190848 – ALISA – Always hungry fat pig! (4K)

My fat slave is always hungry! Look at her appearance and her huge belly and you will understand why she is always hungry. I am kind today and decided to feed my fat pig. Eat fat pig, eat a lot! But when you’re eating, look at me and yourself and compare our looks! I’m slim and pretty and you’re fat and ugly. Therefore, you will always be my slave and worship me!..Alisa..
ALISA - Always hungry fat pig! (4K)

185938 – With dry and cracked skin on her feet, Adriana slips off her shoes – Video update 13160

s Adriana slips her feet out of her flat shoes, we can see how dry and cracked her feet are. Those who like this type of look and feel will enjoy this clip. Showing off her feet, she moves them in a variety of ways, curling her soles, showing off her wrinkles, and stretching them out. From the ground up, you can see incredible close-ups as if you were beneath her.
With dry and cracked skin on her feet, Adriana slips off her shoes - Video update 13160
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185545 – Felicity’s Gain Puts Matt in Peril

This is a standard evening with Felicity. She loves her snacks. It’s common to see her chug down a milkshake or two while munching on chips or baked goods. She’ll watch TV or browse her phone. All pretty normal stuff. Except she also expects Matt to be her seat or floor. Of course this behavior has led to a meaningful gain over the years. In her early adult years she was 125 lbs. You will see her at her highest recorded weigh in at the start of this video. You’ll also see her butt drop, throat sit, chest sit, trample, belly trample, and throat trample him. When she’s done with him (and her snack), he’s left literally begging for mercy. And mercies don’t come easily when it comes to Felicity. Matt has mentioned just how fearful he is as she gains. It seems her meanness grows with her weight and that’s a horrifying combination.
Felicity's Gain Puts Matt in Peril
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184025 – Lost In Leipzig – Food Porn

Together we, Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe and Lady Stefanie, have left a lasting impression on Leipzig and its submissives, slaves and fetishists. All kinds of different locations like BDSM studio, lost place, garden, park, cam etc. were used for our pleasure as well as our amusement! We do not show mercy, we have no pity. Instead we, Madame Svea, Lady Stefanie and Miss Catdeluxe, we know exactly the things that amuse us – to torture a loser to the limit. This delicious cake is so mouth-watering. Who doesn’t like to eat cake? But for a fat slave pig like this exemplar in the video clip, we have planned something very special. The pig gets not only stuffed with trowels until he almost has to gag, no, we show our best talents in decorating the cake to prepare it more suitable for a slave. This is a very special type of disgusting slave training, that makes us mistresses be overjoyed.
Lost In Leipzig - Food Porn
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167483 – Extremely disgusting chocolate spread on toast

Includes spitting fetish – disgusting – extreme chewing – wide open mouth – open mouth chewing – chewing food Extremely disgusting eating a slice of toast with chocolate spread.Wide open mouth chewingExamining and extracting food from between my gums and mouthVerbal humiliationIn other words pure jizz material for a pervert like you!
Extremely disgusting chocolate spread on toast
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168000 – NICOLE and LANA – We will cook delicacies especially for you – PART1 (4K)

All the same, louise is a devoted and diligent slave girl .. for this Nicole and Lana decided to cook her cupcakes. True, according to their own recipe .. special cupcakes for slaves. The main ingredients are hair, leaves, eggs with shells, cigarette butts and more .. Do you think the slave girl will like this? Of course .. she should be grateful that her Mistresses cook food for her, it costs a lot! Well, if she doesn’t like cupcakes, then she can always eat pet food. (Part 1 of 2)
NICOLE and LANA - We will cook delicacies especially for you - PART1 (4K)
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