make some tea, I eat some nuts, whispering that makes you relax, you can imagine that I am your girlfriend who is preparing dinner for you while you rest on the sofa or imagine a time when you were little and you listened to your mother cooking for you while you were sleeping, relax and immerse yourself only in the sound …. (VIDEO IN ENGLISH)
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I really like sweets, I’m a real sweet tooth and my favorite dessert is cream, today I want to prepare a recipe with your cock, I want to fill it with cream and eat it with a spoon … look at my cleavage, I know you excite, you will never have a woman like me by your side you can only masturbate dreaming that with my hands I spread cream on you …. hey is forbidden to cum
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143593 – Pre-chewed – buy & eat my chewing gum!

Since I know how much you love your mistress’s chewed gum! May you admire me today as I blow my chewing gum for you and chew erotic gum! I mean, why not? After all, this is an opportunity for you to be close to your mistress to stuff her chewed gum into your slave mouth and enjoy chewing my divine snot out of the gum … hmmhh yummy! This is also the reason why you will not only buy this hot clip, but will write to me immediately after the clip to buy your mistress’ hot, chewed, fresh chewing gum!
Pre-chewed - buy & eat my chewing gum!
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137414 – Shoe Worship and Food Crush Flats by Mistress Beh

Shoe Worship and Food | by Mistress BehBeh walked all day with two slices of bread inside her flats, it was very hot, her feet were sweating inside the flat, when she got home she ordered the slave to eat the bread inside her flats, that would be her meal, Beh was still spitting into her slave eating flats, the other day she came home with her other flats after walking and sweating a lot, the slave was ordered to lick the bottom of the spitting sweat (insole) shoe
Shoe Worship and Food Crush Flats by Mistress Beh
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136535 – Feeding Porn xxx

Did you know that there are people, whose certain nerves in the body get electrifying when they hear a certain noise? For some, that feeling is awakened as soon as they hear someone eating next to them. I know such people. Once they hear these nuances, and they have reached their highest point in the human ear canal, it gives them the feeling that their skin can flow through electrifying, orgasm similar clouds. I eat a banana in front of you, drink some water and then eat crispy chips. Get involved with this taste experience and let your small cock grow.Dickhead
Feeding Porn xxx
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