166218 – PP addicting cum and swallowing cunt! (english)

Today I make it easy for you, I make it easy for you to swallow your sperm! That’s the good news, the bad is, it’s three loads right now – four to be precise! My hot dirty talk, my latex outfit and my hot instruction get you in the mood right away, but one thing shouldn’t be missing! Your scent fetish makes you even more willless and that’s why we vary a little between sniffing, wanking and swallowing cum! I will show you everything in detail, give you a tiny bit of instructions, tell you what you have to do! Wear a pair of latex gloves to make the experience even more intense! I spit, but you swallow!
PP addicting cum and swallowing cunt! (english)
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164732 – TitNosis Mesmerized by KK Cup Big Tits

You get so weak for massive big tits, you just need to relax and let my huge KK cups mesmerize you into a nice little jerk off******. Follow my JOI while I tease you with my massive huge fake tits, implanting your need to stroke, to worship huge tits, to get rock hard for my huge boobs! By the time I’m done reprogramming your brain big tits will be all you think about!
TitNosis Mesmerized by KK Cup Big Tits
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166155 – MIND HACKED

Weak minds are so very easy to hack. And that’s exactly what this audio file will do. Using science fiction, I’m going to turn you into a nothing put a pleasure cyborg – a cog in the machine. This is a futuristic science fiction fantasy where you are controlled by Dominants using an app on their smartphone. You receive daily software updates every time you eat your cereal, which turns you into an obedient, unthinking submissive pleasure drone.
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166137 – Tits Worship – Now you are due

Well my little servant. Let’s talk about how cool my divine tits turn you on. You as absolutely addicted to tits.Take a look at yourself, lower your eyes and tell me what kind of thing is starting to twitch.I love teasing you. And even on vacation I indulge my passion and dedicate a few minutes to you. With my boastfully shaped breasts I rob you of all your mind. I rock it, I massage it, and you can no longer hold yourself.Your lust takes on a pronounced form that you don’t know.My extremely horny teasing, my request for jerk off and my lascivious but strict nature will milk you off as before.
Tits Worship - Now you are due
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This hot audio file is a curse. It is a curse you can never break. It is a curse that you will have no choice but to accept. Because after listening, you will be cursed with an addiction to licking ass. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a male or female ass. All you care about is licking ass cheeks and ass hole. And the more you listen, the more you will crave it. You will become more and more addicted with every single listen until all you can think about is always licking ass.
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Prepare for a mental journey back to the schoolroom. As your teacher, I will ensure that you will be completely at my command as I mould your head to ensure your mind learns the art of automatic submission. With automatic submission, you will find yourself obey my every single command, without even thinking about it. And when that happens, you will be mine!
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This hot audio file contains a very special trigger. A trigger that will cause you to cum for a whole five minutes. It will be pleasure like you have never felt before. Because the moment you start to cum, you’ll keep on cumming until the five minutes are up. Can you truly handle cumming for five minutes? Of course, there is a downside to receiving so much pleasure. Only I have the power to trigger you. And you have to persuade me to do that!
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165540 – BOUND SISSY

Prepare for an erotic audio journey into a place where you are a sissy at the mercy of a Dominant Master. You will be bound, have a vibrating plug up your ass and a vibrating butterfly on your sissy clit. The arousal will be great, but you will only be allowed to cum when Master wants you to. This file will affect every single one of your senses. As you listen, you will feel as though you are experiencing this erotic scenario for real!
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165487 – Swallow alpha sperm

Born as the total fuck failure, you understood relatively quickly that you will never be perceived as a real man in the world of women. You have understood that it’s better to serve as cuckold for women like me, who use and abuse you as we wish. My husband and I have awesome alpha sex that you can be part of in the future. Prerequisite for this – YOU SWALLOW his alpha sperm!
Swallow alpha sperm
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165441 – GOONER – Shiny Ass Training

I want you to be stupid for me! That you are nothing more than an idiot who yearns for my shiny ass! That is your only focus … and you will not be able to process any more if you flood your lungs with addictive substances for me and paralyze your gray cells. Stupid for my ass! I will do the thinking for you. You were never good at that anyway. You are now only one thing, namely a real little restricted fool who jerks its dick for my shiny ass sore and drools for more! Always horny for the next high, like a junkie! You inhale your aroma and your IQ drops. You degenerate into an underprivileged subject because I think it’s funny to make you stupid. You can’t defend yourself and you don’t want to either … you only want one thing – to sniff deeper and deeper for me to completely erase your brain! Get your bottle ready … and then INHALE!
GOONER - Shiny Ass Training
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165278 – Your PP Blackout

It is so easy for me to manipulate your brain and turn you into my willingless puppet!! I will tease you into deep submission and with every breath you take your body, mind and soul gets flooded with nothing but my will! Before i lead you into your hot blackout i will give you you a nice joi, of course you will NOT be allowed to cum!!!
Your PP Blackout
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You want to be a good little sissy boy, don’t you? But there’s just one problem. That pesky little sissy clitty of yours just keeps on getting hard. Well, aren’t you lucky that I can help you? Because after you listen to this hot file, you’ll be cursed. And that curse means that whenever you are wearing feminine lingerie, even bikinis, you won’t be able to get an erection, no matter what you do. You should thank me. Because I’m doing you a favour. No more embarrassment trying to explain your erect clitty when you’re on your knees, sucking the cock of an Alpha hunk!
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You’re about to be cursed. Cursed the moment you listen to this audio. Because once triggered, you will experience the pleasure of having the best oral sex of your life, having your nipples stimulated, and having a vibrating butt plug in your ass. But, you won’t be able to cum. Not for at least 30 minutes. And even if you do cum, you still won’t be able to stop the pleasure. The pleasure will continue again for another 30 minutes. One full hour of being constantly on the edge. This curse is a very cruel curse. Because you must trigger yourself once every ten days. If you do not, the amount of time you must remain on the edge of ecstasy will increase, prolonging your torment. And if you repeatedly fail to trigger yourself every ten days, that added time will become permanent! You truly will be a slave to your pleasure, especially since the curse can only be removed by me, if and when I want to!
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165036 – AT MY MERCY

This is a hot custom audio I’ve made for a poor little weakling. Because in this file, you’re permitted to jerk off. But I control the speed. The problem is, as you stroke to the beat I’ve set you, it goes from being pleasurable to being agonizing as your balls start to swell and ache. The only way to relieve it is to cum. But only I can give you the power to cum. So what happens next? Do you get that relief or are you left to find your own way out of the aching arousal you’re stuck with? Listen & find out!
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164649 – Porn Mommy ****** JOI

Get ready to sniff and follow my Jerk off Instructions because your PornMommy is here to guide you to the best gooner jerk session you’ve ever had. Maybe I’ll let you cum if I decide you’ve earned it, maybe I’ll leave you aching with blue balls. It really doesn’t matter, because gooning for Mistress Harley is it’s own reward. Pump that cock harder and edge deep into submission.
Porn Mommy ****** JOI
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165003 – I’m simply irresistible!

A perfect clip to start the weekend.. my relaxing, mesmerizing voice combined with my absolutely stunning beauty.I want you to admire me, worship me, get to know me while I show you what you can never have and what you will always have to pay to even watch and adore.I know you will barely be able to control yourself while I tease you with my strong, but still feminine legs, my perfect breasts and in this clip, especially with my breathtaking bubblebutt.Can you make it until the end? I might even give you a cum countdown – if you are a good Boy for me…
I'm simply irresistible!
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