169514 – Gay Therapy for Cock Obsession

Welcome back to therapy. I know you have been discussing your cravings for cock, and your confusion with still being turned on by women. I know it can be confusing so we are going to do some gay therapy. While you look at my huge tits and perfect body, you’re craving for cock is also growing. Your desire to suck and fuck huge cocks while looking at hot girls is getting more and more powerful, and you just have to give in to your cock obsession.
Gay Therapy for Cock Obsession
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This hot erotic audio implants a trigger into your mind which will cause you to have an orgasm. This can happen whether you’re fucking, masturbating, or even if you are doing nothing at all. All you need to know is that whenever you are triggered, you will simply cum – very very hard and as many times as I like – sometimes one after the other!
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This hot erotic audio file contains a trigger. And once this trigger is implanted into your mind, it will impossible to resist its effects. Once triggered, your mind will be filled with your favourite erotic fantasy and you will be compelled to masturbate to it. You will stop what you are doing and instantly start stroking until you cum or until you’re untriggered. But will I allow you that orgasm, or will I untrigger you before you get there?
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167610 – Addicted to Perfection!

All my body is beautiful, even perfect. But today we will concentrate on the part that most men are interested in the most: My perfect, round tits!Not without a reason, of course… I know how horny it will get you to watch me in those seductive poses and I know what you will see will be burned into your brain forever. It will get you addicted to my perfection and beauty and make you exactly the kind of drooling, mindless slave that I want you to become.You will not even want to resist me when watching this clip… as if you’d stand a chance… Welcome to the rabbit whole – you’ll never leave it again.
Addicted to Perfection!
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168434 – * Boss Trap *

As any other good employee, at a certain point, you made a request list for your Boss, to get in consideration… as happy as you got, when your Boss called you in Her office, you never expected that she will hit on you and actually show you what you’ve been fantasizing since you got this job. You actually though that everything was genuine and your Boss is actually happy to see you masturbating for Her… it was all a trap!
* Boss Trap *
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167608 – Pussy is for BF Ass is for Slave!

Don’t you dream somtimes dream about having a Girlfriend like me? A perfect Goddess for you to wotship, with a nice, warm and wet pussy waiting for you to taste and enjoy?Hahaha, forget about it! Pussy is for real men, for boyfriends! You are a beta male, not only you are not boyfriend material, but a true born slave!As if you could even handle a woman like me in bed. You’d be all sweaty, nervous and would not even come close to satisfy me in any way.All you can ever hope to get from a Goddess like me is worshipping some of my less noble parts. My feet and most of all: My Ass!That’s where a loser like you belongs, between my most perfect ass cheaks! A brown noser through and through!Repeat after me! Pussy is for Boyfriend – and Ass is for Slaves!
Pussy is for BF Ass is for Slave!
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167605 – Become my hammered Anal-Slut!

We are going to have some fun tonight!Your head will get hammered – and your ass as well! You will need something strong for your head and some toys for your ass. I expect at least three in different sizes. If you don’t have any, vegetables like carots or a cucumber will do just fine!So get prepared! I will give you detailed instructions, both for the drinking and for the toys!Your ass will be stretched out and your head blown away – a mindless and stretched out slut for my amusement! It’s time to play, Cheers!
Become my hammered Anal-Slut!
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167541 – chemical castration with pps

You Sniffingbitch are greedy again and don’t get enough! Today I have put together a little special mix that will turn your head! Yes, honestly, you’ve never sniffed anything like that, have you? Of course there is nothing free in life – of course you have to pay a high price for this horny snooping! With every breath you castrate yourself piece by piece. You don’t care because of sheer lust – the mistress makes you more and more crazy with her sexy movements and her moans – on and on, slave! Always more, slave! ALWAYS GEILER, SLAVE! Until there’s nothing left …
chemical castration with pps
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A hot custom erotic audio that focuses on gooning and voice fetish. My voice will speak into the innermost post of your mind and cause an erotic reaction in your body. As you feel the effects, you’ll be stroking and stroking, getting more and more aroused as the pleasure builds. But what you can’t do is cum – your body won’t let you. You’ll remain aroused, turned on, feeling intense pleasure, on the edge, and never going over.
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