You’re about to become a cum addict. And what’s more, you will WANT to be a cum addict. Because after you have listened to this file, whenever you engage in sexual behavior, you will always taste cum in your mouth. It could be from masturbation, having sex with a woman, or having sex with a man. You will always taste it. And the more you taste it, the more you will want it until you become addicted to tasting your own cum for real!
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This file is the ultimate mind-fuck for those in chastity. Because after listening to it, your chastity cage will be the one controlling your mind. And in turn, you will accept any and all suggestions your Mistress makes to you. For example, if your Mistress suggests you have no dick, you will look down and see that you have no dick. If your Mistress says you’re no longer able to cum, then you won’t be able to cum. The chastity cage is a direct link to your mind after listening to this, and will ensure you truly believe everything your Mistress tells you!
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Are you a Mr Floppy? Dick doesn’t work? Then this is the file for you! It’s not about some magic potion to cure your impotence. It’s about you accepting the fact that you’re impotent. Because being impotent is good. Your cock does not need to get hard. You should be proud that it always stays soft. It means that you can appreciate the beauty of women more. Not to touch or kiss them. That isn’t for you. No, you need to learn that women are out of bounds for you. Impotent boys don’t deserve to touch or kiss women, ever.
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189590 – Ripped off and conditioned by us!

It all started the same way, didn’t it?! I’ll seduce you, lull you up, insult you, make you incredibly horny and you’ll keep pulling the trigger (pay) … but you stupid loser were greedy! Greedy for the two of us. You also wanted to be robbed and humiliated by my serf and I together… and that’s how it happened. Nonstop teased, laughed at and milked! We played fair, let you in on what we’re doing with your muddy brain right now, namely conditioning it to CLICK! It’s so fast, you couldn’t do it any other way, you didn’t want to do it any other way and you just let it happen to you! CLICK and another incoming payment, we laugh our heads off, spur you on…CLICK and again! Your heart is racing, your cock is pulsing and last but not least you could even beg to be allowed to cum on a CLICKI! Such a good victim, such a loser! But check out for yourself how merciless we are, how fun we had it and how fast real conditioning works with CLICKS! "For ethical reasons, too, conditioning is not immune to criticism: The fact that the use of instrumental and operant conditioning in humans all too easily tends towards training and brainwashing makes the pedagogical implications of behaviorism problematic. Conditioning is generally regarded as a prerequisite for ethical justifiability that their process is explained in sufficient detail to enable those who are to go through it to make a conscious choice for or against it."
Ripped off and conditioned by us!
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This is a curse file for all those perverts obsessed with breasts. Because after listening, whenever you are out in public, your eyes will be drawn to the breasts of every woman you see. And you will those breasts growing, getting bigger and bigger until they burst out of whatever a woman is wearing. This will cause you to become extremely aroused, which you will not be able to ignore. In fact, you will find yourself going somewhere private to jerk off only to back in public and for the circle of breast-perving and stroking to start all over again. And each time it happens will only get stronger!
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189198 – Depending on your goddess

You loser pulls in one clip after the other of me and jerks your brains out harder and harder! And this time I will drive you completely crazy again with my hard, honest words! I am the epitome of femme, I am everything you desire in women, a devilish goddess! You idealize me, adore me, need me! And with this clip you will also internalize that very well! I am the reason you exist to make me happy. To give me everything I want to be mine forever!
Depending on your goddess
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188451 – Half ass, half jeans! Nothing is hotter! – small version

Check out the sexy jeans ass of Princess Serena! Half ass, half jeans – It doesn’t get any hotter than this! Her perfect ass really turns you on and you get really horny at this sexy sight because you like her ass so much. Princess Serena gives you plenty of time to admire her ass. It doesn’t matter how long she shows you her jeans ass, you’ll never get enough of it anyway and you’ll want to jerk your cock out of pure horniness. But you can only do that with her permission…
Half ass, half jeans! Nothing is hotter! - small version
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(CUSTOM) Edging for just a few hours for wimps. That’s why after you have listened to this file, you will be on edge for five full days and five full nights. That’s right, no matter how horny you are, or how badly you need to cum, you will not cum until the five days and nights are over. This will be triggered every single time you get horny and every single time you stroke your cock. You’re going to wait for your orgasm because that’s what I want you to do!
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188751 – Positivity****** 2

With this****** clip I will bring you closer to your body. You will align your mind and body. Your thoughts will be organized, you will learn to let go and to focus! Everything you used to rack your brains over will now solve itself. Everything will be easier and realize your desires and development! You will be free, you will be a girl! You will feel good and learn to love! If it feels difficult at first, with mental readiness it will become easier to surrender to the****** every time. And when, your true being unfolds! (best enjoyed with good headphones!)
Positivity****** 2
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188750 – Positivity******

This is a****** clip with a difference. I will show you my human therapeutic side, which only means well with you. Because if you make an effort and obey, you will be rewarded! I’m aware how hard it is sometimes to be human (especially a sub), that you can feel torn and tugged at by confusion and vulnerability. The self-doubt, the constant absorbing of opinions from the social environment can be a burden… but now I’m giving you the opportunity to feel new, to feel good! You can let go of your self hate and learn to accept yourself to take care of you to love and understand you. You may be happy! At first you may have trouble letting go, indulging in this type of******. But it will be shown, it will make a difference. It requires the will and the courage to do something good for yourself! allow. (best enjoyed with good headphones!)
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188063 – Mesmerized With Camel Toe

My shiny camel toe makes you feel so helpless. Melt for my camel toe. You need Its power. Focus on it. Its your dopamine, Its the pill of happiness…a day without it is a sad and empty day…you only crave Its control! My shiny camel toe makes you feel stupid and embarrassed, you have an instant hard cock when you look at my camel toe. You love It, every cell in your body loves and desires It…you are thirsty for Its power, you are hungry for my camel toe, you are in need of Its total control..Serve and stroke My servant!
Mesmerized With Camel Toe
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188137 – ASMR Satin Mesmerize

Just relax in listen to my voice. Listen to is, trust it, follow the voice whereever its going to lead you. Relax, listen, obey my satin pussy. My sweet,soft voice is getting you in a state fully relaxed and open for my words. Relax, listen, obey my satin pussy.Whispering you into more and more relaxataion and submission to my perfect satin pussy.
ASMR Satin Mesmerize
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From the beginning your imagination has been running wild at this fantasy and now you are standing here – hopelessly fixed. However, there was a little misunderstanding regarding the location of the branding… Oops. Well, it’s not that bad after all. Only a short pain until the already more or less de*d tissue between your legs goes into shock, while the iron works its way up to your testicles and slowly your sperm drips onto the floor…
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An innocent angel who only wants to do you good… No, let’s be honest. This clip hides nothing less than the gruesome r*** of your little mud brain and the absolute ruin of your potent existence.Yeah, you enjoyed the attention of my gently stroking fingertips on your cock, how they work their way up and down, blowing up your synapses, making your brain soft and willing… igniting a fire of passion. Only somehow, sometime – your torn off synapses unfortunately missed the moment – this romantic crackle became Harley’s purgatory, which wants to cleanse you from the suffering between your legs!
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