180085 – Be a Good Boy Mesmerize Mindfuck

I know exactly how to trigger your addiction. How to tease you into obedience, how to mind fuck you into submission. Just a snap of my pretty fingers, a glimmer of my shiny nails, and a mind bending array of me in hot sexy outfits. Huge tits, amazing ass, all those snapping fingers in your brain, reprogramming you, making you into a Good Boy for me. Be prepared for a full 18 minutes of brainwashing, by the time I’m done with you, you won’t have any desires except to be a Good Boy for me.
Be a Good Boy Mesmerize Mindfuck
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180215 – Born For My Feet

Yes, thats right you have no power and no control whenever you see my feet in shiny pantyhose right in front of your eyes. Just see yourself now, you are a weak horny drooling mess right now, in front of my shiny feet. You cannot say no to me in anyway, in anything when you see my feet right in front of you. I am wearing these shiny pantyhose and look at you. You are so weak, malleable, vulnerable and so completely dumb and empty-headed for my shiny feet. I am going to enter deep in your mind,every cell,which will definitely make you my submissive slave for life and you will be bound to serve, worship, submit and surrender to me fully.
Born For My Feet
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174775 – The ultimate blackmail temptation

I know that you have always made embarrassing pictures. That your disgusting lust has driven you to it and that you could not help yourself. Exactly those pictures I would like to have from you …. of course that’s not all. But look at my outfit, all the other information is already as good as mine … and then there is also social media, which I like to use to make your life into your personal blackmail hell.
The ultimate blackmail temptation
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179061 – Power Kink

All my fetishes aim at one result *POWER*I have a power fetish, no matter what I do, no matter how I use you!I’m the boss, your boss to put it more precisely!Here you serve ME, a goddess who loves the absolute exchange of power!You wanna serve me, hand yourself over to me and get further and further into the addiction spiral?HAHA submit to my power with everything you have! Money, pain + your beta cock that loves to cum just for me!
Power Kink
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You are capable of being a better sissy slut and this audio file is going to help you to achieve that. You will visualize yourself dressing in feminine lingerie, sucking cock, and pleasing men as you rub your sissy clit. And this will bring you enormous pleasure. But it’s not just about pleasure. You will begin to associate the pleasure you feel with the pleasure of being a sissy slut. And ultimately, the more you feel it, the more you can be a better sissy slut.
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178196 – The Interrogation

Have you always been good and honest? Have you always been loyal and full of honor? Would you betray and sell friends? Stop lying you dirty little bastard! Mistress Madita knows that you are fooling around, but she has no idea what this is all about!But no worries. She absolutely knows how to get even the smallest information out of you. Some even say she was in the darkest torture cellars of the big secret services and learned the most hideous interrogation methods there! So better tell the truth or if you try to keep your dirty little secrets hide your private parts before she electrifies them. A taser and a tight grip are almost all that she needs to break your will!
The Interrogation
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This file is a curse. It is a curse that will make you gay. After you have listened to this file you will find that every time you masturbate, you will be gay. You will have gay thoughts, you will want to experience gay sex and you will only want to watch gay porn. And each time you listen, each time you masturbate, the curse will be stronger, making your gay desires even stronger in turn. You’re going to be gay and that’s all there is to it.
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The final installment in my sissy series. Now it is time to make your mind more feminine. No more ugly masculine emotions for you. Instead, you will learn to have soft feminine emotions. You will learn to cry and will cry very easily. It is very girly to cry. Your favourite past-time will be to watch girly movies. Weepy movies. Movies that will make you cry at the drop of a hat. A perfect sissy has very girly emotions and this is what you shall have.
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177314 – Good Boys Are Addicted to Ass

I have some instructions for you….. First step get some sniffers or whatever you have to relax and make you extra weak. This will help your ass addiction. Next pull down your pants and press play. Slowly stroke…not too fast! Try to not blink, I want you to get fucked up and stare deeply at my ass. Continue pumping your simp dick and hand over your mind to me. You no longer need to think. All you need to do is be my personal goon puppet pumping until your balls ache. Doesn’t my juicy ass make you want to rewind and watch over and over? Stroking all day, all night? It feels soooo good to hand over your mind and your balls to me. Losing all your control for my ass. This video is special…..I HIGHLY suggest grabbing your treats as there is slight special effects that bring on a more intense gooning mind fuck sensation! You can sniff and rewind to keep on getting more addicted. I’m wearing a sheer purple bodysuit that shows off my lady parts…not vulgar. Very sexy and yet oh so bratty. Get this clip and send me your balls after.
Good Boys Are Addicted to Ass
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166992 – Comeback MINDFUCK

After a long absence, I finally have a HOT and absolutely BRAINFUCKING clip for you again! I want you to jerk off for me, that you worship me, adore me & are addicted to ME! I bet you can not resist much longer and report to ME very soon. Well, fucks the preview of this clip already your brain mushy? 😉 Of course it does, little bitch. Have fun with my latest BRAINFUCK clip of the EXTRA CLASS
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177089 – BlueBalled Ass worship Joi

From this day forward you’ll hand me your balls, they no longer belong to you. I control how and when you jerkoff and if you’ll be rewarded with an orgasm or not. Today is your first lesson on how thing will work. Under my rules and control you will stroke your beta dick to MY liking! First things, first get out your sniffers and inhale….I want you as weak as possible. Those brain cells are mine too! I prefer you fucked up and extra horney for my sweaty ass! Now stare at your Goddess’s big ass and edge…keep going. Stroke until it hurts. Today you will suffer for me with NO orgasm, only blueballs.
BlueBalled Ass worship Joi
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You are only allowed to masturbate when I give you permission to masturbate. And now, you will be triggered to masturbate, whenever I decide you should. But I’m not being kind to you. Because you will continue stroking until either you cum or I tell you to revert to normal. Those in chastity will find this audio file to be downright cruel. And those who masturbate a lot will find themselves masturbating so much and so hard that soon, their cocks will be sore to the touch….
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Be free of the pressures and stresses of living up to the masculine expectations that are imposed on you by your peers. The male compulsions you currently harbor will soon be replaced by the freedom of being confined. Chastity is the key to your freedom. No more under pressure to perform sexually. No more need to please your masculine peers. It will be taken away from you so you can relax and enjoy the comfort of a chastity cage around your cock.
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Your journey into becoming the perfect sissy continues with us changing your physical appearance. Manly muscles will disappear as your desire to shave your body hair and tweeze your eyebrows grows. You will develop a need to change your diet, to lose weight, become healthy & hydrated. Of course, your ultimate aim is to be attractive to men because you want men to fuck you. And as this transformation occurs, you will find yourself watching porn and desiring to be the woman whose pussy is filled with cock and cum!
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